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PACIFIST JOURNAL WWW.PACIFISTJOURNAL.COM / WWW.JORNALPACIFISTA.COM.BR FOUNDER, PRESIDENT AND GENERAL CHIEF-DIRECTOR : DENISE RUMAN PACIFIST JOURNAL - EDIÇÃO 05 EDITORIAL NATIONAL NEWS (BRAZIL) PROTEST OK, VIOLENCE NO! SHUTTERSTOCK Folha press Uprising Rioting Mutiny Revolution Upheaval Insurrection Every name to a same situation... Unsatisfied people, wishing change in the order of things. From disorder to the order From chaos to order and organization Up-rising Going upward Re-evolution New evolution Up-rising; New rising Turn to something better Rioting Stand up Insurrection In + surge… surge from downwards up These words are related to evolution. Evolution of a sad, unsatisfactory condition, to a happier and full one Feel wronged, not listened in his needs, not attended. Only protesting makes high management “listen” to claims, Dissatisfaction and wronging, in which people are placed Protesting is necessary! Act violently is ignorance! In this edition, we will talk a little bit about these happenings! A hug to you all Denise Ruman Folha press Protesting is one thing, violence is another one, protesting is ask for, argue, contest. It is the way to show dissatisfaction facing a situation where someone feels wronged, unloved, penalized. And an audible cry! It is an act of being listened. Listen due to attitudes, acts and words, or merely significant gestures. If we act according to what is imposed to us without questioning, without being satisfied, we show connivance with the mistake! Wrong!! Protesting is necessary. Protesting is to claim and being listened so his claim be attended. Protesting is necessary. Not protesting means that unsatisfactory situation is accepted. But protest is the one of words, gestures, attitudes, only as for being listened. But not listening to physical bombs, shot sounds, shooting and slaps, or else, PROTESTING IS A PACIFIC ACT. Violence in these happenings is not a protest, but, act with ignorance. Ignorance with which nothing is gotten with violence, except even more violence! Let us stop destructive vandal acts, and let us construct, through civilized claim protests, a happier city and humanity! Denise Ruman - São Paulo – SP – Brazil EVEN WHETHER IN BATTLE ONE OR MORE ENEMIES WIN, THE GREATEST OF ALL VICTORIES, IS THE VICTORY OVER ONESELF!!! Siddhartha Gautama BUDA Wecanassociate this Buda´s phrase with WIN… but win inside ourselves the battle of non-violence. Protesting to achieve victories as for desired things, all right, but not to fight fierce, vandal and bloody battle…These ones will only bring defeats! Denise Ruman São Paulo – SP – Brazil 01


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INTERNATIONAL NEWS HABEMOS PAPAM !! ELECTED ... A POPE FROM THE PEOPLE, TO THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!! Some phrases from POPE FRANCIS “Unfair distribution of assets goes on, creating a situation of social sin that “Cries to heaven and limits plenty life possibilities to many of our brothers” POPE FRANCIS REUTERS A simple and divested Pope. A Pope who works to the people, for the people; who matches himself to people, in his clothes. Simple clothes, poor implements, as the people. Without garnish and ornaments, doctrine, belief and mind is important. “Working for poor people is to match them”. I think that Pope speaks this way, surreptitiously. St. Francis of Assisi was the poor people´s protector, and he chose this name. A Pope closer to the people and their needs. As we are in the era in which people wish to be heard in his mourning and claims, we find a pope synchronically in this tuning… people´s language tuning. May he be able to achieve the mass, creating awareness and transformation, aiming the common benefit! Hugs to the new Pope… Be welcome to the new reign of LIGHT and PEACE, bringing these elements so necessary to humanity!! Denise Ruman - São Paulo – SP - Brazil POPE´S MOMENT Reuters Nowadays, the POPE is a reference of the munication at mass level. Religiously, the reference he uses is the catholic religion. Being a philosophy and psychology teacher, he used this reference in the past, but not anymore, because he is the POPE and cannot have a parallel function. Today he is worldly recognized as one ot the elements that opened the doors to a modern communication, more updated, saying we cannot be slaves of money neither idolize it, remembering that we should not be the center of things, because God is behind everything. Being recognized into occultism, as he was named, as being one of the elements of GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD, who works for humanity´s wellbeing, exalting PEACE, CONVIVAL AND EQUALITY, based on Saint Francis of Assisi, in detaching of all material, earth things, to unite humanity. He detached we are a great family. He is one of the elements that link all great religions, stating that everything is important, and the goal is to live to Wellbeing with God every moment. He is recognized and exalted as a great communicator of modern times. BEHAVIOR VIRTUAL WORLD – PERSONAL REFLECTION During June, this year, I was invited to speak to a select group of people in Ribeirão Preto, SP, around two hundred people, and, different from many people, I feel comfortable with many people; it seems the same as when I am alone talking to Chumbinho, at home. I really feel relaxed. There were Rosicrucian Order Members, Shamanic and Daime followers, Masons, Misrain Memphis and Catholics, and luckily, I know a little bit of each subject, for many of them were part of my life, and some still are. After finishing esoteric and exoteric subjects (different things in some meanings), roundtable started about virtual relations and its influence of social nets in our lives. There were ardent supporters that virtual relations misrepresent, stand apart and are filled of lies; anyone can be whatever he wants to in virtual world, even due to feeling protected by distance and the difficulty to prove their statements. They are executioners and judges at the same time. I was the last one to speak, I do not know whether by luck or misfortune, and I feared not having any subject, because they have said so many things and there as almost nothing left; but anyone who knows me is aware that I can write a treaty with only three words and that is almost what I did. I am not able to tell you everything about my speech, but, as a whole, it was something like this: I know that the world and the virtual relations are false, ephemeral, inconsistent and lying, but this is a statement that is only possible starting from what we are, a drastic assessment of ourselves, while members of a virtual group or social net. If we disseminate untruth we create a character, if we show more than it is possible to confirm in five minutes of frank chat face to face, I agree with everything. But by personal experience I confess that I had great surprises to find out peoples pure nature and gentle and frank hearts. I live, constantly, virtual and physically with unshakeable character people and many of them became. Great friends and/or loved ones (not necessarily physical ones, but sometimes too), coming from virtual plan and getting into real world. I state that is sure possible to find the truth behind a mere keyboard, I say it is possible to share with people who are keen to be reciprocated in the best they have