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NASR Fall 2017 Program Guide

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NASR-BELVIDERE GENERAL INFORMATION FACILITY INFORMAITON & HOURS OF OPERATION TABLE OF CONTENTS NASR-Belvidere Park District Facility CLOSED: 5/29 & 7/4 6581 Revlon Dr. RECEPTION DESK HOURS: Belvidere, IL 61008 Mon—Thurs: 3:30—6pm 815-547-5711 Fridays: Please ring corresponding bell for service. May 30st—Aug 11th = Mon—Fri: 7am—9:30am 3:30—6:00pm *Registration is no longer accepted at the NASR-Belvidere Facility. All registrations must be processed at the Rivers Edge Recreation Center.* Staff Contact Info & Activity Calendar ·····················1 General Information ······················································2 General Information ······················································3 Special Events·································································4 Social Programs & Art Programs ································5 Art Program & Special Olympics (S.O.)·····················6 Social Programs & Club Horizon ································7 New Horizons Adult Day Program ······························8 Inside Back Cover: Registration Form Outside Back Cover: 5K & Volunteers BUILDING/PROGRAM HOURS OF OPERATION: DAILY OPERATION: Main entrance will be open during regular business hours (9am—6pm, daily). Entrances to hallways are locked at all times. Please utilize doorbells if you need assistance. NIGHTS & WEEKENDS: Main entrance will open 15 minutes prior to the start of program time and close 15 minutes after the conclusion of a program. Entrances to hallways will be locked at all times. Please utilize doorbells if you need assistance. PARKING Please utilize the north parking lot when dropping off/picking up your participants to help alleviate parking lot congestion. The south parking lot is utilized by NASR-Belvidere employees. Baltic Mill (Stage Area) 920 W. Lincoln Ave, Belvidere, IL 61008 Belvidere Family YMCA 220 W Locust St, Belvidere, IL 61008 Belvidere Park District Administration Building 1006 W Lincoln Ave REGISTRATION HOURS: Belvidere, IL 61008 Mon—Fri: 9:00am—5:00pm Riverside Ice Arena/Splash Pad 365 W Locust St, Belvidere, IL (at Doty Park) Rivers Edge Recreation Center 1151 W Locust St. REGISTRATION HOURS: Belvidere, IL Mon—Thurs: 8:30am—7pm 815-547-9557 Friday: 8:30am—8pm Saturday: 1:00—8:00pm Sunday: Closed William Grady Pool 916 W. Lincoln Ave, Belvidere, IL 61008 SEARCH: @NASRBelvidere SEARCH: @huganathlete5K Door-to-door transportation provided for Belvidere Township residents ONLY. Program requires participants to bring their own money or spending money for snacks, souvenirs, etc. No online registration allowed. You must register in-person for this program. INCLUSION SERVICES The Belvidere Park District and NASR invite individuals, of all ages, with disabilities to participate in programs throughout the Belvidere Park District “Go Guide.” NASR & Belvidere Park District will work, within reasonable accommodation, to assist any resident who wishes to participant in Park District programs and services. If you are registering for a Belvidere Park District program, please indicate your needs at time of registration. Once registered, you will be contacted by a NASR-Belvidere staff member to conduct a Participant Intake Assessment to determine placement needs or accommodations. Support will be given through observations, in-service or staff training, and by providing community leisure resources. MISSION STATEMENT It is the mission of NASR-Belvidere Park District to educate our citizens to become more responsible, productive, healthy, and contributing members of society by preparing them through recreation with a dynamic and caring environment, which excites them and invites them all to participate. NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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MEET THE NASR-BELVIDERE STAFF Katie Humphrey, CPRP 815-547-5711 x14 Special Recreation Manager Inclusion Coordinator Vacation & Camping Trip 1 Katie has been with NASR-Belvidere since May 2007 and came to the agency after 7 years at SRSNLC-Round Lake. She has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education; Business Emphasis & Coaching Minor from Rockford College. Katie has a CPRP (Certified Park & Recreation Professional) certification, is working towards her CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) certification, is a Certified ADA Coordinator, and Medic First Aid Instructor Certified. Breanne Lindsay 