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DIGEST NIGERIAN COUNCIL NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 HIGHLIGHTS More On Technical Activities In Focus For SPE …obtained in donation, software licenses worth $2,159,644 Special Sessions Highlights at NAICE 2014 SPE Gives Back To The Communities ....committed to touching more lives Young Professionals Activities In Brief Message from SPE Nigeria Council Chairman SPE has been in the forefront of fostering technology advancement for the benefit of industry practices and professionals in the Oil & Gas industry. SPE Nigeria Council has over the years grown into a vibrant formidable industry umbrella for professionals in Nigeria. For the leadership of the SPE Nigeria Council in the 2013-2014 year, priority is set on the vision acronym known as COME: Collaboration with others: Operate our strategy: grow and develop Membership: Educate all. Bernard Oboarekpe Our collaboration has been strengthened in our strategies for education and membership development. These are evident in our events in all the sections. Contd. on page 7 The Collaboration That Worked SPE Social Diary Quotes Did you know that the Engineer who always asks questions is a fool just for a moment BUT the Engineer who does not ask questions is a fool forever? The 2014 Oloibiri Lecture Series & Energy Forum was held on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the Shehu Musa Yar' Adua Conference Center, Abuja. The event recorded many “firsts” such as holding in Abuja for the first time. Contd. on page 17 Newsletter sponsor NPDC


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OVERVIEW COMESPE Nigeria Council's Operational Principles for 2013-2014: •C ollaboration • Operationalise with and among sections, chapters, other professional organisations, academia and other bodies implement the standing committee structure and support sections in developing pool of potential future leadership Numerical growth, Services and Leadership Development •Membership Alternative information channels, CHPED, Students and Public. • Education Membership Statistics s/n Section 1 Benin 2 Lagos 3 Port Harcourt 4 Warri 5 Abuja TOTAL Year 2014 151 1224 811 316 123 2625 Year 2013 173 1008 786 334 84 2385 123 5% 316 12% 151 6% 811 31% 1224 46% Benin Lagos Port Harcourt Warri Abuja NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 DIGEST 03


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Membership Statistics 3000 2500 2625 2385 2000 1500 1000 500 0 1224 1008 811786 151173 Benin Lagos PH 316334 Warri 123 84 Abuja TOTAL Year 2014 Year 2013 Activities Technical Meeting(s) Continuing Education Study group Annual Workshop(s) Young Professional Program(s) DL(s) ALP(s) Energy 4 Me 2013/2014 SPE Activities No of events Attendance Professionals Students 19 1425 1083 1 35 - 1 20 5 297 333 23 131 420 8 279 323 18 29 60 1000 Tota l 2508 35 20 630 551 602 1060 04 DIGEST NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014


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CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Editorials Chairman's Speech Appreciation Events About Us Activities Industry News Achievements Students' News Young Professionals News Sections News Photo News Awards Jokes SPE Socials Diary 6 7 8 9 13 14 17 22 23 25 26 27 29 29 29 NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 DIGEST 05


