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MOVE2LEARN, LEARN2MOVE INITIATIVE This is number 1 – Date 17/05/18 extraNewspapers ATHENS ISISS G.B.NOVELLI LICEO DON GNOCCHI ARSAKEIO-TOSITSEIO JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Special number: MADDALONI/MARCIANISE TO ATHENS BY Students’ editorial AEGEAN AIRLINES, ATHENS RETURN BY EASYJET ALL ABOUT TRAVELLING AND COLLABORATING EXCLUSIVE NEWS TODAY EUROCOMICS SUCCESS STORY! ETWINNING The eTwinning project “Eurocomics. Explore Europe through Comics” wins national and European Quality Labels. It gets a mention in the eTwinning portal for exemplary Cultural Heritage project and wins the Move2Learn contest to Athens! An exciting year of success after hard work and drive to succeed by students and teachers alike. What does it take to have a successful eTwinning project and how does it change the way you face life and learning? Read about it in this special edition! There are also tips to get the best out of travelling. Move2learn: a Mind-Blowing Experience! Our trip to Athens with Etwinning was more than a good experience, it was a moment of growth which helped us in many ways. The first benefit was obviously our English skills: communicating with our Greek friends meant having real conversations, hence our speaking skills improved. Face to face with different cultures... how we adapt to different foods: changing our diet is not really easy, but we tried the typical dishes and they were amazing. We obviously learned the art of travelling too: using public transport, asking for information, moving around in a country (continued on page 2 ) ACROPOLIS MUSEUM: BITE-SIZED HISTORY On our first day in Athens, we visited the Acropolis Museum which is an archaeological museum containing artifacts from the archaeological site of the Acropolis, which is clearly visible from here. The museum has 3 floors and most of the pavement is made up of glass so, under your feet, you can see the archeological excavations which are located underneath the museum. This particular is absolutely breathtaking but, at the same time, a bit scary because it makes you dizzy! Walking around the museum and carefully examining all the artifacts, particularly the original CARYATIDS, gave me an amazing feeling, I was fully immersed in a completely different culture, so far away from home, discovering new things and nothing ever felt so good (apart from eating souvlaki with my LOVELY Greek friends)! Ευχαριστίες eTwinning for this amazing The entire Move2Learn, Learn2Move winning group from Italy in front of the Acropolis Museum experience Marika Ciccarelli 2AL Liceo don Gnocchi The Comic Book: “Aladdin and the Seven Tales” Aladdin and the Seven Tales The flippable online version of the Eurocomics project comic “Aladdin and the Seven Tales” is a potpourri of urban legends, local recipes, city points of interest and the creativity of eTwinning teachers and students of 5 different schools in Italy, Greece and France The eTwinning project: “Eurocomics. Explore Europe through Comics” was the result of the collaboration between the schools: ISISS G.B.Novelli; Liceo don Gnocchi; Liceo A.Manzoni; 2nd Arsakeio-Tositseio Junior High School; Lycée Champollion. Each class of the schools involved created a chapter of the comic. MANAGING EDITORS: ANGELA LUCIA CAPEZZUTO, ATHINA GARBOLA ...when we arrived in Greece I couldn’t believe I was breathing different air, I couldn’t believe my eyes ... it was so strange for me, because I had never been so far from my family, but actually I liked that! (Michela Di Giovannantonio)


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MOVE2LEARN, LEARN2MOVE INITIATIVE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! GOOD RULES TO FOLLOW Michela Di Giovannantonio 3AL ISISS G.B.Novelli reports about the horror of discovering that the first hotel room was anything but clean and comfortable, even though cheap! “…when we arrived at the hotel my happiness disappeared... it was horrible, me and my friends were very disappointed because of that…” Nowadays there are a lot of websites where we can find a lot of good offers for cheap accommodation. An example can be, where people can find economical hotel rooms. But be careful, don’t believe everything they claim! All that glitters is not gold! Have you ever booked a cheap hotel that looks good in photos but is actually horrible?? If you don’t want to get caught in the same situation you have to do a lot of cross searching to ascertain the actual condition of the hotel you want to book and read the customer reviews of their stay in the structure. This is the best way to keep away from scams! . WHEN YOU'RE ABROAD “when in Rome do as the Romans do” that’s what a good traveller should always keep in mind. Every country has local customs that tourists should learn and respect. When we arrived in Greece the teachers informed us that the Greek authorities were stricter than Italy, so any indecent WHEN IN ROME… behavior would have been punished more than in Italy. We were very respectful and so we enjoyed meeting our new friends and we integrated better in their culture and traditions. For example, we always waited for the light to turn green before crossing