Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC - Annual Report 2016-17


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HCD Annual Report 2017-17

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Initial social enterprise recipients of HCD’s Social Enterprise Mark ANNUAL REPORT 2016/17


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A MESSAGE FROM DOMINIC ELLISON OUTGOING CEO RESIGNED ON 31ST MARCH 2017 I am so delighted by the ongoing growth and success of Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC. Nothing in my professional life has made me so proud as all that was achieved by the great team at HCD whilst I had the honour of leading it. HCD fights on the front line for Hackney’s communities in an environment of rapid regeneration, which provides both tremendous opportunities for local people and significant challenges. HCD’s role has been to ensure that the benefits of regeneration are not limited to a small proportion of Hackney or just to the incoming population, but that they provide resilience to all vibrant diverse communities within the borough. Key ways in which HCD has delivered on this aim in the past few years have been in its innovative approach to developing new affordable workspaces, growing both the new and existing local economy, supporting new and established businesses and stimulating employment growth. Much of this is only achievable due to the strong and vital partnerships that HCD has nurtured over years of positive collaboration with London Borough of Hackney, the Greater London Authority (GLA), our various partners such as London & Chelsea, our tenants, members and so many of the people of Hackney. Another vital contribution HCD makes to the resilience of local communities is its concentration on growing the local social economy. I am very proud of all that has been achieved by HCD’s social enterprise development team in recent years. Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney has been a beacon of social enterprise development, which is being replicated by others who want to see the same positive impact in their communities. Our model has received prominent validation, such as in HCD being contracted by the British Council to support similar development in Vietnam, and much overseas interest from as far as South Korea shows that HCD’s approach to providing growth to community businesses is widely applicable. More crucially, local validation of this work has been shown through the popular support for the development of the Hackney Social Enterprise Mark, through which the local social enterprise movement, local consumers and Hackney Council have stood together to protect and promote the social enterprise model in Hackney. I was delighted by the selection of my successor, Edward Quigley, when I had to sadly depart HCD to begin a new chapter of my family’s journey in the transition town of Frome in Somerset. I know that Edward has the drive to carry through the many complex property developments which are ongoing for HCD and he will be a successful custodian of the partnerships required to see these through. I also know that he has been welcomingly embraced by the amazing team he has inherited. I was proud of all of the team at HCD when they achieved Social Enterprise Place status for Hackney in late 2017 – real recognition of the strength of the local sector, the passionate local support for the movement and the ongoing leadership which HCD provides in this field. I miss each and every one of my HCD colleagues, both the staff team and General Council, who commit such love and professionalism to Hackney, and I look forward to the growth in the social value that HCD creates in many years to come. 2


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EDWARD QUIGLEY INCOMING CEO APPOINTED ON 1ST AUGUST 2017 These first six months at HCD have flown past and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know HCD, our various areas of work in Hackney, my colleagues, the General Council, our tenants, clients, partners and stakeholders, including the diverse community at Gillett Square. One of my priorities upon joining the organisation was to meet with as many individuals and groups as possible, so that I could understand what HCD means to those we impact and identify where we can strengthen, both internally and externally. Regular sessions at Gillett Square have proved invaluable in getting to know the community there, discussing the diversity and issues within the square, how HCD can work with the community and other stakeholders to ensure that the square appeals to the whole community and that there is support available for those who need it. I have also discussed with many our proposed works to our building at Bradbury Street, and it has been hugely positive to listen to concerns and allay many fears that can arise when change is proposed. Similarly, it has been good to meet with tenants at Bradbury Street to discuss our proposed works and how we can make the process as smooth as possible. Much of my time has been focused on working with the GLA, partners, colleagues, tenants and the community at Gillett Square on the “Dalston Works” project. We have negotiated terms with Hackney Council to acquire offices in the north of the borough and we have also been developing our plans for the much-needed redevelopment of our building in Bradbury Street.The process has been thorough and full of challenges, but I have been greatly encouraged by the responses I have received from the various stakeholders who understand that we have a building in dire need of refurbishment and a unique opportunity with GLA funding to benefit our current tenants and provide additional affordable workspace. The dedicated team of staff who have been so welcoming to me also warrant recognition for their professionalism and commitment during a year of transition, which is often particularly demanding in organisations of our size. From our internal administrative function through to our property management of HCD sites, event management at Gillett Square, comprehensive social enterprise support and training provision for Hackney residents, the team have collectively pulled together during a challenging time of change. I want to specifically thank our Deputy CEO/Chief Financial Officer, Anthonia Onigbode, for ably managing the organisation between Dominic’s departure and my arrival, and also for being a source of support as I settle into the role. My thanks to Dominic for his leadership of the organisation prior to my arrival. Many of the key achievements at HCD during Dominic’s time as CEO resonated with me as I met with staff and members of the General Council during the recruitment process.These include the development of our support programme for social enterprises in Hackney (supported by UBS), the rich mix of community-led and cultural animation of Gillett Square in 201617 (and over many years) and more recently, an innovative joint-venture that has seen the redevelopment of our property at Downham Road, enabling us to continue provision of affordable workspace whilst benefitting from income generation through the sale of residential properties, supporting our core activities. During my meetings with local stakeholders, it is clear how highly regarded HCD is by many in Hackney. I am very excited at what the future holds for HCD and see great potential for us to grow in our current areas of work, as well as look at new and complimentary areas that benefit the Dalston and Hackney community, our tenants and clients. As I settle into my post over the coming months, I look forward to working with colleagues to develop a robust strategy for HCD, building on the work that has gone before and ensuring that we continue to make a positive impact to those who live and work in Hackney. 3


