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They have shown remarkable achievement and having interacted with most of them, the pleasure has been all mine.

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EXSAS Power Talks present… XSA E S 19 98 EXSAS 50 “A PERSONAL TRIBUTE”


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Ayahanda Dato’ Abdul Rahim Assalamualaikum wbh. . . It is a great honor being invited to say a few words in this Collections, and I would like to thank the Editorial for the opportunity. It is already forty four years since Sekolah Menengah Sains Pahang (Sekolah Menengah Sultan Ahmad Shah Kuantan , SEMSAS) first open its doors to the first batch of selected boys and girls to enroll in this first ever Residential School in Pahang. It was January the 1" 1973 that these batch of 219 boys and girls first step their foot in the school to begin a long journey, the journey to realize the mission envisaged in the Third Malaysian Plan, that is to balance the inequality of education opporfunities among the "rakyat" and to create a balance distribution of professionals among Malaysians. Under the tutorship of a crew of eleven teachers we slowly but surely charted our course. I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity and strength to lead the team on that journey for a span of ten years. In those formative years I hope my team and I had laid a sound foundation for the school on which our successors would continue. Today, after almost half a century in existence the school is proud that it's sons (and daughters) had achieved her mission. This beautiful publication attest to it : thus I take the opportunity to congratulate its birth, and simultaneously celebrate EXSAS’s success. Even though this edition encore the first fifty illustrious names, I am sure this is not conclusive and I look forward to subsequent editions whereby many more achievers will be recorded. HIDUP BERJASA Dato'Abdul Rahim Hamid Kuala Lumpur September 11th, 2017. exsas fifty - Introduction (i)


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EXSAS 50 - “A Personal Tribute” Assalamualaikum & what’s up? First of all, I think we have the G.O.A.T school slogan. Looking for a more fulfilling school catchphrase than “Hidup Berjasa” is a futile exercise (please pardon my impartiality). Even though SEMSAS is not considered as a premier residential school but she has nevertheless produced high achievers of diverse background who are contributing to our nation and community. Before you guys go any further, please answer the following multiple choice question. Why am I doing this? A. To showcase our most inspiring members B. To increase the profile of EXSAS and SEMSAS C. To galvanise the rest of our members D. I have nothing better to do E. All of the above If “E” is your answer, then pat yourself on the back! Secondly, let us clarify a few things. This list is a personal tribute and NOT an official EXSAS list! It is not a biography and is far from definitive. A list of this nature is always subjective but hey who cares. Perhaps you could not go wrong with more than half of the names listed (the usual suspects) but you could probably argue of who should be included or who should be omitted for the rest (the nice surprises). This list is intended as a light-reading material and should be treated casually. But please keep in mind, “simple is not the opposite of convoluted!” The attempt to write brief, meaningful narrative infused with wit is arduous, to say the least. exsas fifty - Introduction (ii)


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EXSAS 50 - “A Personal Tribute” ( cont’... ) We started the process by inviting EXSAS members to nominate their friends through the website and in the end we received five (5) nominations. To complete the list, I scouted through my phone, name cards and also asked for suggestions from others. Researching for information to complete this list is difficult as the material are not readily available. For the most part, to improve the accuracy of the narrative, we contacted the nominated members and asked them to verify the details. And in the end, we did not use any proven formulas nor algorithms since we know of none that could be applicable here (duh). Lastly, being proud of each EXSAS member on the list is an understatement. They have shown remarkable achievement and having interacted with most of them, the pleasure has been all mine. My utmost gratitude to The President of EXSAS, bro Qisan (who was responsible for the artwork) and my PT gang 2016/2017 (Khairi 81, Idi 90, Fairul 95, Atikah 08, Aqilah 09 & Syamim 10) and special shout-out to my most influential buddy, Nizam Abidin (District Information Oficer, Pekan). Enjoy the list. Sincerely, Althahir Abdul Rashid LM0032 #skylabjuara exsas fifty - Introduction (iii)


