Southwest High School Student Handbook 2017-18


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Student Handbook for 2017-2018

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STUDENT ACTIVITIES Athletics, Clubs, and Organizations Student activities are an important part of a student’s career in high school. Each of the clubs at Southwest High has a major activity and performs a service project for the school or the community. Club meetings are announced during morning announcements and posted in the Student Commons area. Academic Derby: The Academic Derby Team is organized to compete against other high school teams in academic trivia. Participants are selected after completing a screening process. All students (grades nine through twelve) are encouraged to sign up. All practice sessions and competitions are conducted after school. Academic Recognition Ceremony: The Academic Recognition Ceremony takes place in the spring semester of each school year. In order to be eligible for recognition students must have achieved a cumulative 3.63 weighted GPA through first semester of the school year. First recognition-certificate, Second- letter, Third-star pin, Fourth-lamp pin, Top Juniorletterman jacket, Top Senior-framed letter, All qualifying seniors-Presidents Award Academy of Transportation Technologies: The Academy of Transportation Technologies is open to all students interested in the Levels I, II, and III Automotive Technology classes as well as students that are interested in other job opportunities in the automotive industry. The Academy will prepare students for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) technician certification and National Automotive Technicians Foundation (NATEF) certification. Students in the Academy will also receive opportunities for job-shadowing, internships, and work-based learning experiences. AVID Club: The AVID Club is open to any SWHS AVID student. Club members help plan trips to visit college and university campuses, and plan events for AVID student participation as well as school wide participation. The AVID club also helps plan and prepare for other AVID responsibilities such as the AVID freshmen orientation, AVID Family nights, and AVID socials. Athletics: Southwest High School is a member of the East Central 2A Conference and boasts a very successful athletic record. Students are encouraged to support the athletic program by participating as an athlete or a fan. Students wishing to participate on any athletic team or cheerleading squad at Southwest High during the fall semester must have passed three out of four courses the previous semester and be promoted to the next grade level at the end of the academic school year. Freshmen students are exempt from this rule for the first semester. For second semester eligibility, students must have passed three out of four of their fall semester courses. Seniors must take at least three classes in order to be eligible for athletics. Students must have been in attendance 85 percent of the previous semester. A current physical and insurance information must be on file at school prior to tryouts for any athletic program. Students will not be allowed to practice nor participate in an athletic contest if they are not in attendance during the school day. Students who have been suspended from school may not participate in athletic games or practices during the period of suspension. All financial obligations to the school must be settled before students may participate in extra-curricular activities. Close-Up: Close-Up is organized to give students a close-up view of our local government. Each year the Close-Up Club travels to the Onslow County Courthouse to meet with some of our local leaders. 1


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Color Guard: The Color Guard performs with the Marching Band during half time at varsity football games, and the group marches in homecoming and holiday parades. Tryouts are held in late April and early May for the upcoming school year. Practices are conducted after school. Fellowship of Christian Athletes: This organization is a non-denominational Christian Club. Evening meetings called “Huddle Meetings” consist of an organized activity followed by devotion. Major activities include “See You at the Pole,” and motivational speakers throughout the school year. All Southwest High School students are invited to join. Future Business Leaders of America: The FBLA club promotes student involvement in the Jacksonville/Onslow County business community. Homecoming: Homecoming activities are scheduled for one week during the fall semester. The activities are organized to allow students the opportunity to celebrate school spirit. A school powder-puff football game, school-wide pep rally and other activities are scheduled throughout the week. Inner Club Council: The Inner Club Council acts as a liaison between the many clubs and organizations at Southwest High by coordinating extra-curricular activities throughout the year. The Council is comprised of one representative from all other school clubs and is responsible for organizing all major school activities. National Honor Society: The National Honor Society receives into membership students who demonstrate good character, leadership, service and scholarship. Students must attain a cumulative grade point average of 93.0 or 3.5 to be considered for induction. Students must also have documented community service with two or more agencies. Excellent grades and community service will not guarantee induction into the honor society. Those hoping to achieve induction should work hard, behave well in and out of class, and participate in clubs, organizations or athletic teams. Students are chosen for induction into the Honor Society each spring. A faculty committee chooses the candidates for membership, and a formal induction ceremony is held with family and friends in attendance. National Technical Honor Society: NTHS is the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. Thousands of schools and colleges are affiliated with the society. Member schools agree that NTHS encourages higher scholastic achievement, cultivate a desire for personal excellence, and helps top students find success in today’s highly competitive workplace. The minimum GPA for acceptance is a 3.2 along with a teacher recommendation. Many schools also look at credit hours completed, attendance, disciplinary records, and CTSO (Career & Technical Student Organizations) membership. SADD Club: SADD is the acronym for Students Against Destructive Decisions. Members must willfully uphold the SADD Contract and pledge to live by the standards set forth by SADD National. Major activities sponsored by SADD include Red Ribbon Week, Safe and Sober Prom, and Safe Driving Awareness. Members also participate in community programs such as Relay for Life and Christmas Cheer. Science Club: The Science Club is an environment-based club. Every year the Science Club participates in Homecoming and Christmas Cheer. Activities include; fund-raisers, trips to the zoo, museum or planetarium. SKILLS USA: Skills USA prepares students to become America’s high performance workers. It provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. It builds and 2


