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MPHS Student Handbook 2017-2017

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2 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 WELCOME The administrative team would like to welcome you back to school for the 2017-2018 school year. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with each of you and look forward to a successful school year. We would like to challenge each of you to put forth your best effort both in the classroom and in your extra-curricular activities. It will be through your hard work and overall commitment that you will achieve the ultimate high school experience. We wish you all the best and are here to support you in one of the best times of your life. ADMINISTRATION (ALPHABET RESPONSIBILITY) Jon LaChance Markl Kies Larry Sullivan - Principal (A-G) - Assistant Principal (H-O) - Assistant Principal (P-Z) CABARRUS COUNTY SCHOOL CALENDAR 2017-2018 For a variety of reasons ranging from inclement weather to legislative requirements, the school calendar is subject to change. In light of this fact, we encourage you to periodically review the school calendar online at This is the surest way to get the most up-to-date school calendar information. Important school events will be announced daily. The Independent Tribune, the Charlotte Observer, Spectrum cable channel 21, Twitter, Connect Ed, the school sign and the MPHS website are also excellent sources of school information. Our website address is listed on the front cover of this handbook, and there is also a link to our site from the Cabarrus County Schools homepage listed above. 2017-2018 Bell Schedule Time 7:15 – 8:38 8:42 – 9:22 9:26-10:51 10:55-12:48 12:52-2:15 Block 1st Block Power Block 2nd Block 3rd Block 4th Block Lunch A Lunch B Lunch Times 10:55-11:20 11:20-11:45 C Lunch D Lunch 11:58-12:23 12:23-12:48


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3 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 CABARRUS COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL ATTENDANCE POLICY Cabarrus County policy states that more than thirteen (13) absences in a high school grades (9-12) course during each semester is considered excessive and students will not receive credit for the course. Please see the Cabarrus County Parent Handbook for the list of absences which are approved as excused. Note: Family vacations are not excused absences. When an absence occurs, students must provide a note from a parent/guardian, doctor, court of law, etc., documenting the reason for the absence. A parent note may not be sufficient documentation to excuse an absence. Note: An absence may also occur in a course when there are a total of four of any of the following: tardies, check-ins and/or check outs. For example: 1 tardy + 1 check-in + 2 check-outs = 1 absence. Notes are also required for late check in and check-outs. Parents may also access the website to document and alert our attendance clerk to a student absence. Follow up to on-line excuses will be by phone from the attendance clerk. ******* Students who are tardy to class will also be required to make up the time lost in class during Lunch time on the day that they were tardy. The location will be determined by the school. ****** Students who have more than thirteen (13) absences will lose credit in that course. If the student has fourteen (14) or more absences a county-wide committee will hear attendance appeals. Only in extreme circumstances will the committee grant credit. Once the county committee has made a decision the school may not go against or reverse that decision. Make-Up Work - Students must make up work for all absences, even those due to suspensions. With exception made for unusual circumstances, students are expected to complete make-up work when returning to school according to the classroom teacher’s rules and expectations. The affected teacher(s) or an administrator must give permission for the make-up period to be exceeded. Truancy/improper check-in/improper check-out - A class truancy is defined as: (1) a willful absence from school without the prior knowledge of your parents, (2) an absence from a class without permission, (3) leaving class without permission, (4), not returning to class promptly as instructed by school personnel (5), and being in an undesignated area of the school. The first incident of truancy will result in an Administrative assigned ISS. Any further class truancy will result in additional days of in-school suspension. Parents will be informed of attendance quarterly, and they will be contacted as attendance issues arise. Steps to follow when absent from school: l. Have your parent call the school office prior to 9 AM on the day of the absence. 2. If a call is not received, the school will contact your parent/guardian by the end of the day. 3. Upon return to school, bring the original note from a parent/guardian, doctor, court of law, etc. The note should list your name, dates of absence(s), specific reason for absences and his/her signature. Copies of notes will not be accepted. Present the note to the school attendance clerk upon your return to school. All notes must be submitted within TWO days of an absence. 4. Ask all teachers for make-up assignments.


