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The trennowship of St Thormas Newsneffien 2AL7


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Editorial welcome to the zorT issue of anniversary of that moment saxony-Anhalt, a profelsor the Fosr N ewsretter. This year marks the 5ooth in church history when an nugustinian monk in of Theorogy in the universitly of wittenberg, challenged the norms of his church Europe and around the world to this began da . something which impacts life in what began as something insignificant in a history, culture, art, music, raw and human marks of another impact on human history we have come to see and accept life. little town in Germany impacted thought in rerigion. we witness which is and wiir impact the way bhweuittmhwaethneenthdinoadwuivgnidhoutfsaltshaeanndddigdciteoasml iarmegusen,aiptnieodsriittihscasismacphnaacdnt geoecndol.niferovmrtohsyrio, ouhrglihmt hsaaonsciiamrleprmaaetciodteniads, life positively in generar and yet there is a to the reality. It is a shadow of virtual reality and seem to leave individuats and shadow which has no resembrance reality which removes ail sense of communities in a state of ftux. shiotmonrofianscetudhetirseoiietstisrsyloyyuycn.abomsinswnnpdctbhertauioiabxnntmtettttihopwitsoreoahertiiechcsct ohcuyhwoug.biigrtntstlchoneihswois.etoufaodortbsrbreermeeeaastsrahleiirrasoceynionfitggsihrh.neetelrhTsisgheepeeioeons.rcnsieohrectduauiosrssrcfadhoaraififsipfsrpiaacecetutciahorlelstlnyeievtdacoeonutdfcodtihtothlaahinvelnrleeoixnnsaiuegotnghtedcyheiewabcktsiyohntmn,tuohernowcsoishnnstt reLexulapthtliooenrresrheiitcpotgthonriocsuoeddghathnhaditsbsysotloumodekytihnoignfgatthwtheaesscwchrruioprcntuhgroeif,nhthhisirstoi#tuimeghewoiathbnsdseudrsvapinricegidonht.ios fictTrnhoohecmemhetpret,irhsmeatevspJaltetoihalsvientueisgoPondsnfiadioGnlmrsotmipidmsrtsieinns.sgaCBioduhuf,prtis'sTfiurttrocJuihmsethspiuntahsserhe.avadieltliagasbmrptlheraintbitcgh-eaucctahpuatfshnreog;mneiomi$stphrtieeonngebdeacinractgnho.nsc,fehoTparhanmergaienTtegrwuuttihosil tbTheheeajrgoeeyfonotrsfeb,oelfeintthguasrtebcneheawmneigndedfatuhnradtorftehwfeohrwmatoerGdrdotdoseitsehmeabslioktueont betoessmdooafd.ceMhrraeisyatdGtyhoadfot grw.reanmt auys The Editor


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Kilmorich,l4 Balloch Rd, Balloch 683 8SR Letter from the President maenutter@gmail.com Dear Friends, Greetings on behalf of the Fellowship of St Thomas, set up, so that the Churches in Scotland could experience and learn from the union of churches in South India, North lndia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There was a flourishing of thoughts of union and co-operation in the early t99os in Scotland but that has fallen away although grass roots work still flourishes. Generally, there is a feeling of disunity and break-up in the air with Brexit and talk of a second lndyref. We need to hear again of Unity. FOST Committee - President and Secretary I don't really want to add to the gloom but the Committee of the Fellowship has shrunk over the years, I complete my term as President at the AGM and while Rev Val Nellist has taken over care of finances from Rev Mark Wilson that will leave the Fellowship with two important roles to fill President and Secretary. Please come to the Annual Meeting with ideas, nominations or suggestions for the Committee and how we should proceed. Meantime some updates on Church of South lndia National Council of Churches in India-Dalit and Tribal/Adivasi Concerns appeals to the member Churches and organisations to proactively participate in observing 'Black Day' on loth August to raise our protest regarding the continual negligence of the government to the cry for the rights of Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in the country. Church of North lndia Prayer Points: Pray for Dalit and Adivasi communities that are struggling for life amidst the forces of death. Pray also for the church that we may be able to overcome the divisions among us. Church of Bangladesh SHALOM - a new structure with new vision to ensure fullness in life. SHALOM, the new structure of the development wing of the Church of Bangladesh, which was known by CBSDP in recent past, is a result of a major institutional reformation in Church of Bangladesh. SHALOM has been set on three guiding principles - LOVE, JUSTICE and PEACE and reoriented to work for the Human Rights and Development with a shift from proiect to programme approach. The programmes chosen for that are thematic and strategic, which includes: Food