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INTRODUCTION SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS SULTAN HAJI AHMAD SHAH, KUANTAN (SEMSAS) • The first “Sekolah Berasrama Penuh” (SBP) in Pahang Darul Makmur • Under the constituency of Pulau Manis state seat, Parliament of Pekan • Was founded in 1973 under the New Economic Policy (NEP) with the main aim of increasing the number of Malay professionals especially in the field of science & engineering • School motto – “Hidup Berjasa” EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF SEMSAS (EXSAS) • Was founded in 1998 as the platform to unite ex-SEMSASians • The significant numbers of professionals within EXSAS rank is the ultimate authentication of the success of the NEP • Being a thinking group of diverse professional background, our members are using EXSAS as the channel to contribute to society living up to our motto of “Hidup Berjasa” • EXSAS is known over the years as an active group which has contributed to its alma mater and local community EXSAS “POWER TALKS” • A “sharing of experience platform” where successful members get to share their experience and wisdom with others • Was started in 2009 to position EXSAS as “an alternative professional development platform” • Main focus of developing young talent to improve their leadership skills, management and overall common sense • By having program regularly and covering many different aspect of work-related issues, participants have benefitted greatly from the programs which fits in well with our objective of developing human capital for the nation exsas fifty - Introduction (iv)


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No Name 1 Dato' Mat Zaraii Alias 2 Dato’ Sri Zohari Hj Akob 3 Suwaibah Muhammad Nasir 4 Azhar Sulaiman 5 Prof. Dato’ Dr Ariff Osman 6 Rohaida Ali Badaruddin 7 Mazlan Razak 8 Normala Baharudin 9 Dato’ Seri Naim Abu Bakar 10 Ahnuar Salleh 11 Kolonel Rashidin Hashimi Abd Rashid 12 Azraei Muhammad 13 Malathi Thevendran 14 Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah 15 Dato’ Dr Lukman Hakim Sulaiman 16 YB Dato’ Mohammad Fakhruddin Mohd Ariff 17 Dr Mohd Azlan Abdul Jalil 18 Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri 19 Ustaz Zul Ramli Mohamed Razali 20 Dato’ Mohd Rizal Jaafar Position / Accolades Judicial Commissioner, JB High Court Secretary General, Ministry of Works, Msia Msian Book of Records Holder Architect / Actor / Brand Builder Kuliyyah of Medicine,IIU Kuantan President & CEO, Scomi Engineering Bhd Principal Consultant, Argus Consulting Chief Commissioner, Girl Guides Malaysia State Secretary, State Govt of Malacca Architect / Msian Book of Records Holder Malaysia Armed Forces Writer & Researcher, Better Nations Inst. Executive Director, Jones Lang & Wootton Moniker “Singing Judge” “Pothole Patcher” “Records Breaker” “Saudagar Susu Unta” “Social Activist MD” “The Monorail Lady” “Petrochemical Thought Leader” “Girl Guides Forever” “Gomen Biker” “Cycling Dynamo” “Universal Soldier” “Financial Literacy Advocate” “Market Feasibility Expert” Dir. Of Strategic Communications & Stakeholders Relations, MRT Corp “PR Maestro” Deputy DG (Public Health), Ministry of Health, Malaysia State Assemblyman, Pahang D.M General Manager, RTC Johor Project Fearless Director Motivator Group CEO, Widad Business Group “Public Health Crusader” “The Junior Assemblyman” “NBOS Success Story” “Fearless Communicator” “Pendakwah Nusantara” “Kembara Widad” Batch 1975 1976 1990 1988 1977 1985 1983 1987 1976 1983 1987 2007 1980 1986 1976 1983 1997 2000 1983 1991 exsas fifty - Introduction (v)