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4 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 STUDENT DROP-OFF/PICK-UP Student drop-off and pick-up is in the front driveway. Please Note: This is a one-way in and one-way out route. Please use the full drive and do not stop in front of the school. This will allow for a faster and more orderly drop-off. LEAVING SCHOOL EARLY: Students are required to provide written documentation of requests to leave school at any time. All written documentation will be followed by a confirmation phone call to the parent. In case of emergencies, parents may call and request early dismissal, however, written documentation must follow. All absences will be considered unexcused according to CCS guidelines. Only extreme situations are waived by the county. 1. Whenever possible, make doctor and dental appointments after school hours. There will be no student checkouts after 1:45 P.M. 2. Please notify the office regarding prearranged absences (family trips, college visitation etc.). All dismissal requests must be verified by a call from a parent/guardian. TARDY POLICY MPHS will continue to use the “sweep” tardy system for tardy management for the 2017-2018 school year. Students who are tardy to class will be locked out of their classroom. Teachers, on planning that period, will “sweep” the students to the Attendance Office where each tardy to class will be documented. Students will then be sent to their classroom with a pass to be admitted to class. Students are required to make up missed class time resulting from tardies. They must make up every tardy by attending a mandatory tutorial during their lunch time. The attendance clerk will assign make-up tutorials for tardies in a location and time determined by the school administration. Chronic violators of the MPHS tardy policy will receive additional consequences from the appropriate administrator as shown below: Number 1st tardy 2nd Tardy 3rd Tardy 4th Tardy 5th Tardy 6th Tardy 7th Tardy 8th Tardy Consequence Teacher warning, student makes up time in mandatory tutorial Teacher warning, student makes up time in mandatory tutorial Teacher calls home, student makes up time in mandatory tutorial Teacher calls home, counts as absence, student makes up time Teacher warning, student makes up time in mandatory tutorial Teacher warning, student makes up time in mandatory tutorial Teacher calls home, student makes up time in mandatory tutorial Teacher calls home, counts as


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5 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 absence, student makes up time 9th Tardy Administrative warning, student makes up time in mandatory tutorial 10th Tardy Student makes up time, Administrator calls home, Possible loss of driving privileges, or other consequences. GENERAL EXPECTATIONS 1. The administrators are available for consultation and assistance. To ensure that your concern receives the time and attention it deserves, an appointment is recommended. 2. Please avoid sending messages to students during the school day. This includes cell phone calls and text messages. We DO NOT deliver messages from employers and friends, or other nonessential info/items. Students are called out of class for emergencies only. 3. Announcements concerning school activities are made once a day. The announcements are also posted on the school website. 4. An administrator must approve all announcements. Non-school related announcements are subject to administrative approval and restricted to the bulletin board near the office. 5. At the end of the instructional day, all students are expected to exit the building unless they are working with a faculty/staff member or attending a school function. 6. CCS School Board Policy prohibits students from selling items on school property unless the sale is part of a school fundraiser. 7. All State and Federal laws apply on School property. 8. All students must sign an Acceptable Use Policy letter to use the internet at school. 9. Supervision of students on school days is provided between the hours of 6:50 AM and 2:25 PM. STUDENT BEHAVIOR At Mount Pleasant High we believe that (1) good discipline is essential to good learning; (2) each student has a right to be free from distractions caused by the inappropriate behavior of others; and (3) the school must teach responsible behavior. We expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that allows them the opportunity to acquire the fullest education possible. Students should avoid any behavior that is disruptive to the good order of the school. Students should be WHERE they are supposed to be, WHEN they are supposed to be there, doing WHAT they are supposed to be doing. Always respect oneself and others. In addition: l. Students will show respect toward all school personnel. 2. Students will follow any direction given by a school employee. 3. Students will not participate in, encourage, or instigate fights on campus or at any school function regardless of its location. Participants in fights will be suspended from school and may be subject to arrest. Special note on Fighting: Law enforcement will be informed of and will investigate every fight that occurs on the MPHS campus, or at any school function, regardless of location. Criminal charges may be filed. 4. Students will not use or display profane/vulgar/gang-related language or symbols. 5. Students will not abuse or misuse school property. 6. Students will not threaten, coerce or intimidate, either a single person or in groups, any fellow student


