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issue twentyfive c1vsht Class group ExcMluesl iNvoevak MEHRARPYPYACNHNDREIWASTYMEAASR © Bob Delgadillo


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contents 06 Mel Novak 10 Alex Cole 14 Kenn Gray 18 Kenny Lombino 22 Anne Mason 28 Dr Robert Lugiani 30 Vincent Anthony Chavez 34 Christmas in Hollywood 36 Ask Françoise 38 Sandwich Angels Christmas Style 40 This Special Time of Year 41 Pole Bank Park 42 Straight From The Oven 45 Samantha Parry 46 Margie Tor 50 Mark Hoadley 54 Meals on Wheels 56 Sue Gittings - Canine Art 58 Mailbag 62 Ask PC Kevin 64 Angel Experiences ON THE COVER: Mel Novak © Bob Delgadillo WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES 4


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Letter from The Editor Hello Everyone Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas. Whether you celebrate this festive season or not, we wish you a safe, caring, unselfish, time for helping and remembering others past and present. This festive season is a time of both joy and tears depending on your situation. Many people are in mourning or missing loved ones, wile others are ill, depressed or lonely. A simple smile and a warm greeting cost nothing and may lift someones spirits. From all at CVH 1st Class Media we wish you a Happy Holiday. Christina V Howard Editor Christina V Howard Profile - Journalist, Radio Correspondent, PR/ Marketing, Events Organiser, Fashion Style Coach, Theatre Producer, Former Textiles Lecturer, Fashion Catalogue Designer. Enjoys Science, Technology, Classic Cars, Singing, Cooking and Animals. Charity helper and a strong Humanitarian. EDITOR Christina Howard | +44 (0)7713 973640 MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard SOCIAL MEDIA Bob Alston EDITORS PA Stan Dwight EDITORIAL SECRETARY Sandra Boyce CORRESPONDENTS Antonella A Commatteo Carole Gray & Cerdan A Smith Tammie Starr Jamaal Lewis Jody Du Priest Gail Carson Nancy Fike Dr Gareth Presch Hedi Elizabeth Hansen Stanley Goodrich Dr Nancy Fike COLUMNISTS Dr Kailash Chand OBE PC Kevin McEvoy Dr Amir Hannan Francoise Pascal Angela Brown Prince Jordan Tyson MAGAZINE DESIGN, PRO- DUCTION & PHOTOGRAPHY Bob Alston - RAPhotograhy WEBSITE Stephen Kimber | stevek100@yahoo. CVH 1st Class is a Not-for-Profit organisation (As a family magazine we reserve the right not to print unsuitable material) QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUBMISSIONS Phone: +44 (0)7713 973640 Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: 5


