Queens Peak Singapore Condo Facilities


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Queens Peak, at Dundee Road, opposite Queenstown Mrt, new launch condo facilities.

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COMMON AREA PROVISION 1st , 7th and 27th Storey Lift lobbies - Card access - Lift car security - CCTV - Adjoining lounge area withseating • Internal Lift Car Features – TV – Music • Main Drop off - 2 lane widedriveway ‐ Sheltered Waiting Area with lounges ‐ Designated vehicular carpark lots forwaiting ‐ Water Features ‐ Greenery


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Level 1st Site Plan Park ConnectorView City View 2 view to choosefrom: 1. Park Connector View 2. City View Cross ventilation at both common & private areaswith unobstructed views All units in North-South orientation


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DAILY NEEDS ALL AT THE DOORSTEP FACILITIES – Level 1 • Shops (1 no) - Alfresco deck - Seamless boundary with greenery to merge with the surroundings • Child Care Center - 100 childrencapacity - Separate drop off/pick up area with car park lots strategically located nearly - Suitable for families with young children & working parents, multi generational living - Accessible to public - Child safety – segregation of children and vehicular traffic by segregating a 1.5m footpath leading to Park Connector


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FACILITIES – Level 1 • Family Oasis - 3 Children Playgrounds - Family Oasis with child safe playground equipment and fitness equipment for multi tier generation - Kids Play Corner - Kids Play Garden - Family Lawn - Built in seating & space for parking of prams


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Level 7th Facilities Plan


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FACILITIES – Level 7 • 9 Dining Areas i) 2 Alfresco Dining Pavilion with Gourmet Kitchen - Equipped with modern kitchen appliances - Seating capacity of 8-12 person iii) Chill out Bay -Seating capacity of 8 person -Relaxing gathering with friends -Adjacent to reflective pool and greenery ii) Party Loft - Equipped with modern kitchen appliances - Bar Counter - Seating capacity of 20 person


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FACILITIES – Level 7 iv) 2 Pre Function Lounges - Seating areas before events at Event Lawn and Function Room - Good for catching up before the funbegins! vi) Event Lawn - Ideal for outdoor functions andpicnics - Can be combined with Function to maximize up to a party of 50 v) Function Room - For formal dining where your very own personal chef can be invited - Gourmet kitchen appliances ie. Teppanyaki Grill, Wine Chiller & Freezer etc - Fully air conditioned with moodlighting - Seating capacity of 25 person


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FACILITIES – Level 7 • Aqua Zone i) 1 Lap Pools - 1 nos. of 50m lap pool iii) Spa & massage foryour entire body -Jets, Aqua Massage -Jacuzzi, Foot Reflexology, Spa Bed ii) Wading Pool - Children fun playequipment


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FACILITIES – Level 7 • Aqua Zone iv) Party by thePool - Pool Lounge - Pool Loft – Bar counter provision - Adjoining to pool deck - Seating capacity of 15 person each - Vending machine and ice maker provision v) Panoramic Sundeck - Unobstructed view tosurroundings


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FACILITIES – Level 7 • Launderette Lounge & Laundromat - Ample seating area - Counter top and foldingtable - Provision of large capacity washing machines ( charges mayapply) • Garden Trail -Sheltered walkway between the twoblocks -Lush greenery interspersed with built in seating and reflective pools


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Level 27th Facilities Plan


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FACILITIES – Level 27 Sky Terrace • 4 Sky Dining Areas i) Teppanyaki Kitchen, Sky Kitchen, Kitchen Grill and Gourmet Kitchen - Each equipped with gourmet kitchenappliances - Adjoining bar counter or sky lounge with picturesque views


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FACILITIES – Level 27 Sky Terrace • Dynamic Zone i) Sky Gym ii) Workout Corner iii) Outdoor Billiard • Tranquil Zone i) Chess Lounge ii) Hammock Cove iii) Reading Hideout iv) Social Cove


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FACILITIES – Level 27 Sky Terrace Gardens - Nature Alcove - Scent Garden , Zen Garden - Serene and Nature Alcoves



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