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DIGEST NIGERIAN COUNCIL NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015 SPE Energy Centre to provide ULTRAMODERN R&D FACILITIES The long anticipated construction of SPE Energy Centre has kick started in this council year. The land located within University of Port Harcourt was donated to SPE in Nigeria by the university in the year 2007. HIGHLIGHTS A special focus on fallen oil prices! Way out for Nigeria at OLEF2015 Special Sessions Highlights at NAICE 2015 SPE Port Harcourt Section trains over 100 Primary school teachers and 60 Secondary schools ....committed to doing more through Energy4Me The SPE Energy Centre with its super elegant design, energy4me centre, ultra modern Petroleum Museum, a digital repository of Oil and Gas industry past , present and future is poised to stand as a re-affirmation of the mission and…... Contd. on page ...23 SPE To Partner with PTI Warri in Training Engineers SPE is planning to expand its professional development by partnering with Petroleum Training Institute Warri (PTI) in training Petroleum Engineers using the advanced technology drilling simulation facilities located within the institute. These trainings are expected to provide hands on to young professions and engineering graduates within the oil and gas industry disciplines. Contd. on page ...18 SPE Social Diary Media Partners


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PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP STATISTICS S/N Section 1 Benin 2 Lagos 3 Port Harcourt 4 Warri 5 Abuja TOTAL 2015 1249 1290 293 81 2913 Year 2014 151 1224 811 316 123 2625 Year 2013 173 1008 786 334 84 2385 3000 2500 2913 2625 2385 2000 1500 1000 1249 1224 1290 1008 811 786 500 151 173 293 316 334 81 123 84 0 Benin Lagos Port Harcourt Warri Abuja TOTAL 2015 2014 2013 02 DIGEST NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015


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Editorial CONTENT EDITORIAL BOARD Society of Petroleum Engineers Nigeria Council, the organisers of NAICE is proud to welcome you to the special 39th NAICE edition of SPE DIGEST. SPE Digest brings you "at a glance" the many proud moments, achievements and contributions to the industry, all of which are of public benefit, by SPE Sections, Chapters and the Nigeria Council since the last NAICE and important highlights of key activities of NAICE 2015. NAICE profile is on a steady growth projectile - increasing exhibitors spaces, increasing number of new exhibitors, growing number of attendees, significant increase in number and qualities of peerreviewed technical papers presented, innovations driven by technology, increasing international interest and more... A special focus of this edition is the SPE Energy Centre to be situated in UNIPORT beside Emerald Energy Institute & Centre for Oil and Gas Refining and Petrochemicals, IPS-UNIPORT, an area emerging as the oil and gas and energy research hub of the nation. The SPE Energy Centre with its super elegant design, energy4me centre, ultra modern Petroleum Museum, a digital repository of oil and gas industry past, present and future is poised to stand as a reaffirmation of the mission and purpose of SPE and will be serving in decades to come the needs of our Oil and Gas industry stakeholders by providing an environment that embodies the history and essence of oil and gas and energy development in Nigeria and globally. We hope you will share our sense of achievements on just how much your SPE is contributing to public benefit by enhancing technical competencies for the oil and gas industry and sharing technology and information that is helping to advance our industry. Eka abo! Welcome to Lagos and welcome to the 39th NAICE! Thank You. Chima Emelle Dr. Vitus Ibe Council Secretary Debo Fagbami Publicity Secretary Innocent Ohimor 04 DIGEST NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015


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CHAIRMAN’S SPEECH SPEECH from the desk of the CHAIRMAN The Society of Petroleum Engineers SPE in Nigeria has maintained its lead in providing rallying point for professionals and captains of industry within the Oil & Gas , both locally and globally. The SPE Nigeria Council in keeping its focus on professionalism chose the overarching theme for the 2015 year to be: Building Blocks For Long-Term Sustainability. The main focus of NAICE2015 is on Sustainability, Infrastructure and Framework in emerging economy for their natural gas development and exploitation. EMEKA ENE Other events and activities marked the 2014-2015 SPE Nigeria Council year. One of them was the Oloibiri Lecture Series & Energy Forum OLEF2015. The workshop discussed a very pertinent issue relating to pressing oil price fall. The Topic: Global Oil Price Dynamics: Impact and Strategic Solution for Nigeria was thoroughly discussed. OLEF2015 provided a forum where captains of industries proffered solutions to the downward trends of global oil price in Nigeria. Several courtesy visits to industries and government agencies were met with warm embrace with more promising interest in SPE future events and activities. One of such kind gestures was the collaboration with Petroleum Training Institute Effurun in organizing drilling simulation training for engineers. On behalf of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Nigeria Council, I would like to say thank you to all our sponsors, exhibitors, members and delegates at this year's NAICE. SPE remains committed to serving you better and we invite you to join us in that journey. Thank You. Emeka Ene Chairman, SPE Nigeria Council. NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015 DIGEST 05


