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Ecoflam Technical Catalogue (EN) 1.1 - 02/10/17

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INDEX OF CONTENTS The Company Burner composition Designation of burner and gas train Gas Range MAX GAS BLU Light Oil Range MAX MAIOR Heavy Oil Range MAXFLAM / OILFLAM Dual Fuel Range MULTICALOR MULTIFLAM Duoblock Range TS Residential Range Special Versions Modulation Kit Gas Trains Kits and Accessories p. 4 p. 10 p. 12 p. 14 p. 22 p. 36 p. 46 p. 58 p. 70 p. 84 p. 94 p. 100 p. 101 p. 102 p. 103 p. 110


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THE COMPANY CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR ANY TYPE OF APPLICATION Our Experience Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the design and production of burners, Ecoflam offers a full range of blown air pressure jet burners covering an extremely wide range of power, from small products for residential heating applications to high power burners dedicated to the industrial segment. Ecoflam burners are renowned worldwide for providing high efficiency products with reliable operation, significant energy savings and extreme ease of installation, maintenance and flexible boiler-burner matching. Our Mission Following a philosophy of continuous improving, the R&D Laboratory is constantly working to produce better results, such as the reduced NOx level emissions. The development of new advanced combustion technologies allow to propose solutions in respect of the most stringent environmental regulations and to create the perfect condition to face the new upcoming market requests, such as Ultra Low NOx performance and ErP-ready products. 4


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Our Professional Team Ability to design state-of-the-art burners, manage demands of products for specific applications, ability to solve problems in real time are just some of the characteristics of our technicians and engineers. But not only: Ecoflam has a worldwide network of service technicians able to support the installation, the commissioning and the periodic maintenance activities of the burner. Our International Approach Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy, combining quality, reliability and high performance. All these features are necessary for the end-user satisfaction, which is the first target for Ecoflam. Reaching this outcome throughout its extensive worldwide network of distributors and customers has always been a challenging task for Ecoflam, which was achieved only by developing a close and personalized relationship with each customer, always taking into account the needs and the distinctive characteristics of each individual market. 5


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THE COMPANY Our Commercial and Technical Network Manufacturing is carried out in the factory of Resana (Treviso - Italy) and products are distributed worldwide thanks to a wide and highly qualified network of partners. In more than 40 years, Ecoflam has been capable to build loyal partnerships and today can count on reliable partners in more than 100 Countries. They distribute Ecoflam products in their Countries of competence, they have good knowledge of the products, and can carry out commissioning and service by keeping constantly in touch with the headquarter. Thanks to this international network Ecoflam is also able to offer original spare parts in order to guarantee reliability and safe continued operation of the end user installation. Ecoflam Worldwide Headquarters in Italy Subsidiary in UK Sales Representative Office in Cina e Russia Strong presence thanks to dealers and partners Distribution in more than 100 Countries Time to Market To promptly deal with the requests of an ever changing market, Ecoflam has adopted a finished products and spare parts warehouse of over 8000 square meters. Quick response to customer requests and consistent warehouse availability allow to reduce the delivery time and give a better support to the end user. 6


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Thanks to its strong expertise in customization, Ecoflam boasts many different solutions for a wide range of applications. The flexibility of the Ecoflam range allows to grant quick response to each customer request, even the most demanding in term of technical specifications. HEATING INC&INWERASATTOERS AGRICULTURE &ABSUPIHLDAILNTG DTERXYTIINLGE PROFDOUOCDTION BWOIOLOERDS CHPLEAMNICTSAL ENGINEERING MODEPRLNANIZTATION Special Versions Ecoflam is renowned for its ability to conceive and build flexible products and to propose customized solutions for any type of applications. Successful and satisfied customers, both from OEM or distribution fields, demonstrate throughout the years that Ecoflam is able to meet their requests offering a wide range of special products capable to satisfy even the most difficult ones. 7


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THE COMPANY Commissioning For safe and efficient operation of the burner system it is very important that the burner is commissioned by an expert. The combustion will be optimally adjusted over the whole power range of the burner, and all the safeties will be tested. Ecoflam service technicians are able, like no other, in performing this job adequate and competent, to run the installation worry-free. Maintenance and inspection The burner is a crucial part of the installation. To keep the installation in good conditions, it is important to maintain the burner periodically. It is also very important to inspect all the safeties to ensure that the system operates safely. The professional services of Ecoflam can perfectly perform this service for any type of installation. The Burner Academy In order to respond to the needs of the customers Ecoflam created the Burner Academy, a real school where the know-how of the internal technicians is diffused to partners and customers. It’s an opportunity for boiler room personnel, operators and engineers to attend a series of training sessions carried out on test bench by highly qualified instructors, who held the courses in English, German, French, Italian and Dutch language. The Burner Academy uses various training locations where boilers are installed and where people can be trained in theory and in practice. Courses are available in different levels and there is also the possibility to handle customer-specific training. Worldwide Service Network Ecoflam uses a worldwide network of partners, consisting of well-trained local engineers, to carry out its service operations. These technicians are able to perform both commissioning and local service and they do it in a very professional way. Reliable supply of spare parts Spare parts have always had a great importance inside the Ecoflam world. Considering the high amount of parts involved in every single product, some of these parts might naturally need to be substituted. Ecoflam can count on a international network offering original spare parts in order to guarantee the highest quality, reliability and safe continued operation of the appliance. 8


