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n ewsmagazine crusader the · prescription drugs · spring musical salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · april 2010 · vol 59 issue 5 game set match women s tennis pg 27


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2 · table of contents the crusader 14 spring musical a review of the musical production of little women photo by brandon cawthorne lacrosse with a 7-2 record the varsity lacrosse team fights their way through the season photo by sean logan 28


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april 2010 table of contents · 3 crusader the newsmagazine 26 women s tennis news 10 12 13 varsity women s tennis works hard to maintain their perfect record while preparing for the state tournament cover photo by sean logan hidden addiction many of america s teens suffer from adictions to prescription medication new bill proposition for students to be able to graduate and move onto college their sophomore year registration looking at the changes and additions to the 2010-2011 course catalogue features and entertainment 18 20 24 music industry celebrities artists to watch taking a look at new people in the pop culture engagements babies and best dressed reviews tv s real housewives of nc the books hush hush and take me there and the restaurant cheesecake factory sports 27 30 31 men s tennis working towards the playoffs the team wraps up their season with a strong record baseball varsity baseball works hard to further improve their strong 14-3 record men s and women s track the track teams wrap up seasons with mixed sucess columns la vie en rose 07 dignity week time of streiff 09 moving forward kenna s karma 23 honesty is the best policy claire s conundrum 25 stereotypes


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april 2010 news · 5 crusader newsmagazine the editorial remembering that we still have two months left volume 59 2009-2010 april 12 2010 arizona interscholastic press association first place general excellence 2006 07 2007 08 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 almost over the crusader is published by the salpointe journalism class circulation is 500 and it is distributed free to students it is distributed electronically to 8000 parents alumni faculty and staff to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or its administration editor-in-chief editorial board jada streiff `10 assistant editor natalee dawson `11 opinions editor news editor k aila schubert `10 natalee dawson `11 features entertainment editor kyle dignoti `11 sports editors art editor sean logan `12 r ebecca hildreth `11 news staff members cati contreras `10 isamar molina `10 kaila schubert `10 kyle dignoti `11 rebecca hildreth `11 claire dainielson `12 nikki fuijiwara `12 emi omnick `13 delaney hare `10 isamar molina `10 jada streiff `10 justin jenkins `10 mckenna ronquillo `10 monika brady `10 sandra otero `10 kyle dignoti `11 claire dainelson `12 amanda martinez `13 sports features entertainment josh pettigrew `12 adviser ms michelle mathews head of school fr bob carroll o.carm nother year has almost but not quite passed at salpointe catholic high school the operative word however is almost no matter how enthusiastically we check off the school days in our calendars we still have more than a month left most students are under large amounts of stress right now there are finals standardized tests projects picking colleges and myriad of other deadlines creeping up those responsibilities and the stress can make us do things we shouldn t today s world surrounds us with people who allow stress to make them blind to the world around them stress builds a tunnel around us and obscures the peripheral vision of our paths we see only ourselves our present and our fear of the futures ahead of us we are in constant motion sometimes everything can seem like a flurry of tests and quizzes surrounded by a sea of homework however we must be aware that this time that we spend here is not forever as a community we often demonstrate our awareness that there are things more to life than school things such as dignity week rak week and our community s dedication to the observance of lent are all examples the dedication we show as a school to further our goals towards helping others such as the carmelite missions in foreign countries is a perfect example by giving that money to stop the music or even a to have ms milne become the teacher prom queen is us as a salpointe community giving back as individuals however we sometimes forget that there are challenges to be met beyond our own planners the challenge to not refer to others by using derogatory terms has been our latest test to think before we speak is a full time job and does not stop when we leave salpointe s halls for the beach and summer fun being conscientious of what we should and should not say to others in any context is something that we should carry with us forever not just for the next two months we often also forget that there is also a need for help in our own city as well forgetting that there is more than meets the eye we constantly do not even bother to help our communities because we feel there is nothing to be done in truth there is always something to be done here as a struggling city it is up to us to volunteer our time when it is asked of us whether it be registering to vote in ms leith s class or cleaning up a local park with friends it is up to us to make tucson a better place so as we wrap up our time here at salpointe crossing off those days in our planners we must remember that we still have time left here time that could be spent working harder on making the grades we wish to have instead of developing senioritis three years early and praying summer would come that much faster.