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EDITORIAL Editorial Comment The African Energy corridor is expected to be expanding with many more territories joining the league of oil and gas producers. Only in West Africa, Ghana and recently Cote' d'Ivoire are now oil producing countries. The outlook for exploration and production is seemingly positive, nevertheless, the eruption of oil supplies from US shale areas is reducing the major oil consumers (mainly US) energy import from many countries. For example, the gap tends to be closing in the trade balance between Nigeria and the US as a result of this development. Despite the downward trend in trade outflow to primary trade partners, Nigeria has in this period emerged to be the largest economy by GDP on the continent with its almost monocultural economy dependency on Oil & Gas. This means that with Nigeria's estimated 36.5 billion barrels of crude oil & condensates reserves and 180 trillion standard cubic feet of gas reserves mostly domicile in the NigerDelta with a huge potential of over 600 trillion standard cubic feet of gas resources, Nigeria’s oil wealth could be maximized for more optimal economic growth through Integration and Global Approach. Over the years, the Society of Petroleum Engineers has created a platform for exchange of ideas, building business relationships, developing strategies and forging common fronts. These are achieved via our professional standard technical papers, workshops, panel discussions and professional networking which have all been tailored to meeting these needs during Nigeria Annual International Conference & Exhibition NAICE. The 2014 NAICE has been anchored to beam light on current and future opportunities in Oil & Gas industry in Africa. The theme for NAICE 2014 is “Africa's Energy Corridor: Opportunities for Oil & Gas Value Maximization through Integration and Global Approach” . SPE, through NAICE and other events is keeping her focus on her mission which is to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of Oil & Gas resources and related technologies for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. NAICE 2014 will provide the best opportunities within the African Region in discovering and facing present and future challenges geared towards expanding the Africa Energy Corridor. In addition to technical benefits, there are other side attractions tailored to thrill your moments throughout the period of the conference. I encourage you to take advantage of them. I am looking forward to getting your positive post conference feedback. EDITORIAL BOARD NNAEMEKA UMEH CHARLES AKENOBO Council Secretary ERNEST MKPAST Pubicity Secretary SECRETARIAT INNOCENT OHIMOR Nnaemeka Umeh UDOCHUKWU AKUNNA 06 DIGEST NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014


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CHAIRMAN'S SPEECH COUNCIL CHAIRMAN'S SPEECH Dear Colleagues SPE has been at the forefront of fostering technology advancement globally, for the benefit of professionals and practitioners in the Oil & Gas industry. SPE Nigeria Council has over the years grown into a vibrant and formidable industry umbrella for professionals to express themselves, disseminate and share knowledge to help grow the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Given the changes in the Oil and Gas industry landscape in Nigeria over the last couple of years and the ever growing hunger in the society for information that puts the industry in clear perspective, the leadership of the 2013-2014 SPE Nigeria Council, came up with a four-point strategic agenda under the acronym 'COME', to help focus her effort in the achievement of her objective. We set out to Collaboration with others where possible: Operationalise our refreshed strategy: grow and develop Membership: Educate all on the state of affairs in the industry. Several events and activities were organized during the year, by Council and the five sections in Nigeria, to advance the society's agenda through these four priority areas. At the apex of these activities, is the Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE). NAICE has continued to attract more participants, sponsors and exhibitors from across the globe and has over the years provided tremendous opportunities for networking and sharing of technical information within the national, regional and global energy world. Our annual Olibiri lecture Series and Energy Forum continues to provide a platform for the industry to address topical issues and influence policies that govern its operation. Nigeria celebrated 100 years of her existence as a nation, this year. Although oil and gas production activities in Nigeria do not date as far back as 1914, oil has without doubt played an important role in the history of Nigeria over the period. Thus, for our industry that shares part of that history, 2014 marked the beginning of a journey of collaboration; when we took out time in March, together with our sister societies in the Oil & Gas industry to reflect on our contribution to industry and nation building over the last century, and chart a way forward for the future. The last century of Nigeria's history, witnessed various exploration activities for Oil and Gas that culminated in the first oil discovery in commercial quantity at Oloibiri in the Niger Delta region, by ShellD'Arcy in 1956. That discovery subsequently launched Nigeria into the league of oil producing and exporting nations, two years before the nation's independence in 1960. The industry has since grown in leaps and bounds. However, the hitherto world's largest energy consumers are today awash in shale oil and natural gas. US crude oil production grew by about a quarter of a million barrels per day last year and China is aggressively working to double its oil production within the next 15 years. Nigeria's crude oil export to the US has continued to decline over the years and has reached a point where there is now energy import-export balance between Nigeria and the USA. Given this trend, limited and dwindling market opportunities in Europe and Asia; our industry has never been more challenged to seek alternative strategies for a sustainable oil and gas industry future. We have also recently seen new oil and gas discoveries within the continent of Africa; a phenomenon that could increase the pressure on the continent's crude oil exports markets, as well as competition for foreign investment funding in the oil NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 DIGEST 07