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6 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 or school employee. 7. A student shall not possess, handle, or transmit an object that reasonably can be considered a weapon on school grounds or on school transportation at any time (including personal vehicles). 8. Unnecessary noise or loud talking in halls, cafeteria, etc., will not be tolerated. 9. Students will, at all times, be at their assigned location, on time, and with all necessary materials. 10. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated on campus. 11. No student will possess, use, sell or be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at school, at any school function, or on any school transportation. 12. No one, including students, parents/guardians, or employees, shall possess or use tobacco products/paraphernalia on Cabarrus County School Board property or at any school-sponsored activity regardless of location. 13. The inappropriate display of affection is prohibited (including no kissing). 14. Cheating on schoolwork will result in a grade of”0” and parent notification. Repeated offenses will be dealt with at the discretion of the administrator. 15. Parents/guardians are permitted to join students for lunch. No other guests will be permitted. Food brought in from fast food restaurants cannot be consumed in the cafeteria in its original packaging. BULLYING AND/OR HARASSMENT Bullying and/or harassing are strictly prohibited. The repeated pattern of intimidation may be real or threatened. There are 3 types of bullying: physical, emotional, and relational. Bullying may include, but is not limited to verbal taunts, name-calling, implied or stated threats, and exclusion from peer groups. Bullying can occur in person, or through social networking sites, texting, blogging, and the internet. Students who feel bullied, harassed or intimidated at school by an adult or another student should report the concern to a teacher, administrator or other staff member at school. Bullying and Harassment Reporting Forms are available on the CCS website, The MPHS school website, in student services, and the main office. Any student who believes he or she has been harassed or bullied should report the incident to a teacher or administrator immediately. Students who violate this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. PROHIBITION AGAINST DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT AND BULLYING Policy Code: 1710/4021/7230 STUDENT USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES, BLOGGING, AND THE INTERNET Policy Code: 4312 DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT AND BULLYING COMPLAINT PROCEDURE Policy Code: 1720/4015/7225 CELL PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES Cell phones and other electronic devices have forever changed our world. While it is not against school rules to carry a cell phone on campus, this must be done within a specific set of guidelines: Electronic devices may be used by students at specified times and locations for instructional purposes only with specific permission of the teacher and/or administrator. 1. All electronic devices are to be OFF and out of sight, during class time unless being used for educational purposes and with the express permission of the teacher... The silent or vibrate setting is not an acceptable alternative to the device being shut down. 2. Students are permitted to use phones before school, after school, and during class changes. Students are also permitted phone use during power block while in the