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reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes, and communications skills. SkillsUSA emphasizes total quality at work, high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free enterprise system and involvement in community service activities. Spanish Club: This organization is designed to help broaden students’ outlook regarding Spanish. The Spanish Club participates in the Christmas Cheer program and hosts many culture days. Student Council: The SWHS Student Council consists of elected students and other representatives that serve as a liaison between the faculty and the student body. The Council handles student concerns, plans student activities, organizes student elections, and participates in a variety of community service projects. All student elections are planned and implemented by the Council. The Council consists of twenty elected members; four representatives from each grade level, and four officers. Major activities include Homecoming celebrations, Christmas Cheer, and a spring service project. Youth Council: The Youth Council has twenty students nominated by their peers to represent Southwest High School in committees of local government. These students work closely with the mayor and city hall on issues involving youth. The City of Jacksonville relies on the Youth Council for deliberation and input on many important issues facing our community. NEW CLUBS / EXTRACURRICULAR – HIGH SCHOOL (Board Policy 3620) There will be a set timeline of the first 10 days of school for students and staff to meet with school administration to submit ideas for a new club/origination. Students and staff shall submit within the first 20 days of school year information for any new club and to include an identified advisor. The advisor must be a staff member at that particular school. The advisor and interested students must design guidelines, objectives, tentative times and dates for meetings, and present this information to the school principal. The principal and the staff advisor will meet with the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) within the first 30 school days to present the new club and have the SPT vote on the new club proposal. The principal may require parental permission for student participation in any club. The principal will maintain the right to make final decisions regarding the organization, activities and guidelines for a proposed club as per Onslow County School board policy 3620. 3


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STUDENT RECOGNITION FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS Principal’s List/Honor Roll At the end of each grading period the Data Manager will compose reports to determine student eligibility for the Principal’s List and the Honor Roll. These names will be submitted to the principal and will be posted in a designated area. The list will also be submitted to the local newspaper. Honor Roll students must have an overall average of 85 or higher with no failing grades while students on the Principal’s List must have a 93 average or higher in all courses. Marshals Marshals for graduation and other school activities shall be the ten juniors with the highest grade-point average through five semesters of high school. The Marshals are expected to assist with all school functions to provide support for guests attending that function/event. P.A.C.T. (Personal Accountability Changes Tomorrow): The P.A.C.T. Program recognizes and rewards students who make an effort to demonstrate good citizenship and academic achievement. Specific levels of achievement within the program make it possible for every student to attain recognition and to be eligible for awards and prizes. Each level has a qualification of zero discipline referrals for each grading period. Students who exceed ten days absence are not eligible for P.A.C.T. North Carolina Academic Scholars Program In March of 1983 the State Board of Education approved the North Carolina Academic Scholars Program to begin in the 1983-84 school year. Students who complete the State Board of Education requirements for a wellbalanced, challenging high school program will be named North Carolina Academic Scholars and receive recognition. The students who qualify for this special recognition: 1. Will be designated by the State Board of Education as NC Academic Scholars. 2. Will receive a seal of recognition attached to their diplomas. 3. May receive special recognition at graduation exercises and other community events. 4. May be considered for scholarships from the local and state business/industrial community. 5. May use this special recognition in applying to post-secondary institutions. Students should begin planning for the North Carolina Academic Scholars Program before they enter high school to insure that they have the most flexibility in their courses. To become North Carolina Academic Scholars, students must complete a prescribed Course of Study. It should be noted that students must have an overall four-year unweighted grade point average of 3.5 or above. For more information about this program see your guidance counselor. Presidential Academic Fitness Awards Southwest High School participates in the Presidential Academic Fitness Awards. To receive this award, a senior must have a minimum overall grade-point average of 85 at the end of their seventh semester. She/he must also score in the 80th percentile (950) on a national standardized achievement test such as the SAT, and have at least 12 credits in the New Basics (which include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, and Computer Science). Credits are not required in each of the New Basics. Sponsors for Academic Talent (S.A.T.) In 1984 a group of concerned educators and business people met to discuss the educational arena in Onslow County. This group of educators formed Sponsor for Academic Talent, Inc. (SAT) and these sponsors began to offer scholarship money to students who perform well in school and perform community service. These scholarships have nothing to do with financial need. Every student who meets the SAT requirements is guaranteed a $500 or $1,000 scholarship. The requirements for the Sponsors for Academic Talent include: 1) A cumulative high school grade point average of 3.5 4


