Cre8 Annual Report 2017


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Cre8's review of activities and programmes over the last year

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I am really excited to step into the role as Chair for Cre8! I’ve been involved as a Trustee for 18 months and felt incredibly proud when the Trustees confirmed me as
the next Chair in June this year. We must all give our heartfelt thanks to our previous Chair Pip Mosscrop, and for his guidance, encouragement and steadfast commitment during the past 11 years. Pip remains a remarkable champion for the work of all Churches and faith initiatives across Macclesfield and this will continue I’m sure. One of my first tasks has been talking to the many people who are involved in Cre8 and also those who are connected to the organisation in the wider community; it seems clear to me
that ‘what Cre8 is and stands for’ is well articulated and understood. The organisation is highly credible and Cre8’s work was externally recognised by the Queen’s Award honour we received in 2015. As the Cre8 strapline stays; we are a ‘Faith’ based organisation which aims to be ‘Community’ led, bringing about transformational ‘Change’. Our basic aspiration is to reveal light, by finding and revealing the gifts of people in the community. Part of Cre8’s uniqueness and sustainability is being rooted in Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) principles, and we as Trustees are keen to continue and promote this. As Trustees our role is to ensure Cre8’s activities and projects are in line with our charitable objectives, as well as being done safely with risk carefully managed, money spent wisely and we have the best people doing the job. Over the past year it’s been great to see and hear how our young people are achieving and developing along their own journeys. Particular highlights for me have been winning two North West Charity awards, entering a large team of volunteers and workers in the Macc 5K and Macc Half Marathon and raising over £1,000 and hearing our young musical talent perform at several concerts and events. As for the future, over the next 3 years the Trustee group want, to see Cre8 become an even more attractive place for people to join and become part of; partnering with other organisations working on the Moss Rose Estate to promote the ‘asset based’ principles and ensure local talent and skills are developed to aid local solutions. We want to continue to build relationships, to share learnings beyond our community of the Moss Rose Estate, and most importantly, to have a structured mentoring of our Community Leaders both present and future. I hope that looking through this report, and the many inspiring stories on our website and social media, will encourage you to join us in supporting Cre8 in whatever way you can, and be part of the Cre8 Community. ~ Jenni Hardy, Chair of Cre8’s Trustees 01 Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017


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runvSbuoyplgpuwonrorotrtuekepeedsrrsbasyc&rcohsus rMchaeccslb&eaRSsosmfesiadeellloEdnsltoatcthaeel charity Moss Cre8 Charity The runs projects and activities for young people and their Runs ‘Cre8 families Fsaocciialilties’ enterprise ypeoemuopnpllgoeyi&ng young adults PCrroe8jeMctussiinc,clYuoduet:h Club nights, overnight erxepseiadrneiendnteciadeul, sco,autttirorinpesa,chwosurpkport sessions tHhorlodusgchoomumt utnhietyyeeavrenlitkse food giveaways, Festivals, Fun days & feasts Cre8 Macclesfield is a company limited by guarantee number 07737871 and a registered charity number 1147150. SO, WHAT’S CRE8 ALL ABOUT? Cre8 Youth and Community Programme is a small local charity which has been working with young people and their families in Macclesfield for the last 11 years. Cre8 has grown to be a significant part of the neighbourhood and now employs a number of full and part time staff, as well as volunteers, running a variety of projects and two businesses. Our projects include things like access to music making activities, youth clubs, one-to-one sessions to support and encourage engagement with education, overnight trips and residentials, bike workshops, outreach work to support the hardest to reach, most vulnerable young people, and giving young people employment and work experience. Cre8 is based on the Moss Rose Estate on the south side of Macclesfield; an area characterised by poor health stats, low achievement in education, deprivation and child poverty. Our work is aimed towards empowering young people and adults in the local area to make change happen for themselves and also for their local neighbourhood. Cre8 is a charity so our income comes from a variety of places: donations and fundraising from individuals and organisations, grant funding, and importantly we earn some of our income by working for it. Our two social enterprise businesses are run as commercial businesses and any income goes into supporting our charitable work. Our one-to-one sessions are charged to the referring agency or school. >> You can read more about our Finances on page 25. Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017 02