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SPE NAICE 2015 AT A GLANCE NAICE2015 >> DAYS EVENT VENUE TIME Saturday, 01 August 2-Days Continuing Education Courses (Day 1): Eko Signature Rooms 0800 - 1700 Sunday, 02 August Monday, 03 August 2-Days Continuing Education Courses (Day 2): Eko Signature Rooms SPE Nigeria Sections Officers Workshop Apa Suite SPE Nigeria Student Chapters Contest Abora Suite Students Interactive Session: Q&A Session by SPEI Rep Abora Suite PetroBOWL Setup Abora Suite PetroBOWL Contest (Top 2 teams at the STCE2015) Abora Suite YP Workshop Abora Suite BoT Members Reception/NAICE Welcome Cocktail Pool Side 0800 - 1700 0800 - 1200 0800 - 1000 1000 - 1030 1030 - 1100 1100 - 1145 1300 – 1800 1800 - 1930 Tuesday, 04 August Wednesday, 05 August YP Dinner & Awards Family Program & Tours (Lunch is provided for participants) Dance Drama Conference Opening Ceremony & VIP tour of Exhibition Exhibition Tour Marginal Field Workshop 2014 AGM & AGM Cocktail Senior SPE Members & Section Officers Re Union Breakfast Session Family Program & Tours Exhibition Tour Technical Sessions Track 1 (AM): TS1-TS6 Official opening of ePoster Session e-Poster Session Panel Session 1 Africa Region Director’s /VIP Day 2 Lunch Exhibition Tour Women Development Program Technical Sessions Track 2 (PM): TS 7-TS12 e-Poster Session NSE Petroleum & Natural Gas Division Meeting Oil Industry Dinner & Awards Students Gala Night Family Program & Tours Abora/Mazonia Suite Departure point: Eko Reception Grand Ballroom Grand Ballroom Iris, Jasmine, Zinnia, Lantana Grand Ballroom Mazonia Suite Orchid Hall FoodOfSun Iris, Jasmine, Zinnia, Lantana Eko Signature Rooms Eko Signature- Foyer Eko Signature– Foyer Grand Ballroom 1415 Restaurant Iris, Jasmine, Zinnia, Lantana Abora, Apa, Mazonia Suites Eko Signature Rooms Eko Signature– Foyer Africa Room, Eko Signature, Eko Hotel & Suites Grand Ballroom Ballroom, Dover Hotel, Lekki FoodOfSun, Eko Hotel Tour of Exhibition 1930 – 2130 0800 – 1700 0830 – 0900 0900 - 1200 1300 - 1700 1330 – 1630 1730 - 2100 0700 – 0800 0800 – 1700 0800 – 1200 0830 – 1000 0930 – 1000 1000 – 1200 1000 – 1200 1200 – 1300 1300 – 1700 1330 – 1630 1400 – 1600 1400 – 1600 1700 – 1800 1830 –2130 1830 – 2130 0800 – 1700 06 DIGEST NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015


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Thursday, 06 August Technical Sessions Track 3 (AM): TS 13 - TS18 e - Poster Session Panel Session 2 Exhibition- Raffle Prizes Award Dismantling of Exhibits SPE Faculty Task Force– Stakeholders Engagement Workshop Technical Sessions Track 4 (PM): TS 19-TS24 e-Poster Session SPE Annual Banquet & Awards Eko Signature Rooms Eko Signature– Foyer Abora, Apa, Mazonia Suites Zinnia Hall Mezzanine Iris, Jasmine, Zinnia, Lantana Grand Ballroom Eko Signature Rooms Eko Signature– Foyer Lantana & Orchid Hall 0830 – 1000 0830 – 1000 1000 – 1200 1230 – 1300 1300 – 1500 1330 – 1530 1400 – 1600 1400 – 1600 1830 – 2130 NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015 DIGEST 07