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2) A composite score of 1100 or more on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (verbal and math) or a composite of a 25 or higher on the ACT 3) Eligibility for a North Carolina Scholars Diploma 4) Community service that is approved by the Executive Director of Sponsors for Academic Talent (75 hours = $500 scholarship; 100 hours = $1,000 scholarship 5) A completed required application. Each student who meets the requirements will be awarded a scholarship to be used at the college of his choice. Everyone who qualifies will receive a scholarship. Qualified students are presented a trophy and attend a banquet in their honor at the end of their senior year. Students who qualify for the SAT Scholarship must be enrolled in an Onslow County high school for their entire senior year. Students who transfer from a high school outside the Onslow County School System during their senior year will be ineligible for the scholarship. Valedictorian and Salutatorian The valedictorian and salutatorian will be notified of these honors prior to graduation exercises in order to provide sufficient time to prepare graduation speeches. The public announcement and the awarding of the medals for the valedictorian and the salutatorian will be made at graduation practice. The following administrative guidelines shall apply to Board Policy 3450: 1. A student shall be enrolled in a high school in the Onslow county School system during the entire senior year to be designated a valedictorian or salutatorian. The student must enroll within the first 8 days of the school year. 2. The valedictorian and salutatorian shall be determined by the class ranking on the North Carolina Standardized Transcript. 3. The selection of the valedictorian and salutatorian shall be determined following the second semester exams and final averaging of grades for the senior year. 4. For valedictorian and salutatorian ranking purposes, the high school average shall be carried out to the fourth decimal, and shall be based on a weighted scale. 5. Early Grads are not eligible. GENERAL INFORMATION Power Base Each student is assigned a Power Base teacher who will act as an advisor to students concerning academic requirements, school policies, and extra-curricular activities. All students are required to attend their assigned Power Base class, and attendance/tardies will be maintained for the period. Announcements School information relevant to the student body and/or specific groups will be made each day during the morning announcements and/or at the end of the day. All requests for the announcement period should be typed and submitted to the office by 1:00 the day prior to the day for the announcement to be made. See the school website for more details about school events. Appeals Procedures It is the policy of the Onslow County Board of Education that all students shall have the right to present for solution any problem arising within their status as students and shall be encouraged to exercise this right without fear of recrimination. It is for this purpose that a grievance procedure (Policies 1740/4010) is established. The grievance procedure may be used to address any situation occurring within the operation of normal procedures of the school which causes a student and/or a parent to believe he/she has been wronged, except in the case of long-term suspension. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss their concerns informally with the person(s) involved before invoking formal grievance procedures. The entire grievance procedure is outlined in the Student Related Board of Education Policies and School Bus Safety Regulations Handbook. Students are presented a new handbook at the beginning of each school year. Handbooks are also available at each school and may be picked up by the student and/or parent. 5


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Bus Transportation Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right. Students are assigned a bus number and the appropriate pick-up and delivery point on the bus route. Students must present to the office a written note from a parent or guardian by the end of the second lunch period requesting any bus change, and the request must have prior approval from the office before the change can take place. Repeated use of school bus transportation to a destination other than the student’s home will not be allowed. Cafeteria Child Nutrition offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast costs $1.25; lunch costs $2.25. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Reduced price is available at no charge for breakfast and $.40 for lunch. If your child was free or reduced last year, it is not an automatic approval this year. Your child’s application is only good for that school year and for the first few days of this school year. You must send in a new application unless the Child Nutrition office notified you in writing that your child is eligible for the new school year. Use one Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application for all students in your household. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information. Return the completed application to: Child Nutrition Department, P. O. Box 99, Jacksonville, NC 28541 or bring it into our office at 200 Broadhurst Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28541. Our telephone number is (910) 478-3480. Parents are responsible for all charges accrued until the date the application is approved. Online meal payments are available at Students approved for free or reduced priced meals must choose a FUL L meal. Individual items and milk selections result in a la carte pricing. A la carte items are not available for charging. Closed Campus A closed campus means students are not to leave the grounds of the school at any time unless they have permission of the principal or the assistant principal. Students are NOT permitted to go off campus for lunch. Computer Usage and Network Guidelines Computer technology provides the students with unique opportunities for acquiring and sharing information, knowledge, and ideas that can positively impact their learning. Southwest High School continues to implement technology to enhance instruction and encourage student use. With access to computers, computer networks and programs, and the Internet comes responsibility for proper conduct. All students and their parents must sign a computer usage agreement form before students will be permitted to use school computers. Students will be held responsible for their actions while using a personal device, computer or network workstation and activity within any of their accounts. Administrative action will be taken against any student who violates the agreement or damages any computer or workstation at Southwest High School. Early Checkouts Students who need to leave school before 2:20 must present a written note (phone calls will be made to verify note) from a parent at the time of checkout or be checked out by a parent. Notes from the parent or guardian requesting an early release from school must contain the following information: • Reason the student needs to sign out of school, • Parent’s signature, • Time the student needs to sign out, • Date for early check-out, • Telephone number where the parent can be contacted, and • Doctor’s name if the student is checking out for a medical appointment. 6


