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12 Supplement www.elsteadlighting.com Model shown: FE/OBERLIN/P/M


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OBERLIN The stunning, modern Oberlin collection offers dramatic orbs beautifully adorned with graduated Clear Rondure beads, making a design statement in a foyer, living or dining room. A decorative cap is included for installation without the removable bottom clear orb. The medium and large models have two integrated LED modules to shine light from the top and bottom to illuminate the crystal beads. FE/OBERLIN/P/S FE/OBERLIN/P/L FE/OBERLIN/P/M Code Description Height Width Min. Drop Max. Drop Finish FE/OBERLIN/P/S Small LED Pendant 376mm 352mm 508mm 1588mm*2 Satin Nickel FE/OBERLIN/P/M Medium LED Pendant 547mm 509mm 730mm 2099mm*1 Satin Nickel FE/OBERLIN/P/L Large LED Pendant 851mm 813mm 1080mm 2565mm*1 Satin Nickel *1 Supplied with 1 x 150mm and 4 x 300mm rods. *2 Supplied with 1 x 150mm and 3 x 300mm rods. *3 LED colour temperature = 3000k Wattage/Lumens 1 x 8W LED (1 x 800Lm)*3 2 x 8W LED (2 x 800Lm)*3 2 x 12W LED (2 x 1000Lm)*3 www.elsteadlighting.com Supplement 13


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KENNEY The transitional Kenny collection is an updated take on a classic, mid-century modern design in our new, refined Sunrise Silver finish. A decorative, duallayered, geometric motif is stamped out of the steel frame which floats over a white linen shade to create depth and visual interest. The dramatically tall sconce features integrated LEDs behind the fabric, emitting gentle light, perfect for a media room requiring soft accent lighting.  FE/KENNEY1 FE/KENNEY/LED FE/KENNEY/F Code FE/KENNEY1 FE/KENNEY/F FE/KENNEY/LED Description 1lt Wall Light 2lt Flush Mount LED Wall Light Height 357mm 209mm 598mm Width 226mm 368mm 144mm Projection 144mm 99mm Finish Sunrise Silver Sunrise Silver Sunrise Silver Max. Wattage 1 x 60W E27 2 x 60W E27 40W LED (3600Lm, 2700k) www.elsteadlighting.com Supplement 15


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KENNEY (continued) FE/KENNEY/MP FE/KENNEY/3P FE/KENNEY/ISLE Code Description Height Width Length Min. Drop Max. Drop Finish Max. Wattage FE/KENNEY/MP 1lt Mini-Pendant 356mm 203mm - 451mm 1518mm*1 Sunrise Silver 1 x 60W E27 FE/KENNEY/3P 3lt Pendant 254mm 502mm - 352mm 1724mm*2 Sunrise Silver 3 x 60W E27 FE/KENNEY/ISLE 5lt Island Chandelier 254mm 268mm 1041mm 333mm 1705mm*3 Sunrise Silver 5 x 60W E27 *1 Supplied with 1 x 152mm and 3 x 305mm rods. *2 Supplied with 1 x 152mm and 4 x 305mm rods. *3 Supplied with 2 x 152mm and 8 x 305mm rods. 16 Supplement www.elsteadlighting.com


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CORINNE The modern orb silhouette of the Corinne collection by Feiss features an Inlay Crystal detail along the inner surfaces for dramatic sparkle. The centre candles are attached by a hub giving the illusion they’re floating. The three main hubs and ceiling canopy all share the same architectural styling details. FE/CORINNE/3P/M FE/CORINNE/6P/L Code Description FE/CORINNE/3P/M 3lt Medium Pendant FE/CORINNE/3P/S 3lt Small Pendant FE/CORINNE/6P/L 6lt Pendant * Supplied with 1524mm of chain. Height 527mm 356mm 708mm Width 432mm 286mm 622mm FE/CORINNE/3P/S Min. Drop 679mm 508mm 864mm Max. Drop 2159mm* 1988mm* 2343mm* Finish Polished Nickel Polished Nickel Polished Nickel Max. Wattage 3 x 60W E14 3 x 60W E14 6 x 60W E14 www.elsteadlighting.com Supplement 17


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WHITNEY 18MoSdeulps pshleomwne:nQtZ/WHITNEwYw1 w&.eQlsZt/eWadHlIiTgNhEtiYn5g.com


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www.elsteadlighting.com Supplement 19


