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Contact Information: Director Danny R MacDonald, MS Ed Caribou Learning Center, 75 Bennett Drive, Caribou, Maine 04736 Phone: (207) 493-4272 Fax (207) 493-4277 Website: http://rsu39.maineadulted.org


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EASTERN AROOSTOOK ADULT & COMMUNITY EDUCATION STAFF Supt. of Schools: Adult Ed Director: Academic & Career Pathways Coordinator: Timothy Doak Dan MacDonald Lyn Smith College Transitions Coordinator Ian Connell Administrative Assistant: Karen Rockwell OFFICE LOCATION: Caribou Learning Center 75 Bennett Drive, Caribou, Maine 04736 Phone: (207) 493-4272 Fax (207) 493-4277 PROGRAM POLICIES * All books must be paid for when received. * Classes must be paid for upon registration. REFUND POLICY * Refund before the second class (minus $5.00 registration fee). * No Refunds after the second class. Students must inform the office before the second class in order to receive a refund. (Excluding Health Occupation Courses, Servsafe, Maine Guide, & Ed2Go)


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Distance Learning and Technology Labs Join us in our technology labs to prepare for high school completion, college transitions or career pathways with the option to study at home with frequent contact with your instructor through telephone, video or online communication. Speak with our Academic Coordinator to determine what classes and programs are the best fit. We offer the following two courses in a blended learning format year round. The Digital Edge Employers tell us that people with strong computer skills have an edge in the job market. Build your resume by improving your computer skills, learning keyboarding or developing proficiency with Microsoft Office programs. Explore careers in computer science, web technologies, audio/video production and computer programming, robotic and design. Requirements: none - you can start with the basics of using a computer and how to access the internet. Workplace Essential Skills Learners will identify and develop career skills, understand job applications, create a resume and learn to write cover letters as well as prepare for interviews and work. Employer needs shift with technology and industry changes. This course will help you set goals, identify your interests and provide a foundation for developing a career pathway. Work, Study and Play in our ICD EDGE Lab Education through Digital Gaming and Experimentation Our learners will be able to use up-to-date technology and programs for academics as well as have fun with project based assignments using our audio/visual equipment and editing software, drone technology, 3D printing capability and Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics. Go to center page for programs being offered


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If you, a friend or a loved one are in need of Basic Skills Instruction, or taking the HiSET exam, please call for an appointment! Classes offered at Caribou, Fort Fairfield & Limestone. Going back to school can be intimidating; there's just no way around it. Many people feel as if they can't compete at the same academic level as their younger classmates. They fret that they will have forgotten how to study; or that they are so far removed from the school environment and mindset, they will just not make the transition from the life they had before going back to school to the one that awaits them as adult students. The truth is, however, that there are any number of ways in which going back to school as an adult is not only less difficult than you might initially think, but also (believe it or not) even easier now than it would have been years ago. There are three benefits to going back to school as an adult: You have work experience, you already know how to budget your time and you're much more mature than you were in your late-teens. All three of these add up to one very important thing: You're more prepared for school now than you would have been in the past. Seriously. Educational Directories Unlimited “The bridge between students and educators” Unknown Adult Learner Adult High School Diploma If you are 18 years of age or older and have not yet earned your high school diploma, we can help you to become a high school graduate. We are committed to your success and will work with you every step of the way. We understand the unique needs and time constraints of working adults. Students under 18 must have permission from their high schools or districts to enroll in this program and must also meet with the ABE Coordinator and the Director of Adult Education for acceptance into the program. Learners who already have earned their GED or HiSET can still earn a diploma and may attend free of charge. Adult high school diploma classes are offered in Caribou and Fort Fairfield. Class rosters are limited to 12 learners. Additional instruction and individualized tutoring are available in our learning labs. Materials including books and instruction are provided. Classes typically run in two or three-hour blocks – a must for adult learners who often balance work, schooling and childcare.