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6 · opinions the crusader letters to the editor school spirit m y experience at salpointe has been enriched with new and fun experiences i think that the school tries very hard to make the students happy we have excellent lunches awesome teachers and an overall loving environment salpointe is a school that opens many doors for students we get an excellent education the teachers care for the students and our sports programs are amazing i am proud that i am a lancer and i get to represent salpointe other schools look at us with aw we represent a good environment they also know that we are hard working and that we will succeed in life i would ­ definitely recommend people to our school it is definitely hard and you have to work hard to stay in the end it is well worth all of the effort and extra time samantha carlson `12 struggling all year long if too easy you don t push yourself picking your classes can ultimately determine what college you will attend if a college looks at the classes that you took and notices that you only took the basic required classes they will probably not accept you if they look and see that you took all ap classes and see that you got striaght c s they probably won t accept you either in picking classes a balance between diffiucult and easy classes is necessary richard torres `12 next year second lunch blues here is a lot of talk about next year s school year i absolutely hate it i do not like hearing about the upcoming school year i am tired of this school year i want to rest and i want summer the last thing that i want to hear is what we have to do for next year and what classes we need to sign up for picking classes is another thing that i do not like to do it reminds me of school for next year and it is a difficult thing to do no one likes doing it but we have to it is a big hassle picking classes because we are confused and we are not sure what classes to take i know that it is important to pick your classes carerfully and make sure that is what you want but i am so tired of school that i do not even want to register for next year it just upsets me even more after a couple months of summer and rest we will all be ready to come back to school again and then we will get tired of it after the first month again jorge vega `12 t s jamboree t he school is not only forcing students topay an extremely high tuition each year but then come up with another hundred dollar extra payment students have to sell one hundred dollars worth of tickets or else we have to make up the difference some kids are here on financial aid yet they are stuck with a hundred dollar bill they might not be able to afford oh it s all for the one day reward yet this free day is not even one-hundred-dollar worthy 1,200 kids are chained on a field with fourth-grade caliber blowup dodge balls a stage and food do the math are five blow ups some food which runs out within five minutes a stage and and three raffles worth 8,000 dollars do not add up to the 120,000 dollars we were forced to donate the the definition of a donation is a voluntary gift of money service or ideas made to some worthwhile cause or act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity this giving is not voluntary and what charity are we giving the extra money to vince giovannini `12 o i pretty much strongly dislike a.k.a hate second lunch as long as i have been here at salpointe i have had first lunch and i loved it nevertheless this second semester i had to switch to second lunch and i have to say i wish i had first again the number one thing that needs to be changed and quick is the food shortage sure most of the time there is always something but on those other days the food runs out in like 2 seconds for the past 3 days i have wanted to get the outside vendor but they end up cutting the line off after like 9 and a half kids get food i do not like this because then i have to walk over to the snack bar which is like 7 miles away or the cafeteria where too many kids cut in line when this happens you get your lunch and then you have 47 seconds to eat it the easiest way to solve these problems is to get more food and have more monitoring on the lines to prevent cutting that is all emilio pratt`12 editor s note have an opinion about an issue at school write a letter to the crusader it must be 150-200 words typed we do not accept anonymous letters the preceding letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the crusader or its staff a special thanks to all who submitted letters that were not able to be included in this issue picking classes o one really enjoys picking classes yet it is something that we all have to do picking your classes is like deciding on your future it could either make or break the following year when you are picking your classes you must be sure to balance the difficulty if you pick classes that are too hard you are stuck n


