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Q1–2018 Edition SPE DIGEST NIGERIA COUNCIL ELECTRONIC COPY Sustainable Energy: SPE Nigeria Lead Discussion “...the stone age did not end because mankind ran out of stones” Picture courtesy of Energy Excellence with US (EEU) Nigerian students wowtheth2e0w17orAldTCaEt CHPED Transforming Science Curriculum 2018 STSE Highlights


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Editorial Team 1.) Editor-In-Chief & SPE Nigerian Council Publicity Chair BUCHI OKEREKE 2.) Editors: DATA JAJA DANIAL OPUNABO 3.) Contributing Editors (Section Publicity Chairs) CHINENYE NWOGU (Lagos Section) BASSEY AKONG (Port Harcourt Section) FRANCIS OKO (Benin Section) PATRICK NDUFOR (Warri Section) CHIJIOKE UZOHO (Abuja Section) 4.) SPE Nigerian Council Secretariat INNOCENT OHIMOR FRANK AKEMI UDOCHUKWU AKUNNA Contact Us SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS NIGERIA COUNCIL House 4, Road 21, Trans Amadi Gardens Estate, Off Peter Odili, Trans Amadi Port Harcourt, 500221 ______________________ 08033588953 Spencsecretariat@spenigeriacouncil.org Connect.spe.org/spenc www.spenigeriacouncil.org : @spe-Nigeria Editorial In 2017 we presented a stunning version of SPE Digest and I guess we wet appe tes across the industry as that edi on exposed the hidden treasures. Yes, indeed, hidden treasures of what SPE Nigeria offers to our communi es and the industry! Numerous member benefits programs, community supports projects across the country and a cocktail of professional development opportuni es all year round to all! In keeping with our tradi on of sustained technical excellence, this edi on is set to wet appe tes the more!! As you may know, two Nigerians stunned SPE Interna onal community at the SPE Interna onal PetroBowl contest in San Antonio, Texas during 2017 ATCE. If you are just hearing about this then I wonder where you have been …read more on page 8. Forging a tripar te collabora on pla orm, SPE through CHPED with support from industry professionals & academic regulatory bodies has made bold steps to contribute to Nigerian Petroleum Engineering Curriculum. A spot light on this is on page 12. The Energy Challenge: renewable, sustainable, efficient, environmental concerns…See on page 23 amazing innova ons from SPE students with funding from SPE Nigeria. SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 2


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Inside This Edition Editorial 2 Council Chairman's Remarks 4 Spotlight on Dr. Ibe Kachikwu: A Round Peg in A Round Hole 7 2017 ATCE: SPE Nigeria Foot Prints 8 Evolving Academic Foundation – CHPED Update 12 2018 Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum 14 SPE Nigeria Engages Industry Stakeholders 18 2018 Students Technical Symposium and Exhibition: Highlights 23 Embrace Technology: Welltec's Innovative Completions and Intervention Solutions 33 Technical Diary 34 Young Professional Development 36 Student Outreach 38 SPE Cares 41 SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 3


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Council Chairman's Remarks Having gone about half way into my tenure as your chief steward, I am glad to use this medium to provide an update on the journey so far. A er due consulta on with numerous stakeholders, and listening to the cri cal news emana ng from the industry globally, it was obvious that the issue of energy sustainability was of grave concern to the world, and indeed to Nigeria. The SPE Nigerian Council, under my leadership, therefore chose “Diversifica on of the Nigerian Economy – the Oil and Gas Industry as an Enabler” as its overarching theme to guide our ac vi es in this council year. Through our various ac vi es and engagement sessions, we have con nued to echo and advance this theme, to enable prac cal ac ons can be taken by all stakeholders. The upheaval in the oil and gas industry in recent years, has formed fer le ground to have these conversa ons around “alterna ves” both for environmental and economic reasons. Through our various pla orms, we have engendered discussions and collabora on amongst key players in the energy industry to provide guidance to policy makers on the future energy mix for the country, as well as nurturing the technical minds to sustain progress in the various poten ally breakthrough ideas on socially responsible and sustainable development of energy. The 2018 OLEF and STSE events were driven by these themes. This edi on of the SPE Digest also highlights outstanding achievements of Nigerian students amongst her peers globally, progress being made by CHPED on the Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences curriculum in Nigeria, the numerous technical and professional development events held na onwide, as well as the con nuous emphasis on socially engaging with our members through SPE Cares. I thank the editorial team for sustaining the vision for the SPE e-Newsle er and hope our members find this publica on to be of immense value. Chikezie Nwosu 2018 SPE Nigeria Council Chairman SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 2018 Themes: Overarching Theme Diversification of the Nigerian Economy –The Oil & Gas Industry as an Enabler OLEF The Nigerian Oil Industry in a World of Changing Energy Supply: Are we prepared? NAICE Panel Session 1 Emerging Economic Diversification Era in Nigeria: Challenges, Policy Frameworks and Prospects for the Oil and Gas Industry NAICE Panel Session 2 Emerging Economic Diversification Era in Nigeria: Implications on Oil and Gas Supply Value Chain and Investors NAICE Topical Issues Workshop Revamping the Nigeria Oil & Gas Industry through Alternative Funding': Opportunities, challenges, Innovations and solutions Topical Luncheon: Digitalization as an enabler for diversification NAICE Women Development Programme Diversification of the Nigerian Economy: Women Leveraging Existing Opportunities NAICE Young Professionals The Untapped Opportunities: Young Professionals and the Diversification of the Nigerian Economy from Oil and Gas Student Symposium (STSE) From Fossil Fuels to Alternative Energy: Relevant Skill Sets and Local Resource Opportunities Page | 4