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7 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 cafeteria. 3. Electronic devices that are either heard OR seen during restricted times or in restricted areas, regardless of the reason, will be confiscated. 4. Students who refuse to give an electronic device to a teacher when asked to do so, will be considered insubordinate, and subject to consequences in addition to the item being confiscated by an administrator. 5. Only a parent can retrieve a confiscated device from the front office. The first time a phone is confiscated a parent will be required to come to campus and get the phone. Any time after that along with a parent being required to come get the phone the student will be subject to disciplinary action 6. Teachers are not required to bring confiscated devices to the front office until 2:30 PM. If the confiscated item that is being sought is not in the office, and it is before 2:30 PM the device will not be retrieved by anyone until that time. 7. During an emergency (lockdown, bomb threat, etc.) Students are not to use cell phones unless directed to do so. Cabarrus County Schools Board policy allows student suspension from school for cell phone use during emergencies and or drills. 8. Students may not carry or have in their possession: video cameras, laser pointers, televisions, DVD players or any other non-specified electronic device while on campus without teacher permission. 9. Anyone who uses an electronic device to create an unauthorized recording, either in audio or video, of any student or staff member, will be subject to out of school suspension. 10.Anyone who forwards or sends any unauthorized recordings of any student or staff member, either audio or video, and regardless of whether or not they are the originators of said recording, will be subject to out of school suspension. Length of the suspension depends on the disruption to the learning environment caused by the video 11.Any who originates, adds to, or forwards any correspondence through the use of: social networking sites, instant messengers of any kind, texting or any other electronic or social media that is in any way considered to be threatening, of graphic sexual nature, or in any way violates school rules or policies will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension and referral to the Alternative School. This is true regardless of the hour of the day or whether or not the correspondence was created on or off campus. Length of the suspension depends on the disruption to the learning environment caused by the video or social media site. 12. . WEAPONS AND DANGEROUS OBJECTS A student shall not possess, handle, or transmit a gun, chain(s), knife, razor, ice pick, stun gun, explosive, loaded cane, machete, pistol, rifle, shotgun, air-rifle, air-soft gun, or any other object that can reasonably be considered a weapon. These items may not be possessed on Cabarrus County School Board Property or at any school function regardless of its location. IT IS A CRIME TO POSSESS A WEAPON ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. Law enforcement will be contacted.


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8 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 DRIVER'S LICENSE LEGISLATION GUIDELINES/DROPOUT PREVENTION State law mandates that in order for a student to maintain a driver's permit/license he/she must make adequate progress in school. Specifically, a student, under the age of 18, must pass three 75% of enrolled classes per semester in order to apply for and keep a driver's permit/license. Also, students who drop out of school will lose their permit/license until they turn 18 years old. School administrators will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of students who have not met these requirements. SPIRIT ROCK The Spirit Rock may be used to display messages that are in good taste (birthday announcements, congratulations, etc.) Messages or signs that are vulgar, offensive, potentially disruptive, gang-related or are displayed on any surface other than the rock itself, are prohibited, and students will receive appropriate consequences. Access to the rock is on a first come first served basis and no guarantees are made that messages will not be painted over at any time. MPHS DRESS CODE In conjunction with the Cabarrus County School Board, the MPHS administration and staff believe that “the dress and personal appearance of students greatly affect their academic performance and their interaction with other students.” The MPHS dress code is implemented to promote the health and safety of all students as well as to ensure a positive, professional educational environment. Please use the following guidelines when selecting clothing to wear to school. • Pants, shorts, and skirts may not have holes above the knee that expose skin or undergarments. • Pants must be fitted at the waist and not reveal other clothing, underwear, or skin. • Undergarments may not be visible at any time. • Tops and dresses may not be strapless. All tops and dresses must have two straps that are 2 inches or larger in width. • Tops must completely cover a student’s mid-section and back at all times. • Tops must have a neckline that does not expose a student’s chest or cleavage. • Tops may not have arm holes that expose any section of the rib cage. • Tops may not mesh or see-through that expose one’s torso. • Leggings and yoga pants must not be thin and must not be too revealing and show a student’s undergarments. • Shorts, skirts, and dresses that are higher than three inches above the knee must be worn with leggings. • Clothing that is deemed too tight or revealing is not permitted • Pajama pants, tops, and slippers are not permitted. • Headwear (i.e. hats, caps, toboggans, stocking caps, hoodies, head wraps, skull-caps or any other headgear) is not permitted inside of the building except for reasons of health. • Bandannas are not permitted to be worn visibly displayed. • Articles of clothing and accessories may not depict references to gangs, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, death, violence, profanity, vulgar/hate statements, illegal actions, or sexual images. • Jewelry or accessories that can be used as a weapon (i.e. spiked jewelry, chains, etc.) are not permitted. Extremes in hairstyles, body piercing, make-up, and modes of dress deemed by the administration as inappropriate, a disruption, a danger to health and safety, or a distraction to the educational process will not be permitted on MPHS campus or at any school event regardless of the location.