815-547-5711 x23 Special Recreation Supervisor Camp/Club Horizon and New Horizons Bre has been employed with NASR-Belvidere since May, 2010. She began as a camp counselor and is now a full time staff who is responsible for overseeing all functions of Camp Horizon, Club Horizon, and New Horizons. Bre has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Communicative Disorders from Northern Illinois University. She is also a Certified Food Manager and oversees all aspects of food handling for NASR-Belvidere & its facility. ACTIVITY CALENDAR Sunday 1 Monday 2 Tuesday 3 89 NO SCHOOL DAY CAMP 15 MILLION $ QUARTET 16 CRAFT CREATIONS 22 23 CANVAS & COLA 29 30 S.O. STATE VOLLEYBALL DINER’S CLUB 10 S.O. BASKETBALL 17 S.O. BASKETBALL 24 S.O. BASKETBALL 31 S.O. BASKETBALL October Wednesday 4 11 18 BAKE & TAKE 25 Thursday 5 12 19 26 2 THUMBS UP Friday 6 NO SCHOOL DAY CAMP 13 Saturday 7 14 20 CLASSIC MOVIE NIGHT 27 GRAND HALLOWEEN BALL 21 28 S.O. STATE VOLLEYBALL Sunday 5 12 19 26 Monday Tuesday November Wednesday 1 S.O. SNOWSHOE 6 13 20 PAINTING FOR TWO 27 DINER’S CLUB 78 S.O. BASKETBALL & SKILLS S.O. SNOWSHOE 14 15 S.O. BASKETBALL & SKILLS S.O. SNOWSHOE 21 22 S.O. BASKETBALL & SKILLS 28 29 S.O. BASKETBALL & SKILLS S.O. SNOWSHOE Thursday 2 9 BAKE & TAKE 16 23 30 Friday 3 10 17 BINGO & BOARD GAMES 24 Saturday 4 S.O. SECTIONAL BOWLING TOURNAMENT 11 DAVE & BUSTERS 18 25 Sunday 3 10 17 THEATRE—ELF 24 31 Monday Tuesday December Wednesday Thursday 4 CRAFT CREATIONS 11 DINER’S CLUB 18 CANVAS & COLA 25 5 S.O. BASKETBALL & SKILLS 12 S.O. BASKETBALL & SKILLS 19 S.O. BASKETBALL & SKILLS 26 6 S.O. SNOWSHOE 13 S.O. SNOWSHOE 20 S.O. SNOWSHOE 27 7 2 THUMBS UP 14 21 CRAFTING FOR TWO 28 Friday Saturday 1 PIRATE’s IN THE PARADE CHRISTMAS FLOAT 2 S.O. STATE BOWLING TOURNAMENT 89 iPic THEATRE & SHOPPING 15 16 HOLIDAY LIGHTS ADVENTURE 22 CLASSIC MOVIE NIGHT 23 29 30 NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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2 GENERAL INFORMATION LATE PICK UP POLICY If you are late picking up your participant, you will be issued a written warning for your first offense. All offenses thereafter will result in a late fee of $10.00 for every fifteen (15) minutes you are late. For example: Program ends at 4:00pm; 4:01 – 4:15 is a $10.00 charge, 4:16 – 4:30 is a $20.00 charge, etc PROGRAM REGISTRATION All participants MUST complete the registration form provided in this guide when registering for any Park District program. Please register for as many programs as you would like to participate in for the entire season on this one form. This will help to alleviate program cancellations, by registering early. You have 3 options for registration: 1. Online at (please call if you need log-in information). 2. Mail-in to 6581 Revlon Dr, Belvidere, IL 61008. Attn: Registration 3. Walk-in at the NASR-Belvidere Facility, Rivers Edge Recreation Center, or Belvidere Park District Administration Building. Phone registrations Registration Fees: WILL NOT be taken. Payment is due at the time of registration. If you are unable to make full payment at the time of registration, payment plans can be arranged. Please contact Katie Humphrey at 815-547-5711 x14 for further information. TRANSPORTATION Please become familiar with our program cancellation policy below! NASR-Belvidere Park District provides transportation to all programs which are not held at a Belvidere Park District facility (unless otherwise specified). Some programs offer door to door transportation for Belvidere Township Park District residents ONLY. These programs have a bus logo indicating the door to door transportation. The following policies & procedures have been implemented to ensure the safety of staff and participants during transportation: * All passengers must be seated and buckled at all times. * All wheelchairs must have breaks in working order. * Participants riding in Amigo-type wheelchairs must be able to transfer into appropriate seating and be buckled into a seat. * It is the responsibility of the driver to determine whether or not it is safe to transport a participant. If the driver feels conditions are not appropriate for transport, they may refuse transportation. * If utilizing door to door transportation: - Staff will not assist participants to their doors. Someone must meet participant at the bus for assistance. - The driver will not wait more than 5 minutes for a participant after arrival for pick up. Someone must be home when participant is dropped off, unless NASR-Belvidere has received prior approval from