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Mel Novak Hollywood Legend by Christina V Howard Legendary Mel Novak known as the Hollywood King of movies is an Actor well known for his villainous roles in An Eye for an Eye, Black Belt Jones, and Games of Death. He is known for doing all his own stunts and fighting scenes. Mel is inducted into five various Martial Arts Halls of Fame. He has been bestowed with numerous awards for his acting work as well as his Humanitarian awards for all his numerous charitable works. He has been volunteering on Skid Row for over 30 years and has counseled prisoners at the most dangerous prisons in the county a humble ordained Minister and has also volunteered with the Special Olympics. Here Mel chats to us about his life and incredible miracles. Q&A Mel, you have always been a family man and you have a lovely family, was it difficult in the early years being a single father? “I raised my 2 precious daughters, Nikol and Lea when their mother left. I quit acting for over 2 years to go through a healing process, and be there for them, as divorce is a destructive force against children, They were 7 and 10 years old. I have a most wonderful relationship with them and they love me so much .my daughters call me Tata, which is dad in Serbian. I am so blessed that I was there for them, loved them unconditionally, listened and encouraged family structure thhaermdl.yYeoxuissteset,oidnamy.”y country, the You’re also a grandfather and greatly blessed. inch scar and I was crippled for 5 years. Everything career, scholarships and suddenly crippled. It was a difficult time for me, but I never did drugs or ever drank alcohol. I did NOT come to LA to pursue acting. I needed to get away from people who kept telling me “you should have gone to college to play have had intense pfoaointbfaolrl.y..enaorws.”you are a cripple”. I Were any of your family involved in the entertainment industry? b“Nusoibnoedssy.”in our family was in the entertainment Are there any past and present actors and actresses who were your favourite ones? “I loved and too many to wadrmiteiraebdomuta.”ny actors and actresses... “Yes. Lea has 3 children that I adore, Elijah, Ali Mae & Ryan. They call me Jedo, which is granddad in Serbian. Ali Mae is 7 & Ryan is 5. Ryan said that when he grows up, he wants to be a Pastor like Jedo. They tell me that they love me “infinity”. I have a large box full of cards & letters of their love bfolersmseedtmhaatnI.’”ve kept all these years. Yes, I am a Tell us about your background. “Christina, my given name is Mi’lan Mrdjenovich of Serbian decent, I am from a Pittsburgh, Pa. suburb...born in Wall, went to Wilmerding High & lived in Turtle Creek. When I graduated from high school, I had 60 football scholarships to major universities scholarships in basketball & track, but signed a Pro Baseball contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. They said I was a ‘can’t miss power hitting 3rd baseman-shortstop’. Well, I never was hurt in football, but had a massive rotator cuff tear that required surgery. They took my arm apart...18- Did you, as a child, dream of becoming an actor? “I always loved movies but never dreamed that I would ever be a working actor. Now I have met countless numbers. I have been to the Academy Awards 7 times. I have dated some stars. Also played softball in the actors’ league. I have been to many Red Carpet premieres. This is amazing coming from a small town, Wall, which did not have a traffic signal, but had so many wonderful Serbians and relatives. The odds for this to happen are astronomical. “My mom, Anna, dad Daniel and brother Robert gave me a lot of love and support. I was blessed to thoagveetahewr.o”nderful loving family. We went to church As a child, who was your unsung hero? “When I was 7 years old, the doctor wanted to amputate my left leg...or I would die within 12 6


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© Bob Delgadillo Exclusive 1st C lcasvs azine 7