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WHITNEY With classic design and hints of contemporary styling Whitney is a beautiful collection for your home. The Imperial Silver finish bounces the light and highlights the downward curving arms with hanging crystal accents beautifully. The white sheer organza shades are trimmed in dark grey for a sophisticated and dramatic appearance. QZ/WHITNEY9 Code Description QZ/WHITNEY9 9lt Two Tier Chandelier * Supplied with 2438mm of chain. Height 838mm 20 Supplement www.elsteadlighting.com Width 813mm Min. Drop 941mm Max. Drop 3368mm* Finish Imperial Silver Max. Wattage 9 x 40W E14


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Semi-Flush is Duo-Mount/ Pendant convertible QZ/WHITNEY/SF QZ/WHITNEY1 QZ/WHITNEY5 Code Description Height Width Min. Drop QZ/WHITNEY/SF Pendant/Semi-Flush 409mm 407mm 409mm QZ/WHITNEY1 1lt Wall Light 457mm 180mm - QZ/WHITNEY5 5lt Chandelier 686mm 706mm 785mm *1 Supplied with 2 x 152mm & 2 x 305mm rods. *2 Supplied with 1219mm of chain. Max. Drop 1433mm*1 1994mm*2 Projection 178mm - Finish Imperial Silver Imperial Silver Imperial Silver www.elsteadlighting.com Max. Wattage 3 x 40W E14 1 x 40W E14 5 x 40W E14 Supplement 21


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DEWITT The French Provincial-influenced DeWitt lighting collection by Feiss has a traditional and elegantly simple silhouette which has been completely updated using the dramatic contrast of a gilded Sunrise Silver finish. Using an innovative technique, clear teardrop crystals are painted on one side with the matching finish so color shines through to harmonize perfectly with the rest of the fixture.  FE/DEWITT1 FE/DEWITT3 Code Description FE/DEWITT1 1lt Wall Light FE/DEWITT3 3lt Chandelier * Supplied with 1524mm of chain. Height 301mm 549mm Width 146mm 453mm 22 Supplement www.elsteadlighting.com Min. Drop 727mm Max. Drop 2143mm* Projection 132mm - Finish Sunrise Silver Sunrise Silver Max. Wattage 1 x 60W E14 3 x 60W E14


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DeWitt teardrop crystals are painted on one side in Sunrise Silver for a complementary pearlesque appearance FE/DEWITT/4P FE/DEWITT5 FE/DEWITT9 Code Description Height Width FE/DEWITT/4P 4lt Foyer Chandelier 778mm 424mm FE/DEWITT5 5lt Chandelier 737mm 635mm FE/DEWITT9 9lt Chandelier 851mm 775mm *1 Supplied with 1524mm of chain. *2 Supplied with 2134mm of chain. Min. Drop 956mm 914mm 1029mm Max. Drop 2372mm*1 2330mm*1 3054mm*2 Finish Sunrise Silver Sunrise Silver Sunrise Silver www.elsteadlighting.com Max. Wattage 4 x 60W E14 5 x 60W E14 9 x 60W E14 Supplement 23


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GIGI Gigi’s dramatic form features an asymmetrical white organza semi-translucent hardback shade and glamourous rectangular, clear crystal drops that fall into a drum shape for understated sophistication. HK/GIGI1 HK/GIGI/MP HK/GIGI/3P Code Description Height HK/GIGI/3P 3lt Pendant 387mm HK/GIGI/MP Pendant 457mm HK/GIGI1 1lt Wall Light 305mm * Supplied with 1 x 152mm & 3 x 305mm rods. Width 533mm 254mm 184mm 24 Supplement www.elsteadlighting.com Min. Drop 624mm 685mm - Max. Drop 1227mm* 1295mm* - Projection 98mm Finish Polished Nickel Polished Nickel Polished Nickel Max. Wattage 3 x 60W E14 1 x 60W E27 1 x 60W E14


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BOTANIC With both masculine and feminine influences, the transitional Botanic lighting collection by Feiss is a study in contrast. The spun metal drum captures the richness of an antique patina with natural variations. Then, elevating the piece is a dynamic Clear Pressed glass diffuser with a subtle floral gesture, which is then highly polished to generate breathtaking sparkle for a wholly modern look. FE/BOTANIC/F/M Pendant is Duo-Mount/ Semi-Flush convertible FE/BOTANIC/F/S FE/BOTANIC/4P Code Description FE/BOTANIC/F/M Medium Flush Mount FE/BOTANIC/F/S Small Flush Mount FE/BOTANIC/4P 3lt Medium Pendant * Supplied with 1 x 152mm and 4 x 305mm rods. Height 152mm 137mm 282mm Width 406mm 352mm 496mm Min. Drop 359mm Max. Drop 1730mm* Finish Dark Aged Brass Dark Aged Brass Dark Aged Brass Max. Wattage 3 x 60W E27 3 x 60W E27 4 x 60W E27 www.elsteadlighting.com Supplement 25



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