parent/guardian. NASR-Belvidere Park District reserves the right to refuse transportation. NASR-BELVIDERE PROGRAM CANCELLATION INFORMATION NASR-Belvidere Park District makes every attempt to run programs as scheduled. However, uncontrollable circumstances may occur which prohibits the running of a program and it is cancelled by Belvidere Park District staff. Cancellation by Registrants—a 20% cancellation charge and/or program expenses will be assessed for all refund requests made after the registration deadline set forth & 48 hours before said program. No refunds will be given without 48 hours notice or once the first meeting date has been held unless a doctor’s note is presented, which will then allow for a prorated refund. Overnight Trips—all overnight trips require a non-refundable deposit. If a participant cancels after the registration deadline you will still be responsible for the remaining balance on the overnight trip. Low Enrollment—registration deadlines must be adhered to in order to ensure programs are staffed properly and supplies, tickets, etc are purchased in a timely manner. If the required minimum participants are not enrolled by the date listed, the program will be cancelled. All fees paid will be returned in the form of a household account, unless the program fee exceeds $25. At which time, program fees will be refunded by original payment. Cash payments will be refunded by check. Participant’s may request that fees exceeding $25 be applied as a household credit. Participant No-Show—if a participant does not show up for a program, he/she will be charged the full amount of the program. No refunds will be issued. Weather Cancellation—occasionally, inclement weather may make it difficult and unsafe for staff and participants to travel to program locations. New Horizons Participants: See weather policy in New Horizons Handbook. 1. NASR-Belvidere staff will evaluate all weather circumstances two hours prior to the program or transportation route start time and determine if the program should be cancelled. 2. If program is cancelled, program staff will attempt to reach program participants by telephone. You will only be called if the program is cancelled. 3. Every attempt will be made to re-schedule the program if it is cancelled due to inclement weather. 4. Refunds will be issued if a program is cancelled, and not rescheduled, due to weather, minus any costs that have already been incurred. Such as; theatre tickets, food, etc. NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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GENERAL INFORMATION 3 OVERNIGHT TRIP BEHAVIOR GUIDELINES & EXPECTATIONS Individuals who wish to attend any overnight trip must meet the following guidelines and expectations (with minimal assistance) in order to participate. These guidelines are set forth to ensure a successful experience for everyone involved. Safety for participants and staff is our utmost priority for the duration of a trip. All situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the participant’s best interest at the forefront of discussions. 1. Participant to Staff Ratio—participant must be able to function in a 1:4 ratio situation at all times of programming. 2. Independent Living Skills—participant must be able to perform independent living skills with minimal assistance, which is at the discretion of the NASR-Belvidere Special Recreation Manager. 3. Money Management—participant must have the ability to maintain their own money. This only becomes a requirement if and when a participant has the opportunity to purchase items/souvenirs. Participants will be responsible for money and any items purchased at all times. 4. Self-Care—participant must show the basic self-care principles independently or with minimal assistance, which is at the discretion of the NASR-Belvidere Special Recreation Manager. 5. Following Group Direction and Instruction For more information and explanation of the Overnight Guidelines & Expectations, please contact Katie Humphrey at 815-547-5711 x 14. PROGRAM BEHAVIOR GUIDELINES & EXPECATIONS NASR-Belvidere Park District promotes and encourages the concept of fun for everyone. However, certain rules have been established to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all people involved. The following guidelines have been established to make sure NASR-Belvidere’s programs are safe and enjoyable for everyone. NASR-Belvidere’s participants are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior during all programs. The district’s basic behavior