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WORLDWIDE REFERENCES Villacañas, Toledo, Spain Furniture industry waste (wood chips and sawdust) Köln, Germany Heating of the building complex as well as sanitary water Moscow, Russia Steam generation Lagos de Moreno, Mexico Food process, milk powdering Thangeri, Morocco Steam generation for power generation plant Beijing, China Heating application Copyright © Free Vector 9


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BURNER COMPOSITION ● BURNER BODY AND GAS TRAIN SUNTEC BURNER BODY Light oil range Heavy oil range Burner body with built-in combustion head is delivered in one single box. Additional kits and accessories to be ordered and delivered separately. Gas range Dual fuel range Burner body with built-in combustion head is delivered in one single box. Gas train and additional kits and accessories are delivered separately. Duoblock range Burner body with built-in combustion head is delivered in one single box. Safety valve, gas train and additional kits and accessories are delivered separately. GAS TRAIN CONNECTION PIPE GAS TRAIN ● MODULATION KIT PID CONTROLLER PROBES MB MultiBloc MultiBloc Dungs: compact double solenoid valve with built-in filter, gas governor and gas pressure switch VGD Siemens VGD Siemens: double gas valve with actuators, gas governor and gas pressure switch. Filter not included, to be ordered separately Export configuration Configuration depending on the models, to be selected in compliance with local safety regulations KITMD-... Load controller to transform progressive version burners into modulating burners PROBE-... Temperature and pressure probes 10


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● MAIN KITS AND ACCESSORIES DIAGNOSTIC TOOL TIGHTNESS CONTROL MAXIMUM GAS PRESSURE SWITCH KITDT-TW KITTC-... KITPRES... Diagnostic tool for Ariston BCU Tightness control device for gas train, available in different models depending on the type of gas train selected Note: according to the European Standard, for gas trains in EN676 Configuration a tightness control device must be included over 1200 kW Maximum gas pressure switch, to be installed in order to comply with local safety regulations SILENCER KITSIL-... Kit to be fitted to the air inlet LPG KIT KITLPG-... ACCESSORIES Gas governor Filter Antivibration joint Ball valve Manometer + Push button Magnetic + Self-cleaning oil filter Oil spill back nozzles For other kits and accessories see page 110 LPG transformation kit for gas burner (see related models and technical documentation for operating gas pressure) ● SPECIAL CONFIGURATIONS AND OTHER SERVICES Continuous ventilation Remote control panel SPECIAL CONFIGURATIONS* Higher IP ratings Out of standard blast tube lenghts Customized voltages Swirl system: swirls for blast tube that can reduce flame lenght AFTER-SALE SERVICE** The Service Department offers start-up service, after-sale maintenance and technical training courses SPARE PARTS ECOFLAM original spare parts *: All out of standard configurations will be evaluated on request **: Contact our Sales Managers to know more about our after-sale service 11