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9 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 A student must be in compliance with dress code at all times during the school day. For example, a student’s dress or top may meet the dress code’s length requirement while standing in place; however, when he or she is walking, the garment may be too short and out of compliance with dress code policy. If a student is asked to alter his or her dress due to an infraction, complies, and later reverts back to the infraction within the same instructional day, he or she will face a more severe disciplinary consequence. Students who fail to comply with our dress code will remain in the choices/ISS room until a proper change of clothing is provided. PERSONAL PROPERTY Protect yourself by being cautious with your property. The faculty and staff of MPHS are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Here are some suggestions: 1) Identify all your personal articles in a manner that cannot be erased, 2) Do not bring large sums of money or other valuables to school, 3) Request a locker and keep it locked at all times, 4) Do not leave clothing, purses, etc. lying around on desks, cafeteria tables, the floor etc. 5) We encourage you to leave electronic devices at home as they are frequently targeted by thieves. It is a student responsibility to adequately secure personal property at all times. SEARCH AND SEIZURE The administration has the right to search a student, a student's locker, his/her belongings, or vehicle if it is deemed there is reasonable suspicion that a school rule has been violated or for health and safety concerns. Trained law enforcement K-9 units periodically conduct random searches for controlled substances. Illegal substances and/or stolen property will be confiscated and law enforcement will be contacted. Students in unauthorized areas of campus will automatically be subject to search. DISCIPLINE POLICIES The administration, faculty and staff are concerned that each individual student experiences academic success and learn responsibility for his/her behavior. We firmly believe that parents and students also share this concern with us. If a student chooses not to follow the guidelines for conduct at MPHS that student may be subject to the following consequences: Lunch detention (40 minutes) (this punishment may involve participation in a work assignment or school/community service detail), in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, referral to the Opportunity School, or expulsion. Repeated and/or flagrant violations may result in the student being suspended for the remainder of the school year. Disruptive students who are sent out of class are to report to the Front Office to meet with an administrator. Students who are will receive a consequence each time they are sent.


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10 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 LUNCH DETENTION The decision to assign mandatory Lunch Detention is at the discretion of the MPHS administration and is based on the type, severity, or frequency of the particular infraction. Reasons a student may be assigned to Lunch detention will include but are not limited to the following 1) Being in an unauthorized area of campus. 2) Failure to report for a teacher-assigned detention. 3) Participation in gambling or any unauthorized games. 4) Horseplay. 5) Parking violations 6) Consuming food or drink outside of the cafeteria. 7) First time or minor insubordination. 8) Out of class without a hall pass. 9) Being tardy to class. 10) Inappropriate use of school equipment or the facility 11) Minor disruption to class and instruction 12) Truancy to class/Improper Check-in/Improper Check-out. 13) Failure to report to the Front Office as directed. 14) Failure to check in when arriving late to school. 15) Leaving class without permission. 16) Littering or defacing school property. 17) Loitering in or returning to the parking lot. 18) Misconduct at athletic events. Students may also lose the right to attend future events. 19) Repeated and/or excessive displays of affection 20) Use of profanity with fellow students. 21) Creating or using a forged hall pass or any document 22) Repeated insubordination 23) Repeated violations of the school dress code. THE CHOICES PROGRAM (In-School Suspension – ISS) The decision to assign a student to The Choices Program/ISS is at the sole discretion of the MPHS administration. The Choices Program/ISS is held in the ISS room from 7:15 AM until 2:15 PM. Students in Choices will be counted present for the day and will be required to complete all assignments as directed. Students who are disruptive in ISS/Choices Program will be suspended from school for at least one day. The following are examples of rules violations that can result in being assigned to The Choices Program/ISS, but are not limited to the following: 1) Repeated violations of school rules 2) Disruptive behavior in class such that the teacher is unable to continue teaching 3) Repeated truancy 4) Failure to report to Lunch Detention 5) Possession or use of tobacco products/paraphernalia 6) Verbal and/or physical altercations (may be combined with OSS) 7) Hazing, bullying, or harassment of students or staff 8) Disrespect of school employee 9) Skipping Power Block Tutorial