guidelines and expectations insist that participants shall: * Show respect to each other and staff * Abstain from using foul or abusive language * Refrain from inflicting bodily harm to any individual * Demonstrate respect to equipment and facilities * Have control of bowel and bladder (diapers are acceptable; as a means of controlling accidents) * Follow directions given by NASR-Belvidere staff A caring, positive approach will be utilized regarding the use of any disciplinary methods. Additional or individual behavior management plans may be developed on the advice of parents, guardians, NASR-Belvidere Park District staff, or other professionals. NASR-Belvidere Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant if the above noted guidelines and expectations are not adhered to, and/or, parent/guardian response to a problem situation is not attempted. Each situation will be evaluated individually and on its own merit. Additional rules may be developed for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary by NASR-Belvidere Park District staff. PROGRAM CELLULAR PHONE INFORMATION Please utilize the following numbers if you need to contact staff during program hours. Program cell phones do not have any type of data plan and do not accept text messages. They are utilized for voice calls only. If you call and no one answers, please leave a message and staff will return your call as soon as they have the ability to do so. If you need an immediate response and it is during non-program hours, please contact one of the full-time staff listed above. Camp/Club Horizon: 815-298-6481 New Horizons: 815-209-6239 Specialty Programs: 815-218-1567 DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAM! Many programs were cancelled in 2016! Please register for all of the programs you would like to attend before the registration deadline. For the consistency, quality, and benefit of everyone involved minimum/maximum participation numbers have been established. We must adhere to these numbers and registration deadlines during 2017. Register for everything you would like to attend at once and pay as you go! All programs must be paid for by the registration deadline. and set up a payment plan. -We hope to have a wonderful 2018! Scan to be on e-mailing list! NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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4 NASR INFORMATION & PROGRAMS Northlands Association for Special Recreation (NASR) is a cooperative partnership between the Belvidere, Freeport, and Rockford Park Districts (referred to as member district). NASR programs are open to any individual with disability-related special needs such as physical, mental, and developmental disabilities and persons with mental illness, behavior disorders, visual or hearing impairments. Member district residents are invited to participate in specialty/therapeutic (TR) programs offered through any member district at the resident rate. For participation in inclusion services at a member district other than your own, you must pay the non-resident rate for that specific program. Belvidere Park District Special Recreation Department 815-547-5711 x14 Freeport Park District Special Recreation Department 815-235-6114 Rockford Park District Therapeutic Recreation Department 815-987-8800 SPECIAL EVENTS iPIC THEATRES & SHOPPING DAVE & BUSTERS Join us as we venture to iPic Theatres where we will relax in recliners and watch a newly released movie! Not only will we enjoy a unique matinee experience, but we will be served lunch too! iPic Theatres are located in the Arboretum Shopping Complex so we will also head over to the shops and check off some items from your holiday shopping list. If you wish to purchase anything while shopping, bring spending money. Fee: $60.00 Time: 9:00am—5:00pm Ages: 13 & Older Min/Max: 6/12 Location: South Barrington, IL Transportation: Depart/Return NASR-Belvidere Facility Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: 309212-01 DAY: Sat DATE: 12/9 DEADLINE: 12/1 GRAND HALLOWEEN BALL Get excited to spend a costume filled Halloween night with dinner and dancing! Each participant will enjoy a BBQ dinner, corn, potatoes, and pie a la mode. You are encouraged to attend the Halloween Ball in costume or a favorite festive shirt. All guests will have the opportunity to take a photo to remember the evening, which will be ready by the time the ball ends. Themed games will be available for play during the dance. Fee: $15.00 Time: 6:00pm—9:00pm Ages: 13 & Older Min/Max: 15/50 Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: Depart/Return NASR-Belvidere Facility Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: DAY: DATE: DEADLINE: 309203-01 Fri 10/27 10/25 Let’s spend a Saturday at Dave & Busters for lunch and games! You will choose from 9 different meal options and receive a $20 game card to play arcade games. Lunch, $20 game card, staff, and transportation are included in the fee. Please bring extra money if you would like to play more than $20 worth of games. Fee: $50.00 Time: 10:00am—4:00pm Ages: 13 & Older Min/Max: 6/12 Location: Addison, IL Transportation: Depart/Return NASR-Belvidere Facility Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: DAY: DATE: DEADLINE: 309201-03 Sat 11/11 BROADWAY THEATRE 11/3 PRODUCTION OF ELF Based on the hilarious 2003 Will Ferrell movie, Elf is one of those rare holiday shows that will have both kids and adults lighting up with laughter, humming tunes like “A Christmas Song” and “Sparklejollytwinklejingley” for days and rediscovering what it means to be a family. Come see the perfect feel good show that will turn even the grumpiest of Grinch's into a happy-go-lucky bearer of Christmas cheer, singing loud for all to hear. Fee includes show admission, lunch at Portillo’s, staff, and transportation. Fee: $50.00 Time: 10:00am—4:00pm Ages: 13 & Older Min/Max: 6/12 Location: Paramount Theatre, Aurora, IL Transportation: Depart/Return NASR-Belvidere Facility Staff Contact: Breanne Lindsay CODE: DAY: DATE: DEADLINE: 309204-04 Sun 12/17 11/27 NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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SOCIAL PROGRAMS 5 Bingo & Board Games Join us for an evening of fun and friendly competition. Enjoy playing a variety of games such as new and familiar board games and bingo with your friends! Remember, winners will get to bring home prizes! CLASSIC MOVIE NIGHT Hang with your friends and catch a classic movie on the Smart Board! Classic movies are considered to be those made in the 20th Century—1999 and before. Popcorn and refreshments will be served to top off the evening. Fee: $5.00/date Time: 6:00—7:30pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 6/16 Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: DAY: DATE: 309318-03 Fri 11/17 DEADLINE: 11/10 Bake & Take Mix up some goodies and bake a treat to take home to share. Treats may include, but are not limited to; cookies, cakes, and pies! Fee: $5.00/date Time: 6:00—7:30pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 6/16 Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: DAY: DATE: 309317-02 309317-03 Wed Thurs 10/18 11/9 DEADLINE: 10/16 11/2 Fee: $5.00/date Time: 6:15—8:30pm Day: Friday’s Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 6/16 Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: 309301-02 309301-04 DAY: 10/20 12/22 DATE: 10/18 12/15 MOVIE: Halloweentown The Santa Clause CRAFT CREATIONS Come create beautiful crafts with step-by-step instructions. Crafts may be themed around the season of fall, made from recycled items, or something uniquely designed by you! Fee: $5.00/date Time: 6:00—7:30pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 6/16 Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: DAY: DATE: 309320-02 309320-04 Mon Mon 10/16 12/4 DEADLINE: 10/13 11/27 ART PROGRAM’S CRAFTING FOR TWO Each pair (one NASR-Belvidere participant and family member/partner) will create a holiday tree wreath. Pairs will work together to create the project by assembling the wreath. All participants will follow along as the instructor guides you through the process. Everyone must have a partner. Program fee is for one participant + one partner and includes pizza dinner. PAINTING FOR TWO Moms, dads, is your turn to join your child for a painting class! Each participant will receive one canvas, while painting side by side your child/grandchild, to create one scene from 2 canvases. Each participant must bring an adult partner. Pizza dinner and drinks are included in the fee. Partners will create a winter scene that can be displayed side by side or on their own. Fee: $45.00/pair (includes dinner) Time: 6:00—8:00pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 5/12 pairs Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey Fee: $45.00/pair (includes dinner) Time: 6:00—8:00pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 5/12 pairs Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: 309325-01 DAY: DATE: Thurs 12/21 DEADLINE: 12/14 CODE: 309324-01 DAY: Mon DATE: 11/20 DEADLINE: 11/13 NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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6 CANVAS & COLA ART PROGRAM Are you interested in creating beautiful works of art, but looking for some guidance? Step by step painting is just for you! Participants will all create the same painting, but each will have their own unique result. The group will follow along with the instructor as you create a one of a kind masterpiece. Fee: Time: Day: Ages: Min/Max: Location: Transportation: Staff Contact: $20.00/painting 6:00—8:00pm Monday’s 8 & Older 5/12 NASR-Belvidere Facility CODE: NONE 309311-02 Katie Humphrey 309311-04 DATE: 10/23 12/18 DEADLINE: 10/16 12/11 PAINTING: Fall Scene Rudolph SPECIAL OLYMPICS (SO) S.O. SNOWSHOE Join us for our 3rd season of Special Olympics Snowshoe! There are a variety of distances an athlete can choose from to compete at during the Special Olympics Region A Tournament. All athletes who receive a gold medal at the district tournament will qualify for the state tournament in Galena. The Region A Tournament is on January 6th in Mendota, IL. The state tournament is February 6—8th in Galena, IL. *No practice on 11/22 or 12/27* Fee: $45.00 Time: 5:00—5:45pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 3/10 Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE; will be provided to/from SO Tournament & games Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: 309507-01 DAY: Wed DATE: 11/1/17—1/3/18 DEADLINE: 10/27 S.O. SWIMMING Practices focus on swimming fundamentals, such as proper stroke, dive, turn, and finishing techniques. Please arrive to practice in your swim suit. Goggles and cap are recommended for participation. S.O. Swimming is for those who can swim a minimum of 25 meters without stopping. Athletes will compete at the Region C Swimming Tournament in Aurora on March 8th. Those who receive a gold medal at the Region C tournament will qualify to compete at the State Summer Games in Bloomington, IL on June 15—17th. PIRATE’s IN THE PARADE HOMETOWN CHRISTMAS FLOAT Let’s help welcome Santa & Mrs. Claus to town! NASR-Belvidere staff will be driving our bus in the parade and we want you to ride along with us! Please dress appropriately for the weather. Anyone who wishes to toss candy must do so by walking alongside the bus. Participants must be picked up at the Rivers Edge following the conclusion of the parade. Parade route and departure information are to be determined. Fee: $45.00 Time: 5:45—7:00pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 3/10 Location: Belvidere Family YMCA Transportation: NONE; will be provided to/from SO Tournament & games. Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: 109504-01 DAY: DATE: DEADLINE: Wed 1/10/18—3/7/18 1/3/18 Fee: $FREE; but pre-registration is REQUIRED Time: TBD—Evening hours Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 5/20 (limited amount of space on the bus) Location: Drop off location TBD; will be notified by 11/30 Transportation: NONE Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: DAY: DATE: DEADLINE: 309515-01 Fri 12/1 11/27 NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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SOCIAL PROGRAMS HOLIDAY LIGHTS ADVENTURE Join your friends as we journey through holiday lights shows hosted by Belvidere and Rockford Park Districts. The group will take a park district vehicle to see the lights twinkle and shine in the night before heading back to the NASR-Belvidere Facility where you will enjoy cookies, hot cocoa, and carols. 7 Fee: $12.00 Time: 6:00—8:30pm Ages: 8 & Older Min/Max: 6/10 Location: Belvidere & Sinnissippi Park’s Transportation: Depart/Return NASR-Belvidere Facility Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey CODE: 309722-01 DAY: Fri DATE: 12/15 DEADLINE: 12/8 DINERS CLUB 2 THUMBS UP Take a break from those ordinary home cooked meals and join your friends for a great dinner! While dining out, you will enjoy the company of your friends and taste some great food. Staff & transportation & are included in the fee. **Please bring money for meal, drink, tax, and tip.