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and livelihoods security; community health security; Gender equarity and deveropment; better disaster risk management; peopre's Ethnic community development. and nutrition; Rights and social crimate change ldaptation and organisation ieveropment; and Church of Pakistan JnHDoeuihowmncppesohsasremeitiyoounesfslasrBafiarinsalhdkzoorppetesowptefoerFnrascBiioibssmaihlirtoaeiepbdsa.odthftoeKpwhKooarnsnohduiprDaeabnpraeutyiMoMopdoraedyrearfaototrorthrReRtmt..RRewevvithBBiissthhheooppir ahLwboeelscettiluntoogroeakwt-tfieotdhnrewdtUa.anilrisdveetrlossietytwhhoeef rAEendni-nubarurhrogcpheer(eNabergawotioocodnllneing.-esb)eepth,t.eemosftbtTehhreoamfenaldlsoiwnosfohtncipdtoiawbUeillrnbittoey Yours sincerely, Margaret A E Nutter St Thomas of lndia Unity Lecture st rhomas of lndia Unity Lecture will be held at 4pm on the roth october zorT in the Martin Hall of Edinburgh University. Professor Daniel Jeyaraj, Professor of World Christianity and Director of the Andrew Walls Centre for the Study of African and Asian Christianity, Liverpool Hope University will rchristian Presence and witness in contemporary rndia: chailenges and opportunities.' Prof Jeyaraj spent the early part of 2017 travelling in rndia and so this lecture will be an updated version of the one he gave to the Friends of the church in lndia last year in London. This is a joint event with the Edinburgh University school of Divinity, entry is open and free. Details will be confirmed in publicity at the Fosr Annual celebration and on the University website


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CNI Diocese of Calcutta & the SEC Diocese of St Andrew link Updates The Revd Nick Green, Rector at St Maryrs Dunblane have made a companionship link with St James church. A group from st Maryrs visited Kolkata in March:- Rev. Nick Green and a team of six members from St. Maryrs Church Dunblane, Scotland visited St. Jamesf Church on a Friendship Exchange visit. Three members of St. James' Church had visited Dunblane last summer. The team of seven members were guests of St. Jamesrs Church from March t3th to March zoth 2017. They visited St. Paul's Cathedral, a project of the Cathedral Relief Centre in Dum Dum and interacted with patient and Chitdren of Arunima Hospice - A home for the A I D S affected underprivileged children, a proiect of the Diocese of Calcutta, CNl. They spent quality time with the children at the St. Jamesr Child Empowerment Centre. Rev Nick and the Dunblane team travelled to Ramnagar with the St. James' medical and social outreach volunteers. The Pastorate Committee of St. Jamest Church are grateful to the members of the Twinning Sub Committee and overseas visitors congregation who helped organise the visit. Specialthanks to Mr. T. lreland, Principal, St. Jamesr School and Mrs. M Suresh, Principal, Pratt Memorial Schoolfor all their help in making this visit a success. We are grateful to our Bishop for taking time off to spend time in fellowship and tea with the Scottish Team. To God be the Glory. Priscilla Dawn Kerr, St. James' Church, A.J.C. Bose Road Bishop Ashoke of Calcutta visits Scotland ln April Mr Ross Stirling and Ms Fiona Mcleod visited the Revd Swarup Bar who is now the Presbyter in Charge at St Andrewrs Church. Fiona and Ross are lecturers at Fife College where they have been raising funds for the Arunima Hospice. Fiona is a member of the Church of Scotland and Ross is an Episcopalian. Swarup was in Edinburgh in February and will be awarded his PhD in July.


