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Spring Newsletter for La Paz Regional Hospital

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Spring 2017 Health Matters A LA PAZ REGIONAL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Inside: Hospital Week New Mammography Unit New Inpatient Services Director


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“I find these doctors and nurses to be a great medical staff. I have been here two days so far and can’t praise them enough for the job they do!” Harold W. “I just spent 6 days (5 in ICU) at La Paz Regional Hospital. They saved my life. The doctors and nurses were excellent. The entire staff was very friendly and kind. Also, housekeeping made me laugh! Best care I have ever had, even the food wasn’t bad. They really have improved the Emergency Department and ICU. Thank you to all!” Patsy S. “My p ents e ”sn b ds” and recently my m called to say my Dad had been admi ed to La Paz Regi al Hospital. The wh e family advised to get him to Phoen to a “be ” hospital... but th e was no reas . He received cellent diagnosis, eatment and c e this li le hospital. The staff readily sh ed inf mati and physicians w e always willing to take the time to talk and plain. N he’s h e and his c di ogist c c ed that he had a emend s team c ing f him at La Paz Regi al Hospital. A big THANK YOU to ev y e th e!” D na D. “I’ve been coming to Parker since ‘79 and moved here as a permanent resident on 1992. I’ve watched La Paz Regional Hospital grow from just a ”bandaid” hospital in the 70s to so much more now. The amount of services this hospital offers is amazing for a little community. I love the smiling employees because we all know... happy employees make happy patients. So many kudos to all the staff and most recently, Physical Therapy.” - Linda V. New Inpatient Services Director David Thompson La Paz Regional Hospital welcomes David Thompson, RN as the new Inpatient Services Director. David comes to us from Southern California where he was the Emergency Department Nurse Manager for San Antonio Regional Hospital. David has been a Registered Nurse for 22 years and holds a Master of Science in Nursing from California State University. Before nursing, he was a Egress Aircrew Systems Mechanic in the United States Airforce. After discharge he worked various jobs, but decided to go back to school for nursing during the early 90s recession. He has worked in healthcare ever since! The river cities area has been home to David and his family before. For years he has kept his eye out for the right position to open up for him at La Paz Regional Hospital. The timing and the position were just right! David has been married for 30 years and has 7 children (3 still in school). Outside of work he and his family enjoy fishing and boating along the river, watching his kids’ sports, camping and long cross-country road trips. The hospital is excited to have David on board as part of the La Paz Regional team.


