5 Big Procurement Challenges


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What can be done?

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5 BIG Procurement Challenges …and what schools (and suppliers) can do about them Stuart Abrahams Neil Watkins Think IT neil.Watkins@think-it.org.uk


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The Tech-tonic plates are shifting Moving to the cloud o DfE Cloud Guidance o Microsoft / DfE MoU o Google Chromebooks


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Procurement Challenge 1 Compliance Understanding the rules Delegation down Theft & fraud


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Procurement Challenge 2 Complexity o Pace of EdTech change o Technical expertise o Efficacy


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Procurement Challenge 3 Capability Expertise & experience Reactive buying Decision making


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Procurement Challenge 4 Cash Squeezed budgets Utility not a luxury Outcomes and VfM


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Procurement Challenge 5 Trusted (suppliers) Who are they? Can they do the job? WHEN things go wrong?


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Free ICT Strategy Vision Give your staff the tools to be 21st Century Professionals AND Give your learners the digital skills to thrive in the 21st Century


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What can schools do? Top 4 recommendations Have a strategy Use free Naace tools Use frameworks Build relationships


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