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8 MACCLESF CRE ITY IELD YO HOMEMADE UTH & COMMUN Comment on social media from a parent who came along to some of the activities and events during the Cre8 Festival Cre8 has been a faith-based organisation on the Moss Rose Estate for many years now and I am often asked how faith influences what we do. I can tell you: it’s everything... Nearly all of us who work at Cre8 have lived on the Estate for some time and we feel very much part of this community. It is our home and our friends are here, and some of us are involved in ‘regular’ Church in some way. What underpins Cre8’s work is that we are seeking to find, discover and release the wonderfulness of God that we believe is in every person. We believe that everyone is ‘made in God’s image’; which means that each of us are wonderfully blessed by God, whoever we are. We are loved by God and we have something of God within us. Everyone. Sometimes that wonderfulness gets squashed out, sidelined, or forgotten. Sometimes that wonderfulness is hard to see or hidden. Our job is to try and help each other to find it; to push away the things which stop wonderfulness from showing itself, and to remind each other that it’s within us. That is how faith works in Cre8; we look to see the image of God in the wonderfulness of young people. It is our huge privilege to help young people in discovering new things they can do; to see proud parents with watery eyes watching their children perform in a concert; and to see young people make something they never thought they could make. We know there are many hidden talents and we know the best talent is home-grown. The people of the Moss Rose Estate are wonderful. We already have the talents and ideas to make our own lives better and more fun – if we could just be asked, encouraged and allowed to do it. We already have enough creativity between us to make our own lives better if we can only be given the space to make things happen. For us, this is what community is about; living together and making things happen. We were amazed to be shortlisted for
the North West Charity Awards this year, and completely stunned when we actually won! The award we received was for ‘Small Charity Big Impact’. We certainly feel that we are small, but that doesn’t matter to us. I think our impact is strengthened because we are passionate about community: the whole community, not just young people. The community events we put on are for anyone and everyone who wants to come and we love putting on these events. We like to have fun together. When things are not so fun we want to try and help
as well. Over the last few months as Universal Credit has begun to bite, we’ve given away increasing amounts of food to people who have little or nothing to eat. Lots of young people have been involved in this, sorting and boxing food and delivering it to doorsteps. It is good to be able to give. Giving is at the heart of community. We hope we can continue to very much be a part of the community of the Moss Rose Estate and to help it give its wonderfulness to itself. ~ Rob Wardle, Director of Cre8 & Church of England Priest Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017 04


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Cre8 is an independent charity so our money comes from a variety of places like donations from groups or individuals, grant funding, and we also believe it’s very important to earn our own money through work; that’s one of the reasons we have our social enterprise businesses. This year our supporters have been incredible raising money and Cre8’s profile in a variety of ways. We love being involved with a huge range of events and are so grateful to all our supporters for hosting various events, talks and activities. Fully funding all the Cre8 services is always a challenge and we are working hard to ‘get the message out’ to gain ongoing support for Cre8. Thank you to everyone who has supported us including... Church groups, home mission giving, collections at services or birthdays, schools fundraising, businesses donating money or items, people hosting events, and of course the individuals who support us every month through regular giving our Friends. The United Reformed Church in Macclesfield chose Cre8 as one of their charities for the annual Christmas Tree Festival and raised £800. Our stand at the Moss Rose Family Fun Day & Dog show sold preloved clothing & items from our Boutique, and had lots of fun games! The Laurence Singers choir chose Cre8 as one of their charities to support during the year and donated £1,000 and held a fundraising concert for Cre8 at St Michaels Church, which included some incredible joint performances with young people from our music project. Entering a community team of 17 runners in the Macc 5K and Macc Half for the first time and raising a phenomenal £1,400. Go team! Job Day at the Cre8 Festival - organised by young people. A day doing gardening jobs for people around Macclesfield, and car washing - all raising money towards the Camas Residential. Anne Kite & friends organised a wonderful Floral Design Evening with Mark Entwistle raising £1,700. Amazing. Thank you Kitey. Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017 06


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07 Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017 FROM THE PAST YEAR


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The BIG church day out... Delivering an accredited Award at our Music project... Passing NOCN’s external inspection... Being shortlisted in two categories for the North West Charity Awards... Receiving the ‘Rising Star’ Award at the North West Charity Awards... Nominating Creamline Dairies for Outstanding Charity Support Award - and then winning it!... Welcoming a new Chair of Trustees... Entering Team Cre8 in the Macc 5K and Half Marathon... Laurence Singers Concert featuring an unforgettable joint finale... Featuring in a national newspaper for ‘Road to Wigan Pier 2017’... Receiving the Award for Excellence in Innovation from Cheshire Community Foundation... A shiny new minibus donated by Oliver Valves... Treacle Market... Community Christmas Feast & Food Giveaway... Moss Rose Family Fun Day... Selling our Homemade goods... Holding our own Business Breakfast event at MTFC... Building planters for St Peters Church... and everything else! 08Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017