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Why I Chose a Career in Healthcare Jose Lizarraga, CEP, EMS Coordinator I am a local area product. I grew up in Salome and graduated high school there. I had moved to Quartzsite after college. My friend worked for Quartzsite Fire and suggested I go on a ride-along. My rst call was an accident on I-10 and from that second I was hooked. I took the rst EMT class I could nd. That was AWC at Parker Fire Department and went to work for River Medical as soon as I was certi ed. One fateful day, I was at the ER dropping a patient o to Bonnie Viloria (ER Director) and saw the EMT Jason Butler. He mentioned he was applying for an EMT class and that I should attend with him. Bonnie whole-heartedly agreed! I was attending Fire Academy at the time, but I knew I wanted to become a medic. That very next day I was in Dolan Springs with Jason starting the EMT class. My rst two months of class were my last two months of Academy. I went to school ve days a week and worked the other two. Jason and I had to borrow vehicles to drive the six hour round trip to a four hour class, three days a week. More than once we found ourselves broken down on the side of I-40. I would go through the couch cushions at the ambulance quarters to hopefully nd change for gas. In August of 1998, I became a father for the second time and got married. Jason and I became EMT's in September. In October of 1998, I became a full time Fire ghter/EMT with Quartzsite Fire. My rst full time paycheck was just over $400.00. I was rolling. I kept a part-time job with River Medical. I was promoted to Captain a short time after. My mission was to take care of my crews. In March 1999, I became a Paramedic. I focused my time on patient care and the people on my shift. I became a Flight Medic and ew part-time for 7 years. I took my turn in politics and supported my wife as she became an EMT and then a Paramedic as well. I took it as a sign, when the EMS Coordinator position opened up at La Paz Regional Hospital, to get my feet back on the ground and try to support the EMS personnel in the eld. . Through it all one thing has remained constant. It is the desire to help people. We nd people that may be experiencing the worst day of their lives. If we can just do the small things right, we can help them through that day from the most complex medical procedure to the simple act of putting your arm around a person and saying a few words of comfort. At the end of your shift, you hope that you have done your best to make sure that the patients we see and the people we work with are safe. At the end of the day, the goal is that EVERYONE goes home! IMMUNIZATIONS COMING SOON TO: La Paz Healthcare: Parker Clinic, La Paz Medical Clinics Update Services & Tri-Valley Medical Center. Schedule your child’s wellness visit before school starts! La Paz Medical Services now offering Immigration Physicals! • La Paz Medical Services in Quartzsite and Tri-Valley Dr. Gochnour is the only physician in La Paz County Medical Center in Salome are now offering authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to Commercial Driver’s Licence (CDL) Physicals AND perform medical exams required for green card applicants. Pre-Employment Drug Screenings! Parker Family Practice (928) 669-9700 • La Paz Healthcare: Parker Clinic now offers treatments for low testosterone and immunotherapy. Parker Clinic sees all ages and accepts all insurances including AHCCCS. La Paz Healthcare: Parker Clinic (928) 669-5550 La Paz Medical Services (Quartzsite) (928) 927-8747 Tri-Valley Medical Center (Salome) (928) 859-3460 Bouse Medical Clinic (928) 851-2177


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Hospital WeekLaPazRegionalHospital 2017celebrated this year’s Hospital Week with activities throughout the week and a hospital-wide BBQ. The hospital also participated in the national #myhospital campaign through the American Health Association. These are just a few of the hashtags the staff shared! A competition was held for the best Hospital Week slogan. Many ideas were turned in, but the winning slogan was written by Diane Brown, RN from Cardiac Rehabilitation. #Myhospital: Quartzsite & Salome Clinics, in it for the outcomes not for the income “La Paz Regional Hospital & Clinics, Where Community & Compassion Come Together” The slogan was intended to be used just for the 2017 Hospital Week, but both La Paz Regional Administration and District Board Members thought it represented the hospital’s mission and vision very well. Because of this, they decided to adopt it as the new hospital slogan. #Myhospital: Surgery Department is awesome sauce! #Myhospital: Cares for the community Check out our Facebook page to see more Hospital Week


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Hospital Auxiliary What is a Volunteer? Vitally important and a very special person One who works till it’s done. Loves to help out no matter where Unselfishly gives of themselves because they care. Never complains about what they’re asked Together we accomplish the task. Excellent work by a chearful giver Ever strong, never will quiver. Righteous is their works and humble in their ways. These are just a few of the words we can say! La Paz Regional Hospital management staff celebrated National Volunteers Week with the Hospital Auxiliary volunteers. The hospital is incredibly thankful for this hardworking and dedicated group. Auxiliary members run the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store, the hospital Gift Shop and volunteer at the hospital in various departments including: Finance, Dietary, Imaging and Registration. The Hospital Auxiliary is looking for new volunteers, even if it is just for a couple hours each month. You can contact the Membership Chairperson, Sherri Aguayo, at (928)575-6978. Membership applications are also available in the hospital Gift Shop.


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La Paz CARES Network The La Paz CARES always changing, an Network was created to online resource guide develop a network of seemed like the best way to infrastructure to help expand meet the needs of our access to behavioral health services community. There will also be printed using innovative technologies to integrate versions of this resource guide available behavioral health throughout La Paz at various locations. County’s existing health services. Visit www.lapazhospital.org and click A key need identified was a directory of on the Network of Care Directory button resources for La Paz County. La Paz to view the listings! If you wish to have a CARES has created a first draft that is printed version of the resource guide, call listed on the front page of the La Paz (928) 669-7479. If you think your Regional Hospital website. Because organization is a good fit for the directory, addresses and phone numbers are please call the number previously listed.