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ROD CAMPBELL-TAYLOR CHAIR – HCD GENERAL COUNCIL 4 Reading our annual report is a great reminder of what HCD has achieved in the recent past. In this case our pioneering work in the social enterprise sector, both locally and nationally (and even internationally), our enriching collaborations with valued partners, our inspiring programme of events in Gillett Square and our skills and employment training. On behalf of the General Council I pay tribute to the drive and vision of our previous CEO. Dominic Ellison achieved a huge amount as CEO of HCD. In the field of social enterprise alone, HCD won the award for Best Overall Contribution to the Borough, was named as Hackney’s Flagship Fairtrade Employer and set up the Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney Programme. On a personal level, Dominic became a passionate advocate of social enterprise and even started his own housing cooperative in South London. By way of farewell, I would also like to take this opportunity, again on behalf of the General Council, to thank Brian Millington and Clarissa Carlyon for their respective and invaluable contributions to HCD. Edward’s recruitment also provides an interesting illustration of how HCD ‘walks the talk’ in terms of its willingness to embrace internal democracy and innovation when it was decided that the second stage interview would involve the two short-listed candidates spending time with HCD staff working on a case study scenario and that the staff would then make their recommendation. Notwithstanding the challenges that lie ahead I am very confident that HCD is better placed than ever to deliver on its community and social objectives in a way that is distinctive, open, flexible and listens to all voices, not just the loudest. As ever, what our latest annual report continues to demonstrate - on practically every page - is the collaborative nature of our mission. How in 2018, co-operation, mutual support and reciprocity continue to play an absolutely vital role in a bottom-up, people-first, local economic model. In 2017 we recruited our new CEO, Edward Quigley. Edward, as anyone who has any involvement with HCD will know, has already firmly stamped his own imprint on the organisation, both in providing energetic continuity and through the gradual introduction of new ideas and strategies.