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SPE Nigeria 2018 Calendar SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 5


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Spotlight on Dr. Ibe Kachikwu: A Round Peg in A Round Hole manage and exponentially grow diverse multibillion Naira business concerns of his own in key areas of downstream petroleum, law practice, consultancy and publishing. Some of the companies which he served as Chairman & Chief Executive include Flame Petroleum & Gas Company Limited, Intel & Data Consultants Limited, True Tales Publications Limited (Publishers of Hints Magazine) and Beverly Cops & Security Company Limited. Prior to his current national positions, he was Executive Vice Chairman of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited and General Counsel for ExxonMobil Nigeria affiliate Upstream and Downstream Companies in Nigeria. Not new to excellence, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu's early education is replete with stories of top performance. Dr. Kachikwu is a distinction graduand, best graduating student and multiple awards winner of Law from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and Nigerian Law School. He bagged a Masters in Law (LLM) with special focus on Energy and Petroleum Law and Investment and a Doctorate Degree with specialization on Petroleum and Investment Law Strategies from Harvard Law School, USA where he was the best graduand with Distinction and in the process set a record time for completing Doctoral Thesis. He is a Director, Institute of Petroleum Law Afe Babalola University, Nigeria and also Visiting Professor of Law to several Universities including Harvard Law School, USA and Nigeria Law School. Dr. Kachikwu's excellence has long been recognized in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria; with him serving as the General Counsel/Legal Adviser, Texaco Nigeria and Texaco Overseas Petroleum Company, from 1984 -1992. His depth in leadership was further proven between 1992 and 2001 by his remarkable capability to set up, Given the various challenges facing Nigeria's main economic stay (oil and gas industry), the country was yearning for a seasoned technocrat that can lead the industry's stabilization and growth phases. His nomination and subsequent appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari to oversee the daunting task of reforming and institutionalizing transparency, accountability and productivity in the Nigerian oil and gas sector was greeted with so much enthusiasm. In August 2015, he was appointed to the position of Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) where he set in place the process leading to the on-going transformation at NNPC through the implementation of a thoroughbred strategic plan focused on transforming the state-owned Oil Company into a major revenue and pro t-making enterprise for the nation. Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu is currently the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Chairman of the Board of NNPC. Dr. Kachikwu has served as the President of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) (2015), President of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) (2016), and President of the African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA) (2016). Since assuming the key national, continental and global leadership positions, beyond maintaining a strong focus on strengthening the Nigerian oil and gas sector, Dr. Kachikwu has ensured that Nigeria's voice matter in the world energy equation. Salute a great leader!!! SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 7


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2017 ATCE: SPE Nigeria Foot Prints ATCE (Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition) is SPE International's annual meeting of members which features groundbreaking papers and special technical events designed to accelerate the application of innovations in every technical discipline. Attendees come from around the world to ATCE to showcase as well as keep up with the latest technologies and industry best practices. The 2017 edition which held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Centre in San Antonio, Texas, USA witnessed a strong participation from the SPE Nigerian contingent SPE Nigeria's contingent (led by the 2017 Council Chairman, Dr. Saka Matemilola) included highly placed industry professionals, Young professionals in the E&P industry, Academia and Students. While the Nigerian contingent participated in various activities Nigeria's representatives at the PetroBowl (Teams UNIBEN & UNILAG). SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Team UNIBEN (Runner Up at the 2017 Petro Bowl Contest in San Antonio) receive their cash price presented by the 2018 SPEI President Darcy Spady. Page | 8


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African Region meeting at ATCE Some Nigerian Council officials and members celebrate with the outstanding Team UNIBEN SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 9


