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Devoted to the 80th anniversary of M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University In the year 2017 the staff of M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University celebrates the glorious 80th anniversary. Eighty years ago Petropavlovsk Teacher Training Institute was established in the North of Kazakhstan. Since the first years of its existence this Higher Education Institution has been fulfilling its city-forming functions. On the one hand the University fully solved the problem of providing the region with teaching staff; on the other, it was the center of the region’s intellectual elite formation. Over the years of its formation, the university has become the center of education, science and culture of the North-Kazakhstan region. It has trained more than 40,000 specialists whose selfless labor has made and continues to make a worthy contribution to the development of the state economy. The development of the education system and the new personnel needs of the region led to the new tasks aiming at the expansion of the areas of personnel training for all sectors. Today M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University is a multiprofile and modern educational complex that trains specialists within a three-level education system. The university faces its anniversary with a strong material and technical base - a modern campus, an excellent medical center, a scientific library with the fund of more than 1 million copies, a number of well-equipped research laboratories, a swimming pool, and suburban educational and practical complexes. High quality of education in the University is provided by the qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, modern content of educational programs, and effective links with industrial enterprises. The staff of the university pays particular attention to the education of a creative personality, a patriot of his/her country with an active civil position, and a man of high moral principles. This goal is achieved through an integrated approach and modern educational technologies. 2


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Much attention is paid to the development of international cooperation and internationalization. The strategic goal of the university is to integrate into the world educational space. More than a hundred contracts with foreign universities have been concluded. M. Kozybayev NKSU is a full member of the Bologna Charter of the classical universities of the world. Seven educational programs have been internationally accredited by the German agency ASIIN. At present the staff members are working on the innovative development of the University, setting themselves an ambitious task of entering the top ten multidisciplinary universities in Kazakhstan. And our team will stand up for this challenge! Rector of M. Kozybayev NKSU, Doctor of Economics, Professor Omirbayev S. M. 3


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Content The integration into the world educational space Internationalization policy of M. Kozybayev NKSU Austria Belarus Bulgaria Czech Republic Estonia Finland France German Great Britain Hungary India Israel Japan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Poland Portugal Russia Singapore South Africa 4 5 12 15 15 15 16 16 17 18 19 23 24 24 25 25 26 26 27 27 29 31 55 55


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Spain Sweden Turkey Ukraine USA Visits of Representatives of Foreign Embassies List of cooperation agreements with universities and organizations of the near abroad List of cooperation agreements with universities and organizations of the far abroad 56 57 57 58 59 61 64 67 5


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The integration of M. Kozybayev NKSU into the World Educational Space International cooperation is an integral part of M. Kozybayev NKSU activity as the leading university of the republic, as well as important tool in ensuring the quality of education and its compliance with international standards. Regular international contacts and support from a number of international organizations have played a significant role in providing educational process with modern programs that meet the quality standards of leading foreign universities. International activities are aimed at enhancing the position of M. Kozybayev NKSU in the system of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and further integration into the educational environment and scientific community. The main principles of integration are defined in the Internationalization Policy of M. Kozybayev NKSU. In 2010, M. Kozybayev NKSU joined the Great Charter of Universities, confirming its readiness to follow the principles of the Bologna Process. In different periods of time, the university was a member of international consortiums: the Kazakhstan-American Public Financial Consortium and the Consortium of Higher Educational Institutions of Kazakhstan and the EU countries, as well as international Associations: ICDE - International Council for Open and Distance Education, EAAF - Eurasian Academic Forum, EuroPACE Virtual University of Europe for Distance Learning, CAMAN - Central Asia Fund of Management, IAESTE - International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. Nowadays, international activity of M. Kozybayev NKSU is implemented in the following main areas. International Cooperation with Foreign Universities and Organizations This work is conducted within the framework of cooperation programs with leading foreign universities, the realization of international educational programs and projects, the implementation of joint 6


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research activities, the organization of scientific and practical seminars and conferences, the exchange of the teaching staff and the development of academic students’ mobility. M. Kozybayev NKSU maintains stable relations with many foreign universities and international organizations of Belarus, Germany, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, the USA, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, Czech Republic and South Africa. At present the University has concluded 18 agreements with far abroad universities, 72 agreements with near abroad universities and 11 agreements with scientific organizations and research institutes. Students and the university teaching staff are actively involved in advanced training course programs, development courses and workshops in foreign educational and scientific institutions on the basis of interuniversity agreements on cooperation with foreign partners. Strong evidence of the university's integration into the world educational space is hosting such large-scale events as the International Scientific and Educational Forum of Higher Education Institutions of the Border Regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in February 2009. The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Z. K. Tuymebaev, the adviser of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan A. N. Travin, representatives of 14 universities from 4 regions of Kazakhstan (North, East, West and Central) and 10 universities from 4 regions of Russia participated in the forum (Omsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk). Within the framework of the forum a Memorandum on cooperation in the field of education, science and culture between the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and universities of the Russian Federation was signed, as well as 76 bilateral agreements on cooperation were concluded (59 agreements between universities of Kazakhstan and Russia, 17 agreements between universities of Kazakhstan). In November 2014, the International Investment Forum «KYZYLZHAR INVEST 2014» was held on the basis of the University. The event was conducted for the purpose of demonstration the investment 7