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DESIGNATION BURNER RANGE NAME BY FUEL TYPE MAX GAS, BLU Natural gas or LPG MAX, MAIOR Light oil MAXFLAM, OILFLAM Heavy oil MULTICALOR Dual fuel: gas/light oil MULTIFLAM Dual fuel: gas/heavy oil OPERATION MODE - one stage R pre-heater (light oil) P soft-start AB two stages AB HS two stage with hydraulic jack PR progressive/modulating mechanical PR-AB progressive/modulating mechanical gas / two stages oil PRE progressive/modulating electronic MD modulating with PID OUT OF STANDARD CONFIGURATIONS O Version for OEM S4 4-head configuration SW Blast tube with swirl HT High temperature version CV Continuous ventilation FGR Flue gas recirculation S Out of standard burner ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY Standard configurations: - 1 phase: 230 V - 50 Hz 3 phase: 400 V - 50 Hz 230V 50-60 230 V - 50-60 Hz 380-60 380 V - 60 Hz 460-60 460 V - 60 Hz BLU TS 1500.1 LN PR TL HT LPG 380-60 BURNER STRUCTURE - Monoblock TS Duoblock SIZE (rough output) Gas: in kW Oil or dual fuel: in kg/h NOx EMISSIONS* - Class 1 or 2 LN Class 3 (EN676/EN267) *: not applicable to MAX GAS range HEAD LENGHT TC Short TL Long BURNER CONTROL TW Ariston BCU - other brand BCU FUEL TYPE BF Biofuel HV High viscosity oil LPG LPG K Kerosene GAS TRAIN MANUFACTURER D Dungs K Kromschröder S Siemens H Honeywell B Brahma VALVE FEATURES 1 Valve with built-in pressure governor 2 2-stage valve with built-in pressure governor 3 Valve without built-in pressure governor GAS PRESSURE SWITCH ARRANGEMENT PS1 Single gas pressure switch upstream of the first shutter PS2 Single pressure switch between the two shutters PS3 Two gas pressure switches, upstream of and between the shutters VOLTAGE - 220 V or 230V; either 50 or 60 Hz 110 110 V (irrespective of the frequency) 120 120 V (irrespective of the frequency) GT - S2 - VGD20503 - DN80 - PS2 - A - 110 VALVE MODEL (Examples) MBDLE412 Dungs MultiBloc MBDLE412 MBZRDLE410 Dungs MultiBloc (2 stages) MBZRDLE410 VGD20 Siemens VGD20 VGD40 Siemens VGD40 VALVE NOMINAL DIAMETER RP15 Rp 1/2" Threaded connection RP20 Rp 3/4" Threaded connection RP25 Rp 1" Threaded connection RP32 Rp 1"1/4 Threaded connection RP40 Rp 1"1/2 Threaded connection RP50 Rp 2" Threaded connection DN40 DN40 Flanged connection DN50 DN50 Flanged connection DN65 DN65 Flanged connection DN80 DN80 Flanged connection DN100 DN100 Flanged connection DN125 DN125 Flanged connection DN150 DN150 Flanged connection OTHER DEVICES (empty if not applicable) F Filter included (either as a component or included in the regulator) G Governor A Anti-vibration joint M Manual valve 12


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RANGE OVERVIEW The flexibility of Ecoflam solutions allows the manufacturing of highly customized products covering a range from 12 kW to 34 MW: GAS RANGE MAX GAS from 17 to 500 kW page 14 BLU from 245 to 17000 kW page 22 OIL RANGE MAX Light oil from 18 to 546 kW page 36 MAIOR Light oil from 415 to 17000 kW page 46 MAXFLAM/OILFLAM Heavy oil from 68 to 17000 kW page 58 DUAL FUEL RANGE MULTICALOR (gas/light oil) from 190 to 17000 kW page 70 MULTIFLAM (gas/heavy oil) from 414 to 17000 kW page 84 DUOBLOCK RANGE TS RANGE from 230 to 34000 kW page 94 13


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GAFuSel MRanAgeX GAS RANGE OVERVIEW MAX GAS 40 MAX GAS 70 MAX GAS 105 MAX GAS 120 MAX GAS 170 MAX GAS 250 MAX GAS 350 MAX GAS 500 17 ... 48 kW 34 ... 70 kW 46 ... 108 kW 40 ... 120 kW 55 ... 175 kW 55 ... 240 kW 100 ... 350 kW 120 ... 500 kW 0 100 200 300 400 500 kW MAIN FEATURES • Two stage PAB models available with different burner controllers, with or without digital informative display • High efficiency fan ventilation system (HPV) allowing easy burner-boiler matching even with high combustion chamber pressure • Combustion head easy to assemble and adjust • The hinge flange allows easy access to the combustion head without losing the original settings (MAX GAS 350 and MAX GAS 500) • All models are available to work with 50 and 60 Hz electrical frequency High efficiency fan ventilation system (HPV) Hinge flange (MAX GAS 350 and MAX GAS 500) MAX GAS 40 P MAX GAS 105 P MAX GAS 170 P MAX GAS 170 PAB 14


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CONFIGURATIONS MAX GAS range is available in the following operation modes: MAX GAS ... P One stage Low NOx Class 3 MAX GAS ... PAB Two stages Low NOx Class 3 MAX GAS ... PR Two stage progressive/modulating mechanical Low NOx Class 3 All models MAX GAS 120...500 MAX GAS 350-500 O••••• tCOPLHhPreoEiogGrnMghtarvietnvaeesaunrmsisodliaivpuooebesntlrvhesvaeeetcrrnusoitrsonieplnfaeivstgeciuoairanrsraeliovtvaieneovrsrnassisiilooa:nnbssleofonrrMeqAuXeGsAt Sac3c5o0rdainngd MAX GAS 500 to feasibility and can be transformed into modulating with an optional kit FUEL • Natural gas (G20, G25 according to EN676) • LPG EMISSIONS Class 1 2 3 NOx mg/kWh 170 120 80 All models are in compliance with EN 676 European Standard CONFORM TO All products are in accordance with the following directives: • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive • 2014/30/UE EMC Directive • 2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive • 2009/142/CEE Gas Appliances Directive MAX GAS 250 PAB MAX GAS 350 P MAX GAS 500 PR 15



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