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Rollerski World Championship Solleftea 2017

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Poste Italiane spa – Spedizione in abbonamento postale – 70% NO/Cuneo – Supplemento al numero 8 Anno 3 ROLLERSKI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 N o r d i c o20€ Universo Englishi version SPECIAL EDITION WITH PICTURES, INTERVIEWS, RESULTS,STATISTICS, ABOUT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 IN SOLLEFTEA (SWE)


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Universo Nordico foto Flavio Becchis index 4 Interview with Linn Soemskar and Maja Dahlqvist 12 Rollerski World Championship Inside 46 Medal table 48 List of World Championship Solleftea 4-08-2017 Emanuele Becchis Gold medal NUniverso ordico Mensile di sport e cultura nordica DIRETTORE RESPONSABILE - Fabrizio Pepino REDAZIONE - Flavio Becchis Segreteria di redazione - flaviobecchis@alice.it 0039 346 8584988 - 0039 0171 387555 COLLABORATORI: Martina Castellino, Matteo Sironi, Michele Merenda, Angioletta Mauro, Luca Femorali, Stefano Ferrari GRAFICA E IMPAGINAZIONE Flavio Becchis Edizioni Tecniche Sas Amministrazione e redazione via Cuneo 16/a 12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) 0171 268422 info@edizionitecniche.net - www.edizionitecniche.org


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Martins Niklass Chairman USub-Committee for Roller Skiing N Universo Nordico FIS World Championship Rollerski 2017 in Sollefteå, Sweden was 9th since 1st FIS Rollerski Championships took place in Rotterdam 2000. Sollefteå is small city with 8,500 inhabitants located in High Coast region of Sweden. Solleftea has great traditions of ski sport with one of the biggest and strongest ski clubs in Sweden. Sollefteå has long history cooperation with FIS. In 1934 Solleftea hosted FIS World Nordic Ski Championships as well FIS Congress. Sweden rollerski team showed great performance on the home ground by winning 21 medals together (both Senior un Junior). Russia - 11 medals, Norway - 6 medals and Italy - 5 medals. Despite the dominance of 4 countries it was great to see on podium also new countries like Slovakia with rising star Alena Prochazkova. I am also happy for German team performance. Julia Richter won bronze in Mass start C and German Team also got bronze for junior ladies Team Sprint. It was great to see new countries like Thailand and Denmark taking part in WSC. The championships was held in friendly, fair and sportive atmosphere. Thanks to all people from Sollefteå Skidor for great event! Thanks to all teams which took part in Solleftea Championships! Wish you all great rollerski season! Martins Niklass - Ludvig Remb Periodico mensile Supplemento al n. 8 - Anno 3 Finito di stampare nel mese di settembre 2017 presso Edizioni Tecniche - Borgo S. D. Iscrizione al Tribunale di Cuneo al n. 653 del 1/06/2015. Abbonamento annuale (12 numeri) Italia Euro 52,00 - Estero Euro 200,00 Copyright Edizioni Tecniche Sas Stampa: Edizioni Tecniche Sas www.edizionitecniche.org Diffusione e vendita per l’Italia Edizioni Tecniche Sas L’ufficio abbonamenti è attivo al 0171268422 con il seguente orario dal lun. al giov. 9,00 -12,30 / 14,30 - 18 (ven. 9-12) Ufficio Pubblicità: 0171268422 Ludvig Remb Ski Team Sweden X-Country UN 3


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linn Very good performance in this year’s World Championship, better then Val di Fiemme 2015, three gold medals and one silver medal. Please tell me something about your races. Thank you! I had looking forward to do the World championship for a long time and it was so fun! I felt strong and in good shape, especially the first day, it felt like nothing could stop me! Every day was fun and I enjoyed every moment. Also in the sprint you have done very good race, did you expected it? I know that I can be fast, but there is so much technic in a Supersprint. Last time I raced was in the World Championships two years ago, so I didn’t know what to expect. I just tried to do my best and have fun! Please tell me your goal for the next winter-season? A big goal and dream would be to participate at the Olympic Games. To get there I first have to do really good results in the World Cup, so another goal is to make it to the sprint finals and I really would like to go up on the podium. You want to add something? I love racing on rollerskis and I hope that more people will try it. So we together can make the sport bigger and more attractive!


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soemskar pictures and text by Flavio Becchis


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maja Very good performance in World Championship with 3 medals: one gold, one silver and one bronze. Best time during sprint qualifying, but a bad fall down near the finish line. what happened? I was looking forward to race at Sollefteå, before the competitions I thought that my best chances for a good result was at the two sprint races and I took the two distance races as really good training to develop my endurance for the winter season. I’m really happy for the medals, it was really fun too win the team sprint together with linn. But I’m actually more proud of my two distance races just because I have worked a lot on my endurance. I was so excited for the sprint, I know that I’m fast and I thought that it was really fun. After the qualifying I thought that this could be a really fun day, but in the quarterfinal I’m not doing it good, I started to fumble and then I get a little bit stressed. I was trying to “rescue” the situation with some kind of finish, but I lost and scrubbed up my leg instead. Not worth it. Do you like rollerski, what race do you prefer? I like rollerski but I had my biggest goals at the winter season. I see rollerskiing as really good training for the winter. Actually I like all different kind of races, but I think that the super sprint is extra fun, just because that’s a kind of competition I don’t compete so often, it’s not like the sprint at the winter. But I know I’m fast and I like the adrenaline you got at that kind of races. In Soldier Hollow during U23 World Championship you won a bronze medal after Anna Dyvik and Thea Murud, tell me somithing about that race and about you past season. Last season my biggest goal was to win a medal at the u23 world championships so I’m very happy for I reached that goal, I’m also very happy over my 5th place at the skiathlon at u23. I also get a 14th place from the World Cup as best result, which was ok, but next season I’m getting to old for u23 and therefore my goal is to go more races at the world cup. For next season my goal is to beat my best World Cup result who is an 11th place at sprint. It would be really fun to made it to the final. My dream is to compete at the Olympic Games, if I reache that dream next season or if I had to wait four years remains to be seen.


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dahlqvist pictures and text by Flavio Becchis


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Prochazkova Dahlqvist


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Richiedi l’annuario Skirollistinews 2012, 2013 e lo speciale Mondiali skiroll in Val di Fiemme Hai perso qualche numero? acquistalo scrivendo a info@edizionitecniche.net


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2017 Wo r lMdOCNhDa mIApLiIo n s h i p pictures and text by Flavio Becchis NORWAY GERMANY THAILAND 13



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