the road. In Naples we don't really respect traffic regulations (at least not fully). Rosina Iodice, 3AL ISISS Novelli explains how to behave abroad. IT WAS WINDY BUT IT DIDN’T KEEP US APART Back when our Italian friends came to Greece we visited the most famous sight in Athens called ‘’Acropolis’’. The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon. The day we went there it was pretty windy but this didn’t keep us apart… this brought us together. We laughed a lot, we took nice pictures and we exchanged information about each other. It was a perfect experience and me and my team are looking forward to visiting your perfect country Italy. It was LOVELY meeting all of you guys… Christine Agathi from Greece MOVE2LEARN: A MIND-BLOWING EXPERIENCE! (Continued from page 1) ...which is new to you and much more. So, we will be more aware of how to plan for our next trips. Discovering all these little things makes us feel cosmopolitan and the feeling is awesome! For this reason, I feel we should thank Etwinning for this mind-changing and constructive opportunity. We hope we'll get other chances to prove our worth! Daniela Pompa 3AL ISISS Novelli narrates about the growth mindset of an eTwinning project mobility. PASTA VS SOUVLAKI When we finished our visit to Acropolis we went to Thanasis, which is a Greek traditional restaurant located in the center of Athens. There we ate souvlaki and our Italian friends were really excited about the new taste they had just tried. We started talking about food in our cultures and we were surprised about how similar our cuisine is. They supported pasta and we supported souvlaki. We will find out what’s the best when we go to Italy next year. Joanna from GREECE 2


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MOVE2LEARN, LEARN2MOVE INITIATIVE A MULTICULTURAL FRIENDSHIP On a sunny Saturday morning, my classmates and I, paid a visit to the rock of Acropolis. There, we met the Italian students and after we introduced ourselves we took the path leading to the temples, where we attended a compelling tour. It was a quite challenging experience as we could only communicate with each other through English, but at the same time an ideal opportunity to improve our vocabulary. After the tour was over, we had plenty of time to get to know the Italian students better and form bonds that hopefully will last for long. We even learnt a few Italian phrases! Che esperienza meravigliosa! (=what a wonderful experience). Eudoxia from Greece 2 (OR 3) BIRDS WITH 1 ETWINNING PROJECT Going to Greece thanks to our eTwinning project was such an amazing experience. We met all the Greek students from Ekali school and worked through many interesting activities together which deepened our ties. Another interesting side-effect was collaborating with the Aurora Verdicchio Liceo don Gnocchi talks about the benefits of collaborating with Italian and Greek peers “I wish everyone could have a similar experience to this in their school life”, she says. Novelli school which gave us the opportunity to meet new people and I must say that they are much better than I imagined. Learning English in this way and realising that what we do is useful made us proud of what we have worked on for so long. 3 DIFFERENT-BUT NOT WORLDS APART Anna di Nuzzo- Liceo don Gnocchinarrates about her experience at Arsakeio-Tositseio School at Ekali On 23rd April we went to Ekali to our Greek friends’ school. I was surprised by how much bigger their school was with respect to ours. It was a comprehensive school so: kindergarten, primary and high schools were there and lots of sport fields for football, volleyball and basketball. Even a swimming pool! ...for me, coming from a small school, that’s amazing! Moreover, there was a beautiful amphitheatre and lots of labs. They go to school from Monday to Friday, with 45-minute lessons starting at 8.10 a.m. and finishing at 2.50 p.m. We only have a basketball court; go to school from Monday to Saturday with 60-minute lessons starting at 8.20 and finishing at 13.20. The Greek students study some subjects that we don’t study like technology, geography, music and computers and they have 3 breaks, whereas we don’t have breaks (at least not officially). After our conference in the main hall we played a game in teams in a lab and we had a lot of fun together making up sentences in our reciprocal languages! We became really close so much so that now we keep in touch via social media! It was the best experience of my entire life and I’ll keep it in my heart forever! We’re not so different after all! ETWINNING-YES, OF COURSE! Anita Sica 3AL NOVELLI recommends an eTwinning experience… Of course I recommend anyone to try this experience but above all I hope that everyone can participate in a project like eTwinning. The advice I can give is to anyone attempting to meet new people through these types of project is to be yourself, to always get involved and to always be ready to adapt to new friends. No matter how far the partners live, the most important thing is to “If there is a will, there is a way and with the right people to help you, then all the rest is a cinch!” love and respect each other and be prepared to work with determination.