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and gas sector. Recognizing this threat and managing it in a manner that opens up opportunities within the widening oil and gas energy corridor in the continent, would help drive and sustain value from the sector. It is against this background that the theme of NAICE 2014; “Africa's Energy Corridor: Opportunities for Oil & Gas Value Maximization through Integration and Global Approach” has emerged. In order to address some of these challenges, the panel sessions in the 2014 NAICE have been designed to create a dialogue in the following areas: 1. “Funding Africa's Oil & Gas Production Growth Aspiration: Challenges & Solutions”, and 2. “The changing global energy supply balance and Africa's Economic Transformation”. With Nigeria emerging as the largest economy in Africa this year, there is no doubt that African has now become the stage for her to remain relevant and be globally competitive. The Oil and Gas industry is at the heart of Africa's economic growth potential and it must be managed wisely to create wealth and derive maximum benefits for the people. journey began this year with the co-hosting of the OLEF Series by SPE, NSE, NAPE, COMEG, PETAN and NGA. This is an integral part of our operational strategy and I am confident that this warm embrace in collaboration towards forging a common front for the Oil & Gas industry will be sustained. On behalf of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Nigeria Council, I would like to say thank you to all our sponsors, exhibitors, members and delegates at this year's NAICE; and all the societies that collaborated with us in various ways during this council year. I look forward to meeting some of you, personally during these 3 days of NAICE. SPE remains committed to serving you better and we invite you to join us in that journey. Thank You. Bernard Oboarekpe. Chairman, SPE Nigeria Council. SPE Nigeria Council, beginning with the current leadership, is charting a new course for strong collaboration with sister professional societies with common interests and aspirations, to help build a strong and healthy Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria. That 08 DIGEST NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014


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EVENTS SPECIAL SESSIONS HIGHLIGHTS AT NAICE 2014 Over 1700 participants Over 150 technical papers Over 50 e-Poster presentations World-class Exhibition Panel Sessions/Discussions DAY ONE (August 5) 09:00 09:20 09:30 09:40 Arrival of Guests Recognition of Invited Dignitaries Arrival of Special Guests of Honour and Guest Speakers National Anthem Richmond Osuji, Master of Ceremony NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 DIGEST 09


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09:00 09:20 09:30 09:40 09:45 09:50 · · · 10:10 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:30 11:40 Arrival of Guests Recognition of Invited Dignitaries Arrival of Special Guests of Honour and Guest Speakers National Anthem Richmond Osuji, Master of Ceremony Welcome Address by Chairman, SPE Nigeria Council (5 min): Mr. Bernard Oboarekpe, Shell Petroleum Development Company Remarks from Sponsors (20 min): Group Managing Director, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Managing Director, Addax Petroleum Development Company Managing Director, Seplat Petroleum Development Company Presentation by the 2014 SPE President (20 min): Mr. Mark Rubin, CEO and Executive Vice President, SPE International Entrepreneurship challenges in the Oil and Gas Sector of the economy (15 min): Alhaji Aliko M. Dangote, GCON, CEO & President, Dangote Group State of the Oil Industry Address (15 min): Engr. Andrew L. Yakubu, Group Managing Director NNPC Keynote Address (15 min): Dr. (Mrs.) Diezani Alison-Madueke, Minister of Petroleum Resources, FRN NAICE2014 Formal Opening Address (10 min): His Excellency , Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN, Executive Governor of Lagos State National Anthem <<< Procession to exhibit halls guided by SPE Nigeria Council Chairman >>> 11:45 12:00 1.00 PM – Cutting of Exhibition Red Tapes: Tour of the Exhibition Arena led by His Excellency, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN, Executive Governor of Lagos State VIP Lunch – Sponsored by Chevron Nigeria Limited Lunch Venue: 14:15 Restaurant, Eko Signature, Eko Hotel& Suites A focus Session on Nigeria’s Marginal Fields featuring case studies and presentations on technical and non-technical aspects by key industry figures namely: o Dr. Jude Amaefule - Managing Director, Emerald Energy Resources Limited o Mr. Adams OKOENE - Managing Director/CEO, Midwestern Oil & Gas (MWOG) 10 DIGEST NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014