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Early checkout times should be arranged to coincide with class changes as much as possible. Seniors with early out status due to reduced course load must complete an “early out” card to have on file in the office. Seniors who are released early must be off campus when the tardy bell rings for the next class. Transportation arrangements must be made prior to opting for early release. Early check outs are strongly discouraged during Power Hour as making school-wide announcements can be distracting. Early check outs should occur before or after Power Hour. Students must be in attendance at least one hour of class to receive attendance credit; however, habitual early checkouts (three or more in the same class) will be addressed by the administration. Unlawful early checkouts will result in loss of eligibility for exam exemption in that class. Enrollment Procedures Students must have the following paperwork to enroll: • Certified Birth Certificate • Immunization Record • Social Security Card (if available) • Proof of Residence (Current water bill, gas bill or electric bill only. The proof of residence must be in the name of the friend or relative with whom you are residing. • A notarized statement signed by the friend or relative with whom you and you children are residing. The friend or relative’s address must be provided (if applicable). • Photo Identification of the parent or legal guardian • School Withdrawal/Transfer Sheet (required for IN-County School transfers) • Custody papers (if applicable) This Documentation must be presented to the school at the time of enrollment. Family Educational Rights Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Onslow County Board of Education publishes the Board of Education policy statement regarding student records. To all parents of students currently attending the Onslow County Schools who have reached the age of 18: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that governs the maintenance of student records. Under the law, parents of students or eligible students have both the right to inspect records kept by the school about the student and the right to correct inaccuracies in the records. Access to the records by persons other than the parents or the student is limited and generally requires prior consent by the parents of the students. The Onslow County Board of Education has adopted a written policy governing all the rights of parents and students under FERPA. Copies of this policy may be found in the Superintendent’s office, in the principal’s and counselor’s office of the school. Fees The Onslow County Board of Education has passed a policy concerning the payment of school fees and sets the fee schedule each school year. Payment of fees is a prerequisite for driver education, participation in athletics, marching band, and graduation exercises. Fees should be paid during the first week of each semester. If a parent writes a check for fees, a separate check should be written for each fee as schools are not allowed to cash checks and teachers are not allowed to collect fees for classes other than the class they teach. Fees include those assessed for all classes, programs, and county required instructional fees. Students who owe fees will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities, will not be allowed to obtain a parking permit, will not have their driver eligibility form approved, will not be allowed to participate in athletics, nor will they be allowed to participate in graduation exercises and prom. Fee Waiver Policy Students whose families meet eligibility criteria to receive free lunch under rules and regulations established by the United States Department of Agriculture are entitled to complete an application for a waiver of required fees. The principal is authorized by Board of Education Policy to investigate claims for fee waivers and to 7