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hours. My mother said NO! She prayed. I have my leg. I played football (I had 60 scholarships from major universities...also in basketball.) I ran a 100 dash in 9.6 seconds. THANKS mom for being a praying mom. Both of my parents are home with tbhreotLhoerrdc.oIuhldavheatvhee.”greatest brother Robert that a You’re a living miracle. Will you tell us more? “When I had 10 throat surgeries in 10 years, mom pinrvaaydedes&thfeasitmedpofossrib7lyee.”ars. God healed me. Prayer When did you get your lucky acting break? “After I moved to LA I got a job with an insurance company. One of the gals who worked there said I looked sharp in clothes, that her cousin was a modelling agent and would I like to meet her? So I did. The agency signed me and I did a lot of modelling, then they had me go to some excellent acting classes. I did a lot of TV and finally movie roles. “The Mannix co-star role as a hit man opened me up to play villains...which I love to do. Mike CthoantnIohrasv,eMaavninlliaxi,nw’safsacaeg.”reat guy and people say How many movies have you done? “I have done over some 50 movies & 36 were starring or co-starring. I have been fortunate to have worked with some incredible action stars. Bruce Lee...Steve McQueen...Yul Brynner...Max VonSydo...Chuck Norris...Jim Kelly…Christopher LLaeue.r..eRniechLaarnddRono…unadntdreme..a.nWyimllioarme.”Forsyte... Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards, how does it feel to have achieved all this? “It has been overwhelming these awesome awards that I so appreciate. Another prestigious accolade was 3 different ‘Living Legend’ awards. This was awesome, as I never dreamed that I would ever get any of these. When I received the 4th Martial Arts Hall of Fame & Living Legend Award, before I gave my acceptance speech, the MC said, “You have received awards in the Motion Picture Industry, Martial Arts, and even your Skid Row and Prison Ministry, what is your favourite award?” I said that I was a single dad raising 2 daughters and I was voted Mother of the Year at the Brownies (before Girl and cSlcaopuptisn)g. .T”he 300 people there were screaming Where did you learn your Martial Arts? “I learned Martial Arts from Pat Johnson, Bob Wall and 5 others. I always hung out with the stunt guys...learning & doing stunts while filming. In The Ultimate Warrior (Starring Yul Brynner), I did the 2nd toughest stunt in the whole film. Bobby Bass of The Stuntman Association made me an Honorary Stuntman, which was cool. While Steve McQueen was one of my all time favourite actors and person. He gave his life to Christ 7 months before he passed. Pastor Greg Laurie and fantastic writer (novels & biographies) wrote a book...’Steve McQueen, Salvation of an American Icon’. I am in page 225 thru 230. The Documentary on Steve has been released in 1000 theatres and I am in it. Yul mBraynnynoetrhwerass.”another favourite...but there are so If you didn’t become an Actor what other career would you have chosen? Who was your favourite director? “Has to be Robert Clouse as my favourite director, he did 4 major studio movies for him, doing my own fights and stunts, which is rare for an actor. My first big role with Director Clouse was Black Belt Jones. Then he cast me as Stick the assassin in Game of Death; The Ultimate Warrior; & Force Five. Gregory Hatanaka who has signed me for 3 other films, signed me to co-star for him in Samurai Cop; Deadly Vengeance & Holy Terror. Both were released. Also another favourite Director-Writer-Actor, multi-talented, is Thomas Churchill whom I co-starred for in Check Point and 2 wonderful Music Videos. Thomas also co-starred in my above the title billing role in ‘Syndicate Smasher’. My star role in Tales of Frankenstein, directed by Don Glut, will be released on Frankenstein’s anniversary. I played a Mad Scientist. I enjoyed starring in 2 Suspense dTiheeda2tr3etpimroegsrianmfsil,mdise!”d in both actually; I have Mel, you have been honoured to be inducted in 4 “If I wasn’t in show business, I would be doing what I have been doing for 35 years...ministering in the Skid Row Missions & Prisons all over the country, as I have ministered in level 4 penitentiaries, which are the worst and dangerous. “I have to sign a paper that if I am taken hostage, no deals are made. I have done over 8300 services and led over 160,000 in the Salvation prayer. I counsel to the downtrodden and the broken walking wounded. “Sometimes I come home and cry. I have seen people shot, stabbed in the prisons. They call me the “Mayor of Skid Row.” I get a lot of love from othnoSskeiwdhRoolwivaenthdePrrei.sIoanms.”transparent with those You have had many miracles, will you tell us? “You see I should have died 7 times...I have had 28 surgeries...(10 on my throat in 10 years)...crippled for 5 years...had a wife walk out of our marriage... (I raised my 2 wonderful daughters, Nikol and 8