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MOVE2LEARN, LEARN2MOVE INITIATIVE OUR COMMON ROOTS FLIGHT BITES by Domenica Pesce After visiting the school Arsakeio-Tositseio, the most exciting thing was the conference which we gave in English. We talked about the places of interest in Campania and also Greek monuments found in Campania and in Greece (of course): the Greek temples at Paestum, The Temple of Neptune, Temple of Hera, The Athena Nike and The Pantheon. This cultural exchange made me understand that even if we are far away there are some common things that bring us closer. At the beginning I was very anxious so to "break the ice" I decided to start my talk with a touch of humour but the emotion was really a lot so this led me to make some small mistakes, unlike some of my friends who managed to hide their anxiety and communicate better. Before we left, we also exchanged presents! This experience has helped me to deepen my friendship with the Greeks in fact we are still in touch now that I'm in Italy. by Rosa Russo ISISS Novelli TIPS FOR A *Bring phone and computer accessories in your carry-on PERFECT FLIGHT bag just in case your checked What should you always luggage goes missing pack in your carry-on bag? *Pack a change of clothes in *Always keep all important your carry-on bag. Why? See documents in your carry-on above. bag. Money, credit cards *Bring things to make yourself and jewelry should never feel comfortable, such as a be packed in your checked book, a good snack, a pillow, bag. headphones. *Take medications in your REMEMBER WATER GETS carry-on bag, so if you get CONFISCATED! sick while you fly… Carry on-luggage makes your t.ravel experience easier in so many ways... DON’T CRY OVER A SPILT SUITCASE… there’s always a remedy for the problem, so enjoy your trip! Maria Giusy Gemma explains why it’s important to keep calm even when… When I collected my suitcase at Athens airport, I noticed that the wheels were broken, making it difficult to move it around. This made me feel so stressed because I did not know what to do so I headed out for the information desk together with my teacher. As it turned out, the airport staff was very helpful. They quickly replaced it with a new one. I felt relieved because I could continue my journey. If you find yourself with a similar issue just keep calm and explain the problem clearly and you will surely find a solution. SURROUNDED BY THE AMAZONS… “To some it may seem daunting, but so many females helped me feel a VIP!” Raffaele Angelino talks about his experience as the only male of the group! I had quite a lot of qualms before deciding to actual go to Athens. Why? The fact that my travel companions were all females. But, as it turned out, my experience was one I’ll remember all my life. My companions made me feel cherished and welcome, so I felt at home. Together, we had so much fun, I was always asked for advice when there were problems, and I became friends even with the girls from the other school, the Liceo don Gnocchi! We visited so many places of the ancient Greece like the museum, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, The Oracle of Delphi. We met our Greek partners (luckily there were other males who I made friends with) and we visited their school and together it was awesome. 4


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MOVE2LEARN, LEARN2MOVE INITIATIVE THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY! “Not all the trip can be perfect!” says Angela Di Bona ISISS Novelli Those five days in Athens were wonderful! The city was magnificent, especially at night: walking around the city; eating in great restaurants, like Karyatis in the Plaka area, where we ate the first and last time in Athens. A great choice! These beautiful moments were immortalised in our hearts, videos and photos. It was a great experience, certainly to be repeated! The Acropolis and its museum with the original Caryatids. After all these incredible sights, it’s also important to mention “the bad and the ugly” as in the title (which is a famous western) The hotel we were first staying at represents “the bad” – it was disgusting and absolutely unwelcoming! The view overlooked a madhouse and was really scary. Furthermore, the neighbourhood where this hotel was situated, the so-called Omonoia area, represents “the ugly” because it was horrible, degraded and gloomy. But it all worked out for the best thanks to the immediate intervention of our teacher. We were transferred to a good hotel by the beach, with clean rooms and friendly staff. What have I learned from this uncomfortable experience? That good and bad experiences when we travel make us grow and help us learn precious lessons. Here are a few tips for getting around “ugly” areas in our travels: - Do not walk alone. - Always stay in company especially at night. - Hide valuables in a closed bag - Always put your backpack on in a way which is visible (not on your back) - Do not be out too late in the evening - Always have your device ready in any case. DELPHI-THE SOUND OF SILENCE NO INTERNET ACCESS AND NO CELL CALLS Sara Errico tells us why it’s so silent and grateful in Delphi! On the 22nd of April we went to Delphi. From the top we had a fantastic view, apart from being totally immersed in nature and feeling in peace because we were finally isolated from the Internet-a welcome change. In Delphi you could