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SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SUPPORT Since the beginning of 2013, HCD has expanded its social enterprise development activity through the Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney (PSEH) programme, supported by UBS Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs Team.This support has enabled HCD to grow our professional business advice capacity, delivering training and advice to over 177 client groups, developing a strong local support infrastructure and fostering global recognition for Hackney. The support from UBS enabled HCD to establish a new Social Enterprise Development Manager post in 2014. By mid-2018, it will have enabled us to add a part-time technical support officer and a short-term full-time social enterprise adviser. We expect current partner negotiations to result in both these posts becoming full-time and permanent by April 2019. OUR CLIENT OFFER We provide up to five days of bespoke professional business support to social enterprises with a strong connection to Hackney. Our support is made up of a blend of business advice, training, mentoring, business plan coaching and other support, based on an assessment of each client’s business-support needs. Clients also benefit from regular voluntary support from UBS staff through business mentoring or problem-solving sessions, raising the programme’s capacity. RESULTS During the past four years, we have helped local groups and organisations set up 45 new co-operatives and social enterprises; and assisted a further 60 social enterprises to tackle issues of growth or market decline. A further 72 social enterprises have benefited from opportunities to network or to promote themselves at events. PSEH CLIENT – JOIN THE DOTS THEATRE COMPANY “Join the Dots theatre company creates shared experiences that inspire and empower young people to explore, develop and connect. Using drama, we aim to ignite imaginations and open minds, enhance levels of literacy and oracy and give young people the skills to unite, create, and communicate. We received invaluable support from Brian Millington at HCD. Together we were able to create a business canvas starting to look at what might be a realistic model to make a business sustainable. We have received information on how to register ourselves as a company and the benefits of CIC registration. We have also been invited to a number of networking events which we have found very useful both in making contacts and building confidence in our skills. Brian was professional, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. He took the time to really listen and get to know us and our enterprise in order to give the most relevant and personalised advice.” 5


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UBS SUPPORTS HCD AND HACKNEY SOCIAL ENTERPRISES For over 30 years, UBS has worked to overcome disadvantage in the London Borough of Hackney, focusing primarily on education and social entrepreneurship. Despite rapid growth, Hackney remains one of the most deprived and polarised areas in the UK and as such remains the long-term geographical focus area for UBS’s Community Affairs programme. Furthermore, UBS has recognised that their own company’s success depends on the health and prosperity of their local communities. 6 Since 2013, UBS has supported HCD’s Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney programme as a preeminent way in which to achieve maximum impact, focusing at a local level with a long-term view. HCD’s social enterprise programme, and the launch of the “Hackney Social Enterprise Mark”, a quality mark for Hackney-based social enterprises, have helped 104 organisations to start-up, grow or turnaround, creating jobs and generating profits that are reinvested locally. UBS employees are at the heart of programme delivery, and since 2013, over 100 volunteers have supported the social entrepreneurs. In 2017, UBS was proud to be part of the successful application for Hackney to be officially recognised as a Social Enterprise Borough.This achievement is testament to the collaborative work between the partners involved in the Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership and to the positive impact that social entrepreneurs are making across Hackney. Nick Wright, Managing Director, Global /EMEA Community Affairs, UBS


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HACKNEY SOCIAL ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP The Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership, formed in 2017, brings together key stakeholders involved in the social enterprise sector locally: Bootstrap Company, HCD, Hackney CVS, Hackney Council, Hackney Roots, Shoreditch Trust, UBS, UnLtd and Urban MBA. This group will pursue a three-year action plan to grow Hackney’s social enterprise sector. HACKNEY SOCIAL ENTERPRISE MARK Launched at an event hosted by UBS in November 2016 by Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney,The Hackney Social Enterprise Mark is a local symbol created by HCD and awarded to robust sustainable social enterprises demonstrating significant involvement in or commitment to the London Borough of Hackney.To receive and retain the mark, applicant social enterprises must also maintain clear primary social aims, invest surpluses back into the business or the community, use a robust marketfocused business model and practice good governance. HACKNEY SOCIAL ENTERPRISE MANIFESTO HCD has also led the production of a Social Enterprise Manifesto for Hackney – a document produced collaboratively by the sector which proposes measures the Council could take to make it easier for social enterprises to develop, grow and deliver impact within the borough.The Social Enterprise Manifesto for Hackney will be developed in partnership with social enterprises and Hackney Council over 2017 and 2018. 7