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Lea), and lived with intense pain for many years. In Psalm 91; 23; 34; 107 & scores of others.” my lifetime I have had 28 surgeries and know God healed me. Who were your career mentors? “The Lord healed my throat after having 10 failed surgeries in 10 years and again healed a serious injury to the eye, a torn cornea, only hours before surgery. During Easter of 1983, I was spared from death after serious haemorrhaging from surgery. On March 14 19998, I almost died from peritonitis caused by an anti-inflammatory prescription medication. Following this I had got Prostrate Cancer for 7 years, until God healed me without need for chemo or radiation. Than in Jan 22, 2013 I almost died for the seventh time with a bout of double pneumonia, which hospitalized me. Each time a miracle which shocked doctors and surgeons “I just don’t walk into services as an actor...I go as one who had many afflictions and adversities... But overcame them. That encourages them. Yes, I have done many great films, received awards, but Success to me is fulfilling & serving in what God called me to do. I am a blessed man.. God gives me favour with inmates...lifers, and most have seen some of my movies. There were some who were going to commit suicide, and I helped them NOT to do it. I teach & preach on Spiritual Warfare & have given over 200,000 Arsenal prayers the can be download from my Website, ...dresses you from the daily battles with Satan. I was invited by the Union Rescue Mission as a celebrity and the CEO watched me ministering to about 25 people. He asked me to do a service... then The LA Mission, Fred Jordan Mission & Long Beach Mission all followed. That was my calling 35 years ago. Prisons followed. Pastor Mark Maciel, who spent time in San Quentin, was a Chaplain at LA Co Jail. An ex inmate from the Spiritual program called Mark, who was a big fan of Bruce Lee, and said, “Stick from Game of Death is preaching on Skid Row.” That started me ministering all over the country...& every level 3 & 4 in California. I have been to the worst on 10 times...Pelican Bay Penitentiary. My ministry is my legacy. Yes, I am grateful that I have done all of these movies with wonderful talented actors...but my heart is with those who are broken vessels. The people ‘Mayor on of Skid Skid RRooww’.l”ove me and some call me the If you had 3 wishes to time travel back, where would you go and who would you like to meet? “It would be back into Jesus lifetime, I would have loved to have witnessed 3 great events. Of course, the Crucifixion and Resurrection when He fed over 5000 with a couple of fish & bread...& the Sermon on the Mount and scores of others. I give the parable in Luke 16:19-31 in my services. Rich man and the crippled beggar... Salvation like everything is a choice. NOBODY is turned away. (2 Peter 3:9 & 1 Tim 2:4) I love the Psalms & quote them often. “I have had some wonderful career mentors... Actor and friend Michael Harracka, Corey Allen, Stacy Harris, and Michael Pate and others. I hope I did not offend someone I may have left out. My biggest mentors Jesus Christ; the Holy Spirit; Pastor - Dr Jack Hayford; Pastor Jim Tolle & mPaesntotorr-sD.”r Charles Stanley have been my spiritual What are your latest acting projects? “I am signed for a TV series called ‘Scorpion Girl’, a very exciting project. I play a suave corrupt attorney. We have one more day to finish the trailer for Netflix. Scorpion Girl will introduce the first Latina super hero. She searches for her sister who is a victim of human trafficking. Then she faces the most nefarious criminal in LA, a German Nazi leader with plans to revive Hitler from the grave. Feto Rivera, Producer-Director-Writer also signed me in a star role to be filmed in Columbia (3 weeks) and LA. Exciting script. “There is a personal project that I’ve written a long treatment for called ‘Vengeance is Mine’. I play twins a tough, mean detective and my twin is a minister at the Fred Jordan Mission, with long hair (wig) and round glasses. It is an exciting project that I have gotten great feedback. I am raising the $, and will co-produce. I also just completed a co-star role in “When it Rings” with co-star, Sally Kirkland, who was an Academy Award nominee & Emmy winner. No, I did not kill anyone nor did I die in the end. I did cry because I missed my wife & 2 children who films that I am died in waiting atofihree.aAr isfIIwgroitteth, tehreorlee.a”re 2 Have you anything to say to our worldwide readers? “Please visit my website which has a great deal of info. I also do a 2-hour Internet Show twice a month...Omega Man that goes to 167 countries. Go to to listen to past shows. Some inmates have asked me if I have pets. I had one dog growing up in Wall, Pa. (Steeler Nation), a gorgeous white Eskimo Spitz named Snowball. When he was hit & killed by a truck, I never had another pet. I did buy Nikol & Lea a Shih Tzu, Scruffy 1 & 2. Now I have Tropical fish that I enjoy. My mineral collection is incredible. I chill out by seeing movies. I have a pass to MthredPjeanciofvicicThhAeaKtAresMGeol dNobvleasks..y.”ou all...Mi’lan CVH 1st Class wish R Barri Flowers every continued success. 9