not call or message anyone and so you had just to listen to the silence, as the old song goes, and the calling of the birds. Our interesting and funny guide, Jenny, accompanied us to the top and told us a story behind every monument, especially about how true the predictions of the Oracle were (?). After the lovely sightseeing we even had lunch together in a good restaurant near there. The road to Delphi was very long but it was worth it. ENGLISH WITHOUT THE HASSLES! This was my very first experience abroad and I must say that it was amazing and I enjoyed it so much! For the first time in my life I had to use English to communicate with people from a different country and this caused me to improve my English knowledge even more. I learn so much at school and sometimes we practise speaking during our conversation lessons but this is completely different to actually experiencing it. Comunicating with my Greek partners wasn’t just a way to improve my English but it was also fun, because I have never experienced comunicating in a foreign language out of my school context and especially with people from other parts of the world. I'm sure that this will motivate me to repeat this experience again in future and to devote myself to learning English better! Sonia Tessitore ISISS Novelli says, “Learning English can be fun if you’re focusing on communicating instead of practicing grammar!” 5 FLIGHT NOT FRIGHT… Because this was my first experience abroad, I was afraid of flying but after the initial fright I realized how fun it was, especially the take-off phase. The plane was really comfortable, especially because of the flight crew who were very kind and helpful. I was also told by my teacher that during the flight there would be slight discomfort from build up of pressure in my ears due to cabin pressure difference. To help compensate, I would have to swallow with my nostrils pinched. It worked, so I'll pass the information to you readers! I learned how to travel and became responsible. “a little advice that I could give to anyone flying for the first time is don't panic and fully enjoy the experience.” Giusy Delli Paoli ISISS Novelli


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MOVE2LEARN, LEARN2MOVE INITIATIVE ACROPOLIS TREK: THE ITALIAN STUDENTS DANAE DASKALOU 2nd CLASS 2nd Arsakeio Tositseio Middle School of Ekali When Miss Garbola, my English teacher, asked us who was EXCHANGE OF TRADITIONS AND IDEAS interested in volunteering to participate in this project where we got to meet Italian students my hand shot up right away. ‘What a wonderful opportunity’, I thought. So, that’s how I got “I thought ‘What if they don’t like me? What if I get bored along the way? Maybe, this wasn’t a good idea after all.’ But I was about to be taken in!” WHAT A DAY! “This was my first thought when I returned from our visit to Acropolis that Saturday,” says PENELOPE form Greece I really don’t know what to say and how to describe how involved. Waking up in the morning of the ‘big day’, all sorts of thoughts went past my head. As soon as we met with all of the students, we couldn’t stop talking to each other about all sorts of things. I liked them immediately. We walked to the Acropolis with an excellent Greek guide who filled them in about the historic facts concerning the buildings, the temples etc. Then, after taking a bunch of pictures together, we left and went for a stroll around some of the wellknown areas in the centre of At the end of the day, it was a great unforgettable experience and I would gladly do it again. I find that we have a lot in common and that’s why we became friends in such short time. As for my English, I think there’s nothing better than a practical approach and that’s what it all was. I improved and came out of my shell and I stopped feeling that embarrassed when talking in English. All in all, I just loved the convivial atmosphere we created and I want to thank my teacher, Miss Garbola who talked me into this. “lovely” our experience was. Apart from all the things we learned about and the wonderful places we visited, we met wonderful people and made real friendships. After all I think these are the days we will never forget and the experiences we will remember from school! Athens. When we finished, all of us being hungry and exhausted from having too much fun, we took a bite and settled down a bit at a traditional souvlaki restaurant where we all discussed and enjoyed ourselves. I was so upset that this was over, but I felt happy because this was an amazing experience. But this wasn’t the case. I then learned that all of our new PERCEPTION-CHANGING EXPERIENCE Italian friends were visiting us at our school a couple of days later. I was extremely excited. When they came, we showed them around our school, we watched videos and saw pictures we had taken the weekend before and we played computer games together. Meeting the Italian students has impacted on my future in the following ways. The first is new lifelong friendships. I now feel comfortable approaching strangers and find it easy to form new friendships. I am no longer as anxious or shy about meeting new people. Thank you for this fantastic experience !! Angela from Greece The building of my interpersonal skills will help me greatly in the future as I feel like I can now communicate easily with anyone. 6


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