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determine the amount of fees waived. Fee waivers must be applied for in writing by the 20th day of enrollment. Field Trips and School Activities All school rules and expectations apply when students participate in field trips and school-sponsored activities. All SWHS staff members are to correct student behavior whenever and wherever necessary. Problems that are observed outside the classroom by teachers will be immediately referred to the administration. These situations will be resolved in accordance with policy outlined in this handbook. Student’s who have excessive absences, owe fees or have excessive discipline issues may not be permitted to attend field trips. This includes senior activities such as senior trip, senior lunch, etc. Guidance Services The Guidance Department provides invaluable services for students. These services include advice and information concerning: • Course planning to facilitate attainment of immediate and long-range career goals, as well as graduation requirements. • Personal counseling to develop and maintain emotional maturity. • Entrance requirements for the programs offered by technical schools, colleges, and universities. • College entrance examinations including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and achievement tests. • Scholarships and financial aid for higher education. • The issuance of transcripts. • Applications for special/summer academic programs. Students are encouraged to meet with their assigned counselor as necessary. Students may stop by the guidance office and schedule an appointment with the guidance assistant. Lockers Students will be allowed to rent lockers for a fee of $2.00 per school year. The instructional supply fee of $5.00 must be paid before a locker may be rented. Lockers are school property and remain at all times under the control of the school. School authorities, for any reason consistent with board policies or school rules, may conduct locker inspections. Media Center Usage Media Center Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Occasional changes in hours will be posted on the doors. Arrangements with the media specialist may be made for extended time. The school’s media center should be a part of the total instructional program with a primary function to assist students with research. Students are encouraged to use the media center on a regular basis. Students are required to sign in at the circulation desk immediately upon entering the media center and to leave their passes at the circulation desk. Students must remain in the media center during the entire period unless the pass specifies that they may return to class. Media Center Expectations: • The school library is a quiet place for students to read, study and research. Limited quiet, businesslike conversation is acceptable. • Class library time must be signed up for at least one day in advance, and the group of students must be seated together in assigned class groups. Classes are accepted in the library when accompanied by their teachers and supervised by their teachers. Teachers are responsible for the discipline of their students. • No more than five students per class may come to the library with a pass from the classroom teacher. Students may come to the library (with the proper pass) to complete work that requires the use of the library’s facilities. • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the media center. 8


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Students who violate the above regulations will be asked to return to class and will receive a disciplinary action from the media specialist and classroom teacher. Medication In accordance with OCS Policy 6125, school employees of this district will administer medicines or medication prescribed by a doctor upon the written request of the parent. The office will dispense the medication as prescribed by the physician and in compliance with the Emergency Plan developed with the school nurse. Students are NOT permitted to carry any type of drug/medication or controlled substance in their possession at any time (Board of Education policy). Students that need to take a medication must have a pass issued by the office granting permission to leave class at the time indicated on the medication label. Restricted and Non-Restricted Areas Students must report to the building immediately upon their arrival to school and should not go to the parking lot or school ground areas before the end of the day without permission and a written pass from the office. Once a student arrives on campus he/she is not permitted to leave. Students will be allowed to enter the building at 6:55 a.m. Upon entering the building, students should report to designated wait areas until the locker bell sounds at 7:05 a.m. Designated student wait areas include the cafeteria, cafeteria breezeway area, the student commons area, the senior area (seniors only), the two long hallways around the senior area, the hallway in front of guidance, and the media center. Restricted areas include the lobby at the entrance to the school, all classrooms, all hallways that lead to classrooms, and lockers. During lunch periods, students are permitted in the cafeteria, cafeteria breezeway area, student commons area, and senior area. Students are restricted from classrooms and classroom hallways during lunch periods. Materials must be retrieved from lockers at the beginning of the day (7:05), during class changes, before the student’s lunch period or at the end of the day. Returned Check Fee Check Exchange System All returned checks are handled by CES not the school. Fees are collected through the company and other applicable fees will apply according to CES guidelines. School Insurance The Onslow County School Board Policy states that students participating in athletics must have accident insurance coverage (Policy 4220). The insurance may be school insurance or a private insurance. Those students with private insurance must fill out the proper forms and submit them to the appropriate coach or teacher. Regular school insurance covers all sports except Varsity Football School Safety Specific procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and campus visitors in the event of a school crisis. To fully understand these procedures, mandatory drills will be scheduled monthly. All students should take all drills seriously. During a drill, students should follow all staff directives moving to assigned “safe” areas inside or outside the school buildings. Students are to remain with their class during drills and conduct themselves in an orderly manner waiting quietly for additional instructions. Talking, running, pushing or playing is not permitted during a drill. When the drill is over, students are to return to their class quietly. BOMB THREAT = BIG TROUBLE House Bill 517: Three types of bomb threats now represent a serious crime in North Carolina, and therefore involve serious penalties that can be administered by the school system, or local and state law enforcement agencies. Category of Crime: 1. Making or communicating a false bomb threat in any form, even including computer messages, is now a Class H felony. 9