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High School Equivalency Exam In January of 2014, the State of Maine replaced the GED with the HiSet high school equivalency program. The HiSET® exam covers the same content areas as the GED and allows test-takers to demonstrate proficiency of the academic skills expected by employers and postsecondary institutions. All learners seeking to take the HiSET exam must complete a 12 hour mandatory pre-test orientation that includes the pre-test, test taking skill development, career exploration, and goal setting. Learners qualify for the HiSET exam when all pre-test exam scores meet the requirements of the program. Learners with lower pre-test scores are encouraged to enter our test preparation program. HiSET orientation runs every two weeks at the Learning Center in Caribou. Call 493-4272 to set up your intake appointment. Academic Preparation labs are offered in Caribou, Limestone, Stockholm, and Fort Fairfield to prepare for the HiSET exam. All labs are self-paced and individualized featuring one to one and small group tutoring and web-based instruction. All materials including books and instruction are completely free. Labs typically run in three hour blocks with generous flexibility with attendance – a must for adult learners who need to balance work, schooling and child care. HiSET Math Lab - Learners build proficiency in the skills needed to pass the HiSET math test. Topics covered include mathematics test taking skills, HiSET calculator, data analysis, word problems, measurement, linear equations and ratio, proportion and percent. HiSET™ Writing Lab - Learners build the skills needed to pass the HiSET writing test. Topics covered build proficiency in grammar, writing effective sentences and paragraphs, and achieving excellence in the HiSET essay. HiSET™ Reading Lab - Learners build proficiency in the skills needed to pass the HiSET reading test. Learners analyze large blocks of fiction and non-fiction text, summarize, make inferences and draw conclusions to improve comprehension and answer multiple choice questions correctly. HiSET Social Studies Lab - Using online resources, small group and individual tutoring, learners build proficiency in the skills needed to pass the HiSET social studies test. Learners summarize, make inferences and draw conclusions to improve comprehension, recognize fact and opinion and recognize cause and effect in a historical context. http://hiset.ets.org/?WT.ac=hiset_index ETS, the ETS logo and HiSET are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and used under license.


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Academic Course Descriptions Reading and Composition I and II- (*min prerequisite EFL 4 reading) In this course learners gain an awareness of the importance of purpose, audience, and subject when approaching writing. Narrative strategies are explored. The course gives learners the opportunity to read and write in a variety of forms narrative, expository, creative, and argumentative. Learners gain mastery in the process of drafting, revising, editing, and polishing a piece of work. In developing sophisticated reading and writing skills, learners explore and describe how language works. They learn to observe and analyze the words, patterns, and structures that create subtle effects of language. They learn to synthesize material from diverse sources and to document formal MLA research papers. (HSD English credits) Public Speaking - Learn the skills of verbal communication. Whether you are making a toast or interviewing for a job, you'll know how to organize a talk and deliver it with confidence. By the end of the course, you should be able to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking. No formal speeches required, just a willingness to learn how to be professional and polished by planning what to say, rehearse in front of a mirror or video camera and presenting effectively. (HSD English credit) Essential Writing - In this course, learners develop practical writing skills to help them succeed in school and in the workplace. Students learn about sentence construction, spelling, paragraph development, punctuation, preparing for written tests, and writing effective paragraphs and essays. (HSD English credit) Speaking and Listening for English Language Learners - Discussion topics will include contextualized material providing general knowledge of life skills, safety in the workplace, consumer skills (paychecks, taxes, schedules) and current events as related to life skills and creative thinking. (HSD elective Credit) Gothic Literature - explores different conventions, themes, and elements of Gothic literature through the analysis of representative literary works. These tales have mystery, suspense and superstition using dark or scary physical and psychological settings. Learn about the Gothic period (1764-1840) and how it has influenced modern literature and movies. Learn the techniques of storytelling by writing and editing Gothic short stories and poems. (HSD English credit) *EFL—Educational Function Levels (1-6 )are established by CASAS testing in math and English for all learners entering HiSET preparation, adult high school diploma, and college preparation programs. Tutoring, ABE and self-paced developmental courses are available for learners who wish to improve their EFL to the point where they may meet the prerequisite EFL level.