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cWoamnmt tuonmitya?ke a difference in your own There are lots of ways you can get involved. FINANCIAL DONATION Cre8 is an independent charity and we have to raise all our own funds so financial donations are essential to keep Cre8 going. One-off donations, regular monthly giving and legacies all help us continue with sustainable projects for young people and this community. We try and make it easy for people to give to us, our regular monthly givers are known as a ‘Friends’, and we can help you to set up a monthly direct debit. Find out how at www.cre8macclesfield. org/financial-donation WISHLIST There are always items we’re looking for to keep Cre8 projects running. Being a charity, if we can get them for free that’s even better! Our wishlist is constantly being updated so keep checking PRAYER We are always incredibly grateful for the many different ways people support Cre8 and we rely particularly on people’s prayers. If you’d like to support our work through prayer, you can find some prayer points to help you at www.cre8macclesfield. org/prayer VOLUNTEERING Volunteers are at the heart of Cre8. We welcome volunteers of any age, background and experience. The most important thing for a Cre8 volunteer is to be able to listen to young people about whatever they want to talk about and not to judge. Enthusiasm, patience and a passion for ‘something’, be it bike riding, art & craft, gardening or flying model aeroplanes, are really important qualities too. 09 Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017


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11 Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017


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Taken from a card that was made and given to Cre8 leaders by a young person who has just started coming to Cre8 Clubs We’ve been running Youth Club nights since Cre8 first began in 2006; that’s 11 years of games, challenges, cooking and sharing meals, informal learning, making things, arts and crafts, building community and adventures! Of course there have been plenty of laughs, conversations and memories and we are always really pleased when former Club ‘originals’ come back to volunteer; that tells us that Clubs are working. This year, young people have worked on several projects on the theme of ‘Cre8 Goes Global’. Together with our volunteers and leaders, young people have used art to reflect upon issues faced by communities across the world. We have also developed a ‘Camas’ art project which will tie in with the residential we do every year. And in response to ‘One Love Manchester’ we used art to reflect on what happened in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombings. Our young leaders programme, encouraging older young people (aged 14-16) to volunteer regularly at Clubs has really taken off this year. It’s been wonderful to see young people value the training and learning in youthwork and safeguarding principles of making everyone happy in a safe environment; all this alongside enjoying Club night themselves. We are looking forward to developing the young leaders programme in 2018. Our adult volunteers at Clubs are the key to making the activities happen and to making the evenings exciting and challenging. Volunteers share their passions – be that baking, creating quizzes, sewing, sports activities and many other things. We find that young people always respond when an adult shares their own hobby or genuine interest; young people like to ‘follow’ adults and share their interests. It is hugely valuable to a young person to have an adult who will sit and chat with them about their day whilst, for example working on
a sewing project; this is something that our young people really value and yearn for; kindness, patience and time for them. So thank you to our great team of volunteers across our Youth Clubs - you have done some brilliant stuff this year with young people, and we know from experience that they won’t forget. Our Youth Clubs evolve and we review the format and set-up on a regular basis. Over the years we have added new Clubs, split Clubs up and created subgroups. This is in response to the needs and challenges of the young people who access our Clubs at that particular time. It can also depend on the resources of staff and volunteers that we have available. It’s important that we do this; to respond to what’s needed in the best way that we can. Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017 12


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13 Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017


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Comment from a young person who comes to Cre8 Learning Plus sessions and has successfully moved to a new school Cre8 ‘Learning Plus’ is our One-to-One Education project which has been running for seven years. It began because we knew there was a need for those who didn’t or wouldn’t go in to school full time. Today, our project takes referrals from schools across the county. We average around 1000 two-hour sessions in a school year and since we began we’ve had 94 young people come to Cre8 education sessions. Cre8 Learning Plus continues to be a significant contributor to ‘Alternative Education’ for schools in our area. This year our delivery of National Open College Network (NOCN) qualifications has been very successful. Cre8 is able to accredit the different things we do during sessions like art, craft, gardening, cooking and bike repair and maintenance. This gives value to the time young people are with us and helps to encourage and improve their self-esteem; great preparation for a hopeful return to the benefits of fulltime formal education. Cre8 Learning Plus highlights this year have included: • Themed food weeks - Pie week being the most popular
- Fruit week the least! We cooked and shared meals together with young people at the Cre8 House. • Construction project building large wooden planters for a project with St Peter’s Church Macclesfield. This was hugely beneficial to the young people enabling them to learn new skills and create a worthwhile community resource in the St Peters garden. • Leaving ‘abandoned’ homemade flower bouquets around the streets of the Moss Rose Estate for people to find and take home or give away on Valentines day – all with little handwritten notes saying ‘You are beautiful’. The young people who are referred by schools or agencies come to Cre8 for a variety of reasons such as permanent exclusion or at risk of being excluded, refusing to go to school, or being ‘in-between’ schools due to safeguarding, family, behavioural or social care matters. We are finding that the young people who are referred to us during the last few years have ever increasing and more complex needs. We are therefore having to cap the number of sessions we can do at Cre8 because of the limited resources we have and because of the demands the work puts on our youth work team. Cre8 sessions are planned and designed to help young people to gain confidence, raise self esteem and social skills – all in a safe environment. Our belief is that formal and informal education and learning are important for all of us, and so we want young people to reconnect with education or help them to transition to a new school, college or job. Cre8 Macclesfield Annual Report 2017 14



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