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april 2010 opinions · 7 dignity week ignity week has passed again at salpointe we all saw the video starring our fellow students and our own mr flannery during homeroom most of us wanted to watch him say knock it off salpointe more than once we watched our fellow classmates valiantly maintain their silence on friday in solidarity with their unheard counterparts in society our school asked us to see the potential in each other and i think that we took notice but what about the weeks that followed what about next week dignity week is supposed to be a reminder of the promise we owe to each other to our world even to god who often seems to warrant a sea of question marks too often we assume that dignity equals tolerance as if by barring offensive words from our usage we have done our duty to the world we re wrong preserving universal dignity isn t about tolerance or even about acceptance it s about love pure and simple it s about looking into the face of a stranger and seeing a higher truth sometimes we re too afraid to love completely it s a terrifying thing pettiness and selfishness furnish us with excuses and rationalizations that we cannot see ourselves without here s an example when i m standing in the line for a lunch item i particularly want i revert to my species hunter-gatherer past i cut in line because i convince myself that it s okay i justify it it s horrible because not only is it inconsiderate but it s stupid i don t even remember what i ate for lunch yesterday why do i care i know i m not alone in such single-minded incidences imagine if we put half as much ferocity into the things that actually mattered where would we be la vie en rose our pledge continues would suicide still be the leading cause of death among gay teens would students sit alone at lunchtime would the homeless man on campbell still haul all his belongings on his back while sixteen-year-olds with cars of their own drove past i don t think so these things happen because we convince ourselves that we owe nothing to one another who are we kidding we owe each other everything dignity respect love of course i m a hypocrite i m trying never hard enough to work away from that status but it s still intact for now and i know that when we mock each other during random acts of kindness week or laugh at the expense of another to hide our own insecurities we are all hypocrites the world is a complicated confusing mess sometimes but that s why we weren t put into it alone acting like we are the only people on the entire planet isn t going to get us anywhere that behavior will tangle us up it will destroy our dignity as well as everyone else s we have a chance to create the world we live in it is a heavy burden but it s the one we re born with i challenge you to bear that burden with pride don t just wear it on a t-shirt dignity isn t something we celebrate during one week out of the year dignity is our promise our responsibility and our challenge rise to that challenge and see where it takes you more importantly see where it takes us all d natalee rose dawson `11 assistant editor mark hoddad smith 7053 east tanque verde tucson arizona 85715 520 885-2842 fax 520 298-6083 w w w electriccafe c o m


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8 · advertising the crusader fresh pat pettigrew president hes hes nc nc bru di nne lu r co ck ta il pa rti es gradu ations 520.791.0835 s law offices of blue river painting inc licensed bonded and insured sw eet 16 rudy valenzuela rudy valenzuela attorney at law 4075 s sixth avenue tucson az 85714 telephone 520 882-5655 fax 520 882-5580 servicing tucson pheonix and lake havasu since 1981 we provide custom and production painting and repairing our quality work is guaranteed for five years from completion against defects in materials and workmanship contact us at 520 730-4533 let our experience put professionalism upon your job 25 years of experience fast response r.p streiff exterminating 2292 w magee rd suite 200 tucson az 85742 520 575 8668 fax 520 575 0970 r.p.streiff,owner


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april 2010 opinions · 9 moving forward time of streiff a preparing for next year s we spend our days dragging ourselves to our classes only to spend those moments waiting for the time to pass it is hard to remember school is going to end soon for some of us the end of the year means waiting to move up the ranks in the next to school year where we will be one step ahead of everyone else of the incoming classes for others the end of the year means moving on going to an entirely different school or starting again as freshmen for all of us it is a time when we will leave behind our year-long friendships and a chance to start anew through all of the changes we must not forget that time is fleeting it is time to take advantage of each opportunity before it passes us by it is also time to keep up our efforts in school instead of slacking off because of the spring weather and summer vacation there are a hundred clichés about keeping your head in the game and that is exactly what you need to do now finish strong so your grades are better and your high school experience is a positive one one that you will remember proudly these four years are defined as the times of our lives but most of us treat them as a kickback period we don t do our assignments because missing one more can t hurt our grades that much we stay up until two in the morning because vh1 s the best of the 90 s is on yet again however as the saying goes life isn t about waiting for the storm to pass it is about learning to dance in the rain we shouldn t spend our time waiting for each day to pass we should learn to be more productive and try different things now is an excellent time to take a step back and look at what we are doing today that will affect us in the long run don t take easy classes because you just don t want to put in the extra work taking-challenging courses that will keep you focused and strive to keep your grades up take that honors class or that extra science in the end these challenging courses could be the things that end up making next year memorable for you even though it is a little late to start joining clubs instead consider getting involved in the community whether it be cleaning up a park running in charitable marathon or working an animal shelter it is important to give back to your community so lancers enjoy the rest of the time you have here keep up with your school work get involved with the community and start thinking about next year jada streiff `10 editor-in-chief all senior picture picture april 14 2010 in alumni hall during homeroom