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LOOKING AHEAD PAVING THE WAY FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT IN HACKNEY 8 HACKNEY: A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE PLACE In Autumn 2017, HCD was proud to lead a successful partnership application for the London Borough of Hackney to be recognised as a “Social Enterprise Place”.The award was presented by Peter Holbrook, CEO of Social Enterprise UK to Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney at the Social Enterprise in the City conference in November 2017. “Social Enterprise Places” are supported by Social Enterprise UK to engage local councils, businesses, charities, consumers and budding social entrepreneurs - bringing them together to grow their social enterprise communities. “This is a fantastic opportunity for Hackney to celebrate and further develop social enterprise in the borough. Shoreditch Trust is proud to be a delivery partner and we are looking forward to collaborating with residents and the social enterprise network to develop ways local people can engage with and benefit from this movement.” Hilary Clayton, Shoreditch Trust “This is recognition for the many years of hard work put in by social entrepreneurs throughout the borough.” Kofi Oppong of Urban MBA, a Hackney based social enterprise, HCD tenant and member of the partnership. “We’re delighted to announce that Hackney is now an accredited Social Enterprise Place.The award recognises the dedication and vision of the residents and partners of the Borough of Hackney in their commitment to cooperation and to building an economy of social enterprise.Throughout the country Social Enterprise Places are re-injecting life into local communities, creating opportunities, local wealth and changing lives for the better.” Peter Holbrook, CEO, Social Enterprise UK “I am proud of the Hackney Social Enterprise Partnership which put together this application; and am honoured on behalf of the whole borough that Hackney has been awarded Social Enterprise Place status. However, as a borough, we have set our ambition even higher to build on this excellent work and develop a thriving social enterprise ecosystem in Hackney. I recognise that together we shall need to work hard over the next three years to realise that ambition.” Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney


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Brian Millington, HCD Social Enterprise Development Manager, addressing attendees at the launch of the Hackney Social Enterprise Mark 9


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GILLETT SQUARE Gillett Square is a Hackney Council public space, tucked away behind Kingsland High Street and home to HCD’s community of tenants at Dalston Culture House and Dalston Works, our pod businesses that front onto the square, and a diverse community of users and visitors from near and far. For over 10 years, HCD has led on animating the space, working with a wide range of partners to deliver a mix of community-led and cultural activity. Our work in Gillett Square is coordinated by our Creative Producer, supported by a small, dedicated team comprising a Community Organiser, Play Co-ordinator, freelance event facilitators and numerous volunteers. 2016/17 once again saw a rich mix of events and activities take place at Gillett Square.The Community Organiser facilitated a Dalston Dropin every Friday lunchtime for 26 weeks, listening to 117 local people’s ideas and concerns, and encouraging them to join the Gillett Square Action Group. HCD set up the Gillett Square Action Group to encourage more local people to become actively involved in the programming of the square. The group holds regular open meetings and has supported partner organisations’ events in the square as well as initiating its own series of events: Gillett Live Music Saturdays. Gillett Live Music Saturdays were organised by a team of volunteers and enabled a wide range of local bands and performers to showcase their talents – including Abdoulaye Samb & Minnjiaraby, Ailm, Benny B-Sides Ft. Scratchylus & Empress Reggae, Explosive Nzakomba, Holly Holden y Su Banda, London House Cats Choir, Marcus Thunder & Oneplus Band,The Church of P-Funk, Zoe & Zara and house band Smiles Collective. In-between the live performances, the Star Soundsystem gave local ‘selecters’ the opportunity to show off their DJing skills. At the same time, play equipment including the pop-up playground, table-tennis and giant chess was provided to ensure the events were family-friendly and fun for all ages. 10 Volunteers also organised a Big Lunch and two successful Jamaican music events, one led by Jah Prophecies Sound, the other featuring Star Soundsystem and Jamaican kettle drummers. The 2016 programme of events with many partners was our largest ever. Highlights included Arcola Theatre’s giant puppet opera Bluebeard’s Castle, STORE’s architecture summer school and TV Dinner event, Dalston Children’s Festival, Hackney Carnival, Shakespeare in Shoreditch film screening, Open Source and Dalston Music Festivals, SkatePal Summer Jam, the Surface synthetic ice rink, JPF Start week-long art programme for schools in collaboration with the Saatchi Gallery and Jack Petchey Foundation, Hoola Schoola summer school and other hooping workshops by the world-record-holding Marawa’s Majorettes, a Save Passing Clouds protest rally and a Winter Warmer event featuring three local choirs: the Hackney Empire Community Choir, London House Cats Choir and Morris Folk Choir.”