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Academic Course Descriptions Biology Lab (*min prerequisite EFL 4 reading) Fall This course centers on the biosphere emphasizing investigation, analysis, and critical thinking of content through lab experience research. Lab activities will promote technical lab competence, utilize the scientific process of research and reporting, as well as teach and reinforce scientific concepts. (HSD Science Credit and/or College Transitions) Chemistry Lab (*min prerequisite EFL 4 reading) Spring Each unit in chemistry lab uses a central theme to teach a chemistry concept, thus providing learners with a cohesive and connected learning experience. This course emphasizes investigation, analysis, and critical thinking of content through lab experience. Lab activities will promote technical lab competence, utilize the scientific process of research and reporting, as well as teach and reinforce scientific concepts. (HSD Science Credit and/or College Transitions) General Science - This course will emphasize the development of basic scientific skills and concepts in environment, life science, chemistry and physics. In addition, scientific vocabulary and reading comprehension will be addressed to assist students in furthering their science education. (HSD Science Credit) STEM Science - This course focuses on inquiry into science, technology, engineering and math to develop skills for future careers. Concepts will be contextualized through gaming technology, visual presentations, reading comprehension of scientific articles and applying principles of research. (HSD Science Credit) Forensic Principles - Introduction to the scientific and mathematical tools used to process crime scenes and collect, preserve and analyze evidence. Explore the importance and limitations of forensic science and explore different career options in this field. Learn about forensic investigative methods used in accidents, arson, computer crimes, financial crimes, and forgeries. This blended class will require pre-class study to prepare for in-class hands-on activities. (HSC math or science) *EFL—Educational Function Levels (1-6 )are established by CASAS testing in math and English for all learners entering HiSET preparation, adult high school diploma, and college preparation programs. Tutoring, ABE and self-paced developmental courses are available for learners who wish to improve their EFL to the point where they may meet the prerequisite EFL level.


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Academic Course Descriptions Consumer Math - (*min prerequisite EFL 4 math) The focus of the course is to help consumers understand mathematics as it relates to their everyday lives. Problem solving strategies introduces students to the step-by-step approach to reinforce strategies to address realistic problems. Students will apply math skills to a series of consumer topics including renting apartments, finding miles per gallon and how math concepts are applied to careers in the 16 career clusters. Real-life projects will reinforce logical reasoning. (HSD math or Career Pathways credit) Foundational Math - Learners in this class develop proficiency with fractions, percent, word problems, and geometry. This is excellent class to take to refresh math skills in preparation for the HiSET exam or pre-algebra. (HSD Math Credit) Pre Algebra (*min prerequisite EFL 4 Math) - This course reinforces advanced computation including an emphasis on algebraic concepts. Learners study fractions, decimals, percent, positive and negative integers and rational numbers. They become more proficient in using ratios, proportions and solving algebraic equations Successful completion of this course prepares learners for success in Algebra for the ACCUPLACER . (HSD Math Credit) Science of Calculated Risk and Reward - (*min prerequisite EFL 4 math) This introductory course in the principles involved in creating and maintaining financial and strategic success in personal, business and management opportunities. Students will understand the fundamental math concepts involved in credit, Investing and calculating net worth. In document literacy, we put fine print under the microscope. Strategic thinking skills introduced may be applied to decision making related to both work and personal life. (HSD math, science or elective Credit or for personal enrichment) American Studies - This class examines selected events, people and places in US History and Maine history from the European explorers of the 1500’s through the present. It introduces students to various types of primary materials (such as laws, court rulings, sermons, political manifestos, newspapers, etc.) using social and analytical categories such as race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality. (HSD History Credit) *EFL—Educational Function Levels (1-6 )are established by CASAS testing in math and English for all learners entering HiSET preparation, adult high school diploma, and college preparation programs. Tutoring, ABE and self-paced developmental courses are available for learners who wish to improve their EFL to the point where they may meet the prerequisite EFL level.


