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ioa high school physical education pe i smart goals s specific i.e the goal states exactly what you mean to accomplish m measurable i.e you will know when you ve attained the goal or progressed toward attaining it a action plan i.e plan how you are going to accomplish it r realistic i.e given limitations it will be achievable within the short and long term t timely i.e it will fit with your current life schedule and so on example i will improve my 2 minute recovery heart rate by increasing my walking distance 1 mile 1.6 kilometers per week this goal fits the smart requirements s improve my recovery heart rate m 2 minutes a by increasing my walking distance aerobic exercise is a way to improve recovery heart rate r 1 mile 1.6 kilometers per week this is a small percentage increase t i already walk 4 times per week so increasing my distance by 1 mile will not require much additional time per day my smart health goal is note the smart requirements in your goal s specific m measurable a action plan r realistic t timely personal fitness study guide 1



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