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10 · news the crusader drug abuse has become epidemic in the united states especially among teenagers ad campaigns target the teenage demographic capitalizing on the harmful effects of illegal drugs off the radar however lies an equally harrowing fact prescription drug abuse is on the rise by claire danielson natalee dawson ad arijuana heroine and other drugs without asking cord to block the brain from receiving illegal drugs have posed a we ve found that one-third of pre pain messages opioid abuse can lead problem for teenagers for de scription drugs taken by kids come from to vomiting mood changes decrease in cades routine drug tests aim their parents and one-third come from cognitive function and even decreased to detect these illegal substances but their friends who are in turn very often respiratory function coma or death what some of them miss can pose just as getting them from their parents said i think prescription medications are large a threat e abuse of prescription joseph a califano jr the founder of easier to justify to yourself than illegal drugs by teenagers is on the rise at an national center on addiction and sub drugs because a doctor prescribes them alarming rate and it s legal said chanel lambert 11 stance abuse surveys done by the government still i stay away from abusing drugs of ose looking for prescription reveal that 31 teens think that using drugs can also attain them i think prescription medications prescription drugs even without a pre through illegal means such as are easier to justify to yourself than illegal scription is harmless dealers and pill mills pill mills teens use prescription drugs for many sell prescriptions and prescrip drugs because a doctor prescribes them of the same reasons as they use illicit tion medications in exchange for chanel lamber t `11 street drugs ey use prescription med cash payment ications to get a medically safe high to government officials have berelieve anxiety to sleep better to exper gun to take notice of the prevalence of all kinds because of the physical effects iment to help concentration to increase prescription drugs in the united states they can have i have seen people in alertness and to lose weight many as of april 2 ohio governor ted situations where they have been harmed teens believe that prescription drugs are strickland signed an executive order to by drug use and it makes me more sure safe because a doctor prescribed them create a task force to target and eradi that i don t want to use drugs of any however even prescribed drugs can be cate the issue kind dangerous when used in excess or by the cns depressants like tranquilizers prescription abuse is a terrible probwrong person 29 of teens believe that lem said strickland and in many and sedatives slow brain function ey prescripways in my judgment create adverse effects if used with pretion pain more severe than the scription pain medicines some cold and prescription abuse is a terrible rel ie vers problem and in many ways in my judg distribution of illegal allergy medications or alcohol cns aren t ad ment more severe than the distribution of substances depressants can become addictive bed ictive illegal substances e most cause cns depressants slow the brain s but that abused function if they are stopped they make ted strickland commonly isn t true prescription drugs the brain s activity rebound and race out p r e are opioids such as of control this can lead to seizures scription drugs are much easier for teens oxycodone central nervous system stimulants increase alertness atto get than prohibited street drugs cns depressants like barbiturates tention and increased energy is teens can get prescription drugs from and stimulants such as methylpheni can cause an increase in blood prestheir parents medicine cabinets or their date sure heart rate and respiration stimfriends 47.3 of teens obtain prescripopioids like morphine and vicodin ulants are normally used for patients tion drugs from friends or relatives for attach to the receptors in the central with adhd extreme depression and free and only 10.2 of teens get these nervous system of the brain and spinal asthma research shows that people m


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ddictions april 2010 news · 11 with adhd cannot become addicted to stimulants such as ritalin when used in the prescribed amount however if used differently or by people without adhd they can become extremely addictive addiction is the most common result of prescription drug abuse signs of drug addiction are changes in mood weight and interests drugs release an excess amount of dopamine a neurotransmitter that regulates among other things feelings of pleasure drugs release two to ten times the amount of dopamine that natural processess such as eating release is excess of dopamine teaches abusers that they can t get the same euphoric feeling without prescription medications e numbers of teenagers turning to prescription drug abuse is close to the number of new illegal drug initiates each year according to the office of national drug control policy in order to keep their children from using their prescription drugs for the wrong reasons parents need to keep better control over the family s medicine cabinet as well as talk to their children about the dangers of prescription medicatin teens should remember the physiological impact of prescription drugs ey should read and adhere to the directions provided by their doctor and their pharmacy to make sure that their prescription medications will work as they are intended information courtesy drugfree.orgß · 1 in 5 teens has abused prescription medication · 1 in 5 report abusing prescription strength tranquilizers · 1 in 10 teenagers has admitted to drinking cough medicine for nonmedical reasons statistics:


