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Merseryside POLICE dogs and mounted section


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The Merseryside’s history Policing on Merseyside officially started in 1835, when the Liverpool Watch Committee formed the first Borough Police Force. Horses were introduced in 1886, and at first they were used mostly for pulling wagons. In 1954,they began to use dogs to track down suspects. Today they are kept busy sniffing out drugs, explosives, firearms and even cash. When Merseryside’s horses are working One of Merseryside’s dog with a police man


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Women were first recruited into the force during the first world war. Today around a quarter of officers are women, and they have the same duties and responsibilities as their male colleagues. Assistant Chief Constable Serena Kennedy Since 2014, I have been with Cheshire Constabulary where I was the Head of Public Protection and strategic lead for Early Help. Assistant Chief Constable Julie Cooke I joined Merseyside Police in 1991, having obtained a BSC Honours Degree in Transport Management and Law. Over the years I have worked in most ranks within Liverpool up to the rank of Superintendent.


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Requirements to Become a Police Officer Police officers are responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining peace within communities. In addition to earning a high school diploma, police officers receive training at a police academy. Some police officers complete degree programs in law enforcement or criminal justice as well, which can be helpful for career advancement. Police recruits also have to go through a series of examinations that are determined by their academy, which may include physical fitness testing and psychiatric review.


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Degree Level Degree Field(s) Experience Key Skills High school diploma or equivalent; associate or bachelor's required for state and federal positions Criminal justice, law enforcement, or a related discipline Completion of academy training Age 21 or older; citizen with clean record and valid driver's license; physically fit; calm under pressure and ability to make critical decisions; pass drug and lie detector test


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Equality and Diversity Everyone, regardless of race, belief, sexual orientation or disability, should be treated equally in terms of their access to opportunities and their value to society. We serve a diverse community, and we encourage positive, friendly relations between people from different groups and backgrounds. Police man and horses after a football match


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HORSES there are a lot of tall and trained horses The Merseyside Police Mounted Section comprises of 16 highly trained horses, 14 Constables, 2 Sergeants and 1 Inspector. To assist the Police Officers there are 6 animal welfare assistants and 1 Stable Manager. These valued members of staff are qualified Animal Welfare Professionals who take care of the horses in the absence of Police Officers and many of them have had a lifelong association with equine welfare.


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HORSES’ DENTIST horses have a special dentist


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The horses’ saddles


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Some Erasmus + students trying firefighters lorry The manager of the firefighters in Widnes explaining about his job


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 JOB DESCRIPTION Firefighter GENERAL PURPOSE Under general supervision, responds to fire alarms, emergency medical calls, traffic accidents, rescue and other emergency calls to protect life and property; participates in training, drill and independent study activities; participates in the maintenance of fire department apparatus, equipment and facilities; performs various staff support assignments; and performs related work as assigned.


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DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This is the full journey-level firefighter class. Incumbents are expected to perform all of the class’s essential duties and responsibilities After proper training and departmental certification, incumbents are expected to be fully qualified to assume the duties of a Fire Engineer on a relief and on an emergency basis for multiple-alarm and other emergency calls.



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