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during the conference, the performance of Nigeria's representative in the PetroBowl was nothing short of spectacular. Against several odds (including having to undertake the competition with 2 representatives, instead of 3) the UNIBEN students (Samuel Okon and Oghenekaro Osogba) emerged the runners up at the event. This is the best performance from any Nigerian university representatives in the history of the very competitive event. See some of the PetroBowl pictures in the picture gallery below. The Nigerian delegation at the conference hosted the NNPC Chief Operating Officer (COO), Upstream (Mr. Bello Rabiu) to a dinner where issues relating the industry and the society were discussed. Afterwards, Mr. Rabiu took a tour of the exhibitors that were currently working in Nigeria and in other countries were learnings can be made. In what you may describe as the “Oscars of the Energy Industry”, Nigeria's representative also garnered several awards at the various award nights held during the conference; including best section award, etc. See pictures below. Route to victory and the plaque NNPC Chief Operating Officer, Upstream (Mr. Rabiu Bello) at the exhibition stand of Welltec, with Welltec's Senior Vice President, Africa (Mr. Gbenga Onadeko) and SPE Nigeria Treasurer (Mr. Salahuddeen Tahir) SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Extreme Left: Mr. Alex Neyin (Member, SPE Nigeria Council Board of Trustees) amongst other recipients of the Honorary Membership award Page | 10


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Nigerian representatives receive and celebrate various awards at the ATCE SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 11


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A picture showing members of CHPED with SPE Nigerian Council Executives at the workshop sponsored by Total for the review of Petroleum Engineering curriculum for undergraduates. L – R: Engr. Yakubu Yerima (HOD, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Igbinedion University), Prof. Anselm Igbafe (CHPED chairman and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Afe Babalola University), Prof. Joseph Ajienka (Professor of Petroleum Engineering and Former Vice Chancellor, UNIPORT), Prof. A. D. Ibrahim Sulaiman (Immediate Past CHPED Chairman and Professor of Petroleum Engineering, ATBU ), Mr. Chikezie Nwosu (Chairman, SPE Nigerian Council), Dr. Saka Matemilola (Immediate Past Council Chairman, SPE Nigerian Council) and Dr. Kelani Bello (HOD, Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Benin). Evolving Academic Foundation – CHPED Update At the core of SPE's vision is the transmission of technical knowledge. SPE Nigerian Council has identi ed the signi cant importance of the quality assurance of the conveyor belt of our next generation industry professionals and have gone ahead to impact this space through various programs. The Committee of Heads of Petroleum Engineering Departments (CHPED) is a special committee saddled with the responsibility of relooking the curriculum of this discipline to ensure that we are passing critical skills that will the relevant to the next generation of petroleum engineers. CHPED over the past few years have been studying the curriculum and recommending adjustments that will ensure the industry gets prepared hands in the future. This is also at the heart of the Local Content Development initiative. SPE Nigerian Council acknowledges the effort by the members of CHPED, the collaboration from industry and the accomplishments being recorded. SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 12


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2018 Oloibiri Lectures Series & Energy Forum Mr. Chikezie Nwosu, Chairman SPE Nigerian Council delivering his welcome remarks Keeping in mind that the only constant thing in life is change, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Nigerian Council tugged the minds of key industry stakeholders on the changing global energy supply. Understanding this gradual change; it's implication to us as an industry and a nation as well as gauging our preparedness or otherwise, was the subject of the 2018 SPE Oloibiri Lecture and Energy Forum (OLEF). The magni cent PTDF Towers played host once more to this annual event; providing the avenue for a diverse representation of the industry to delve into the discussions around this important subject; offering varied perspectives around the theme. If anyone in attendance was in doubt of the urgency of this subject, the “convener” Mr. Chikezie Nwosu, Chairman SPE Nigerian Council set the tone during his welcome remarks. Pointing to some of the trends that buttress this shifting focus from near total reliance on fossil fuels to cleaner sources of energy, he reminded all that “the stone age did not end because mankind ran out of stones”. The Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu during his keynote address, appreciated SPE Nigerian Council for her role in the energy industry in Nigeria and urged the participants at the workshop to ensure robust engagements leading to signi cant ideas that will impact our SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 14


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Engr. Johnson Awoyomi, the Senior Technical Assistant to the Honorable Minister of State Petroleum Resources delivering keynote address on behalf of the Honourable Minister of State, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu Mr. Bello Rabiu, Chief Operating Officer, Upstream, NNPC delivering “The State of The Oil and Gas Industry In Nigeria” presentation on behalf of Dr. Maikanti K. Baru, the Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Mr. Chikezie Nwosu (R) appreciating Dr. Rabiu Suleiman, STA to the Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources after his lead presentation. industry and country. Represented by his Senior Technical Assistant, Engr. Johnson Awoyomi, the Honorable Minister called on all to support the policy directions rolled out by the federal government and consolidate on the gains made in the oil and gas industry (the 7 Big Wins). In line with this, the Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Dr. Maikanti K. Baru made a presentation on “The State of The Oil and Gas Industry In Nigeria”. During his address, he cataloged the strides made by the industry in various areas; including projects maturation/execution, security of infrastructure and policy formulation (including the splitting of the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill and the attendant progress witnessed thereafter). The GMD was represented by Dr. Bello Rabiu, Chief Operating Officer, Upstream, NNPC. The panel discussion expertly moderated by Prof. Barth Nnaji, Chief Executive SPE DIGEST Q1–2018 Edition | April, 2018 Page | 15



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