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Bishop Ashoke Biswas visited the Revd Margaret MacGregor and friends in scotland in June and brought greetings to Bishop David chillingworth at Bishop David's retirement Eucharist on the z5,h June. Dunblane group with Bishop Ashoke and the Revd Shreeraj Mohanty. The Bishop of Calcutta, Church of North India, The Rt Revd Ashoke Biswas and his chaplain The Revd paritosh Canning visited the Scottish Episcopal Diocese of St Andrew's for a week. Members of the Overseas Croup shared dinner at the Everest Inn, Perth to welcome the arrival of Bishop Ashoke Biswas and Revd Paritosh Canning from our Companion Diocese of Calcutta.


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Bishop Ashoke attended the Retirement service for Bishop David on sunday evening and gave a short address at the end of the service. The following day they visited the Alexander Duff Memorial in pitlochry and Holy Trinity Church. The Revd Alexander Duff was a christian missionary in rndia and prayed a Iarge part in the development of higher education. He founded the cenerar Assembly's Institution in calcutta which is now known as the scottish church college. The Duff church in Kolkata was ndmed in tgto in memory of Alexander Duff . He visited st John's Church in perth and also dropped into the Buggy club in their hall. The Rev craham Taylor welcomed the Bishop. He has also visited Scotland's Jute Museum at verdant works in Dundee. Bishop Ashoke and paritosh left the Diocese on Friday to travel down to visit the Diocese of Derby with whom they are also linked. rqr I -;I*L The current Presbyter in charge of st Andrew,s, carcutta the Revd Dr Swarup Bar serialises Scottish-rndian links through church. Here follow two articles from St Andrew's Church Newsletter May zot7.


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Kolkata-scottish Pioneering Relationships - The Legacy of Rev. Krishna Mohan Baneriee('r8t3-t885) Krishna Mohan Baneriee was born in l8r3 in Calcutta, Bengal. His parents were orthodox Brahmins. lt was the period of Bengal cultural renaissance under the impact of Western education and Christian missions. Krishna Mohan initially came under the influence of the rationalist professor of Hindu College, Henry Derozio and ioined the agnostics and atheists. Later, Krishna Mohan became acquainted with the Scottish missionary, Alexander Duff. lnfluenced by him, Krishna Mohan, along with others became diligent students of Duff's weekly classes, which led to his con- version and baptism in t832. Later, writing on his conversion, Krishna Mohan discusses how the Trinitarian belief in Christianity along with a salvation centred in the atoning death of a Divine redeemer gradually made sense to him; rather than the Unitarianism of the Brahmo Samai. Although he was baptised in the Presbyterian tradition by Alexander Duff, later he joined the Church of England. He was rather unhappy about the tension he observed as existing between the Anglican and the Presbyterian missionaries. But the fact of his friendship with Alexander Duff became of decisive importance for his baptism' Krishna Mohan's Contributions: Krishna Mohan as a Christian minister and professor contributed to the cultural renaissance of Bengal' He was a member of Bethune Society formed in t85z as a common forum for lndi-an-British friends for promotion of arts, sciences and women's rights. His services towards the Calcutta University was recognised by conferring on him the Doctorate degree in 1876. He became the first president of the Bengal Christian Association to develop autonomy of the Church from Western missions. ln this decade, he turned his attention from refutation of Hindu religion and philosophy to explorations into building lndian Christianity in continuity with the Hindu tradition. According to one biographer, Krishna Mohan indicates the beginnings of indigenous self-propagation of lndian Christianity. Among his wellknown works, The Arian Witness (1875) and The Relation between Christianity and Hinduism(r88r) concerns establishing a positive relationship between Vedic religion and Christianity. He proposed that Christ is the true Praiapati, and suggested a parallel between the idea of sacrifice in Christianity and Vedic Hinduism. (Source: M.M.Thomas & P.T.Thomas, Towards an lndian Christian Theology)