to offer. I reported that, modestly, I started to post a book, which I imagined was going nowhere, and, now I am read by about 180 thousand people around the world, 68 countries, translated into 36 languages, and I receive uncountable comments about how people feel well to know I will be there to nourish them with some words, so… I concluded: Virtual world is false and inconstant if we are like that, if this is our essence, but while we disseminate the truth and sincerity; and we have pure heart that is what we are going to gather. It is a vast world of possibilities, how many friends have I already got around the world? And how many people did I have the chance to be personally in their company? And despite impossible it seems, even love is able to be found, even because virtual reality can be the future we so much desire. That is something I talked about. People are intelligent enough to separate wheat from the shaft, short lasting from eternal and there is no ingenuity or credulity anymore, which submits to mere lack of way of verbs bad placed and nonsense phrases. Nowadays we desire contents, frankness, and sincerity and, above all, we search for loyalty in relationships, being them real or virtual, we are no more watchers, now we are transformers. Today we are the ones who create history and do not accept ready and well packed things, any more. Nut shell does not say anything, filling is what counts. Now the world in in our hands and we recreate it, constantly, and it is our luck good people number supersedes the weak in spirit ones. Ricardo Blomberg – Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil 02


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We are beaten, but it is not due to be bea- ten that we must give up the fight... Only wins the one that persists, insists, fights , is reluctant against discourage within himself, and goes on fighting, this is the only one who can get the chance to reach the desired fruit…The one who gives up at middle way, will not see the great LIGHT which he so much desired to reach…let us not stop fighting, never… This must be our first life slogan!!!!!! Good Luck I DO NOT REALLY KNOW WHO I AM I never tell half-truths, neither insinuate. I tell whole truths, plenty, fulfilled of myself and so I do not need to explain more than it is necessary to. Whether I say something from my heart it is because it is a real product of my feeling, except if it is a joke or irony. But this does not count. The truth is that I never do what I do not want to and I am never induced to wrong without noticing I will make a mistake. When someone tells me something, I believe it is unchanging truth and that it will last, at least, while it is true to me. In my singularity I am plural, I can fly high, but I have short wings facing this vast amplitude of wishes and thoughts. I conduct, I am conducted, I go the way I do not know and if I let me be at the road it is because the route is already familiar. I never bet imagining I am going to lose, for, only a fool person bets on his own mistake, and investing in mistakes, this one seduces and conducts us to failure and it comes smiling to you with open arms, waiting for our repentance feelings. But then he will be frustrated about me, for I never repent of what I do, because I act with love, I act with my heart, and so, there is no space left for repentance, suffering or sorrow. Words I badly know and which I rarely offer to the one who is with me in adventure, being into success, being into misadventures. I want to be tested, constantly, because I believe that is the only way human value comes up. Late, early or with certain delay; but it comes and it is cruel at arriving. I made mistakes in little kind love, I gave so much, being certain of obtaining crumbs, but thinking that gathering brans I could make a whole cake. I was wrong. I make many mistakes, but I never give up. Every day I rediscover love and I live for it each second, and when it goes, I start looking at the horizon and I notice that someone approaches and everything starts again. I do not deny kindness gestures, even the short lasting ones, because they will be eternal while they are true and if one day they are not anymore, I will start to look at the horizon once again, being sure that someone will appear again. Today I feel passionate, from those passions that explode into the chest and I live it intensely, because I do not possess the future and I am not the lord of today, I do not even adventure myself to dreaming about the future. Ricardo Blomberg Porto Alegre – RS - Brazil HEALTH THE BEGINNING OF AROMATHERAPY René Maurice Gattefossé was a chemist, in Grasse, Southern France, who wrote the first book on aromatherapy, in 1928. His researches had, as basis, works started at the end of previous century, by French people as Cadéac and Meunir, as well as Italian physicians as Gatti and Cajola. In 1887, the first researches results were published about the antiseptic powers of vapors from many essential oils. During the nineteenth century, perfume industry increased firm and considerably. At that time, perfumes were manufactured almost exclusively with natural essences. Searching for new aromatic plants as well as land to cultivate them around Grasse, in France, became the world center of essences cultivation and extraction. Due to industry growth, some of Grasse´s companies started to look for new appliances to the essences, and among them was Gattefossé´s Company. At the beginning, his interest was limited to the cosmetic usage of essences. Some events helped amplify his interest: Cosmetics used to contain antiseptics: he noticed that essential oils had more powerful antiseptic properties than some of the chemical antiseptics used at the time; During a small explosion in his laboratory, in an experience, he burnt one of his hands. Immediately he immersed it in pure lavender oil and was not very surprised that the burnt healed in shorter time, without infection or scar signal. It is possible that the first mention of the word Aromatherapy has been created by him. After publishing his book he went on with a series of texts, articles and many other books relating them with therapy with essential oils. Although his work stimulated a reasonable interest, it seems to be put aside by Second World War, for the following 15 years, few things were published about aromatherapy and the researches were small. It was not all lost. Another French man, this time a physician, who worked with herbs therapeutic usage for many years, stimulated by Gattefossé´s work, started the usage of essences in his treatments. During the war he used them a lot to treat combat wounds, soon noticing, as Gattefossé, that there was enormous potential in that therapy. In 1964 he published a book, Aromatherapy, and thanks to his works aromatherapy was accepted as a therapy with proper merits.. All these Works, since Gattefossé, attracted French, German, Swiss and Dutch interest. Scientists and therapists from different places around the world, dedicate themselves to the study. The major part of researches was performed on the antiseptic and antibiotic powers of essential oils. According to recent researches performed in Europe, the USA and Russia, odor effects in the psyche can be very important. Scent sense acts rapidly in subconscious level, for sense of smell nerves are directly linked to the primitive part of the brain, the limbic system. Considering that smell sense nerve is an extension of the brain itself, it is easy to understand that through the nose one can easily get to it, the unique entrance door to the brain. Limbic system is the brain´s part that regulates sense-motor activity and is responsible for the primitive impulses of hunger, thirst and sex. Smell sense bulb sends electric signals to the limbic system region responsible for visceral and behavioral mechanisms, affecting digestive, sexual and emotional behavior systems. Brain´s electric reaction to smell is almost the same linked to emotions. Viviane Murari – São Paulo – SP – Brazil 03