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No Name 21 Nik Malik Nik Mohd Amin 22 Tg Dato’ Yusof Tg Ahmad Shahruddin 23 Dato’ Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim 24 Dato’ Mohd Shukrie Salleh 25 Nor Farahanim Abdul Razak 26 Mohd Fuad Kamal Ariffin 27 Mohammad Ridzwan Abidin 28 Anwar Husen Akbar Ali 29 Dato’ Capt Ab Rahim Ab Manaf 30 Nor Akmar Abdullah 31 Dato’ Ir Muhammad Imran Baharuddin 32 Hamzah Ahmad 33 Dr Solahuddin Shamsuddin 34 Dr Mohd Zulkefeli Mat Jusoh 35 Dato’ Azhar Anuar 36 Nurul Hakimi Shahri 37 YB Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi 38 Prof. Dato’ Dr Aziz Deraman 39 Dr Mohd Nasir Zainal Abidin 40 Prof. Dr Zuhaimy Ismail Position / Accolades Moniker Batch Director, Marine & General Berhad “Abang Long” 1975 Managing Director, Dayang Enterprise Bhd “Unassuming UHNWI” 1979 Director General, PERHILITAN “Poacher’s Poacher” 1983 Director, Redbox, Air Asia Logistic “Chief Logistics” 1991 TV Presenter / Model / Entrepreneur “Her Extra Mile” 2007 General Mgr, Gamuda KVMRT “Tunnel Management Expert” 1980 Under Secretary, Housing & Local Govt Msia “Highrise Living Vigilante” 1981 Director of Strategic Business Unit,Cairn India Limited “Towering Malaysian” 1981 Retired Pilot, Malaysian Airlines “Suri Hati Mr Pilot” 1977 Remisier & Writer “Remisier Kampung” 2004 Chairman, Fitter Group Malaysia “Mister Advisor” 1978 Project Director, PFLNG Satu “National Geography: Megastructures” 1981 CTO, CyberSecurity Malaysia “Pengawal Keselamatan Alam Maya” 1981 Dean, School of Pharmacy, IMU “Yakugaku Koushi” 1991 Group CEO, NSERC “Hot Air / Steam Salesman” 1987 Managing Director, Cahaya D’Lerek Enterprise “Junior Agropreneur” 1997 State Assemblyman, Sarawak “The Senior Assemblyman” 1978 Dean, School of Informatics & Applied Science, UMT “Software Engineering Expert” 1976 Section Head, Electrical Metrology, Sirim Berhad “The Official Timekeeper” 1977 Dep of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, UTM “Dinar Emas Dirham Perak” 1977 exsas fifty - Introduction (vi)


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No Name 41 Dato’ Khodijah Abdullah 42 Dato’ Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf 43 Haji Ismail Abdullah 44 Dato’ Ir Shaharuddin Mohd Simin 45 Dato’ Mohamed Suffian Awang 46 Haji Mohd Fathullah Haji Mohd Yusof 47 Dato’ Dr Abdul Hadi Jaafar 48 Datin Dr Hajjah Sorayah Sidek 49 Jellialive Ami 50 Jolene Cheah Min Dee Position / Accolades Under Secretary, Ministry of Finance Malaysia Secretary, RMP President & CEO International Green Training Centre General Manager, TNB Pahang Vice President PR1MA Malaysia Senior Principal Assistant Director SBP Cardiologist Periodontic Specialist PTD, Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Malaysia Senior Account Manager Moniker “From Malay Medium to Harvard” “Malaysia’s Finest” “Green Technology Advisor” “Powering The Nation” “The Director of Companies” “The Go To Guy” “Well Being of Ummah” “Loveable Periodontist” “Eat - Play - Travel” “Story Teller” Batch 1975 1982 1979 1982 1988 1980 1979 1978 2005 2007 exsas fifty - Introduction (vii)


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“ SINGING JUDGE ” As a judge, Y.A Dato’ Mat Zara’ai bin Alias (EXSAS 1975) is expected to maintain a certain decorum. However, that does not stop him from showcasing his talent and love for music at formal events. The former State Legal Adviser of Pahang is currently a Judicial Commisioner at the Johor Bahru High Court. Professionally, he is well-respected and personally he is well-liked. Too bad for fans of the reality TV show “Otai Masih Berbisa” though since he doesn’t plan to switch career any time soon. Verdict: Despite his distinctive attributes, his biggest contribution to the nation might well be of his offspring, internationally-renowned singer, Yuna Zaraii. 1exsas fifty -


