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Expocentre: Organizer of International Trade Shows CONSTRUCTION. ARCHITECTURE Mir Stekla Exhibition


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OVERVIEW OF THE RUSSIAN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY The construction industry is a strategic area of Russia’s social and economic development. It is one of the most dynamic and promising sectors of the market; 6% of the country’s GDP accounts for this sector. The construction sector features: • construction (construction operation); • construction materials industry (including production of building glass and sanitary facilities); • industry of building structures (prefabricated reinforced concrete, metal and wood structures). Key figures1 Scope of work in the construction field in Russia in 2016 amounted to $92 billion. The amount of capital investments in the construction field in 2016 was $6.6 billion. 8% of GDP is a target indicator of the construction industry till 2030. $297 million was allocated in 2016 for the construction industry development. 117.8 87.1 30.7 135.8 103.4 32.4 Residential and non-residential buildings put into operation in Russia Non-residential Residental Total number of buildings put into operation, mln sq m In 2016, 278.3 thousand buildings were put into operation, 93.9% of them were residential buildings. Priorities and focal points of the national policy in the construction sector2 • provide further increase in housing construction, improve housing performance and affordability for people; • upgrade existing and create new facilities; • develop technology and launch products with high added value; • implement programmes of efficient and resource saving production; • enhance quality of construction design and engineering surveys; • improve legal framework and technical standards base; • reduce administrative barriers and increase transparency of government and local authorities; • develop a self-regulating system of the construction industry; • promote localization of foreign production; • support foreign trade. 1 Sоurce: Russian Federal State Statistics Service 2 Sources: Innovative Development Strategy for Construction Sector of Russia till 2030, Development Strategy for Construction Materials Industry and Prefabricated Housing of Russia till 2030


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Glass Production1 Glass production is one of the main segments of the construction market. 90% of the total sheet glass made in Russia is used in the construction industry. 2/3 of the volume is applied in residential development. Production of sheet glass in Russia Sheet glass, mln sq m The production index of building glass in Russia showed some growth (%) 247 253 2015 94 2015 2016 2016 105 Sheet glass, mln sq m 3.1% 2.5% Consumption of sheet glass in Russia 17.1% 43.9% 30.3% residential development, new construction repair and renovation of glazing for buildings industrial and civil construction repair and renovation of glazing for motor vehicles automotive manufacturing furniture production Mir Stekla (World of Glass) Mir Stekla is a major international trade show of equipment and technology for glass manufacturing and processing in Russia and the neighbouring countries. The exhibition covers all sectors of the glass industry from raw materials, equipment and technology for glass processing to finished products applied in different fields e.g., construction, production of transport and furniture, food and medical industries, etc. 89% of exhibitors speak about high ROI and recommend Mir Stekla to their associates2. Floor space: 11,508 sq m 6,928 professional visitors 183 exhibitors from 20 countries Benefits of participation • Record number of participants from related sectors • Participation of industry leaders, professionals and businessmen • An opportunity to see innovations and new technologies • Associated events. Only the most relevant issues • Country pavilions 1 Sources: Russian Federal State Statistics Service, IRN.RU Information and Analytical Agency 2 Source: Mir Stekla 2017 survey


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MIR STEKLA Organized by Expocentre AO Held since 1999 Since 2004 RUEF logo event Since 2004 UFI approved event Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Phones: +7 (499) 795-26-57, 795-39-97 Fax: +7 (495) 605-60-59 Email:, 14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab. Moscow, Russia, 123100 Phones: + 7 (499) 795-37-99, 8 (800) 707-37-99 (only when in Russia, toll free) Fax: + 7 (495) 605-60-75 E-mail: Printed at Ofset Print M. © Expocentre AO, 2017



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