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Anxiety – Part I At the turn of last century FREUD (1909), recognized the central role of anxiety and presented the first studies of patients’ case with neurosis and anxiety. Freud concluded that anxiety is a symptom of an unconscious conflict not solved, between impulses to libidinal or aggressive gratifying and recognizing, by ego, of external danger which could result in such gratifying.Mobilized by anxiety-signal and acting according to the pleasure principle, ego uses several defenses to avoid anxiety produced by the intra-psychic conflict and the possible external danger. The experience of anxiety is the result of an ego´s failure in using effective defenses. Signal anxiety occurs out of the conscience. Felt anxiety is consciously experienced and can reach traumatic proportions. Freud described traumatic anxiety correlating it to an update definition of panic attack. According to the psychoanalytic theory, PAPP & GORMAN (1999), anxiety arises from a conflict between instinctive pulse and inner inhibition. External real dangers evoke fear that is something different from anxiety. At clinic practice, fear and anxiety not always can be differenced, and in the major part of cases both coexist. To conceptualize generalized anxiety disorder, in the Manual Diagnóstico e Estatístico de Transtornos Mentais (DSM-lV), PAPP & GORMAN (1999, p. 1.347), define generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as excessive anxiety and worry. If anxiety is difficult to be controlled, it causes damage to individual´s social and occupational functioning. The term (general anxiety disorder” was presented at DSM, in 1980. The difference between GAD and normal anxiety is emphasized by the usage of the words (excessive” and “difficult to control”, and by the specification of the symptoms which cause sufferings. Silva (1999), detached that “normal anxiety” and “disease anxiety” can be differenced as follows: Normal Anxiety: - Disproportional reaction to triggering stimulation or situation. - Suffering sensation is evident and almost permanent. - It compromises performance in significant way. Anxiety involves psychological and physiological processes; therefore, there are many theories to explain it. According to the psychoanalytic theory, mentioned by PAPP & GORMAN (1999, p.1.349), anxiety arises from a conflict between instinctive pulse and inner inhibition. External real dangers evoke fear, which is different from anxiety. On the other hand the Cognitive- Behavioral Theory states that anxiety is a response to danger perception. Pathologic anxiety is related to a selective processing of threat information. Anxious patients notice their resources are inadequate to face threat. David Barlow, mentioned by PAPP & GORMAN (1999) distinguishes anxiety and fear. Generalized anxiety disturb is characterized by anxiety related more to a control loss perception, than to threat fear. In Biological theory benzodiazepine is efficient pharmacologic treatment to TAG and, the author states that abnormalities in the brain´s benzodiazepine receptor system, could be a possible biological mechanism of anxiety. Linking sites of high affinity to benzodiazepine are part of the complex, which consists of g-amynobutyric acid (GABA) and iontophoretic chloride. Ana Cecília de Souza Campos Rodrigues Tietê – SP- Brazil - Episodes of light and moderate intensity, not frequent and with limited time lasting. - Adequate reaction to stimulations and situations which, as a rule, would cause similar reactions in other persons. - Subjective sensation of suffering is limited and transitory. - It does not compromise, or it only compromises in a discrete way, the person´s professional / social/ love performance. Disease Anxiety: - Moderate to intense episodes, repeated and longtime lasting. 04


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LEISURE DISTRACTIONS OF MATRIX First of all, it is necessary to define what I will call matrix, here. I have already had the chance to make a parallel between the film matrix, which has this name, and the material world, the physical plan, in articles and books I wrote. However, as not everyone that is reading this text had the chance to read such articles and books, I will make a brief about what would be the matrix I will be dealing with. In Matrix, the film, there is a virtual world, a computer program created by machines that dominated Planet Earth, and humans are imprisoned in a kind of cocoon, sleeping and connected to the matrix program, living an artificial mental life, and really believing that the virtual world, matrix, is real, it is real life. Human beings, in the film, live into matrix as if it were real life, without having the least notion or reminding that they have already lived in a real physical world, and, that they were imprisoned, and that they lost the memory of truly real world. After a while, some human beings are able to be free from the cocoon, by rebels, they take a pill, and notice they lived into an illusionary, unreal, artificial, virtual world, which is matrix. The film goes around character Neo, who is awaken, takes the pill, starts living in the physical, real world, but acting into matrix, the virtual world, aiming to free all imprisoned human beings. In our parallel, but in a different way from the film, into inverse way, the world we call material, physical plan, is matrix, and the spiritual world is the real world. We learned from Allan Kardec, and the spirits who answered his questions when he was writing the Spirits´ Book, launched in 1857, that the spiritual world is the true world, the origin world. We came from the spiritual world and will be back there. Many times we stay longer in the spiritual world than in this material world, the physical plan. We are spirits, we are not body. We have a body, or better saying, several bodies, being the physical one only one of them, the denser one. When we incarnate in this physical, material dimension, or else, when we are involved in dense matter, in more condensed energy, we forget our spirits condition, we forget our origins, from where we came, and start living in a material world, as if it were the unique reality. It is our parallel, as it happens in Matrix, the film. People start to live in a matrix, a virtual world, and forget his real condition as human beings. We, spirits, start living in a material world, a matrix, and we forget we are spirits. We start living in illusion, believing that this material dimension is the real one, and the unique reality. Few ones have already awakened, few ones “took the pill”, to remind the film, and the majority does not have the notion of the illusion in which he lives, yet. The major part of