Part 1: while reading Farenheit 451


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Discussion on Farenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 & 1984 ENGENG07 Henrika Florén & Marie Erenius Bergqvist PART 1: While reading Fahrenheit 451 work as indicated below 1) Begin by reading the Afterword, page 167, and Coda, page 175 Issues to consider when reading the Coda, page 175: - In what ways is it possible to burn a book, according to Bradbury? - Bradbury strongly objects to people interfering with his writing. What does he suggest they do instead? - Explain why "digression" is of paramount importance to Bradbury. 2) While reading take notes on the role of books and of literature throughout the novel (N0TE! Be sure to note down page numbers so that you can find relevant passages for the final writing task). Also take notes on the role of Truth. What information is given concerning the surrounding world; what goes on in America/ in the rest of the world? When you have finished the book look at page 17 and read the description of the conversation Montag listens to. What is foreshadowed? 3) Discussion (Your discussion should be recorded and the recording handed in) As a reader, what do you need to know in advance, to understand this book? In what ways is the book of interest today, in our time?



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