Gifted Program Handbook 2017-2018


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Gifted Program Handbook 2018-2018

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IDENTIFICATION The Kennett School District uses a systematic process for the identification of gifted students that is comprised of multiple criteria, including objective measures and competent professional evaluation. Gifted students shall be defined as those students who exhibit precocious development of mental capacity and learning potential, as determined by competent processional evaluation, to the extent that continued educational growth and stimulation could best be served by an academic environment beyond that offered or expected in the regular classroom program of the district. The following procedures are used in the identification of gifted students. SCREENING Screening is a continuous process that includes any information that is contained in a child’s permanent records such as grades, national normed test scores, as well as recommendations from teachers and parents. Good achievement tests are administered each Spring in the school district. Students in grades 4-8 who obtain an ADVANCED achievement level on both the Math and Communication Arts portions of the MAP test are screened for placement. Students in grades 4-8 who obtain an ADVANCED achievement level on either the Math or Communication Arts portion of the MAP test and obtain a PROFICIENT achievement level on the other area and have a teacher recommendation will also be considered for further evaluation. Third grade students who obtain a Total National Percentile of 95 or above on the Terra Nova will be screened. Third grade students, who obtain a Total National Percentile score of 90 or above on the Terra Nova test and have a teacher recommendation, will also be considered for further evaluation. The screening process takes place during the fall semester of the following school year for placement. Screening shall not be conducted more than twice for the gifted program. A student who transfers into the district and was enrolled in the gifted program at his/her prior school may be screened for the gifted program provided said student achieved a composite score of 90% or above on a stated approved achievement test. MINIMUM ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Potential students will be further evaluated by an individual intelligence test and an individual achievement test. This testing process will take place during the fall semester. To meet the eligibility criteria, a student must score at or above the 95th percentile on an acceptable individual achievement test and score at or above the 95th percentile on the individual I.Q. test, as well as obtain an above average score on a creativity scale. If at any time during the screening process the student fails to meet the minimum eligibility criteria, the screening process will cease. —1—


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Students who meet all (3) of the evaluation criteria are automatically offered the opportunity to participate in the district’s gifted program. In order to ensure that no students fall through the cracks due to the specific identification and eligibility criteria, a Gifted Placement Committee will be appointed by the Superintendent of Schools for the purpose of reviewing the testing data of all students who were screened. This committee will consist of the gifted director, the gifted teacher, the director of special services, an elementary teacher, a middle school teacher, the school campus counselor, and school campus principal. The committee will review the test scores of the all students who were screened. Below are examples of situations whereby additional students who did not meet the specific criteria for placement may be considered for placement. (1) A student who may have scored inordinately high on the I.Q. test, but failed to make the qualifying score on the achievement test. (2) Students from underrepresented groups who failed to meet the specific eligibility criteria for identification. Additional Information: The committee may request additional information regarding the student to include current grades, and all available data in the student’s permanent record. In order to reduce the chance of bias, all personal information that would identify the student will be blacked out. Students do not receive letter grades for their work in the program. In order to encourage the skill of self-evaluation, students are asked to evaluate their work on each unit. Individual parent conferences and telephone conferences may be held during the year. INITIAL PLACEMENT (1) The program teacher and/or counselor will explain the activities, scheduling and expectation of the program to the student’s parent(s). (2) Parents are asked to indicate their support of placement of their child in the program by signing the consent form. (3) Student evaluation and meeting eligibility requirements will be placed in the program as soon as possible. WITHDRAWAL From time to time it may be deemed necessary and appropriate for a student to be withdrawn from the gifted program. A student may be withdrawn from the gifted program for any of the following reasons: (1) Student recommendation with parental approval; —2—


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(2) Parent recommendation; (3) Gifted program teacher, classroom teacher, counselor, and/or school administrator recommendation; (4) Failure to abide by Kennett School District #39 rules and regulations. If at any time the school, parent, or student feels that the student’s participation in the gifted program should be terminated; a conference will be scheduled to determine if such action is in the best interest of the student. This withdrawal would be decided on an individual basis by the committee composed of: classroom teacher, gifted program teacher, counselor, administrator, and parent. Probation status will be triggered when a quarter grade falls to a “C” or below in any basic core subject (Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, or Reading). Failure in any subject will automatically trigger probationary status. All basic subjects must be above probationary level for three (3) successive quarters following probation or the student will be immediately withdrawn from the gifted program. If a student invokes academic probation three (3) times, he/she will be immediately removed from the gifted program. The instructor of the gifted program will monitor grades on a quarterly basis. If at any time a gifted student triggers probation, the instructor will start the probation process. CHARACTERISTICS OF ACADEMICALLY GIFTED CHILDREN Although the following characteristics generally described gifted children, not all of these characteristics may be present in each child. 1. Learns rapidly an easily, and retains and uses what is heard or read without appearing to need much drill. 2. Has an advanced vocabulary. 3. Thinks clearly, recognizes implied relationships, comprehends meanings, draws accurate generalizations, and thinks abstractly. 4. Is intellectually curious, investigative, and asks penetrating and searching questions. 5. Is independent, individualistic, and self-sufficient. 6. Produces original and unusual ideas or products. 7. Has along attention span in the areas of interest. 8. Prefers complex ideas. 9. Demonstrates proficiency in basic skills beyond his grade level. 10. Has many and varied interests. 11. Is more aware of national and world problems and events than his peers. —3—


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12. Sees the relationship of self to the immediate world. HOMEWORK The participating student shall be excused from standard classroom assignments and activities missed on the day he/she participates in the gifted program. The student is responsible for the concepts, principles, and the strategies that he/she participates in as part of the gifted program. The student is not excused from the accountability associated with these missed concepts. The homeroom teachers shall avoid scheduling major test and assignment due dates for major projects on the day students are assigned to the program for the academically gifted. The homeroom teacher, who has a participating student in his/her class, and who utilizes attendance/participation and/or daily assignments as elements in determining student grades, shall not penalize the student for this authorized absence. ATTENDANCE If a student is enrolled in the Gifted Program, regular attendance is mandatory (exception: school sanctioned events). Approved by KSD Board of Education 09/15/2015 —4—


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