humanity still lives in a material matrix without thinking about the real world, the spiritual world. Why don´t people wake up? This is a question that should be made! Within this view I have absorbed, after lots of reading, lots of reflections, and many years in contact with spirits, being in mediumistic interchanging meetings, or in experiences out of the body, in astral projection or unfolding, people find it difficult to spiritually awaking, due to the distractions existent in the matrix, and they are not few. Besides, spirits contrary to forces of good, led by that who Jesus called Prince of this World, who is the major leader of dark forces, work, incessantly to create several distractions in the material world to keep incarnated human beings satisfied, happy, and in permanent search for pleasure in several ways. Throughout human history, humanity distraction strategies were developed. Sex, alcoholic beverages, drugs, parties and many other things came to dominate human thought increasingly. Why reading about spirit, about spiritual world, if life is good, if the person is full of pleasure, available on the streets, into night houses, everywhere? Never before has sex been so much performed in human history as it has happened since years 1950/1960, after sexual freedom movement. Nowadays, sex dominates humanity almost as a whole! We are not talking about natural sex, within marriage, as it happened in the past. Nowadays, sex is searched for as someone searches for a glass of beer, only to quick pleasure, without sentimental link. Just physical friction, elusive pleasure… Never have people drunk so much as in nowadays world, with beautiful advertisings on TV! Incentive we have today to drink, and which attracts teenagers increasingly earlier, is an absurd! But who cares about it? The State accepts it, even incentives it, only taking on account taxes it collects with beverage sales. Never before drug had been taken as now! Addicted ones are on the streets, showing up, sat on the sidewalks of crowded streets, without shame or fear, as I have seen few days ago, in São Paulo, at the exact city center. So many lives destroyed, so many families taken apart due to alcohol and drugs... Misguided sex also destroys marriages and families… Everything constitutes matrix distractions, which drugs and dulls our spiritual minds, keeping us in the illusion we are living in the unique existent world, in the real world. Drugged by tobacco, alcohol or other heavier drug, and fulfilled with orgasms, people live unconscious, imprisoned into the matrix, and live complete illusion… There are also power, money and luxury distractions, which help a lot the misled, satisfied, accommodate spirit, with no stopping to think about life after death… In Matrix, the film, one of the men who were awakened betrayed his companions, and made an agreement with the machines, tired of his hard life, and wishing to forget the real life and turn back to live in the matrix, without remembering the real world, and be a rich and powerful man. Many people live in luxury, richness, plenty of pleasures, with no desire of thinking about afterlife... material life is so good, they think… they live selfishly, without taking on account the disabled ones… so Jesus said that it is easier a camel passing through the needle hole than the rich person gets into the heaven reign.. Few ones got, but they are few exceptions… Humanity needs to start awaking, to “take the pill”, to get conscious that the material world, matrix, is temporary, and it is not the real world, the definite one. We are here passing by, for short time, in each life, to learn several things. What are we learning now, in this life? What are we doing out of our life? It is time for reflection, consciousness, and above all, for real changing! This material world is only a great matrix, a dense dimensional universe that serves to evolving proposal. What do we understand about this? What consciousness do we have about this? Are we only enjoying life? Enjoying illusion matrix? We will soon be back to the real world, true one, which is the spiritual world, and so we will notice how much we lost time kept in the matrix distractions, which takes us apart of our evolving focus… Take the pill and awake, while it is time to, not to repent, bitterly, when you get to the real world… Do not you deceive yourself with matrix distractions! This is not the original and true world! We are immortal spirits passing by a dense dimension, the material world, matrix, to learn and evolve, and it is not reasonable to be kept by this dimension illusions. Much Peace Salvador, July 27, 2013. Luiz Roberto Mattos - Salvador – BA - Brazil During the twentieth century, at the rising of TV and movies, and expensive advertisements, beauty and convincing ones, almost hypnotic, great part of humanity fell down on sex, drugs and alcohol webs, and became imprisoned in material matrix illusion; Satisfied, feeling several ways of pleasure, almost all the time, people do not have time neither interest in searching for spiritual things. Are we searching of matrix distractions? Are we only searching for immediate pleasure? Is our life goal searching for sexual satisfaction, distortion and run from reality by means of drugs? Searching calmness by means of cigarette? Drug the soul with power, luxury and material assets? 05


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CULTURE There have been several activities cycles of Rosicrucian Order. Within the same cycle, there is a plenty activity time, followed by a time of inactivity the same length. These cycles are necessary for several reasons. A cycle started in 1378, with the “birth” of Christian Rosenkreutz. When he “died”, in 1459, the Order started its phase of inactivity, turning back to activity with the “discovery” of Christian Rosenkreutz´s tomb and publishing of Manifestos, in 1614. So we have precise secret teachings cycles and others in which the order is promoted to public, as AMORC acts nowadays, with books. Christian Rosenkreutz´myth. Many people believe Christian Rosenkreutz was a man that really existed and was the true founder of the Order, so denying the past of Rosicrucian Order in Ancient Egypt. In truth Christian Rosenkreutz was a fictitious character used by French Rosicrucian to promote the new cycle of the Order activities in France, using the Manifestos which were published in the country. In free translation, because the name is not translated, would be the same as Rosicrucian Christian. The Current Cycle of Activities AMORC was established by Harvey Spencer Lewis, in 1915, the first Imperator, being himself its representative at FUDOSI, an independent federation of esoteric orders. Traditionally, Dr. Lewis was regularly initiated in Rosicrucian tradition in Europe, in Toulouse, at Ordre Rose-Croix, by Emille Dantine. As part of the initiation, Dr. Lewis was assigned authorizing letters to establish AMORC as a new Rosicrucian body in the United States. Through his several European contacts, Dr. Lewis was associated to Madame May Banks-Stacy, one of the last successors of the Rosicrucian original colony that migrated to America at the end of the seventeenth century. At the end of the 1920´s, he became a remarkable person and well known in the esoteric world. At the beginning, AMORC headquarters was in New York City, having Lodges in San Francisco and Tampa, in