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GILLETT SQUARE PEOPLE PROJECT SUPPORTED BY LONDON BOROUGH OF HACKNEY The Gillett Square People Project is a user-led, two-year project to make use of the outdoor public space in Gillett Square as a vibrant community hub for residents of all ages through user-led events and activities, building health, community cohesion and empowerment.This project was devised as a result of consultation with local people as a direct response to a lack of clean, accessible and userfriendly community spaces. Many young people in Hackney live in overcrowded flats with no outdoor spaces. Gillett Square provides one of the few free accessible outdoor play areas. Gillett Square is also a draw for local adults from all spheres, including those who suffer from profound physical or mental health problems, and those who engage in anti-social behaviour such as street drinking.The isolation and vulnerability felt by older locals is compounded by the behaviour of anti-social teens and adult street drinkers: as a result elders often stay indoors, with little opportunity to engage with neighbours and feel civic pride. Working with local volunteers and partner organisations, we developed and managed a programme of regular activities and a series of user-led events in Gillett Square.These were designed to promote cohesion and tolerance between the different user groups of the square, and inclusion of the most vulnerable, such as low-income families, adults engaging in antisocial behaviour in the square as a result of drink/drug problems, and isolated older people from Dalston’s estates and local sheltered housing. Volunteers have worked closely with staff to help manage and deliver a range of highly valued yearround activities, including thrice weekly Pop-up Playground sessions using our Snug’n’Play kit. In 2016/17 our Play Co-ordinator ran 125 such sessions.These provide opportunities to improve health and emotional wellbeing through safe and supervised outdoor play for families, allowing children to express their creativity, develop confidence and negotiation skills, and release pent-up energy. At the same time, the presence of children encourages other users of the square to regulate their behaviour – when children are playing, we observe a notable reduction in drinking, swearing and aggression from the adults in the square. Working with partners Universal Board Games (UBG), we also provided a series of free weekly Global Board Games sessions, which have proven effective in reducing isolation and developing social cohesion by encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to mix and share their knowledge about traditional games from different cultures.There were 40 UBG Games Days in 2016/17. 11


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HCD1’2s Keyo Yendii (centre), Pop-up Playground Coordinator and Anja Beinroth (far right), Community Organiser, with volunteers at Gillett Square


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GILLETT SQUARED PROJECT INDEPENDENT REVIEW HCD commissioned A5cend Ltd to carry out a comprehensive external evaluation of its Gillett Squared project in 2016. “Working with HCD to research and produce the Gillett Squared Report was a positive and fruitful research experience. We were able to work together utilising their strong connections with the community to ascertain how Gillett Square has had an impact locally, as well as how it could improve, develop and be further developed by the community into the future as an inclusive hub for all local people. The learning from the report will be useful for future grant fundraising as well as raising the profile of the community’s role in managing Gillett Square with support and facilitation from HCD and we hope it goes onto be useful in this capacity. We’d like to thank all the contributors and staff/volunteers at HCD that worked with us to develop such an illuminating piece of local research.” Gurpreet Sidhu, Director, A5cend Gillett Square hosts enjoyable, creative and skill-based activities (based on consultation survey responses, 2016): Families with young children Vulnerable adults/street drinkers Users aged 11-24 Users aged 50 and above All users 0 10 % Agree strongly 20 30 40 % Agree to some extent 50 60 70 80 % Disagree % Don't know 90 100 The Independent Review highlights many benefits of HCD’s animation of the square with positive activities and events for a diverse audience: • People identify that their engagement with Gillett Square helps them feel part of the community; • HCD’s programming of the square attracts a diverse audience and promotes tolerance and enjoyment of it as an inclusive space; • Volunteering to help deliver activities and events has the potential to build ownership of the space by diverse community members; • The self-organising skateboarding community attracts young people to the square and encourages them to get involved in the sport; • HCD initiated and facilitates constructive dialogue between skateboarders and the local council to reduce conflicts; • Intergenerational activities and events are particularly valued by older people, who want to be considered as valuable community members with knowledge and experience to share; • Many parents have reported children and young people as developing social skills and confidence through interacting with their families and other community members in Gillett Square; • Parents also observed improvements in children’s learning capacity and skills; • Many parents and children said that the sessions in Gillett Square gave them ideas for making and playing games at home together; • Super Dad Games Days increased the amount of quality interaction between fathers and children, and was particularly valued at weekends; • Children and young people and their parents with English as an additional language observed that Games Days enable them to practice and improve their English language skills; • Participating in board games at Gillett Square with diverse community members had a radical impact on some of the most vulnerable people across diverse cultural backgrounds, altering life courses for the better. ”Gillett Square retains many positive elements of ‘old Hackney’. It is one of the remaining places where people do not have to consume in order to feel at home.The fact that the vulnerable and disposed feel at home here is to be applauded.” Survey respondent, 2016 13


