Reception Transition Book


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Welcome to Reception!

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Welcome to Wynyard Church of England Primary School!


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Contact Details We would like to thank you for sharing this booklet with your children. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Wynyard Church of England Primary School Wynyard Woods Wynyard TS22 5SE 01740 555005


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This will be your new school... You can even ride your bike or scooter to school if you want to.


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This is Mr Ward, our Headteacher. He’s really looking forward to meeting you in September.


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In school, you will meet lots of lovely staff... Miss McCabe Early Years Leader/ Class Teacher Mrs Smith Class Teacher Miss Whitton Teaching Assistant Miss Jones Teaching Assistant


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Mrs Hails Mrs Hall They work in the school office. You will have lots of fun with Liz in Breakfast and Tea Club. She also serves our school dinners.


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We wear a grey skirt, pinafore or trousers, a white polo shirt and our smart red school cardigan or jumper. In Summer, we can wear these dresses.


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We come into school through the gates and line up at our classroom door.


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We hang up our coat on our special peg We all get our own tray where we put our bag and any special things we make at school.


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Sometimes we all learn together on the carpet.


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But most of our time is spent having fun and playing with our friends! Which area will you choose?


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We also love to play outside... ...even in the snow.


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We wash our hands before having our delicious lunch! Yum! Yum!



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