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12 · news the crusader heading off to college he nationa l center on education and the economy recent ly proposed a plan that cou ld give high school sophomores the oppor t unit y to get their diplomas t wo years earlier and immediately enrol l in a communit y col lege st udents who want to join the program must go through a series of tests ca l led board exams which cover math science english and histor y at the end of their sophomore yea rs st udents who don t want to take pa r t in the program and stil l want to work towa rd at tending a a universit y w il l continue prepa ring for col lege their junior and senior years other st udents prefer to stick w ith the traditiona l four yea rs of high school high school is available to prep st udents for col lege i do not believe that freshman and sophomore years give you the preparation necessa r y to send you off to col lege the f ina l t wo yea rs of high school are essentia l for st udents on the path to success said connor foster `12 proposed bill may allow high school sophomores to graduate early and go to community college by catalina contreras t the goa l of this program is to reduce the rate of st udents dropping out during their f irst years of college the nationa l center on education and the economy a lso wants to ensure that incoming st udents have mastered a set of basic requirements during their high school career and in t urn reduce the need for remedia l courses when they do enrol l in col lege i persona l ly think that at tending a communit y col lege after one s sophomore yea r is not the best idea many high school st udents learn the most during their junior and senior years st udents who w il l at tend a communit y col lege w il l miss the peak of their high school life said ha r r y hwang `12 the pilot program w il l begin in 2011 in connecticut kent uck y main new hampshire new mexico pennsylvania r hode island and vermont in each state roughly ten to t went y schools signed up to offer the new coursework to st udents the bil l and melinda gates foundation has prov ided a $1.5 million planning grant to star t up the program other suppor ters of the program include the nationa l association of manufact urers and the nationa l education association the goa l is to have the program spread throughout the rest of the schools in the initia l 8 states and then as it develops and improves it cou ld expand across the entire nation the goa l is to focus on f i xing the murk iness of the current school systems in the united states st udents do not have a clear idea of where to apply their effor t and the system makes no coherent at tempt to reward lea rning said education consu ltant phil da ro this plan w il l be a clear out line for st udents to fol low prompting them to work harder and preparing them for col lege those behind the program predict that success rates w ithin the f irst year of col lege wou ld drastica l ly improve because st udents wou ld be wel l-equipped w ith k nowledge and sk il ls to pass their core courses in fact suppor ters of the program conclude that if it is successf u l communit y col leges w il l be able to reduce the need for remedia l courses in genera l t h is prog r a m wou ld a l low a n approac h ba s ed on subjec t ma ster y a s y stem ba s ed a rou nd move-onwhen-re ady sa id d r te r r y hol l id ay k ent uc k y s c om m is sioner of e duc at ion it wou ld re volut ion izet he h igh sc hool s y stem prepa ring st udent s w it h col lege le vel cou rses a nd i nc lude prog r a ms like c ol leg e boa rd s a dv a nced p l acement t he i nter nat iona l bacc a l au re ate d iploma ac t s qual it y c ore a nd t he i nter nat iona l g ener a l c er t i f ic ate of s econd arye duc at ion prog r a ms of fered by ca mbr id ge i nter nat iona l a nd by e de xcel pa r t of pe a r son e duc at ion q uote sareb or row e d f rom ne w york t i me sart ic le pu bl i she d on fe b 17 2 010