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SPE NIGERIA FACT SHEET Sections: Lagos ~ Port Harcourt ~ Warri ~ Benin ~ Abuja 2015 Chairman 2016 Chairman 2014 Chairman Mr. Emeka C. Ene, Managing Director/CEO, Oildata Wireline Services Limited Engr. Victor Briggs, Managing Director, Integrated Data Services Limited (IDSL) Mr. Bernard Oboarekpe, Well Engineering Manager, Shell Petroleum Development Company Started in March 26, 1973 as Lagos Section. Port Harcourt and Warri Sections were both established on December 15, 1987 while Benin and Abuja Sections were formed on June 18, 1990 and February 27, 2011 respectively. The SPE Nigeria Council as an umbrella body of all SPE Sections in Nigeria was established in 1987 and approved by the SPE International (SPE- I) Governing Board on October 1, 1988. The SPE Nigeria Council comprising the Sections is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC #1332 as an Incorporated Trustee under the name Society of Petroleum Engineers Nigeria Membership Flagship Events More than 3,613 paid members in 5 Sections namely Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, Benin and Abuja and 31 University Student Chapters as at April, 2014. SPE Nigeria Council is the organizer of the following annual events: 1. SPE Nigeria Annual International Conference & Exhibitions (NAICE), 2. SPE Student Technical Conference & Exhibitions (STCE), 3. SPE Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum (OLEF) 4. SPE Young Professionals Conference (YPC) 5. SPE Catch Them Young Essay & Quiz Competition (CTY) 6. SPE Olumide Phillips Scholarship Exams (OPSP) 7. SPE NAICE Continuing Education Short Courses 8. Committee of Heads of Petroleum Engineering Departments’ (CHPED) Meeting Other Programs (Sections hosted) Governing Body Advisory Body Business Unit Monthly Technical Meetings, Ambassadorial Lecture Programs, Distinguish Lecture Series, Energy4me Programs, Annual Workshops, YP Section Activities, Etc. Nigeria Council: Comprises 18 members made up of 8 officers and 10 members nominated from each of the 5 SPE Sections in Nigeria. The Nigeria Council is headed by a Council Chairman. Board of Trustees: Headed by Engr. Alex Neyin as Chairman. SPENC BOT is comprised of 7 functional trustees as the administrative board and other members of trustees - ordinary members. Admittance: All past Council Chairpersons and appointed senior members from each of the five sections are members of Trustees. Current SPE Nigeria Council Chai rman serves as secretary to the SPENC BoT. SPE E&P Ltd: SPE E&P Ltd is a wholly own subsidiary of SPE Nigeria Council. It is registered in Nigeria with RC No. 1025629 as a limited liability company. The share holders of SPE E&P Ltd are als o the directors at incorporation and collectively holds the issued share capital of N330,000. 00 in trust for SPE Nigeria Council. The authorized share capital is One Million ordinary shares of One Naira (N1.00) issued at its nominal value. NIGERIA COUNCIL Secretariat #4 Moscow Road, P.O.Box 4668, Port Harcourt +234 (84) 775 941, +234 803 3558 8953 Email: spenigeria@spemail.org connect.spe.org/spenc/ www.spenigeriacouncil.org Social Media : @ SPE_NIGERIA www.facebook.com/spe.nigeria SPE NIGERIA COUNCIL Lagos House 2nd Floor, Block 109, Plot 8, Henry Ojogho Crescent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos SPE Nigeria Council PH House House 3&4, Road 21Trans Amadi Gardens Port Harcourt LAGOS SECTION (61) Secretariat SPE Nigeria Council Lagos House Ground Floor, Block 109, Plot 8, Henry Ojogho Crescent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Phone/Fax: +234 1 320 4137, Cell: +234 802 318 3767 Email: spelagos@hyperia.com spelagos@gmail.com hconnect.spe.org/Lagos PORT HARCOURT SECTION (103) Secretariat #4 Moscow Road, Port Harcourt Tel: +234 84 231 138, +234803 668 6870 Email: spephc@gmail.org connect.spe.org/Phc WARRI SECTION (104) Secretariat IFESH Hall A, Conference Centre Complex Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State Tel: +234 803 866 6119 Email: spewarri@yahoo.com connect.spe.org/Warri ABUJA SECTION (199) Secretariat SuiteB24D, Platinum Mega Mall Behind Next Shopping Mall Mabushi, Abuja Phone: +234 803 3271625 Email: abuja@spemail.org connect.spe.org/Abuja BENIN SECTION (116) Secretariat C/o Nosa Aisien NPDC 62-64, Sapele Road Benin City, Edo State Email: spebenin@spemail.org connect.spe.org/Benin 08 DIGEST NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015


