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Expocentre: Organizer of International Trade Shows ADVERTISING INDUSTRY Reklama Exhibition


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OVERVIEW OF THE RUSSIAN ADVERTISING MARKET According to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies, the total volume of advertising media exceeded $5.3 billion1. The volume of marketing services amounted to $1.4 billion. Taking into account advertising expenditure spent on creative solutions, advertising products and services provided by advertising agencies, the total volume of marketing communications on the Russian market amounted to $9.4–9.7 billion. 5% 4% Advertising media in Russia 11% 38% Television ($2.2 billion) $5.342% Internet ($2 billion) Outdoor advertising ($0.6 billion) } +11%Print media ($0.3 billion) billion Radio ($0.2 billion) Television billion USD 9% 10% Internet billion USD 21% Radio billion USD Print publications billion USD -16% 2.25 2.2 2016 2015 2.03 52% 0.58 0.38 niche channels 2 incl. main channels Total 2.02 2016 2015 1.7 Total 6% 0.22 2016 2015 0.21 Total -16% -8% 0.3 -32% 0.16 2016 0.08 0.05 2015 0.34 0.1 0.08 0.17 incl. advertising news- publications papers magazines Total Out-of-home billion USD 6% 8% 0.57 2016 2015 0.54 0.47 0.43 -11% 5% 11% 0.05 0.034 0.01 0.06 0.033 0.001 In-theatre Transit Indoor advertising advertising advertising Marketing Services The experts in the Russian Association of Marketing Services counted the amount of marketing services and evaluated it at $1.4 million which is 7% more than in 2015. Promo Industry The AKAR Committee of Promo Industry in cooperation with Research Commission of the National Association of Promotional Products Industry (NARSI) summed up the results of the promotional industry which gained traction up to $0.3 billion showing a climb by 21%. TRENDS: Total incl. outdoor advertising Mobility Personalization 1 VAT excluding data 2 Source: Russian Association of Communication Agencies Interactivity


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THE LATEST TRENDS IN THE ADVERTISING MARKET Large-format printing. The development of digital technologies has a great influence on printing. Today, advertising manufacturers seek to switch to fully automated and cost-effective printing equipment to satisfy customers’ growing demands for printing quality and speed and easily compete with printing and digital media. These are investments into the future, which are rather attractive taking into account that the Russian market of outdoor advertising grew by 8% up to $0.47 billion only for 2016 (AKAR). Digital signage is one of the most promising market sectors. The digital signage market, whose volume is estimated at $16.88 billion, is expected to reach $27.34 billion up to 2022. The annual average growth rate will amount to 6.7%1. Digital signs and interactive digital displays will be in great demand in retail, at universities and colleges, government agencies, corporate customers, sports industry, and transport sector. LED advertising is a sector with a great innovative potential. The sources of innovations are lamps based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and transparent flexible displays. Leading stakeholders willingly invest in the development of affordable technology and their mass production. The global market of flexible displays grew significantly in 2016 since more and more manufacturers made curved and folding displays. Digital technologies greatly influence the printing industry. Changes in media consumption and a stiffer competition between printed and digital media make companies adapt to new working conditions. Soft Signage. The sector’s rapid development is expected to rise over 10% within the next five years. The key growth drivers of the sector is upgrade of equipment and printing heads, appearance of new suppliers and ink types, development of new fibers and fabrics for soft signage, and environmentally safe trends. The global market of signage on textiles, decor items and consumer goods accounts for $10.3 billion. Floor space: 12,258 sq m Exhibitors: 205 Visitors: 12,3202 Reklama (Advertising) Reklama is the largest international exhibition for the advertising industry in Russia and the CIS. This event has influenced the industry development for over 20 years. It is the only showcase covering a full range of innovative advertising products and services. The event is supported by the Russian Association of Communication Agencies. The trade show has earned a good reputation and recognition in the world of advertising. Each edition of Reklama is a great festival of creativity and technology. Each September the latest trends and achievements are demonstrated at Expocentre Fairgrounds. A great advertising workshop occupying over 12,000 sq m shows creation of advertising masterpieces from generation of ideas to their implementation. More than 200 Russian and international participants meet at Reklama to demonstrate innovative solutions and technology related to printing equipment and materials, advertising structures, souvenirs, audio and visual advertising plus many others. 86% of the show exhibitors speak about high ROI from participation. Visitors to the Reklama exhibition are 12,000 professionals, among them advertising agents, manufacturers and advertising customers. 82% of the visitors influence the decision making process related to advertising expenditures and signing contracts3. The Reklama associated events traditionally attract great attention. The Advertising Matrix Forum is much sought after by the industry professionals and features more than 70 author’s seminars, masterclasses and presentations made by the stars of the Russian advertising industry. The forum brings together more than a thousand of advertising agents, marketing specialists and promotion managers. 1 Source: Research and Markets 2 Source: Reklama official statistics 2 Source: Reklama 2016 survey


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REKLAMA Organized by Expocentre AO Held since1988 Since 1997 RUEF logo event Since 2006 UFI approved event Supported by the Russian Association of Communication Agencies Auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Phones: +7 (499) 795-29-06, 259-51-08 E-mail: 14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab. Moscow, Russia, 123100 Phones: + 7 (499) 795-37-99, 8 (800) 707-37-99 (only when in Russia, toll free) Fax: + 7 (495) 605-60-75 E-mail: Printed at Ofset Print M. © Expocentre AO, 2017



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