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april 2010 news · 13 2010-2011 online registration egistration is a stressful process for students because they have to decide bet ween honors ap and elective classes no one can help them make their f inal decisions and they have to live with their choices a not her layer of t h is st ress stems f rom t he nu mber of c red its needed to g raduate as wel l as wh ic h c red its a re requ i red at t he col leges t he st udents willc hoose to at tend ms lynn ossowsk i started off the registration process by advising the students with a powerpoint presentation which gave them an over view on what to expect for the following year after the presentation class counselors followed-up by helping students select a sound combination of courses a credit is the essential element for choosing classes and all the credits have to be in the right subject areas and in the right amount for students to graduate incoming freshmen 2014 must have 27 credits an increase of 3.5 more credits than students needed this year current freshmen sophomores and juniors need a total of 24.5 credits to graduate this year s registration brings new and exciting classes for incoming and current students by:nikki fujiwara r new freshmen will need 1 credit of p.e and they need a minimum of 2 credits of a language however having more than 2 years of a language can put students ahead of others in college acceptance and job prospects this year s registration was a lot easier for me because of the new options and electives give you a chance to explore disciplines outside of the usual core course which gives students a better outlook on different fields ms lynn ossowski college counselor counselors guiding me through it all i am thrilled with the new chances such as the different electives said marti sollenberger `12 new classes for next year include many such as composition through film study which teaches students to examine litera ture through american f ilm introduction to art 2-d emphasis which gives them the chance to learn drawing dimensional media painting printmak ing and collage all which are a .5 credit other changes include the lack of late arrival and fewer quiet studies i am tak ing engineering this year which gives me a good taste for the f ield i am excited to take a new class next year said ben malisewsk i `11 the theolog y department is now offering t wo new religion options the revelation of jesus christ in scripture and w ho is jesus christ the science department brought astronomy into the curriculum as a one credit elective electives are important because they give students numerous choices and learning opportunities electives give you a chance to explore disciplines outside of the usual core courses which gives students a better outlook on different f ields said ms ossowsk i registration is an important process with many choices this year the academic departments initiated new classes to give students and new opportunities to explore their various interests new beginnings the salpointe course catalog is now an electronic version and allows students to apply for classes at home on a first-come first-serve basis photo illustration by rebecca rillos


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14 · news the crusader little women the musical a synopsis of the salpointe drama production by kaila schubert w hen louisa may a lcott wrote little women she probably didn t expect her book to become a broadway musical much less be performed at the corcoran theatre but on mar 18 this is exactly what ing as a governess while tr ying to sell one of her gor y gothic stories and become a successful author publishers repeatedly turn her down and tell her that she should go home and make babies after one such disappointing incident jo nostalgically remembers the stage including the girl s mother played by therese way `12 molly howard `13 who portrayed amy and a lexis zozoya `13 as beth the male leads included justin jenk ins `10 theodore laurie laurence iii mark pickering `10 as mr laurence and rodrigo and 3 1 happened ms briana huish assisted by ms christina culligan both new teachers at salpointe this year put on a musical adaptation of the original book i am thrilled to be work ing with this amazing cast and crew i am also happy to have the privilege of working with the other directors and am inspired by the talent and enthusiasm they bring to the table said huish huish originally planned on doing bugsy malone for the musical but after being given the opportunit y to do little women both directors decided that they couldn t give up the experience they knew doing this play would give them the stor y takes place during the civil war era and opens with jo march a passionate nineteen-yearold from concord massachusetts who is living new york she is work 2 her life three years earlier she was living at home with her three sisters and mother while her father was at war the play continues from this point as a f lashback retelling the stor y of the march women and how they dealt with romantic interests life choices family dynamics f inancial hardships and even death w hen i f irst went to go see it i thought it was going to be boring because i thought it was going to just be about women said kevin mccoy `10 by the time it was intermission though i was surprised by how entertaining it really was they all did a really good job putting it together the actors that brought these characters to life were a mi xture of old and new faces the female lead of last year s musical how to succeed in business without really tr ying chloe kay `12 played jo march many of the other actors were new to 3 c.j agbannawag `10 playing the part of john brooke the students here at salpointe are not only talented but truly put their hearts and souls into their work on the show which made it an amazing and positive show to be a part of if these students can continue to put as much of themselves into whatever they choose to do with their lives in the future as they did into this show they can truly achieve all of their dreams and change the world said culligan 1 gathered around in the living room meg cortney radtke `11 beth alexis zozoya `13 jo chloe kay `12 margret therese way `12 and amy molly howard `13 read a letter from their father 2 mr laurence mark pickering `10 and beth singsafar off to massachusetts 3 jo and professor bhaer emilio rodriguez `11 share a moment in the rain photos by brandon cawthorne


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april 2010 news ·15 comic



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