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OLOIBIRI LECTURE SERIES & ENERGY FORUM Some distinguished guest stand in photo session with SPENC Chair, Mr Emeka Ene Oloibiri lecture Series and Energy Forum of SPE Nigeria Council has emerged to be one of the flagship events in the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria which brings both policy makers and industry leaders together. The 2015 edition of SPE Annual Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum reflected on the current situation of the global oil and gas industry and the Nigeria unique scenario. The theme was: Global Oil Price Dynamics: Impact and Strategic Solution for Nigeria. Several dignitaries were present including the GMD NNPC Dr. Joseph Thlama Dawha represented by Group Coordinator Corporate Strategy & Planning NNPC in the person of Dr. Timothy Okon and some members of the 8th Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The OLEF communiqué is found on page 11 A cross section of high profile captains of industries and policy makers NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015 DIGEST 09


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MD Total E&P Mrs Elizabeth Proust (right) Mr. Emeka Ene (left) and Dr. Timothy Okon of NNPC Mr Cletus Egbuzie during OLEF2015 Mr Emeka Ene and cross-section of dignitaries at OLEF2015 10 DIGEST Engr. Anthony Abolarin, Mr. Cletus Egbuzie and Engr. Alek Musa during panel discussions at OLEF 2015 NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015


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AISNTDHMUSATRY NEWS Courtesy VISITS l VISIT TO IDSL MD IDSL, Engineer Victor briggs (left) receives Mr. Emeka Ene, Chairman SPENC (left) during a courtesy visit to their Benin Office Several courtesy visits took place this year and among which was to Energia . Key highlights is the Energia partnership with communities which was applauded by members. This special section is to highlight Energia's contributions to communities. Also featured are visit to the Senate President of the 7th Assembly, Senator David Mark, visit to Senate President of 8th Assembly, Senator Bukola Saraki, visit GMD NNPC, GED Gas and Power, NNPC and many more. 12 DIGEST NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015


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ASSTPHEMNAC VISITS SPENC Treasure, Mr. Okwuoma Nnajiofor and other members during visit to Energia Mr. Cosmas Iwueze and the MD of Chevron during a visit to Chevron. 14 DIGEST NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015


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AESNTHEMRAGIA LIMITED Partnership with Our Communities OUR SOCIAL INVESTMENT (Report 2009- 2015) Energia Limited is the Joint Venture Operator of the Ebendo/Obodeti Marginal Field (exObodugwa/Obodeti Marginal eld) located in Ebendo near Kwale, Ndokwa West LGA, Delta State in partnership with Oando Production and Development Company (OPDC) in a 55%/45% working interest in favour of Energia Limited. The company is a wholly owned Indigenous Exploration & Production (E&P) company with strong association with leading Oil and Gas service and technology providers in the country. It was therefore set up to promote the Local Content vision and drive in Nigeria in the immediate and near future. effort, which was first of its kind in the country was done without any safety incident despite the very compacted built up environment with Kwale. We generated the needed cash that bolstered our drive to secure a drilling rig for the development drilling. We also constructed our 8.5 km, 6 inch export line from Ebendo field to Umusadege Injection Hub operated by another marginal field, Midwestern Oil and Gas, for export to Agip's Brass Terminal. In collaboration with the indigenous service and technology associates, Energia as Operators brought in Ebendo eld to rst oil production in 2009 with an initial production capacity of 1800bopd from one (1) Well. Presently, Energia has developed the Ebendo/Obodeti fields to its present production capacity of 9000 bopd with the successful drilling and completion of four (4) new Wells. Plan is to fully develop the asset to achieve some 15,000 bopd by 2016/2017 Provision of pipe-borne water One remarkable feat achieved by Energia was to secure DPR permit to truck its crude oil for about 8 months to be able to raise needed cash for further field development projects. This NAICE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION AUGUST 2015 DIGEST 15



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