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AFFORDABLE WORKSPACE PROVISION HCD has been a community-focused workspace provider for over 35 years, providing a range of retail, office, workshop and studio spaces available on favourable terms and at affordable rents. Reasonably priced short-term lets and meeting facilities are also available across our portfolio of sites. We continue to attract strong interest in our spaces and low levels of voids across all our sites, whist being able to offer cost-effective premises options to start-ups, micro and growing Hackney businesses, charities and social enterprises. Bar, Restaurant, Cafe or Food Outlet - 20% Retail - 12% Office Unit - 40% Workshop, Office, Studio Units - 25% Meeting Facilities - 3% 14 Dalston Lane Comprises two retail units totalling 1,475 square feet. Fully let. Beechwood Road Comprises a number of self-contained offices (totalling 3,137 square feet, fully let) and a meeting room, which caters for 20 people. This is also where HCD’s main office is based. Bradbury Street Our largest concentration of workspace, comprising a mix of retail (Bradbury Street and Gillett Square ‘pods’), offices and studios totalling over 10,000 square feet (over 90% let). Dalston Culture House Ground floor bar/café, Jazz Club and studio units make up this award-winning building, totalling 5,853 square feet, fully let. Kingsland High Street Originally a Victorian townhouse, the premises now comprise ground floor retail with office/ studios above and to rear, totalling 4,184 square feet. Site is fully let. Textile Building Originally a factory run by Burberry, HCD has three self-contained units totalling 5,000 square feet, acquired and managed in collaboration with the London Borough of Hackney as an affordable workspace provider. Fully let. The property team would like to thank the following who have assisted with the management of HCD properties: Nigel Ellis - Consolidated Security Alan Oakes - Fowler Alarms Ismail Wright - Castlewright Contractors Jerry Abankwah - Poolfresh Cleaning Services Ricky Owen - Ductwork Services Ltd Rob O’Neill - GK Locksmiths Ken Daly - Daly Drainage Habib Saeed - HSB4U Ltd Aftab Ahmed - Four Seasons Andy Hockey - Electrician


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PROPERTY REDEVELOPMENT AND ACQUISITION Downham Road – redevelopment of our site at Downham Road has progressed through 2016/17 thanks to our partnership with London & Chelsea to form HCD London; a special purpose vehicle to develop the site to provide six new residential units and over 3,300 of new, affordable workspace (increasing workspace provision at the site). Completion of redevelopment of the site is scheduled for March/April 2018. Woodberry Down – HCD has agreed terms to take a new lease of first floor offices totalling approximately 8,000 square feet. We will provide a mix of affordable self-contained offices and co-working space, along with training and business support for tenants and local residents. This will see HCD providing workspace in the north of the borough for the first time, and will be the first time that we will provide coworking facilities to meet with evolving work requirements. HCD has worked with Gresford Architects on both the Downham Road redevelopment, and fit-out of offices at Woodberry Down. Gresford Architects are also tenants of HCD, based as Bradbury Street. Dalston Works - HCD has secured funding from the GLA to undertake much needed works to our building at Bradbury Street. Initial plans proposed a scheme that would deliver much needed improvements to the existing workspace provision (including the Gillett Square ‘pods’), enabling our current tenants to benefit from improved workspace, shared spaces, energy efficiency and security within the building. The proposed scheme would also see the creation of new third-floor workspace, thereby increasing the provision of affordable workspace in Hackney. Planning will be sought for final scheme proposals in February 2018. “HCD performs a vital role in the retention and provision of affordable workspace in Hackney, and seeking to develop their buildings to meet the evolving needs of tenants and users.The breadth of their work outside of workspace is impressive for an organisation of their size, and we look forward to being part of their ongoing success” GLA Regeneration 15



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