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opportunities of the North Kazakhstan region and further stimulation of domestic and foreign investments into the region's economy. 800 representatives from 14 countries (Russia, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Romania, Egypt, Singapore, China, Jordan, Afghanistan, Poland, Slovakia and Belgium) participated in business negotiations. As a result of the forum, over 70 memorandums, agreements worth over KZT 50 billion in mechanical engineering, agro-industrial complex, tourism, small and medium-sized business were signed at all panel sessions. In June 2015, the University hosted the International scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate. The reports were made by scientists from Tyumen and Omsk (Russia) and from leading universities and research institutes of Astana and Almaty. Participation of University Scientists in International Scientific Projects and Research University scientists conduct active scientific work and participate in international projects and research together with scientists from the University of Mississippi, Vytautas Magnus University, Czestochowa Polytechnic University, the Ishim State Pedagogical Institute named after P.P. Ershov, Novosibirsk State University, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy, Ural Federal university named after B.N. Yeltsin. In 2016 and up to the present, the University is implementing an international project in the framework of Erasmus+ on the topic of Development of two-level innovation program in microelectronic engineering - DOCMEN. The working group includes D.Eng.Sc. K. T. Koshekov, Cand.Eng.Sc. D. V. Ritter, Cand.Eng.Sc. A. A. Savostin. In 2016, the teaching staff participated in the formation of Erasmus+ applications on five topics: «Transition to the Autonomy of Universities in Kazakhstan», «Development of Employment and Research Skills Through Student-Centered Teaching and Learning», «Master Program in Telecommunication Networks», «Continuous Education Through the 8


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Development of Partnership between Universities and Civil Society in Russia and Kazakhstan», «New Curriculum in Advanced Technologies of Precision Farming». The results of scientific research work of scientists are published in scientific journals of near and far abroad. In 2011-2016, the teaching staff of University published 1142 scientific articles in foreign publications with non-zero impact-factor, 43 of which in Thomson Reuters and Scopus journals. International Accreditation of University Educational Programs M. Kozybayev NKSU is active in international accreditation of educational programs. The German agency ASIIN accredited 7 educational programs. Programs of 5B071800 Power Engineering, 6M071800 Power Engineering, 5B071600 Instrument Construction are accredited for the period until September 2019. Programs of 5В071900 Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, 6М071900 Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications are accredited until September 2020. The listed programs are assigned the EUR-ACE® quality mark. Two educational programs, 5В070300 Information Systems, 6М070300 Information Systems, are accredited for the period until September 2020 with the assignment of the Euro-Inf® quality mark. Implementation of Joint and Two-Diploma Educational Programs Since 2006, the University has been experiencing in implementing joint international programs. In 2006, within the framework of the international Cooperation agreement, the international Educational center of Cavendish College (London) was opened at the University. The Cavendish College conducted educational activities in the areas of undergraduate, graduate, specialized training with a one-year study period on the basis of at least the bachelor’s degree. Language courses were also organised. From 2006 to 2008, 16 students were trained in the Cavendish College programs, 4 of them received the bachelor’s 9


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degree and 6 received intermediate diplomas (Higher National Diploma). In 2010-2013, together with «Modern Business Academy NOVA» LLC (Russia, Novosibirsk) educational programs for bachelor’s and master’s programs were implemented in «Business Administration» of the private institution of higher education MANCOSA (South Africa, Durban) and the qualification confirmation program of the Regent Business School (South Africa, Durban). According to these programs, 7 people obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) diploma, 10 people obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). In 2014, two graduate students studied under the agreement with the Omsk State Pedagogical University (Russia) on the implementation of the joint two-diploma educational program of the master’s degree program in 6М070300 Information Systems (M. Kozybayev NKSU) and 44.04.01 Information Technology in Education (OmSPU). In April 2017, the University concluded agreement for the implementation of two-diploma programs with Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania, Kaunas) for the three educational programs of the master’s degree program in 6М060700 Biology, 6М060800 Ecology and 6М070100 Biotechnology. In September 2017, five graduate students of the university continued their second year of study at the Lithuanian university. After successful completion of study, they will receive master’s diplomas of M. Kozybayev NKSU and Vytautas Magnus University. Agreements were concluded on the implementation of joint educational Master’s programs with the Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation, the Omsk State University named after F.M. Dostoevsky and the Omsk Humanitarian Academy. Academic Mobility Since 2013, the University has successfully implemented programs of external academic mobility with the University of Lodz (Poland), the Riga Technical University (Latvia), the Tennessee Technological University (USA), the University of Debrecen (Hungary), the Wroclaw 10