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“ POTHOLE PATCHER ” Patching pothole should be categorised as trivial for The Secretary General, Ministry of Works, Malaysia. Tasked with ensuring the ministry's core objectives are being met and the implementation of our nation's mega projects proceed efficiently, YBhg Dato' Sri Zohari bin Hj Akob (EXSAS 1976) has plenty on his plate. To his credit, he managed to strike a balance between the strategic planning requirement of his ministry and the never-ending infrastructure issues affecting the average Malaysians. Raison d'être: By remaining grounded, he recognised the concern of ordinary citizen, which has led the ministry to having "zero pothole" target for all federal roads in the country. Favorite quote : "I tried to move the mountain, but the mountain is staring back at me!" 2exsas fifty -


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One Women's Mission To Conquer 30 Of The World's Tallest Towers #suwaibah30towers “ RECORD BREAKER ” The female version of “Forrest Gump” loves to run! Suwaibah binti Muhammad Nasir (EXSAS 1990) holds the most number of records in The Malaysia Book of Records. Using her passion for running as the foundation, she has achieved many milestones including “The Famous Sahara Desert Run” and “The Silk Route Run”. She is currently embarking on her quest of conquering 30 of the world's tallest towers. Her commitment and perseverance has turned her into an icon. Run, Suwaibah, run! Raison d'être: Through her latest mission, she aims to spread awareness on the need for humanitarian aid in Asian refugee camps especially among children. Favorite quote : "Everybody needs to be loved, never give up” 3exsas fifty -


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“ SAUDAGAR SUSU UNTA ” Q1: “Is he an accomplished actor?” Q2: “Is he an award winning architect?” Q3: “Is he an outstanding businessman?” Q4: “Is he an in-demand speaker?” Q5: “Is he a fine film producer?” Q6: “Is there anything that he couldn't do?” A:“Yes he is.” A:“Yes he is.” A:“Yes he is.” A:“Yes he is.” A:“Yes he is.” A:“Well, he can't come up with this list!” Verdict: The most famous son of SEMSAS, Azhar bin Sulaiman (EXSAS 1988) is a man of many talents and he is just getting started. Favorite quote : “Each new situation requires a new Architecture” - Jean Nouvel 4exsas fifty -


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“ SOCIAL ACTIVIST MD ” Professionally, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ariff bin Osman (EXSAS 1977) is the Head of Islamisation of Human Knowledge, Kuliyyah of Medicine, International Islamic University, Kuantan. However, he is not your typical academician as he encourages his medical students to develop other virtues such as leadership, business sense and volunteerism. Socially, he has left an indelible marks in the community by co-founding the Badan Nadwah Islamiyah Pahang, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which has started several popular initiatives such as “Pusat Hemodialisis Islam Makmur" and an orphan care center, “Permata Camar”. Verdict: How different things could have turned out as his first ambition was to become a district officer (DO)! Favorite quote : “As ALLAH swt raise your standard of living, you should also raise your standard of giving…Usah berkira untuk memberi dan tentunya Hidup Berjasa!) 5exsas fifty -


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“ THE MONORAIL LADY ” Rohaida binti Ali Badaruddin (EXSAS 1985) is the President & CEO of SCOMI Engineering Berhad, a leading provider of public transportation solutions which is globally recognised for high-quality, sophisticated and cost-effective manufacturing. Having a lady as the boss can be intimidating for some men but she earns the respect of her male colleagues by putting them at ease instead of trying too hard to prove her capability. With her company having operations in many countries, she has very little time for her other passion. However, that does not hinder her from volunteering at Yayasan SCOMI, which works primarily with orphan and underprivileged children. Raison d'être: This pleasant and elegant lady who hails from Pekan, Pahang is leading the way in an industry dominated by men. 6exsas fifty -


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“ PETROCHEMICALS THOUGHT LEADER ” One of EXSAS members that I hold in high esteem, he is better known within the EXSAS circle as “Boska”. With over 25 years of experience, Mazlan bin Razak (EXSAS 1983) is a sought-after speaker for the petrochemicals industry. He is a Principal Consultant in the Argus Media Singapore office which is a leading market analysis and consultancy firm for the oil and gas industry. The father of five is an avid golfer and was a past President of EXSAS. Raison d'être: He was the major force in initiating EXSAS Power Talks program which has benefitted many of our members till today. Favorite quote : “I am allergic to b.s!” 7exsas fifty -



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