IMDC Prospectus 2017-18


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Islamabad Medical & Dental College - Prospectus - 2017-18

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Islamabad Medical & Dental College Providing a Base to Serve Humanity PROSPECTUS 2017-18 of Allied Hea f Rehabilitation Department College o Sciences lth Sciences


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Department College o Introduction & Messages MBBS Program BDS Program Post RN-BSN Program f Rehabilitation Sciences DPT Program BS MLT ProgramofAlliedHea lth Sciences Faculty Teaching Hospitals Sudent Life Page # 03-18 19-22 23-28 29-34 35-40 41-46 47-52 53-58 59-74


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Islamabad Medical & Dental College Main Murree Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad, Ph: 051-111-46-46-32 ( 111-46-IMDC) Fax: 051-8433145 Email: Recognized By: Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Affiliated With: Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University Listed in: WHO Directory of Medical Institutions


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Chairman’s Message Dr. Ghulam Akbar Khan Niazi MBBS(Pb) Dip Ven (UK)D.D.V.A.M.S(Vienna,Austria) Dear Students, Faculty Members and Staff, Those of you, who seize the initiative and seek out the incredible range of opportunities that Islamabad Medical & Dental College has to offer, in future you will be rewarded in ways that are not easily matched anywhere, both in education and research. I hope you will find your position at IMDC perhaps more than one. Your opportunities are golden. If only you can make use of them, this will be a golden age of education and because of you, it will be one for us as well. My sincere advice to the student is regularity and hard work. My request to the faculty and staff is sincerity in imparting your knowledge and experience to the student and juniors. May Allah bless our efforts in character building, respect and love for each other. All these qualities are the hallmark of our institution. 03


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Dean’s Message Prof. Dr. Syed Shoaib Hussain Shah MBBS,DMJ,M.Phil,PhD,DABFM,FACFEI,CFC Dean Health Sciences Health care is no longer an isolated domain of a nation. It has taken on a global dynamic. Medical tourism is on the rise and health care professionals now have to cater to their requirements. Patient care is no longer the sole prerogative of a physician but that of a health care delivery team including doctors, paramedics, nurses and public health experts among others. I see our graduates as a part of this team, catering not only to the health of the nation, but the health of people all over the world. If you see yourself fit to take on the challenge to be a “Global health provider” and be an agent of change then I welcome you to the IMDC community. 04


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Principal Medical College Prof. Dr. Khalid Hassan MBBS, DCP, M.Phil (Hematology) I feel delighted in welcoming you to join Islamabad Medical and Dental College. As you walk into IMDC, you enter into corridors of learning, excellence and professionalism. We are especially proud of our highly skilled faculty committed to providing the students with the tools required to excel in the profession, and meet all types of challenges in the field of medicine, thereby matching in professional skills anywhere in the world. One of the special features of IMDC is students' research forum, where the students actively undertake various research projects under the supervision of their teachers. Students' societies are traditionally active. Some of these societies which are run mainly by the students themselves, under the guidance of vibrant faculty, are Blood Donors' Society, Fine Arts Society, Sports Society and Literary Society. IMDC is not just a place for imparting clinical knowledge and expertise in managing patients; it is indeed an institution which is committed to characterbuilding, mutual respect and leadership in the professionals. Principal Dental College Prof. Dr. Haroon Shahid Qazi BDS, MS (Orthodontics) Students, parents and friends-- we welcome you to Dental Section, Islamabad Medical and Dental College. We are a unique college in the capital of Pakistan, just at the foot hills of a very scenic mountain terrain. The Dental College and hospital is dedicated to leading oral health care by educating dental clinicians, strengthening postgraduate program, research and expanding a patient-centered clinical practice. We advocate for student centered educational goals and initiatives that align with our mission, vision and values. Those goals and initiatives, of course, are always evolving. We remain in a cycle of continuous improvement. I am proud of the fact that as time changes, so do we. But we remain – now and always – true to our principles. I hope you find the prospectus informative and engaging as it highlights not only the program, but also the outstanding faculty and staff that make us unique. Principal Nursing College Farida Himat Khan M.Phil (Health Sciences Education) There are so many career paths that are available for nurses. Nursing profession offers opportunities from bedside practice to top administration of a healthcare organization. There will be more opportunities in the future. Islamabad Nursing College (INC) aims to train competent and committed nurses, who can contribute towards the growth of emerging health care systems in public, private and community settings. Our highly qualified and energetic faculty members form the academic life line of this College and you will get the full support and facilitation by our faculty members. I assure that you will enjoy your association with us. I request to our students, faculty and staff members to work hard so that our college become one of the leading colleges of Pakistan. 05


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Introduction We recognize and are proud of the fact that Islamabad Medical and Dental College is located in one of the most scenic areas in the country's capital, Islamabad. Islamabad Medical and Dental College has a purpose built campus with spacious lecture halls, well equipped modern laboratories, and a spacious library, auditorium and staff offices. It is equipped with modern and state-of-the-art teaching aids and laboratory equipment to impart quality education in a clean and serene environment. 06


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Islamabad Medical and Dental College was established in the year 2007 and is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and approved by the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. It is recognized for MBBS, BDS, Post RN-BSN, DPT, BS-MLT, Post-graduate programs in six disciplines of Dentistry. The Department of Physiology is recognized for FCPS Part-II training by College of Physicians and Surgeons. The institute prides itself for its renowned teaching faculty. The faculty has extensive teaching experience form both national and international institutions. 07