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Alex Cole Exclusive © Cornelia Kurtew Dr Nancy Fike is a true humanitarian, devoted to Inner City Youth and organizations helping Americas Youth from being bullied and fighting hunger. She likes motorcycles and speedway tracks while dedicated to family. It was a late night in California, the weather was perfect the moon was full. As knew it was Alex Cole in front of me. Not because I noticed him, but because Alex’s music is so amazing. I wanted to know more about the guy who has been playing all around LA and tells me he has only been in the states for 3 years, wow! He is a recording artist Music Group. When you listen to his music one of the amazing things about h I hear an accent when you sing?” as you can hear his accent when you speak w such as AC/DC, Elvis Presley, Deep Purple, Foghat, Ted Nugent, Stevie Ray Va has! But I must say, Alex Cole is not a cover band or trying to emulate their so makes his fans go crazy for him! Alex told me how he started in the music industry. His parents listened to a lo first he became a singer. One day, while recording a vocal track, his mentor En the beginning of Alex’s love for playing the guitar. He incorporated his singing When I asked Alex why he came to America he said: “I was inspired to come t come from America. I want to be here to work with those who understand and


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lcasvs azine by Nancy Fike 1st C s I walked up to the Viper Room, a popular hangout for all Rock and Rollers I the energy he has was bigger than life and his smile could light up Los Angeles. d Hollywood, and how this native from Milan Italy landed in California. Alex t, who writes and performs Retro-Rock music and signed with Allied Artists his sound is, you can’t hear any signs of an Italian accent. I asked Alex: “Why can’t with him in person. Alex Cole replied: “I have listened all my life to Rock Legends aughan and ZZ Top to name a few, and I have mastered the dialect.” and that he ound! He has his own voice with his own sound, which is EPIC for sure, and that ot of American music, which lead Alex to listen to music from a very early age. At nrico Santulli gave him a guitar and suggested he learn an instrument. That was g, with the talent of playing guitar, to create his own style of Retro Rock music. to America because the sound of music I love, and the Iconic Artist I admire, d know how to record the Rock- N- Roll music I write.”


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azine Our Youth today are part of why Vinyl records are coming back. People are purchasing records for the sound, look, cover design and feel that we grew up with. Alex replied: “Yes, Vinyl is coming back and I’m excited about that. I want to share with people the music I love. I want them to enjoy the Classic Rock sound and know that’s true Rock!” Alex has a very unique and fantastic sound. Alex tells me that part of the sound comes from a custom guitar pick-up called “Nuge Sonic Baptism Paf-Plus Humbucker” created by Bob Mizek, which brings the real sound from the 70’s. I asked Alex “what do you have currently going on, any new music?” Alex replies: “I’m recording my second album “Unleash The Beast,” I’ve written ten new song and I’m looking forward to going into the studio to record them. I’m looking for other bands to join me on a tour. I will be performing at the Viper Room again. Check out my website for my new music and performance schedule: Thank you Nancy for taking the time to come and see me at the Viper Room in Hollywood California I look forward hearing from CVH 1st Class Magazine readers. I invite everyone to follow me on social media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Alex has a constant fan support that inspires him every day to continue on his path and to continue to compose Retro Rock music. CVH1st Class wish Alex Cole every continued success. 1st C lcasvs 12


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© Dano Sol 13


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Kenn Gray Exclusive 1st C by Anotonella A Commatteo lcasvs azine An International Award-winning, and California’s Designer of the Year, Antonella is a native of Wales born fashionista, whose designs are uniquely inspired and represented by life and its journey. © Erol Colandro Legendary Kenn Gray is an Art & Design Director at Style Fashion Week. Owner/ Designer at Kenn Gray. Host ( events ) and starred on 14 episodes of Travel Spies on The Travel Channel. Former TV Show host of “ Shades of Kenn Gray” on The Spiel at Fox 23. Studied at the Otis Art Institute/ Parsons School Of Design. Lives in Palm Springs, California Here he chats to us. Q&A Tell us about Kenn Gray. “I am many things and wear many hats. Mostly I am a southern boy with BIG dreams! Growing up in Booneville, Mississippi was a challenge for me to be sure, yet I always had a penchant for the creative and ‘out of the box’. I left the south at 18 years old and moved to Los Angeles to attend the prestigious Otis/Parsons School of Art & Design studying fashion design. I didn’t realize at the time that my career as a result wofomulyditnaakbeilaitdyiftfoerseanytNtuo.r”n and so many doors would open up for me 14


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azine 1st C lcasvs © Erol Colandro 15



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