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2. Perpetrating a bomb threat hoax by bringing a fake explosive device onto school property (buildings, buses or grounds) or into school-sponsored events or activities is now a Class H felony. 3. Encouraging or aiding a minor to bring onto school property any true explosive device is now a Class G felony. In addition to legal consequences that accompany the above felonies, the following penalties also apply: 1. A second conviction of either of the first two crimes within 5 years of a first conviction is a Class G felony crime. 2. Conviction of any of the three crimes will result in the loss of one’s driver license or permit. 3. Possible restitution and financial liability for the costs or damage experienced by the school or school system in having to deal with the threat. Parents who are found to be negligent with regard to their children who commit either of the above crimes may be required to pay up to $25,000.00 in costs associated with a false bomb threat or hoax, and $50,000.00 in costs associated with damages resulting from a discharged explosive device. Onslow County School Board Policy 4333, Section B states: 1. Students are prohibited from making, aiding and/or abetting in making a bomb threat or perpetrating a bomb hoax against school district property by making a false report that a device designed to cause damage or destruction by explosion, blasting or burning is located on school property. No student may knowingly or willfully cause, encourage or aid another student to make a bomb threat or perpetrate a bomb hoax. Any student who becomes aware that another student or other person intends to use a bomb, make a bomb threat or perpetrate a bomb hoax must notify a teacher or the principal immediately. 2. As required by law, the board shall suspend for 365 days any student who: a. makes a false report that there is a bomb or bomb-like device located on school property or at a school-related or school-sponsored activity; or b. conceals, places or displays a device on school property or at a school-related or schoolsponsored activity with the intent to cause others to believe the device is a bomb. Upon the superintendent’s recommendations, the board may modify the suspension. A student who violates this section also will be referred to the criminal justice and/or juvenile system. School Resource Officer (SRO) The school’s Resource Officer is an Onslow County Sheriff’s Deputy who has been assigned by the Sheriff’s Office to be a full-time staff member of Southwest High School. The SRO assists the faculty, staff, administration and students in maintaining a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning for all students. The role of the SRO is to enforce state laws, uphold county and school rules, and act as a resource for the school in creating a safe environment. Students are encouraged to interact with the resource officer in helping to maintain a safe learning environment. Student Parking on Campus Parking on the Southwest High School campus is a student privilege, and certain conditions are attached to that privilege. Students who fail to uphold those conditions will be subject to loss of parking privileges. • Parking space rentals may be obtained in the office. Students with owed fees will not be issued a parking space until the owed fees have been cleared. • Students will be charged a fee of $25.00 to receive a parking permit that must be visible on the rear window at all times. • All student vehicles must be parked in the student parking lots (to the left and right of the buildings) with their parking tag displayed on the rear view mirror. Students are not permitted to park in front of or behind the school during school hours. • Registered vehicles must be parked in their assigned space. • Illegal parking will result in loss of parking privileges, and vehicles may be towed from school at the owner’s expense. 10


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• Vehicles parked on the school grounds may be searched by school officials. • Parking permits are not transferable. • Students should not drive across parking rows or drive on the grass. • The speed limit on campus at all times is not to exceed 10 miles per hour. • Students are not permitted to pass another vehicle in the parking lot or while entering or leaving the campus. • Students with attendance issues, habitual tardies, and/or discipline issues will have their parking privileges revoked until such issues have been resolved. Cars illegally parked or without a paid permit will be towed at owner’s expense. Violations of the above regulations will result in revocation of driving/parking privileges on campus. Title IX Onslow County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in its programs or activities. The Human Resources Department at the Onslow County Technical Support Center will receive Title IX inquiries. Letters or phone calls may be made to the Onslow County Schools, 200 Broadhurst Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540 (910-455-2211) Vending Machines Students have the privilege of using the vending machines in the commons area. Students may not receive a hall pass to visit the vending machine area. All food items must be consumed in the student commons area, cafeteria hallway, the breezeway beside the cafeteria, or in the senior area. Students may not eat in any other areas of the school. Students carrying food items in undesignated areas of the school buildings will be told to dispose of these items and disciplinary actions may be taken. Bottled water may be taken into other parts of the building. Students are not permitted in the teachers’ lounge. Visitors All visitors must report to the main office when they arrive on campus to sign in and receive a Visitor’s Pass. Visitors should sign-out as they leave the school’s campus. Visitor passes must be worn at all times while on campus. Anyone sighted on campus without a visitor’s pass will be considered to be trespassing and the proper authorities will be summoned. Parents and guardians are welcome to visit; however, visitors are not allowed to interrupt the instructional day for students or staff. Appointments for conferences with teachers must be arranged through the main office or with the teacher. Classroom visits/observations will be scheduled by the office. Students from other schools and former students are not permitted to visit the campus unless prior written approval has been granted by the administration. Visitor Parking Visitor parking is in front of the main entrance to the school. Weather Watch When inclement weather occurs, local radio and television stations will announce school closings or delays. School delays are also announced on the Onslow County Schools “Information Line” at 989-2211. If no announcement is made, school will start at the regular time. 11