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11 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION (OSS) An out-school-suspension can be short term (1-10 days) students may be re-assigned to the Opportunity School for the remainder of the semester if severe enough or it is a repeated pattern, or Expulsion. The decision to assign a particular type and duration of OSS is determined by, but is not limited to, the following factors: school or district policy, severity of the offense, a student’s discipline record, level of danger to fellow students, etc. Law enforcement officials may also be contacted. Students may neither be on school property during the suspension period, nor may they participate in or be a spectator at any school related activity during the suspension. Examples of school related events include, but are not limited to: athletic contests, band, or choral concerts, dramatic productions, school dances, drivers’ education etc. If a student is suspended (Either ISS or OSS) during their 11th grade (Junior) year, he/she is not eligible to be a graduation marshal. Students who are suspended may make up their academic work. The decision to suspend a student from school is at the sole discretion of the MPHS administration. Reasons a student may be assigned out-of-school suspension will include but are not limited to the following: 1) Being a persistent discipline problem. 2) Failure to follow the reasonable directions of a school employee. 3) Disrespect to a school employee. 4) Refusal of a student to identify his/herself. 5) Lying to a school employee. 6) Harassment, Bullying, or Sexual harassment of a student or school employee. 7) Possession or use of tobacco products/paraphernalia (More than one offense). 8) Profanity directed at a school employee. 9) Threats made to a school employee, or a student. 10) Stealing. Student must also make restitution. 11) Vandalism. Student must also pay damages. 12) Misuse of computers or any school equipment or facilities. 13) Trespassing on other school campuses. 14) Refusal to hand over a cell phone or other electronic device to a staff member when requested to do so. 15) Bringing a weapon to school. 16) Hazing, bullying or harassment of another student 17) Posting or forwarding inappropriate messages via text or any social networking site. 18) Fighting or disorderly conduct. 19) Drugs or alcohol. A student(s) who sell, distribute without charge, possess, use, or are under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or counterfeit controlled substances on school board property or at any school function shall be suspended for ten days with Principal recommendation for re-assignment to the Opportunity School for at least the remainder of the semester. Students that are repeat offenders will be re-assigned to the Opportunity School. Severity of offense may be grounds for expulsion. 18) Any assault on a school employee could result in expulsion. Law enforcement will investigate and charges will be filed. ***The safety of our students is of utmost importance. Students, who have demonstrated either at school or in the community that they could pose a threat to our students' well being, will not be allowed to continue their association with Mount Pleasant. Also, students who have been long-term suspended or expelled from MPHS are prohibited from attending ANY school event or function either on the MPHS campus or in any other location.