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DAY TWO (August 6) 10.00 AM – Panel Session on: Funding Africa's Oil & Gas Production Growth Aspiration: Challenges & Solutions. Be a part of the audience and make your views count as the moderator of this special session, Dr. Jude Amaefule, The Managing Director/CEO of Emerald Energy Resources Limited, moderates the exchange of viewpoints among experts invited to examine solutions to challenges faced in funding Africa's Oil & Gas Projects. Panelists include: 1. Lead Presenter, Dr. Timothy Okon, Group Coordinator Corporate Planning & Strategy, NNPC 2. Discussants a) Mr. Mutiu Sunmonu, Managing Director, Shell Petroleum Development Company and Country Chair, SCIN. b) Mr. Nolan O'Neal, Managing Director, ExxonMobil and Chairman OPTS c) Mr. Austin Avuru, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Seplat Petroleum Development Company Ltd d) Mr. Pade Durotoye, Chief Executive Officer, Oando Energy Resources 6.30 PM - Oil Industry Dinner & Awards. A WalterSmith & NNPC sponsored dinner and award night recognizing professional excellence. This event creates unforgettable networking experience for professionals in the Oil & Gas industry. DAY THREE (August 7) 10.00 AM – Panel Session on: The Changing Global Energy Supply Balance and Africa's Economic Transformation. The geography of global oil supply, demand and trade has changed strikingly over the last few years as a result of the eruption of oil supplies from US shale areas, against the background of secularly declining European and North American oil demand growth. A broad scope discussion of this challenge will be moderated by Professor J. A. Ajienka, Vice Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT). Panelists include: 1. Lead Presenter, Dr. Joseph Dawha, Group Executive Director, E&P, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) 2. Discussants: a) Engr. Taofiq Ajibade Tijani, Hon Commissioner for Energy & Mineral Resources, Lagos State. b) Mrs. Elisabeth Proust, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria c) Mr. Campbell Airlie, Chief Technical Officer, Seven Energy d) Dr. Juliette Twumasi-Anokye, Consultant, Local Content, Ghana Petroleum Commission. e) Mr. Sugun Agbaje, Managing Director/CEO, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 DIGEST 11


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1.30 PM - SPE Women Professional Development will be discussing “Women in Nigeria Energy Industry: Changing the perception from part of the pack to leader of the pack”. This will form one of the highpoints of NAICE 2014 Day 3 activities which also is the closing date. Women Professional Development Network will be hosting distinguished technocrats both from within and outside the Oil & Gas industry. 1. The Special Guest of Honour at this event–Dr. Mrs. F. Alakija, the Executive Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil Limited will deliver the Keynote speech. 2. Other Distinguished Speakers and Special Guests at this event are: a) Mrs Nnoli Akpedeye, Technical Planning Manager, Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company (SNEPCo) will be speaking on “Women Engineers: How are you changing the conversation? b) Mrs. Nkechi Ntia-James, Manager Transit, Total E & P Nigeria Limited. c) Mr. Chi Ukpai, Senior Technical Sales Advisor, Halliburton Energy Services Nigeria Limited d) Mr. Udom Inoyo, Executive Director, HR Mobil Producing Nigeria, Mrs. Ebele Nkanyimuo, NAOC 12 DIGEST NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014