Florida State. The Supreme Great Lodge headquarters was transferred, in 1927, to San Jose, California. Harvey Spencer Lewis died in 1939, and his son, Ralph Maxwell Lewis became the Imperator, having served his father as Great Secretary, previously. Gary L. Stewart was pointed out to the Imperator place at the time of Ralph Maxwell Lewis retirement, in 1987. Current Imperator is Christian Bernard, who was elected for the Imperator position in 1990. L’Ordre Rose-Croix It is the respected AMORC Great Lodge in France. Previously, before reappearance of current AMORC cycle, it was the main and most influent branch of Rosicrucian in Europe. His Last Great Master, before joining AMORC, was French Emille Dantine. Second World War had a devastating impact on the members of many esoteric orders, since such orders passed to illegality under Nazi laws of Adolf Hitler. Several known leaderships were imprisoned, chased, and in some cases, murdered by GESTAPO. Others found their sad end in concentration camps, as common prisoners. AMORC, being protected from such chasings, being well supported in the United States, grew immensely during this hard period. After the destruction caused by the war, many orders found the necessary support from AMORC to return to their works. Eventually, many orders were incorporated RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY PERSONAL REPORT AND THOUGHT A FRIEND of mine and also a very special person to me had a “loss” and I wrote about that to her. I do not know whether it will serve as comfort, but is an optimistic way of facing so difficult moment. When my grandmother passed away, I had the joy to wake up in the middle of the night and see her in my room to say goodbye to me, an as soon as she disappeared, my phone rang. It was my mother telling me she had disincarnated and I already knew, and I was in peace because she came to bring me encouragement and calm me down, so this did not let me suffer so much for missing her. We have always been close; she was a folk healer, and kind of witch, kind of alchemist. People looked for her so she prayed and blessed them and many were cured. She was an Angel and so she must be living, certainly, in a more beautiful place than the one we live in today. Many times I asked why there were so many stars on the sky, but when she was gone, I understood everything. Illuminated people become stars and will illuminate our nights which sometimes are sad, other times dark, but always, far away it is possible to notice the glow, may be discrete, but it is there, and I sincerely believe that it is her, showing me there will always be light to those ones who believe in life and in what comes after it. Spiritual plan is a constellation of intense Light beings, and they are there to look after us and guide us, and whether we feel alone, it is enough to look at the sky and it will be with us, because those ones we love live there, our guides, protectors, true guardians of powerful divine Light. It is true we suffer our own losses, but because we are flesh, developing matter, but when we understand that the reason of everything is the spirit evolution, loss and empty feeling will disappear and will give space to open new worlds, new horizons, and certainly, in this other plan we can be the best of us, our most pure essence will come out and we will have the grace of being Light Spirits, and so it will be our time to be the guides and mentors of someone, this is our mission in this plan. We must become better, simpler and less selfish, we need to learn how to love in generous way and always give ourselves. Sincere friends, faithful lovers, devoted parents and children, always follow the Path of Good and Light, and who knows, someday, we will be one of those stars that shine for us at night. We must be conscious that death does not exist, sometimes we are dead in life, simply because we give up our fundamental essence, that is to be useful, happy and sincere, and this is the path to evolution. What we consider loss, to the one that goes is hope of a better life, is growth and purification, the moment to leave behind something we once were, to become better beings. Probably we will never be able to be the Sun, or the Moon, but we can be Stars and this depends only on ourselves and on how we conduct our life and to whom we direct our energies and our true affection. I believe the key to everything is Truth, Sincerity, Loyalty and detachment, so we achieve the right to be able to shine on the sky of those we love in this Astral Plan. I hope so, I believe so and so it is. Ricardo Blomberg - Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil 06


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MASTER´S MESSAGE HAVE YOU ALREADY MADE YOUR CHOICE? Beloved ones, millions of beings from several planets and dimensions, since the creation of this experienced you call Earth, follow you in your journey, many of them up to now, distantly, monitoring your advances in this path of awakening and light. At this moment, now, we are all following you very closely, close enough in your third dimension view, because we are already free from time-space limitation of your dimension, so we could touch you, and even shake you to wake up. But we follow the divine laws, and an entire hierarchy, which comes from our own conscience, and does not allow us to do so. Therefore, make your choice. We are at your side this very moment of transition, the so called one by several people, so ignored by many ones, because they do not understand the real dimension of this choice to each one´s evolution. Planet Earth gets to its apex in dimensional evolution. As a living and pulsing being, Gaia has already made her choice, very long ago, and she will make the transition, this is what I tell you all. At this moment, in which the choice of the being that hosts you has been made, it is time of each one´s choice. Choice is very simple, it is not among religions, philosophies, beliefs, but the choice of listening to your own heart and your Higher Self crying many times for your uniting, the uniting of your Higher Self, that part of you who has the knowledge, all the love, experience and who monitors your many dimensions “I”s to the acquisition of your own evolution. In truth, it is not and has never been necessary choosing to believe in Light Masters existence, in Interplanetary Beings, Elementals, or other beings that are at your side this moment. Acknowledge is a third dimension need, part of the diseased and hurt EGO of yours, due to the several experiences of your past and current lives. We overcame this need long ago, and came here to transmit this message as journey friends and brothers, because as we heard, you are important to all of us. Each or you that read this message do it because your Higher Self knows about the deep love of many being who bet your choice is made. From the moment your soul choice is made, who chose love instead of pain, who let his life to the flow of his heart´s wish, of his intuition, which is the clear connection with the divine part, the remaining, the entire process will come as magic, because we are at your side only waiting this choice. Make it, chose to be near, really near the truth, the beauty, the divine love, and we will be able to act freely in your spirit, in your life, making it manifest itself in heaven and on Earth. Require was made, we could make more, asking