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12 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 SUSPENSION FROM PARTICIPATION IN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - POLICY I. General Statement of Policy Students who participate in the extracurricular activities offered at their schools enjoy a privilege, and many of them are called upon to represent their schools in local, state, and national arenas. Accordingly, students may be held to a higher standard of eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities than what is required for participation in the regular instructional program. It is the policy of the Cabarrus County Board of Education that students who commit prohibited acts, as defined in Section II, below, may have suspended their privilege of participation in extracurricular activities offered by their schools. This Policy shall govern each student at all times that he or she is enrolled in the Cabarrus County Schools. It shall also apply equally to conduct taking place outside of school- related activities, and not on property owned or leased by the Board as to conduct or taking place during school-related activities and on property owned or leased by the Board. II. Prohibited Acts A student may be suspended pursuant to this Policy for the following: A. Conduct that constitutes a felony under state or federal law or any crime involving moral turpitude, including the illegal possession, sale, or use of drugs or alcohol. B. Conduct that constitutes a violation of Board policy and/or school rules. PROM All persons, other than assigned chaperones, desiring to attend the annual Junior/Senior Prom must be at least in the 9th grade and under 21 years of age. VIDEO SURVALIANCE For your safety, video cameras have been installed in the school buildings and in parking lots on campus. Be advised: 1) School administrators and law enforcement officials monitor both the cameras and the recordings. 2) Video recordings are used to investigate violations of school rules and the law. 3) Video recordings may become part of a student’s educational record. STUDENT PARKING REGULATIONS Driving to school and parking on school property are privileges. All student vehicles parked on school property must be registered with the school office. A valid student parking pass must be displayed on the vehicle. Students owing ANY fees or textbooks will not be permitted to purchase parking passes. Students are to enter and exit the student lot via the lower driveway – not by way of the bus lot. Students may only park in designated student parking areas. During school hours, no students are permitted to park in any of the following areas without the permission of the school administration: the Bus Lot; the faculty parking lot next to the main gym; the shop areas; the faculty parking lot at the front of the main building; any other area that has been designated off-limits to students; the side of any road on campus, or on a non-paved area. Students parking at the field house must not obstruct the stadium access lane or any bus. Loss of driving privileges will result for the following: parking violations but are not limited to these violations, excessive tardies to school, speeding, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. The parking/driving suspension will be for an amount of time deemed appropriate by the school administration up to and including the remainder of the semester or year. Students are to exit their cars upon arrival (no loitering in cars) and exit campus upon dismissal from


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13 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 school. Students are not permitted to go to their cars or be in the parking lot without permission from a school official. All vehicles parked on school property are subject to search by the school administration. Parking fees will be forfeited in all revocation of parking privileges. The administration reserves the right to change student-parking regulations as the need arises. BUS REGULATIONS Riding the school bus is a privilege and not a right. You will lose your privilege to ride a school bus if you frequently violate school bus rules. The decision to remove your bus riding privilege is made by the MPHS administration. Your bus driver is performing a service by providing you with transportation to and from school. You depend on the driver for your safety, so you should follow his/her directions and refrain from any annoying behavior. Your life may depend on it. Be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible at all times l. Please wait at your assigned stop and only get on and off of your assigned bus. 2. Stay seated in your assigned seat facing forward at all times 3. Keep all body parts and objects to yourself and inside the bus at all times. 4. Foods and drinks are prohibited. You must keep the bus clean and do not damage the bus in any way. 5. Smoking, using profane language, gambling, threatening other students and horseplay of any kind are not permitted. You must also use appropriate noise levels, and be respectful with your words and actions. 6. Buses will load immediately after school and depart campus exactly five minutes following the bell to end fourth period. Any student who is not on the bus at the time the school buses begin to depart will not be permitted to board any bus. Students who miss the bus will be responsible for finding transportation. 7. Follow the bus driver’s directions the first time they are given. This includes the use of electronic devices. 8. Failure to follow bus rules can result in suspension from the bus and/or school. Note: All buses are equipped with video surveillance. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS The number of units required for graduation is 27 units. Transfer students must complete their maximum potential for earning units less 5. Students attempting to earn credits outside of Cabarrus County Schools must have prior approval from the Principal and the High School Director. “Future Ready Core” curriculum requirements are intended to prepare a student with the skills to be successful in college or the workforce. This standard mandates that a student must successfully complete the following state required courses: English: 4 units. Mathematics: 4 units. Note Math 1 successfully completed in 8th grade will fulfill the Math I course requirement; however, only units earned 9-12 count toward the number of units required for graduation. Social Studies: 4 units; one each in Civics, American History 1 and 2, and World History. Science: 3 units; one each in Physical Science, Biology, and Earth & Environmental Science. Health/PE: 1 unit. Six elective credits are divided as; (2) credits of any combination of either CTE, Arts or second languages with the remaining 4 credit strongly recommended to be from one of the following: CTE, ROTC, Arts or any other subject area. In addition, students are required to pass any and all tests required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and fulfill any other state-required learning outcomes. Note: A curriculum guide is given to each family at the time of student enrollment. In addition, see CCS website to access for details.