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Men’s Health Screen I Lab - Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose Cash Price - $35 No Appointment Necessary Hospital Summer Health Screening Specials Men’s Health Screen II Lab - PSA, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose Imaging Tests - Carotid Ultrasound, Ankle Brachial Index, Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound Cash Price - $143 Call for Appointment - 928-669-7325 Men’s Health Screen IIl Lab - PSA, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose Cardiopulmonary Test - EKG Imaging Tests - Carotid Ultrasound, Ankle Brachial Index, Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound Cash Price - $218 Call for Appointment - 928-669-7325 Stroke Prevention Screen Imaging - Caratoid Artery Screen and Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Screen Cash Price - $108 Call for Appointment - 928-669-7325 Athritis Lab - Rheumatoid Factor & Sedimentation Rate Cash Price - $26 No Appointment Necessary Lab Testing Autocomplete Blood Count (CBC) with Diff, CMP, TSH, Lipid Panel Cash Price - $100 No Appointment Necessary Women’s Health Imaging - Mammogram with Dexascan Cash Price - $139 Call for Appointment - 928-669-7325 Women’s Health Screen l Lab - Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose Imaging - Mammogram with Dexascan, Carotid Ultrasound, Ankle Brachial Index Cash Price - $257 Call for Appointment - 928-669-7325 Women’s Health Screen ll Lab - Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose Cardiopulmonary Test - EKG Imaging - Mammogram with Dexascan, Carotid Ultrasound, Ankle Brachial Index, Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound Cash Price - $369 Call for Appointment - 928-669-7325 FREE Mammograms with NEW Mammography Unit! The American Cancer Society recommends receiving yearly mammograms after the age of 45. AHCCCS, Medicare and most insurance carriers provide free yearly screenings. If you are uninsured, call ahead and you may qualify for a FREE mammogram thanks to community fundraisers and generous donors. Don’t let a lack of coverage prevent you from receiving your mammogram. Up to 46% of women skip their regular mammograms because their last screening hurt too much. La Paz Regional Hospital has invested in a new state-of-the-art mammography unit because they are committed to offering the best patient experience. The new unit is more comfortable, offers a more precise exam, acquires higher quality images and will also be offering 3-D technology within the next few months. Schedule your appointment this summer when wait times are at their lowest! Call (928) 669-7362 today!


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Specialty Clinic The Specialty Clinic is located on La Paz Regional Hospital grounds, directly in front of the Surgery Department. This space was built with patient convenience in mind. We know the drive to Havasu can be difficult to see specialists, so we brought the specialists to you! All of the doctors have practices in Cardiology Havasu, but travel to La Paz Regional hospital on a regular basis to ensure La Paz County patients do not need to travel far from home. When you call to make an appointment, make sure to say you prefer to be seen at the La Paz Regional Hospital Specialty Clinic. Oncology Fadi Atassi, M.D., Yosef Kahn, M.D., Oday Alrabadi, M.D. (928) 669-5482 Ear, Nose, Throat, Allergy Devin Cunning, M.D., F.A.C.S. (928) 854-5368 General/Vascular Surgery Abe Saiz, M.D. (928) 453-2900 Nephrology Wayne Cumbria, M.D., Atiq Syed, M.D., Vinay Saini, M.D. (928) 854-5358 Paul O’Neill, M.D. (928) 854-4497 Orthopedics Theron Tilgner, D.O. (928) 854-3333 Summer Tilgner, D.N.P. (928) 854-7666 Orthopedic Spine John Lankenau, M.D. (928) 453-2211 To view the Specialty Clinic calendar online, visit the La Paz Regional Website and click on Specialty Clinic. www.lapazhospital.org



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