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ABOUT US SPE NIGERIA COUNCIL FACT SHEET 2013–2014 Chairman Mr. Bernard Oboarekpe Shell Petroleum Development Company 2012-2013 Chairman Mr. Osayande Igiehon Shell Petroleum Development Company 2011-2012 Chairman Sir Ikechukwu G. Okafor (KSC) Nigerian Petroleum Development Company History Started in March 26, 1973 as a Lagos Section. Port Harcourt and Warri Sections were both established on December 15, 1987 while Benin and Abuja Sections were formed on June 18, 1990 and February 27, 2011 respectively. The Nigeria Council as an umbrella body of all SPE Sections in Nigeria was established in 1987 and approved by the SPE International (SPE-I) Governing Board on October 1, 1988. Membership More than 2,567 paid members in five (5) Sections namely Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, Benin and Abuja and 29 University Student Chapters. Conferences SPE Nigeria organizes four (4) flagship events annually which include the Nigeria and Exhibitions Annual International Conference & Exhibitions (NAICE), the Student Technical Conference & Exhibitions (STCE), the Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum (OLEF) and the Young Professionals Conference. Other Programs Monthly Technical Meetings, Ambassadorial Lecture Programs, Distinguish Lecture Series, Catch Them Young (CTY) Program, Energy4me programs, Dr.Olumide Philips Scholarship Program, Continuing Education Short Courses. Governing Body Nigeria Council: Comprises 18 members made up of 8 officers and 2 members from each of the 5 SPE Sections in Nigeria. The Nigeria Council is headed by a Chairman. Advisory Body Board of Trustees: Headed by Engr. Alex Neyin as Chairman. SPE BOT is comprised of 7 functional members and all past Council Chairpersons and some senior members as ordinary members. Current SPE Council Chairman serves as BOT Secretary. Business Unit SPE E&P Ltd: SPE E&P Ltd is the business unit subsidiary of SPE Nigeria Council, registered in Nigeria with RC No. 1025629 to handle other profit oriented income generating activities of the Council. SPE E&P Ltd is wholly-owned by SPE Nigeria Council with an authorized share capital of One Million ordinary shares of One Naira (N1.00) nominal value. NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 DIGEST 13


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ACTIVITIES HIGHLIGHTS MORE ON TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES IN FOCUS FOR SPE … obtained in donation, software licenses worth $2,159,644 The wave of warm embrace from major National Oil Service Companies (NSCs) and International Oil Companies (IOCs) has greeted the 2013/2014 Council year. The Council went on courtesy visits to several companies in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Warri and Abuja sections. There were renewed promises of improved staff member participation in SPE activities and also in SPE major events such as the Nigeria Annual International Conference & Exhibition (NAICE), Oloibiri Lecture Series &Energy Forum (OLEF) and also in SPE Technical Meetings. All the five sections were kindled with technical activities at all levels. SPE section 103 has introduced an e-Library for technical events. The e-Library makes technical presentations always available and accessible via download to members. Several Distinguished Lectures were held with speakers from different parts of the world. Section 104 held four (4) Distinguished Lectures including one by Larry Eoff, on the Topic: Selective Waterreduction systems: Where have we been and Where are we going? Petroleum Expert (in association with Accrete Petroleum) provided 10 software licenses worth $2,159,644, to SPE UNIBEN Student Chapter for academic purposes. The software includes Fakete and IPM modeling software. A Visual Basic Programming training was also organized by SPE Section 103 YP with a record increase in members' participation.Council Chair during a Courtesy visit to AOS Orwell SPE Section 104 Warri organized a 2 days roadshow with the involvement of Schlumberger's Drilling workshop at the PTI Rig Site. Council Chair during a Courtesy visit to AOS Orwell 14 DIGEST NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014


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SPENC Chairman leads a visit to AOS Orwell's workshop Courtesy visit to Total Warri Section visits Emval SPE donates to the physically challenged homes in Lagos PH Section Chair, Mr. George Agbogu during a courtesy visit NAICE 2014 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2014 DIGEST 15



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