you, that through your free will you allow every light being, who follows your lives and Planet Earth, helps you in this moment, individually, particularly, to rediscover your own truth, your own divinity, your own SELF. Beloved ones you are for all the Eras and awaiting your choice till the last second of your time Interstellar and multidimensional communication staff – Ashtar Sheran Command supported by Arcturians, Pleiadians and Sirians for Planetary Ascension Channelled by Adriana Pasquinelli 22/08/2012 - Santo André – SP – Brazil PEACE OF BEING IN PEACE Our happiness depends only on us, so do not let your joy, your Peace, your life in anyone´s hands, absolutely anyone. We are free, we do not belong to anyone and we cannot wish to be owners of desires will or dreams of whomever. Life´s reason of being is you. Your inner peace must be your life goal; when you believe it. Stop looking for your happiness increasingly far away. Dot not aim too far from your hands; hug those ones that are at your arm´s length. Whether you are desperate do to financial, love or familiar relationships problems search for in your inner side, the answer to calm you down, you are the reflex of what you thing every day. Stop thinking bad of yourself, and be your own best friend, always. Smile means approve, accept, greet. So, open a smile of approval to the world, which has the best to offer you. With a smile, people will have a better impression of you, and you will be stating to yourself, that you are “ready” to be happy. Work, work in your favor. Stop wanting that happiness come without work. Stop demanding from people, something you have not even awarded yet. Give thanks to everything which is in your life, this moment, including gratitude and pain. Our comprehension of the universe is still very small, so to judge whatever is in our lives. Jeferson Ouro – Natal/RN - Brazil MASTERS´ MESSAGE BELOVED LIGHT SONS Notice that there are no masks any more, and everything that exists to flourish must grow on fertile and ploughed land. Weed must be extinguished, so only good and truth flourish. Do not search for weed in other persons or situations, because many are called but few are chosen. Search for these weeds that are inside your heart and feelings, and gently start the divine work to clean the land so your Christ Self, your primordial source of divine energy anchors here and now, bringing you certainty of the divine proposal in your existence. People will fall at your side, and this was prophesized, but love and compassion heals and nothing is lost in Creation. Look at the beings as they really are, children playing with divine powers, and, at each ones´ awakening, guide them, orient them, support them, because such child hurts herself, she only understands her own acts, actions, when looking at the hurt. No Divine Power is delegated to inconsequent beings, if there is power pulsing, is it the inconsequence, intolerance and vanity you know children. Divine laws are for everybody, for every existing being and all of them undergoes his judgment, this is the Universe Law. Now, that the land is clean, flourish in light ideal and ascension. May everything that happens serves as example to your lives’ actions, to a real greatness of your existences proposal, for nothing ins insignificant about matter plan, Only things that can prejudice most ambitious divine projects suffer constant attacks from beings who aim light, but cannot achieve it because of their own vanity. All of this is needed now, and we know that sometimes compassion and pain walk hand on hand, but they will be glad with the new world that is right ahead, waiting for you... A world where truth, love and noble ideals flourish; and lie and illusion does not exist anymore. Be in light, this moment, and our divine love to you. Adriana Pasquinelli Sto André – SP - Brazil 07


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MASTER´S MESSAGE canstock Within the immense Earth web, we do not know, yet, what is more dangerous and prejudicial to incarnated human being. At this moment, being still sleepy or believing to be awakening, but this is a cloudy reality of a dream, not being able to define his own illusion. Observe in which realities your faith is supported, where your belief is and how you will be able to get rid of it, wake up for the new reality. Earth world still presents a series of traps to the spirit who bases on the ego and proud, and while these are not solved in practicing true faith, disciple will always tend to fall into these traps. Good spirits do not feed ego, neither vanity, because they know how much it is still harmful to children spirits as the ones in this existence moment. Good spirits will never place your spiritual evolution and even your work based on what they were, because they know that today they are not in their previous living anymore; they will base on what it is, on what was conquered and never in human title, even the most important it may be, it is real in spiritual plan. So many kings, queens, regents fell into threshold webs due to this same ego, to this same proud, and found, in humble work of spirituality the uplifting solution to their own ego. Before, worried about reviving the past of their previous lives, in searching for knowing who they were, the most important is to see these experiences in which you fell, which lessons your own soul still needs to a safe learning Instead, worried about knowing who was at your side supporting you in other lives, many times supporting your mistakes, or recreating enemies, look at the people who are around you at this moment. Creator placed them there so you learned to love unconditionally and that is the reason, sometimes it is so difficult. My working friends concentrate in what is essential at this moment, not in your ego, but in the reconnection to the Christ Self, so all the prophecies are true and Inner Christ of each one returns to Earth. That is it. Channelled por Adriana Pasquinelli Sto André – SP - Brazil 05/28/2012 TEXT INSPIRED ON THE HOMONYMOUS SONG OF MAGIC THEATER Self-knowledge, searching for something we call Higher Self, knowing who we really are, is a so difficult task, I believe it is necessary many incarnations to discover the answer, but will someday be possible to really know who “AM I”? When we start our studies, about occultism or spirituality, in a general way, the first rule we find, and which is also despised by many ones, is exactly searching for who we are, and getting into this dark tunnel full of secrets, fears, angers, loves and passions. And then, at this moment we take the first step to self-knowledge, searching for calculating what we call “Values”, which we keep, use, show and even hide from others, have you already noticed how you act in a totally different way being at your parents presence, and when you are at your friends presence? Sure, this is what we call mask, but it is not our aim now. Going back to personal values, so different from the values people attribute us. Our great friends, our relatives, that person we love and who looks at us with a great smile, a love smile. And so, you discover that it is in this smile you feel good, you feel fulfilled as in a divine hug. At that moment you wish would last forever, in that smile you share with your friends in a funny moment, in that smile your parents give you for being proud of their son, in that