** A new flick has just hit theatres, so join your friends from NASR-Belvidere as you check out the latest movie at AMC Theatres. The movie will not be rated higher than PG-13. Fee includes door-to-door transportation, staff, movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink. Movie and pick up/drop off times will be given on the Tuesday before each date. Fee: $12.00/restaurant Fee: $25.00 Time: 6:00—8:30pm Time: Approximately 5:00—10:00pm Day: Monday’s Day: Thursday’s Ages: 16 & Older Ages: 15 & Older Min/Max: 6/10 Min/Max: 6/10 Location: Varies; See Below Location: AMC Theatres, Rockford or Machesney Park Transportation: Depart/Return NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: Door-to-Door for Belvidere Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey Township Residents Only CODE: DATE: DEADLINE: RESTAURANT: Staff Contact: Katie Humphrey 309411-02 10/30 10/26 Outback Steakhouse CODE: DATE: DEADLINE: MOVIE: 309411-03 11/27 11/20 Giordano’s 309412-02 10/26 10/23 Lego Ninjago 309411-04 12/11 12/4 Cracker Barrel 309412-03 12/7 11/30 CoCo CLUB HORIZON 2017—2018 Are you looking for a place for your child to go after school? Check out Club Horizon After School Program! Club Horizon is designed to offer care for your child, with special needs, while providing time for homework, structured recreational activities, and free time for unwinding from the busy day at school. The program is based off the District 100 school schedule and will not be held on no school days. Fee: $12.00/day *Discount for multiple children enrolled in after school care. All participants must complete an informational packet and registration paperwork prior to attendance. Day(s): Monday—Friday Date(s): 2017—2018 District 100 School Year Time: After School — 6:00pm Ages: 5-21 years Min/Max: 8/16 Location: NASR-Belvidere Facility Transportation: NONE; you MUST pre-arrange transportation From the school to our facility prior to attending. Staff Contact: Breanne Lindsay *Multiple Children Discount Child(ren) MUST be registered by the Wednesday before the week of attendance at 12pm. Daily Fee: 1st Child 2nd Child $12.00/day $10.80/day Additional Fee Information 3rd + Child(ren) $9.60/day No exceptions will be made. 2017—2018 District 100 No School Days Club Horizon will not be held on the dates below: Early dismissals are included in the daily fee. Please contact Breanne Lindsay ( or refer to the registration & payment schedule for more information. Weeks: 12/25—1/5 3/26—3/29 Days: 9/4, 10/6, 10/9, 11/22, 11/24, 1/15, 2/16, 2/19, 3/30, 4/2 NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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8 NEW HORIZONS — ADULT DAY PROGRAM It is the mission of the New Horizons Adult Day Program to enrich and empower the lives of our participant by providing activities that focus on leisure life skills, which allows an individual to become independent & confident members of our community. The New Horizons Grizzlies take on many new adventures through weekly community outings, basic cooking skills, and leisure life skills activities such as board games and crafts. New Horizons is staffed at a 1:6 staff to participant ration and has specific eligibility requirements in order to participate. If you have questions or would like more information, contact Breanne Lindsay at ext. 23. 3 Day Option - Current Participants ONLY* CODE: FEE: ACH: PAYMENT ADDITIONAL 1 DUE: PAYMENTS DUE: DAYS: 24 Equal Payments At time of 1st & 3rd Monday of $195.50 registration. of each month. 109400-02 $4692.00 NON—ACH: PAYMENT ADDITIONAL Mon/Wed/ 1 DUE: PAYMENTS DUE: Fri 12 Equal Payments At time of 1st Monday of $391.00 registration. of each month. DATES: 1/3/18— 12/21/18 TIME: 9:00am— 4:00pm *The 3-Day Option is Currently at capacity. Please contact Breanne Lindsay if you would like to be placed on the waiting list. 2 Day Option - NEW* & Current Participants CODE: FEE: ACH: PAYMENT ADDITIONAL 1 DUE: PAYMENTS DUE: DAYS: DATES: TIME: 24 Equal Payments At time of 1st & 3rd Monday of $141.50 registration. of each month. 109401-02 $3395.00 NON—ACH: PAYMENT ADDITIONAL Tues/Thurs 12 Equal Payments At time of 1st Monday of $283.00 registration. of each month. 1/2/18— 12/20/18 9:00am— 4:00pm *The 2-Day Option currently has 2 spaces available. If you are a new participant, contact Breanne Lindsay for a registration packet. NEW HORIZONS WILL NOT MEET ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: 3/30, 5/28, 7/4, 9/3 5/21—5/25 8/13—8/17 12/17/18—1/1/19 PROGRAM FEE INCLUDES, but is not limited to: daily lunch, monthly birthday lunch, daily snack, themed snack, craft supplies, leisure magazine subscriptions, community outings, Special Olympics sports instruction, YMCA membership, transportation to and from community outings, gardening activities, swimming at the William Grady Pool, special in-house events, 1 short sleeved t-shirt, 1 long sleeved t-shirt, 1:6 staff/participant ratio, program space THE GRIZZLY GAZETTE will be issued each month, along with activity calendars, lunch menus, and snack menus to HOW TO REGISTER FOR NEW HORIZONS: 2018 Flapjack Fundraiser  New Participants: Contact Bre to complete eligibility assessment & registration packet.  Current Participants: a packet will be sent home with participant.  Attend the New Horizons Yearly Parent Meeting; Wednesday, December 20th from 5:00—6:00pm. If you are not able to attend, contact Bre.  Submit 1st & initial payment at time of registration. Be on the lookout for the 2018 fundraiser on April 21st! NASR-Belvidere Park District ~ 6581 Revlon Dr ~ Belvidere, IL 61008 ~ 815-547-5711 x 14 ~ Fax: 815-544-4648