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14 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 PROGRESS REPORTS Progress reports will be issued and sent home with students every 3 weeks during the grading period. A schedule of progress report dates is located on the school website REPORT CARDS Report cards will be issued every 9 weeks. The course exam counts 25% toward the final course average. November 6, 2017 February 7, 2018 April 18, 2018 June 25, 2018 GRADING SCALE Letter grades: A: 90-100 B: 80-89 C: 70-79 D: 60-69 F: 59-below ACADEMY OF ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY The Mt. Pleasant Academy of Energy & Sustainability (AOES) is a cutting-edge, innovative 4-year program designed to prepare students who are interested in engineering, energy systems, and sustainable solutions. With Charlotte outpacing the nation in the creation of energy jobs, our academy is focused on bringing awareness and education of all types of energy sources and sustainable solutions. The Academy students will be The AOES utilizes business and industry professionals, along with a variety of STEM 101 curricula to provide our students with hands on educational experiences, relevant information, and current technologies. This collaboration between education and industry is the driving force that ensures our AOES students experience work-based learning opportunities that are unmatched by today’s educational standards. AOES students will be inspired and prepared to pursue a wide range of college and career opportunities in energy and sustainability. A/B HONOR ROLL Honor Roll will be calculated at the end of each grading period and will be based upon a student's nonweighted numerical average. The A Honor Roll will be 4.0 Avg. (A). The B Honor Roll will be 3.00 (B). A student cannot have any D’s or F’s to be on the A/B honor roll.


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15 Mount Pleasant High School Student Handbook 2017-2018 PROMOTION STANDARDS AND GRADE-LEVEL CLASSIFICATION Promotion will be determined for the total number of credits. Credits Needed 6 13 19 To Be A Sophomore Junior Senior Transfer Student Grade-Level Classification The transfer student’s grade classifications at his/her former school and an evaluation of the student’s transcript will be used for grade placement and GPA. The GPA of a transfer student will be based on the weighting system used by MPHS. PARENT ACCESS TO STUDENT GRADES Parents/Guardians will have online access to their student(s) grades and attendance. Additional information will be provided to all parents as the system is implemented throughout this school year. Please contact the office for assistance if needed. JUNIOR MARSHALS CABARRUS COUNTY SCHOOLS DROP-ADD GUIDELINES High Schools in the Cabarrus County school district are on a block system. There are two terms with four courses each term lasting 82 minutes per class. With the implementation of the Power Block students receive additional instruction during tutorial sessions to either supplement or enrich content knowledge. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction requires a minimum number of seat time hours to earn a credit. As a result, if you miss more than 13 days in a course, credit might be withheld. Therefore, the following procedures are in effect for any student who requests a schedule change: 1. No changes will be made on or after the first day of classes unless it is an administrative error or for pupil balancing. 2. Any student that requests a change once the schedule has been created in the Spring (for the next year) can make an appointment to see his/her counselor and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis and with Principal approval. (Changes at this point are contingent upon extenuating circumstances and available space). 3. Students failing the first course of a two-part sequence of a pre-requisite course will be dropped from the second course 4. Second term changes are particularly discouraged once the school year begins; however, the Principal with counselor recommendation may consider exceptional circumstances. 5. If a student drops a class once the term has begun, it is only with the Principal’s approval and the grade of WF will be recorded on the student’s report card and transcript. The WF will be averaged into the overall GPA as a failing grade. 6. These guidelines also apply to courses taken on-line or at a community college for dual credit. EXAM EXEMPTION POLICY 1. 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will take all exams, no exemptions 2. Seniors are required to take all EOC, NCFE and CTE exams.



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