smile from the loved one when completely happy at your side. However, why do we forget everything in certain moments? Why are we this way, creating concepts to every remaining thing? Looking inside is much more than being rational, looking inside is to love oneself. It is to look with God´s eyes, with Unconditional Love´s eyes. Girls are witches and fairy, making magic with their eyes, with their sweet manner, with their womanhood, which not only seduces, but takes care. Their smile magic, which makes any man, the harder and insensible he may be, melts like ice in the fire. PH Alves - São Paulo – SP – Brazil 08 THREE NATURES OF ACTION: NAISKARMAN, VIKARMAN E AKARMAN Among all beauty analysis in Bhagavad Gita, the one which calls attention, the most, is, in reality, the basic theme of India cosmic philosophy: straight-acting (naiskarman), substituting false-acting (vikarman) and not-acting (akarman). There is a tendency of passiveness in the East, born from the conviction that every profane man´s act is negative, bad, sinful, because profane man acts in name of his ego and for his love to it, which is an illusion. Krishna, however, and other illuminated masters, does not advocate this passivity of not-acting, but recommend a third attitude, equidistant from profane false-acting and mystic´s not-acting; they insist in straight-acting of the cosmic man. Straight- acting consists in acting in the name and for love of man´s central Self (Atman), although peripheral ego (Aham) may serve as channel and vehicle of this living waters which come from the man´s divine source. To make this third man´s attitude possible, it is indispensable he knows, intuitively, his central Self, that, in Sanskrit is called Atman, in holy Christian books, it appears as soul and spirit, and in western philosophy and psychology is it named Self (Selbst). In Christ´s Gospel, this central Self of man figures many times as Father, Light, God´s reign, Occult Treasure, Precious Pearl, etc. When man acts in name of this divine Self, and for his love, although through human ego, he not only does not keep debit of karma, but he also frees himself from past debts. Therefore, in Bhagavad Gita, Krishna reaches zenith of self-accomplishment of man based on the highest knowledge of his divine being making up a perfect parallel to Christ´s words “You will know the truth, and the truth will free you”. Alexandre Teles - Salvador – Bahia


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PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST NEGATIVE ENERGIES But we can protect us, starting from taking a series of attitudes and measures. Six personal hints to star fighting them follow: 1. FEAR NOTHING AND NOBODY One of the most efficient weapons in subduing someone is putting him fear. Feeling able to a deep inner disturbance, even able to make real aura holes, letting the individual vulnerable to any attack. Fear someone means to put yourself into lower position, fear means not believing in yourself and in your potential; fear means lack of faith. Fear makes us low our vibrational field, so becoming vulnerable to external forces. Feeling fear of someone is to attest he is stronger and more powerful. The more strength you give to the oppressor, the more he will strengthen. IBÈRÙ IÈ FÁ IKW ÁRÀ TÁBÌ TÍ ÈMI. FEAR IS THE ONE THAT PLAN PREMATURE DEATH. 2. FEEL NO GUILTY As well as fear, guilty is one of the worse states of spirit that exists. It changes our vibrational field, letting our aura (force field) vulnerable to the aggressor. Guilty weakens our immunologic system and close our prosperity paths. One of the greatest resources used by jealous people is to make us feel guilty of our achievements. Do not play their game and be aware that your success is deserved. Support your own victories ever! 3. ADOPT AN ACTIVE POSTURE Adopting a defensive posture is not always a good business. Face the situation. Always remember the dog example: the one who is afraid of the animal runs, he will fatally be pursued and bitten. But the one that keeps calm and turn the situation around can get out safe. Instead of thinking someone can influence you negatively, why don´t you go ahead and influence him beneficially? Or maybe his badness is stronger than your goodness? Why do we always keep in a passive attitude of victims? Before the other one reaches you with his badness, reach him beforehand with much light and peace, compassion and love thoughts. 4. BE ALWAYS AT YOUR SIDE The major cause of human relationships problems is “Self-Obsession”. Negative influence of a person on another one will always be while there is a domination idea, of human in inequality, while one thinks he is more than the other one, while our relations are not supported by mutual respect. But great part of the problems happens because we do not relate well with ourselves. “Self-Obsession” means not liking oneself, not supporting oneself, self-boycotting and downgrading, not satisfying his personal needs and give force to another one, letting him influence your life, thinking that the other ones deserve more than we do. SelfObsession means not listening to our soul, is giving more value to other ones’ opinion. The ones who go this way lose their personal strength and open doors to any kind of dominating people and low level energies. Inner strength is our greatest defense. 5. GO UP HIGHER POSITIONS Arrows do not reach the sky. Always place yourself in high positions with good thoughts, words, actions and noble and mature feelings. High level thoughts and feelings atmosphere makes bad energy, which has short range, not reach you. This is the best way to create “incompatibility” with evil forces. Remember: incompatible forces do not match. 6. CLOSE YOURSELF TO NEGATIVE INFLUENCES Access ways by which negative influence can get in our field are the doors which opens to our soul, or else, mind and hear. Keep both always protected from bad thoughts and feelings energies, and run away from negative, bad intentioned and depressive talks. Avoid dense and low level places. When you cannot help, get apart from people who do not add anything to you and only pull you to the negative side of life. The same is valid to low level readings, TV programs, movies, music and leisure. CONCLUSION... THE WORLD SEE YOU AS YOU SEE IT!! DO NOT WAIT OTHERS TO RESPECT YOU IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT YOURSELF. DO NOT IMAGINE THE WORLD WILL LOVE YOU, IF YOU DO NOT LOVE YOURSELF!! Self-dignity and respect are fundamental so one learns to respect the neighbor. When we win our “major enemy”, or else, “WE OURSELVES”, and we start walking so to become a better human being. “Character and nobleness steadiness” are made day by day, with practical attitudes and not only with rhetoric. Àsé o! CHARACTER IS THE PERSON CAPABILITY TO OBSERVE HIMSELF, HONESTLY, AND MODIFY ATTITUDES, SO TO WIN HIS DEFECTS AND BECOME A BETTER HUMAN BEING… IWÀ NIKÀN L’Ó SÒROO! (Character is everything one needs!) THE PERSON WHO DOES NOT HAVE CHARACTER IS MORE MISERABLE THAN A BEGGAR Awo Ifasen Oyekanmi Oyekale - Goiânia – GO – Brazil 09