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University of Economics (Poland), the University of Northern Michigan (USA). During this period, 63 students and undergraduates studied abroad (2013 – 11 people, 2014 – 20 people, 2015 – 12 people, 2016 – 20 people). The scientific abroad training in Russian universities (the Ural Federal University named after the first president of Russia, the Leningrad State University named after A. S. Pushkin, the Tomsk Polytechnic University, the Omsk Subsidiary of Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation, the Omsk Humanitarian Academy, the Chelyabinsk State University, the Novosibirsk State Technical University, the Omsk State Technical University) were undertook by 233 undergraduates and doctorates students (2013 – 48 people, 2014 – 52 people, 2015 – 55 people, 2016 – 78 people). According to the «Bolashak» programs, 5 people studied in foreign universities. 12 students of agricultural specialties undertook an internship on the basis of LOGO e.V. company (Germany, Lienen). Invitation of Foreign Consultants and Teachers of Leading Universities in the World Since 2016, the University has been successfully implementing the program of «Engaging Foreign Specialists to Universities of Kazakhstan for Training Specialists with Higher Professional and Postgraduate Professional Education». In accordance with this program the University accepts foreign teachers and consultants from the USA, Poland, Portugal, Finland and other countries. In 2016, 12 foreign teachers visited the University and read more than 300 hours of lectures for students and faculty members. In 2017, within the framework of the project on attracting foreign top managers to universities of Kazakhstan Orhan Soylemez was appointed to the post of vice-rector for internationalization of M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University. Training of Foreign Citizens 11


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Evidence of recognition of M. Kozybayev NKSU by the world community is the training of foreign citizens – citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan. In 2012 the contingent of foreign students was – 72 people, in 2013 – 54, in 2014 – 39, in 2015 – 36, in 2016 – 59 people. In 2014-2015, 81 students studied at the preparatory courses of the University – citizens of China, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. In 2016 the Foundation Faculty was established, in which 54 students from China, Mongolia and Russia studied. The organizational structure of international activities management includes the Vice-Rector on Strategy and International Relations, the Division on International Cooperation and Internationalizations of the Department on Strategy, Quality and Internationalization, the Division of Academic Mobility and Multilingual Education of the Department on Academic Activities. 12


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Internationalization Policy of M. Kozybayev NKSU Internationalization is the process of introducing an international component into the research, educational and administrative functions of the university for the purpose of improving the quality of teaching, research and achieving the required competencies The internationalization of education is aimed at improving the quality of education and is an important tool for integrating the university into global educational space. The university ensures the integration of the internationalization policy into the university’s strategic plan. Internationalization of education includes the following forms of international cooperation: – academic mobility of students and the teaching staff; – implementation of joint educational programs with foreign universities; – participation in international conferences, seminars, programs and projects; – conducting joint scientific research with foreign universities and organizations; – provision of language training for students and teachers; – the formation of international disciplines content; – obtaining international accreditation for educational programs; – training foreign students. The university management initiates the implementation of activities aimed at developing and maintaining international cooperation. The university establishes and actively develops links with foreign organizations and educational institutions for the purpose of education internationalizing and developing intercultural relations. 14


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The university stimulates the development of academic mobility of students and teaching staff, including the organization of training, foreign internships and trainings abroad, engaging foreign teachers in the lecturing and foreign top managers to management activities. The Division of Academic Mobility and Multilingual Education functions for the development of the academic mobility. The University expands the range of educational services, developing and implementing joint educational programs with foreign universities. The university facilitates the participation of teachers and students in the international conferences, seminars, programs and projects with a view to internationalizing and improving the quality of education. The University creates conditions and a scientific infrastructure for the participation of university scientists in conducting joint scientific research with foreign organizations and scientists, implementing international scientific projects, preparing joint publications. The University supports employees and students in intention to learn foreign languages through continuous improvement of teaching methods, the organization of multilevel free English courses, the expansion of disciplines in English, the increase of specialties covered by trilingual education, the development of mobility and the holding of educational activities in three languages. The systematic approach is provided through the functioning of the Division on Academic Mobility and Multilingual Education and the development of programs for the implementation of trilingual education. The University seeks to increase the number of educational programs in English and provides continuous up to date of the disciplines’ contents, taking into account foreign experience, modern information resources, harmonization with foreign educational programs. The university strives to obtain international accreditation for technical educational programs, ensuring the quality of education at the international level. 15



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