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Islamabad Medical and College has its own teaching hospital, Dr. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital, which has all the essential clinical departments. All clinical departments are well equipped to provide high quality medical care. It also has a Dental Hospital which is the most modern dental hospital in the city. Apart from offering courses at Dental College, the Dental Hospital boasts of excellent infrastructure with all the modern Hi-Tech equipment. Islamabad Dental Hospital (IDH) provides routine dental care and specialist dental services in all fields of dentistry along with providing education for dental undergraduate and postgraduate students. Islamabad Medical and Dental College aims to produce the most competent and knowledgeable medical doctors. We acknowledge the importance of interdisciplinary and inter professional education in the provision of accessible, high-quality health services. The college has in its mind to leave no stone unturned in making itself one of the finest and the most advanced medical colleges of the country. 08


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IMDC Creed The creed is a complement to the college's conduct code. It explains why we regulate and restrict what we do. It forms the basis for and serves as “a summary of what is expected by the institution.” It can be called our “summary of values”, “a statement of principles” and “a statement of standards we hope will govern relationships in the community.” Some people like to call it a “Social Honor Code” or “a code of Ethics”, we like to call it a “teaching tool” in the hope that faculty and staff will use it to help students claim the rights and respect they deserve and to understand the obligations and assumptions that come with being a member of the IMDC community. If you remember when you were young and wanted to do something your parents did not want you to do, you may also remember how it felt when you asked “Why not?”, and they answered,“because we are your parents and we say so.” Part of the reason we have the IMDC creed is because we do not want members of our community to feel that way. We feel we have an obligation to respect students and to respond to their legitimate questions– “Why?” or “Why not?” introducing students to the creed is a way we affirm or express our recognition of the worth, dignity and ability of any individual student. Core Values Community of scholars at Islamabad Medical and Dental College is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Choosing to join this community obligates each member to a code of civilized behaviour. As a member of Islamabad Medical and Dental College Community: Ÿ I will practice personal and academic integrity § I will respect the dignity of all persons § I will respect the rights and property of others § I will discourage bigotry, while striving to learn from differences in people, ideas and opinions § I will demonstrate concern for others, their feelings, and their need for conditions which support their work and development Allegiance to these ideals requires each IMDC community member to refrain from and discourage behaviours which threaten the freedom and respect that every individual deserves. 09 Yasir Niazi Managing Director


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Vision To produce doctors who: § Respect the importance of the patient as an individual § Have mastered the knowledge and skills required for diagnosis, management, health promotion and disease prevention in a patient and community § Desire to provide service and become leaders in medical practice, education and/or research § Incorporate the highest ethical principles into their lives and practice § Affirm the value of medical research, the role of the physicians as educators and the importance of lifelong learning Islamabad Medical and Dental College's cherished goal is to prepare physicians who are excellent, compassionate, creative caregivers poised for significant roles in healthcare. Mission §Learning with creativity and dedication §Healing with quality and compassion §Discovering with imagination and innovation… Working together in the nation's capital, with integrity and resolve, Islamabad Medical and Dental College is committed to educating medical professionals of tomorrow, dedicated to improving the health and well being of local, national and global communities, serving all human beings with devotion. Islamabad Medical and Dental College is dedicated to educating aspiring physicians to serve society by assuming a significant role in medical practice, education, and research. 10


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Quality Assurance Dr. Sara Neyazi MBBS, MPH Vice Principal & Director Quality Assurance Assistant Professor, Community Medicine The main responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department is to provide administrative and substantive help, guidance and support for quality control at all levels, and to support the institutional and faculty accreditation processes and contents. It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department to formulate strategies, policies, systems, procedures and practices for the college's academic quality assurance and enhancement, as well as to promote and implement qualityrelated strategic developments within sustainable quality assurance and enhancement frameworks and procedures and in accordance with the college vision and strategic planning. It promotes the culture of academic quality within the college and to develop policies and guidelines on teaching evaluation, program review and student learning assessment. It monitors, reviews, audits, evaluates and continuously develop the college's quality together with its quality assurance and enhancement strategies, frameworks and procedures for the promotion of academic excellence in learning, teaching and research. 11


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Department of Medical Education Prof. Dr. Rehmah Sarfraz MBBS, M.Phil, MHPE Head of Department of Medical Education The Department of Medical Education is a center of dynamic innovation and advancement in the field of medical education globally. We are committed to promote excellence in medical education through scholarship among medical educators, curriculum reform, quality assurance and life-long learning for improving health care of the society. Our core values are: Ÿ Team spirit with professionalism Ÿ Commitment with honesty Ÿ Innovation with quality The major responsibilities of DME revolve around curriculum, evaluation, assessment and faculty development. The scope of its activities includes undergraduate and postgraduate education, continuing professional development and continuing medical education. 12


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Assessment Methods Assessment and evaluation are crucial steps………..measuring academic progress of students in acquiring core knowledge of the subjects. Islamabad Medical and Dental College has started integrated modular system from Year 2017 with a shift in assessment from traditional to modular. The Pass/fail decision in Professional examination will be made by incorporating 30% weightage of internal assessment (scores obtained in college examination) and 70% weightage of scores obtained in professional examination. Examination will consist of written and performance components; written exam will have MCQs and SAQs/SEQs whereas performance exam will be in the form of OSPE. Final University exams are conducted as per rules and regulations of Shaheed ZulfiqarAli Bhutto Medical University and Pakistan medical and Dental Council. The pass percentage will be 50% in theory and 50% in OSPE. Students are eligible for university examination if they have attended minimum 75% of their academic sessions. No grace marks are allowed in any examination. 13



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