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ATTENDANCE The faculty and administration at Southwest High School desires that all students succeed. We believe that regular school attendance is necessary for student success. The need for regular attendance is especially true with the block schedule since course material is covered during one 90-day semester rather than during a 180day school year. When a student must miss school, a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be presented to the office. If the student sees a doctor while absent, a note from the doctor should be submitted to the office. Notes from parents and doctors will be accepted up to 30 days after the appointment. Attendance in school and participation in class are an integral part of academic achievement and the teachinglearning process. Regular attendance develops patterns of behavior essential to professional and personal success in life. Regular attendance by every student is mandatory: the State of North Carolina (G.S. 115C-378) requires that every child in the State between the ages of seven (or younger if enrolled) and 16 years attend school. Parents and legal guardians have the responsibility of ensuring the students attend and remain at school daily. Any parent, guardian, or other person violating the provisions of the Compulsory Attendance Law is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. (G.S. 115C-380). A. Attendance Records School officials will keep an accurate record of attendance, including accurate attendance records in each class. Attendance records will be used to enforce the Compulsory Attendance Law of North Carolina. B. Lawful Absences When a student must miss school, a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be presented to the office. An absence may be excused for the following reasons: 1. personal illness or injury that prevents the student from being physically able to attend school; 2. isolation ordered by the State Board of Health; 3. death in the immediate family 4. a medical or dental appointment (doctor’s note required) 5. participation under subpoena as a witness in a court or administrative proceeding; 6. observance of an event required or suggested by the religion of the student or the religion of the student’s parents with the prior approval by the principal; or 7. participation in a valid educational opportunity, such as travel, with prior approval by the principal 8. absence due to pregnancy and related conditions or parenting, when medically necessary In addition, a student whose parent or legal guardian (a) is an active duty member of the uniformed services as defined by policy 4050, Children of military families, and (b) has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or has immediately returned from deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting will be granted additional absences at the discretion of the superintendent or designee to visit his or her parent or legal guardian. Five days prior to the absences, the parent or legal guardian must present to the school principal a written statement requesting the absences be lawful. The principal shall use his/her discretion on the reasonable number of days the student may be excused from school. Extended illnesses generally require a statement from a physician. In the case of lawful absences and out of school suspensions, the student will be permitted to make up his or her work. The teacher will determine when work is to be made up. The student is responsible for finding out what assignments are due and completing them within the specified time period. 12


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C. Unlawful Absences A student’s absence from school for any reason other than those listed under “Lawful Absences.” D. School-Related Activities All classroom activities are important and difficult, if not impossible, to replace if missed. It is the intention of the board of education that classes missed be kept to an absolute minimum through close scrutiny and a monitoring system on the part of the principal. The following school-related activities will not be counted as absences from either class or school: 1. field trips sponsored by the school; 2. school-initiated and scheduled activities; 3. athletic events requiring early dismissal from school; or 4. in-school suspension Assignments missed for these reasons will be completed by students. The teacher will determine when work is to be made up. The student is responsible for finding out what assignments are due and completing them within the specified time period. ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS Teachers are expected to personally account for attendance in their classes as stated in B.O.E. Policy Code 4400. Attendance at SWHS will be taken for each class period using the NC Wise program. To support the accuracy of regular daily attendance, a list of all reported absentees and tardies will be sent to each teacher at the end of each day. This list will also include early check-outs. All teachers will review this list and make attendance changes in NC Wise for the Data Manager. Teachers are responsible for the documentation of any student who was absent and whose name does not appear on the attendance/absentee list. The Data Manager’s office will complete absence reports for each student, keep documentation of lawful/unlawful absences, and report this information to teachers, the school’s social worker, the administration, and parents. If a student fails to bring a note, the absence may be deemed unlawful. Teachers will provide the assistant principals with the name of any student who was absent from a class and whose name was not on the daily absentee list or the check out list. Both late start students and early out students should pick up a card from the front office to complete and return with parent signature ensuring that the parent is aware of the late start or early out. This card will be kept on file in the office and will permit students to arrive/leave without signing in or out in the office. Students starting their school at the beginning of second period should wait for the bell in the lobby at the auditorium. Students with early check out should leave campus immediately following their last class. Early Graduation If a student goes into their 3rd year with the intention of completing graduation requirements and graduating the student and the parent will sign a contract. At any time the student is not meeting the terms and guidelines outlined in the contract, all senior privileges will be revoked and the student will not be allowed to participate in senior activities for 1 year. Students who satisfy graduation requirements will be eligible for graduation at the end of the first semester of their senior year. Students will be able to attend the regular commencement exercises at the end of the year. It is the responsibility of the student who graduates early to contact the school to obtain information about the prom, senior trip and graduation exercises. Incomplete Coursework A student may be assigned an Incomplete for a course only if there are extenuating circumstances such as extended illness that prevented the student from completing the required coursework. An Incomplete is not assigned to a course for which a student was in school on a regular basis and simply did not complete the 13