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PROGRAM REGISTRATION FORM Date Registered _____________________ Email ________________________ Parent/Guardian ______________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ City _________________________________ Zip ________________________ Home Phone ___________________________ Cell ________________________ Please list any special accommodations you may need: ________________________________________________ Emergency Contact ______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Emergency Phone ______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Participant First & Last Name: M/F Date of Birth: Program CODE: Program Name Program FEE: Entered Computer Amount Paid OFFICE USE ONLY Circle T-Shirt Size (If applicable): Youth: YS YM YL Adult: L M L XL 2XL School ________________________________ Grade __________ TOTAL DUE: TOTAL ENCLOSED: It is understood that all participants who register and participate in such activities assume all risk for liability, medical, or accident claims or damages. Any action to enforce the terms of this contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and court costs. Belvidere Township Park District photographs and video tapes program participants. By registering for these programs, the participant and or parent/guardian consents to use by the park district of his/her likeness in park district advertising and other uses related to park district programming. Please make checks payable to: BELVIDERE PARK DISTRICT PARTICIPANT or PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________________________ Mail Registration to: Belvidere Park District 1006 W. Lincoln Ave, Belvidere, IL 61008 Ph: 815-547-5711 Fax: 815-544-4648


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Belvidere Park District 6581 Revlon Dr. Belvidere, IL 61008 Don’t let this happen to your favorite programs. SIGN UP EARLY! 5th Annual Hug an athlete 5k Sunday, February 25, 2018 1:00pm @ Doty park SEARCH: Hug an Athlete 5K Visit for more information or to register. VOLUNTEER SEARCH Are you looking for something to do in your free time that will enrich your life and the lives of others? Then volunteering with us is the thing to do! NASR-Belvidere is always looking for eager individuals to volunteer in our programs. The goals of our programs are that at the conclusion of each season, participants will have learned a new skill, had fun, and will be looking forward to participating in our programs and services in the future. Whether it is important for you to solve a community problem, advance a worthy cause, or to develop as a person, volunteering offers many benefits in a way of appreciation for the gift of your time and expertise. Benefits of Volunteering: Make important networking contacts Make a difference in someone’s life Teach your skills to others Build self-esteem & confidence Feel needed and valued Learn or develop skills Enhance your resume Gain work experience Improve your health Meet new people How to Become a Volunteer You can pick up a volunteer application at the NASR Belvidere Park District Facility (6581 Revlon Drive, Belvidere). When inquiring about volunteering via telephone, please specify that you would like to volunteer for NASR-Belvidere. Once your application is complete, please submit it to the Special Recreation Manager, Katie Humphrey, who will then to contact you to setup a volunteer interview. Applications may be received by email: NASR-Belvidere has committed to saving paper and resources. Join us by going green! Monthly newsletters, flyers, and announcements will now be sent via email. Please update your email while filling out your 2018 Annual Information Form or simply give us a call! Our seasonal brochure will continue to be sent by post mail. If you would like to continue to receive paper copies, please notify us at 815-547-5711 x14.



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