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Academic Course Descriptions World Civilizations - Beginning with the Neolithic period, continuing through the early civilizations of the middle east, China, India, Latin America, and Europe, this course provides a comprehensive, chronological coverage of world history. This course fulfills the social studies requirement for high school completion. (HSD History Credit) Journeys to America - An exploration of immigration to the United States through documents and stories. This is a great course to explore heritage, the preservation of family history and an introduction to basic genealogy terms and tools. Gain insight into the reasons people came to America and their contributions to our society. We will also discuss tips, strategies and steps that you can take to construct your family tree. (HSC for history or English or for enrichment) Accounting Essentials - Development of fundamentals of bookkeeping, financial statements, key government regulations and an understanding of commerce and economics. Computer skills will be a focus with use of MS Excel spreadsheets and an introduction to common software programs used in business. (Enrichment or for HSC computer or elective) Everyday Computers - No previous computer experience required! This fun enrichment class will build proficiency with the components of a computer, use of the keyboard and mouse, and Microsoft Windows. Students will learn to create and save files, send email, and use popular social networking sites. The course teaches how to safely explore the Internet to find information and perform common services such as shopping, job searches, travel and entertainment. (HSD Computer Credit) Digital Photography (*min prerequisite EFL 4 reading) Spring Explore the basics of photography, including building an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, lighting, and composition. This course will focus on basic techniques of composition and camera functions to build a personal portfolio of images, capturing people, landscapes, close-ups, and action photographs. Discussion on different types of digital cameras (phones, tablets, digital SLRs), digital storage options and software will help participants decide what type of equipment fits personal needs. Learners will also be able to explore options for photography as a career. *EFL—Educational Function Levels (1-6 )are established by CASAS testing in math and English for all learners entering HiSET preparation, adult high school diploma, and college preparation programs. Tutoring, ABE and self-paced developmental courses are available for learners who wish to improve their EFL to the point where they may meet the prerequisite EFL level.


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Personalized Learning!!! As low as $99 per course You can choose to study at home or come to the learning center and use our up-to-date computer labs. We offer 360+ instructor-led online courses, from professional technical development to personal interest, through a partnership with Ed2Go. Classes are convenient and affordable. You will spend two to four hours each week completing two lessons in an interactive learning environment in which you will be able to interact with instructors and fellow students in online discussion areas. Most courses begin near the middle of each month and last six weeks. Upon completion of a course with a passing score, you will get confirmation of completion from your learning institution. Most of these courses are 24 hours and may be used for professional CEUs or in addition to campus courses for high school completions. For more information please visit our website: http://www.ed2go.com/cariboulc/


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Open Computer Lab Wednesday afternoons 1 pm - 3 pm January through May  Need help making the most of your smartphone?  Want to learn how to use an App?  Would you like to practice with some of the most current technology? Our computer lab is open to the public Learn how to perform internet research and go online safely. Join our Coding Club. Discover how technology has been integrated into the world of work. Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Introduction to Information Technology Most high-demand/high-wage jobs require computer skills and knowledge of Information Technology. According to US News and World Report, two of the top 25 best jobs of 2017 were in the IT field: computer systems analyst and software developer.  Do you want to know if this might be a good career choice for you?  Would you like to learn the steps to take on the IT career pathway? This 60-hour course introduces information technologies that are critical for business, and explores the various career pathways in IT. You will also explore jobs and further


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Technology through Cinema & Gaming Special Programming Exploring Technology through Cinema and Gaming For parent and child ages 10-16 New theme - class starts in April - call now to be added to the waiting list. Use our EDGE lab technology: drones, robots, 3D printing and animation software to explore the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) and other popular expanded universes in movies, books and games. We have new lesson plans based on upcoming 2018 movie and game releases as well as expanded technology options. Our most popular class is both challenging and fun that is specially designed as a parent/child relationship building activity that helps both generations develop technology and workforce essential skills like team-building, creative thinking and problem solving. Call now, (207-493-4272), enrollment is limited to 8 pairs for this first session.