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required work. The Incomplete must be removed within two weeks of the end of the grading period in question or the Incomplete converts into an “F”. Power Hour Overview Power Hour is a positive school-wide initiative to encourage and support student achievement. This plan allows for an eighty minute lunch period. • Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria, commons area (inside and outside), senior area, and classrooms (based on individual teacher preferences.) Guidelines • SWHS is a closed campus during the school day. Students are required to remain on campus for lunch/Power Hour. • Food is not allowed in the gym, hallways, or bathrooms • PED policy applies at all times, however, at teacher discretion during Academic Overtime. • Hallways are for transitioning; students should not be seated in hallways during Power Hour • Early check outs are strongly discouraged during Power Hour as making school-wide announcements can be distracting. Early check outs should occur before or after Power Hour. • The schedule will be as follows. Monday-1st period, Tuesday- 2nd period, Wednesday- 3rd period and Thursday- 4th period. Absences and tardies will be maintained during Power Hour. Southwest High School Alternative Learning Program The Alternative Learning Program is a student behavior management program. This program involves students assigned to an alternative classroom or In School Suspension classroom. School attendance and participation is important to the educational development of each student’s academic success. School rules and regulations are established to perpetuate a safe educational environment. This program is established for when a student comes in conflict with school rules and/or policy, has fallen behind in school assignments, and has multiple unexcused absences/tardies or needs to be removed from regular classroom settings. The concern is for the student and others as well. The Alternative Learning Program staff will assist the student to return to regular classrooms as quickly and effectively as possible. The structure consists of maintenance of strict control, small staff/student ratio, maintenance of regular schoolwork, study carrels and individual help with work as needed. Students in grades 9-12 may be placed in the Alternative Learning Classroom. A measure of the student’s progress will be accomplished by a system of point accumulation. The criteria for awarding points (by the coordinator) are in the form of a specific list of behavior items that carry a point credit. This needs to be accomplished before the student is returned to the regular education program. In general, the whole experience will be shaped so that, while being isolated from other students and staff, the student continues with his/her regular studies through regular communication with the classroom teachers. The overriding goal of the program is to return the student to regular classrooms as soon as possible while also providing a positive approach to discipline through early intervention and completion of schoolwork. 14


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ASSIGNMENT TO THE ALTERATIVE LEARNING CLASSOOM The principal or their designee, are the only persons authorized to assign a student to the Alternative Learning Classroom. It will be their decision to assign a student to the classroom or to take an alternate approach to correct a problem or situation. The principal or designee will make the final decision as to the length of the assignment in the Alternative Learning Classroom, with a minimum length of 2 weeks. INSUBORDINATION IN THE ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CLASSROOM If a student is insubordinate in the Alternative Learning Classroom (EX. Fighting, refusal to cooperate, disrespect, refusal to complete work, inappropriate language, etc.) he/she will be given OSS (out of school suspension) and will return to the Alternative Learning Classroom upon their return to school. PARENT INVOLVEMENT Experience has shown that when the school and parents work together, a change in behavior is more readily made and has a more lasting effect. Parents will be contacted regarding the placement of students in the Alternative Learning Classroom. Further phone calls, personal contacts or meetings will be made as events dictate. These meetings carry the main objective of establishing behavior change by the student as well as the school and parents. SCHOOLWORK As soon as it is determined that a student is assigned to the Alternative Learning Classroom, a request for schoolwork/assignments from the student’s teachers will be issued. Assignments will cover the number of days the student is assigned to the Alternative Learning Classroom along with schoolwork that is incomplete or missing. The Alternative Learning Classroom Coordinator for grading will return schoolwork to the regular classroom teacher at the end of each day. Communication and cooperation between regular classroom teachers and the Alternative Learning Classroom Coordinator is essential to keep the student’s schoolwork complete and in exchanging assignments and answer sheets. SUSPENSION FROM EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Students assigned to the Alternative Learning Classroom for an infraction will be suspended from all activity participation and attendance during the time of the Alternative Learning Classroom placement. This includes, but is not limited to participation on athletic teams, musical groups, clubs, fieldtrips, etc. OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION Any student receiving an Out of School Suspension will attend the Alternative Learning Classroom as they transition back to school. SUMMARY The success of the Alternative Learning Program depends largely upon a concentrated effort by the parents, teachers, counselor and administration. Of special importance to this effort are the classroom teachers as they provide appropriate schoolwork lists and materials. Referral decisions made by the principal, or designee, will be made after consideration of the infraction, student discipline record and time spent in an alternate setting. 15



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