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POEMS AND POETRY I had a very real dream Santa Sarah turned me immortal And I who knew nothing I went to Nosso Senhor do Bonfim land Poor of me Whose history starts by the end! Lotus flower was born from Jasmin and was delivered by cupid, cherub! Ah, without you my eyes are lost in horizon and I stay around searching for any perfume to pleasure me Pero neither the birds singing, or the angels’ harp reproduce the symphony of your voice and no beauty matches yours! And yes, what I feel is pure love, which dominates me entirely, makes me be certain in wish! And I only want to be at your side, as much as I can, where I am” Bring you shine in the eyes, smile on the lips, a verse, a gentleness! With you I am not afraid any more. Objectivity on the contrary, I increasingly become more certain to act and your presence near me I always want to feel! Caboclo who comes from the forest who is he?! He is tupiara of Arere, but if it were not jurema´s leaf what would be of caboclo Juruá ?! You know, I only wish to look at your eyes, let the entire being guide us and connected to the highest let a second be conducted by another one, light and loosen without anything to attach, for the high takes us and one takes the other to the high! So we are going to let the highest guide us and this good tuning increases and we see what happens! And even somewhat apart from you I feel close enough! Ah, your eyes, as the sea, reflect the moon and your luminous smile as the stars and this beauty so natural it is almost formidable! I only want to be able to know and keep hope of this tuning amplifying, but I really aim to take you to the altar and at “yes” time, be United so nothing will separate from now to eternity! You know, I learned, with all literary styles and kinds of romances that in each style being it literary or romance I noticed faith, hope and confidence were kept, and that aimed to acquire more and greater wisdom which govern on the remaining virtues and so will be able to live with all of them and kill the vestiges of ego which remains and pass this on, because as they will be near paradise and think from the beginning that they should do that and now they start to know how, there is nothing more precious than that and the entire universe will help! And all literary styles will be united to writhe the romance of these, who, besides delineate their own, will help with the other ones! They are really complex and eccentric beings, the poets, as neither on paper they can completely express what they feel, but they are innate observers and so they care if they do not understand the interlines, for they unfold in styles, genders, numbers and grades each second, to let this remarkable, that only thinking that it is not being done in perceptible way it is as the silver pen point was inserted in his chest letting the “ink” in his being flow out completely, and maybe so, he could express all his messages in only one gesture! Ah... writing is not always easy, but the poet role is. So what to do?! Forget the destiny laces, let yourself to destiny?! I return to writing, do I know what to do?! Is it worthwhile to die in life?! Is everything a great illusion?! Why not, why not?! As a friend of mine would say, May God keep you, whiner Charlie Brown Jr., days pass by, hours extend, people around me do not understand me, but will they understand?! João Pedro Simas - Rio das Ostras – RJ - Brazil MAY ATROCITIES OF CAMBODIA, NAGASAKI AND HIROSHIMA NOT REPEAT Let there be Light, Love and Peace and every beauty and Perfect thing. My dream to humanity is: Cambodia the Son does not burn the Moon, also does not hurt Earth, no one wants any more war, neither sufferings of victims from Hiroshima, Cambodia and Nagasaki: A dream printed in life image, in the bottom of the soul, another forgotten soul, revived now from a morbid dream, and garnished with the strong wall of Love, Light and Peace! Now is the Aquarius Era. There is nothing to fear! There is nothing to cry for! We will win in the world! We will Love in the Soul! Following! Smiling! Loving! Singing! We wish to travel around the Earth, the Space, and the Air! Without prejudice, without bitterness on the chest, without hurting the clouds, without scraping the skies, oceans, forests, and our lovely Mother Earth (Gaia) A better world being set out now I wish all men and women that the infinite Love Spirit illuminates and benefit every man and woman and that everyone search for Divine Light! We are all fruit of our thoughts, vibrations and desires; action and reaction Laws, so let us wish good, forgiveness, mercifulness including ourselves even to the ones who wish us evil. The dream has not finished, it has only been delayed and the accomplishment moment is NOW! So complying with the Divine plan. I wish and vibrate to all brothers in Light, and to the ones who are not in Light, Love, Harmony, Truth and Justice, yet, and that the infinite Love Spirit benefits them to a Peace, Love and Light world. The Sun shines on your lives forever. Let there be Light! Namaste. Reynaldo Girão - Itatiba -– SP – Brazil Anima! Cheer up! Get closer! Re-create-yourself! Achieve! Concretize! Imagine! Get out the crisis! Insist! Persist! Allow yourself! And, do not give up! Recover! Restart! Redefine! Fish yourself! Confront! Bear up! Go ahead, living is urgent! Tell, pray, shout, and ask for! Suely Firmino Firmino - São Paulo – SP – Brazil GRAND MASTERS OF THE PAST AND THEIR IMPORTANT INFLUENCES IN THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES TODAY SRIMAD BHAGAVATAN Sri Krishna – internet With the body we can achieve all life´s goals, and our parents give the body birth and nourish. Therefore, no mortal men can pay the debt he has with their parents, even if he serves them for a whole hundred year life. 10


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RAMANA MAHARSHI “There is nothing to be conquered, just ignorance to be removed.” Ramana Maharshi Mahatma Gandhi World production of weapons must be limited as the one of opium, for weapons are probably responsible for more unhappiness in the world than opium. Life principles / Mahatma Gandhi / organizing from HENRI STERN Adapting: DENISE RUMAN SIGMUND FREUD PSYCHOANALYSIS´ FATHER EDUCATION “It does not fit me to conceive any so important need during person´s infancy than the need of feeling protected by a father.” (Freud)”. CARL GUSTAV JUNG “Before internal happenings, other memories turn pale: trips, human relations, and environment. Memory of my life´s external facts, in its majority blurred in my spirit and then disappeared. But encounters with the other reality, fight with the unconscious, impregnated in indelible way in my memory. At this region there has always been abundance and richness; the remaining occupied second plan. External circumstances cannot substitute the ones of internal order. That is why my life was poor in external happenings. I will not extend myself about them, because this seemed empty and imponderable to me. I can only understand myself through internal occurrences. Those constitute my life particularity.” Carl G. Jung In his autobiography: MEMORIES, DREAMS, REFLECTIONS PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA Do not mix yourself so close with others. Friendships do not satisfy us, unless they are rooted in mutual love to the Lord. Our human desire for love comprehension by other ones is, in truth, a soul desire for unity with God. The much we search for satisfying this desire, externally, the less probably we will meet the Divine Companion. Paramahansa Yogananda : “Thus Spoke Paramahansa Yogananda” 11



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