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Customized Training for Businesses We are dedicated to keeping you and your employees on the leading edge of computer technology, industrial training, business and management skills. We offer and can customize:  training in specific skills  custom-designed programs  professional development seminars Aspects of the program:  Select participants  Determine when, where and what  Employees learn together as a team  Everyone receives the same information at the same time  Skills learned can be used immediately SEMINARS (delivered at your place of business) Training the Trainer Leadership Development Resilience and Goal Setting Computer & Technology Literacy Do you, or someone you know, need to brush up on any of these skills? Call for more information - 493-4272 Learners will work with real-world materials including short-stories, articles and forms to developing reading and understanding skills. Each person will also work on speaking & listening proficiency along with social skills needed to become an independent lifelong learner. Learners will learn to keep lists and journals as they work toward personal goals.


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(207) 621-3408 or 1-800-868-7000 (in Maine) www.learn.maine.edu Houlton Higher Education Center - Chuck Ames, Director - 521-3100 or 1-800-584-0874 Caribou – Eastern Aroostook Adult and Community Education, 493-4272 – Delayed Viewing Site We offer online and distance learning with a unique commitment to personalized service. University College supports University of Maine System students and faculty involved in learning and teaching off-campus. We’ve helped thousands of people connect to courses and degree programs in their homes and communities. At University College, we can help you: Earn the credentials you need to move forward. Turn years of experience in your profession into a degree that may land you a promotion. Begin a new career. With dozens of fully-accredited university degree programs now conveniently available, it is easier than ever to pursue the career of your dreams. Succeed in college. Our professionals are experts at helping students get started in college and in giving them the support they need to reach their educational goals. Work at your own pace from your own place. Online classes give you the flexibility to work where and whenever you choose. Connect with a learning community. Information technology allows you to interact with instructors and classmates in more depth than is possible in larger, more traditional classroom settings. Save money. Distance learning lets you save on transportation, housing, and food costs. And you can keep your full or part-time job, too.  University College was designed to provide college access to working adults and those who live far from campus.  Classes are offered in flexible formats - on-site at centers, and through interactive television, video conference and online.  Convenient classes allow you to meet personal and professional responsibilities.  You can choose from dozens of degree and certificate programs from the University of Maine System campuses, many of which are designed to accept prior credits.  We offer personalized support to help maximize credit transfer and help you succeed.


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33 Edgemont Drive Presque Isle, ME 04769 Admissions Office: 768-2785 Visit our website at: http://www.nmcc.edu/ Spring 2018 Online Courses Course Number Course Name Credit Hours ACC 112 20 Payroll Accounting 3 ACC 242 20 Accounting Information Systems II 3 ALH 124 20 Health Safety Compliance Healthcare 1 ALH 124 21 Health Safety Compliance Healthcare 1 ALH 220 20 Medical Terminology 3 CIS 105 20 Intro Pc Operating Systems 1 ENG 227 20 Advanced Composition 3 HIT 111 20 Medical Law & Ethics 3 MDA 124 20 Medical Insurance Procedures 3 Start/End Date Delivery Method 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online 01/08/18 - 05/07/18 Online ANNOUNCING... NMCC CONNECT! NMCC is happy to announce the launch of the College’s new app, NMCC CONNECT! The app is designed to help prospective students interact with Admissions advisors, learn about academic programs and resources and receive notifications which offer helpful reminders for important dates and events at the College. It can be found on iTunes or Google Play. Mission Statement Northern Maine Community College provides career and transfer programs that lead to associate degrees, diplomas or certificates. The students served have an opportunity to develop as individuals and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for employment or for transfer to a senior college or university. The college assists in economic and human resource development by offering programs of study, courses or seminars to employed individuals, specialized training to attract business and industry, and various community interest courses or seminars.



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