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Update from Friends of Vellore UK Friends of Vellore UK have recently undergone some in personnel. Richard Smith stepped down from his changes position of Director in April 201,6 andthe charity have appointed Tuckwell as part time administrator in his place. Ruth Ruth has a degree in Maths and Management Studies from Cambridge University. She then worked in vqarrviouuJ s r|VoIlEe)s illnl E _. *:il lllrl::]:iT:l1s"r"lt in the NHS before taking a career break to, rlovuotkr datft[geIr h]lgel l ;;;'J;;";;rrf:f';#;:;i:l i:!:'*'l:::ii::::T:l:r1u:s"*t11ee,rs:::i:l.f,o:1.rr.lF^"T^O,.n:lgV:l:_il:UlT-,lKh:bl:.:uyl,,n':dt.t)hSiqleAhfo"epc:rrhisiFHil.tr.di2meer0renaLndrf6ars.iaethordefetVrao_etirInstooc-nrrhre,o*a,*orlc,cshhi.rue,rr"ic,i*shrwrm"oiirnk;ifisnftgiertwanordvdtatthtysesyy, tIvivEe liln! *"u,i ;; ,i.fctrscsToheouaohscanpvneteseitptninumronignltrustloltiaynevpantkseahcrts,ereofttrwoiwmoechimnuhtrpohaarilscaiebsapshrrtemiifentubhafdgafuearli-nslnttiFeindhemrorsrefVpeemidttreoaittstdohyosisyoreiecoeucrsuncapMeattrponhCswiortdosrohsctttopoarfhpeidtrpfraaomuoartujnsireinngtdc-gtihthpsitinsmotaarngotaeae.Mt.ctfitvoowaiocseudrohrsrmrridtocmkihsioninbntaesiiegasrtDsngtnpreeioasnopfMptiiasgoatpertrrnfi,todsrimofoireciatfcmeadunanrm.dnntaicriottstwloipyteshaiah.lsiereoris.cTtgrnnohheFeee,sOnfraefsevViiccemhethwikiheispalsoaon.rvtrircttokeeoyy Current projects include: o chcFoaoumrlndedminiUngugnnciitttrhyi(nrLiecaCsen,Edorceubuftu)er.eirlTrdaihnicneghgywttaorourerhskotweswropsirittkhaainnrtdgh*erai,n.pdrferi.vivoeepnelseacrtuewmtshhseoaarrLyeliov,awesmtiachnpoeVpsrieten.rEgofrfteehcettiovrweocna,r o severar initiatives at the including farmers' crubs care centres, a chirdren's project. Rurar Unit of Hearth and sociarAffairs (RUHSA) providing interest free roans for cows, erderry pray centre and a diabetes patient navigator support of the person ' grants to help pay the to person scheme which provides hospital bill for specific patients, smail targeted o An Occupationar patients. Therapist to work in paediatric surgery with burns o support of the pailiative care department,s home care programme lf you would like any further friendgofuellore@emair.com www.friendsofu ellore.org information, please or visit our iecentry contact Ruth at updated website:


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The lnteresting Variety of Presbyterian Churches in lndia St. Andrews Church, Kolkata is a Presbyterian Church which joined the CNI in 1970. Interestingly, it continues its legacy through its Presbyterian governance and worship till the present day. Apart from St. Andrews, Duff Church in Kolkata was established in 1848 by Alexander Duff, sent by the GeneralAssembly of the Church of Scotland in 1830, but who left it to join the Free Church of Scotland. This church continues to function under the Diocese of Calcutta, CNL However, beyond Kolkata, Presbyterian Churches are scattered in different parts of lndia. Some continue independently, while others have joined a bigger church union. The largest concentration of Presbyterian churches can be found in the Northeast. The Presbyterian Church of lndia (PCl) was founded in 1841 by the missionaries, Rev. & Mrs. Thomas Jones, of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. The PCI subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith and maintains relationships with related denominations such as the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, the Presbyterian Church of Korea, and the Uniting Church in Australia. lt is also supported by its Welsh parent church. Locally, it has ties with the Council of Baptist Churches in North-East lndia (CBCNEI) and the Church of North lndia (CNl). The Presbyterian churches in North lndia became part of the United Church of North lndia (UCNI) in 1924, till it came under CNI in 1970. Presbyterian Churches in South lndia joined the CSI (Church of South lndia) in 1947. The Presbyterian and Congregationalists were already united as South lndia United Church (SIUC). ln the Northwest of lndia, namely Gujarat, the lrish Presbyterian mission founded the Presbyterian church of Gujarat and Kathiawar in 1900. Thereafter, the Presbyterian and Congregational churches in these places congregated to form the UCNI which later combined with the Anglican and Brethren churches to form the CNl. However, those UCNI members churches which did not join the CNI continued to be in the UCNI. The UCNI currently has eighteen church councils and five synods. They are spread around North lndia in different states including U.P, Punjab, Maharashtra and others. The Reformed Presbyterian Church in lndia was formed by the joint effort of the Reformed Presbyterian churches of lreland and Scotland in 1823. Presently they have two presbyteries in North lndia. This church is a member of World Reformed Fellowship, lnternational Conference of Reformed Churches and Evangelical fellowship of lndia. The Presbyterian Free Church of Central lndia is a confessional Reformed denomination created by Scottish missionaries. This was created by the Free Church of Scotland in the 1gth century. Churches belonging to this are found in


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Jabalpur and other parts and house feilowships. bodies. of centrar lndia. They have They are arso members currenfly four congregations of the above-named worrd saPfcTouorrhrorenmevusgenebrFyeddyr.gtee2baer2ytiiaPotcnhnroeescnsogbsjonrcyeitognegtrertaeiidastgihnoathntcmiesohnicsuinsNsrciDiornh,na,woarKjtrhehiaeieerlserirminprigpanaoteratntrnsggtdlhooiefsK.yraanrnrfdiocmi1oarmgpnw7ose0nehdgricsv.ahoaTmtpiahvrereeeersoenRbf oymethttfieoeigirricnrmytt.ueudTdeehcedohytniunhercatrhhvies iapilnnnbartlrcnhotodeaoniidfarc.wlcauUionsdmidneoirmntwy,coooinrnitmrdcvcmaaoenruncienufbetimoyesnsesisisnoainiwcdr,aihkrteawhtbahcoitiNrsedtrhti,eotehscbe.pseyrEresfcs&eoubaumpyigutcehernretriicaafeoanncrrd.ucumthhnueeitrnyicrihcipsaearstrherieinncthnrncneehdesuidasrcoahbfreeythsbseeimhinoirguarr The Fellowship of St. Thomas Annual Celebration S^t on Saturday,3gth Mary's Episcopal September 2017 Church, Dunblane 10.30 am 1I.45 arn Arrivals and registration. Tea/Coffee in Church Hall Communion Service - Church of North India communion rite. (Offering to go to Serampore College and the Indian Bible Soci Annual General Meeting in Church Lunch in India Gate Restaurant Gathering in the H the Scottish Bible Society. Tea/Coffee in Church Hall


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The Fellowship of St Thomas Annual Celebration: Sat 30th Sept 2OL7 St Mar1/s EPiscoPal Church, Fourways Roundabout, Dunblane I /We intend to be present and to bring _ - - friends (non-members) I /We enclose f. _ _ __ _ _ as the charge for the day (f 12 per person) I am lwe are unable to be Present' Name (s) Address: Tel No: Email: please pay by cheque to The Fellowship of st Thomas and send to Revd Val Nellist, 28 Glamis Gardens, Dalgety Bay, Fife KY11 9TD by SEPT loth 20t7. Pleose teor off this poge ond send it by Royal Moil



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