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issue twentytwo c1vsht Class group ExcNlautasliiveeOden © Jack Houser Photography


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ures Sara Cords - page22 Sammie Lee Hill - page30 Beau Szumilas - page36 3


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contents 06 Daddy’s Model Daughter 10 Marneen Lynne Fields 12 Just ‘A Lad on a Bike’ – Barry Germain 15 Author Barbara Everett Heinz 16 The Gail Carson Songwriters Series 20 Miranda Cobb 22 Sara Cords - Need for Speed 26 Artist Rod Holt 28 Sue Wilson 29 The Goal 30 Sammie Lee Hill 32 My Favourite Diet 34 Dr Aditya Sharma 36 Beau Szumilas 38 Ask Françoise 40 The Armoury Trust - Tameside, UK 42 Straight From The Oven 44 Mailbag 47 Photos by Garry Shepperd 48 Ask PC Kevin 50 Angel Experiences WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES 4


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Letter from EDITOR Christina Howard | +44 (0)7713 973640 The Editor MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard SOCIAL MEDIA Bob Alston Hello Everyone EDITORS PA Stan Dwight EDITORIAL SECRETARY Sandra Boyce May you enjoy your journey with us through these pages of interesting characters who are making a difference in the world by their talents as its quite interesting to discover their beginnings and fascinating to see their achievements today from real people to celebrities who share with us their stories Thank you for taking the time to read us and myself and all our Team wish you all the best take care. CORRESPONDENTS Anna Karin Carole Gray & Cerdan A Smith Tammie Starr Olga Vlady Jody Du Priest Gail Carson Pat Rowbottom Dr Gareth Presch Robyn Megan Silberman Hedi Elizabeth Hansen Stanley Goodrich Dr Nancy Fike Christina V Howard Editor Christina V Howard Profile - Journalist, Radio Correspondent, PR/Marketing, Events Organiser, Fashion Style Coach, Theatre Producer, Former Textiles Lecturer, Fashion Catalogue Designer. Enjoys Science, Technology, Classic Cars, Singing, Cooking and Animals. Charity helper and a strong Humanitarian. COLUMNISTS Kevin Maddox Dr Kailash Chand OBE PC Kevin McEvoy Dr Amir Hannan Francoise Pascal Angela Brown Dr Judith Barbara Rosenblum Daniel Millan MAGAZINE DESIGN, PRO- DUCTION & PHOTOGRAPHY Bob Alston - RAPhotograhy CVH 1st Class is a Not-for-Profit organisation (As a family magazine we reserve the right not to print unsuitable material) ON THE COVER: Natalie Oden © Jack Houser Photography Design:TatianaShabelnik - MUA: Maksim Leonov Hair: Tatiana Pineda - Eyewear: Burkinabae WEBSITE Stephen Kimber | stevek100@yahoo. QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUBMISSIONS Phone: +44 (0)7713 973640 Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: 5


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Daddy’s Model Daughter Exclusive © Alan Sponholz - Aspo Photography by Charles Oden from high school and is attending junior college at Riverside Community College. She has learned to do such things as drive a vehicle that is a big deal with someone with autism. She has also had the opportunity to participate in events like being a student ambassador for the United States. She went to Europe after she graduated from high school. She was able to see the Anne Frank Museum, the Mona Lisa, and Normandy among many other things. She loved Belgium chocolate and L’ Escargot in Paris. When Natalie was 17, a co-worker of my wife asked Ana if one of our daughters would be interested in doing a photo shoot. She had a nephew visiting from Mexico and he was a professional photographer/make-up artist. We asked Natalie and she said sure which surprised us because Nat was always kind of reserved about such things. Well, she did the shoot and the 1st C lcasvs azine photos came out great! Friends and family commented on well she looked. However, nothing really happened for 2 years until one day she expressed to me that she wanted to be a model. She was thinking about that shoot and decided she wanted to try modeling. Well, we started Natalie Jessica Oden was born on September 27, searching all over social media and started to do 1994 in Whittier, Ca. She spent the first ten years of shoots with different photographers. She started her life in Fullerton, Ca and resides now in Moreno doing different events like Comic Con in San Diego, Valley, Ca. Natalie was a very happy baby but we which was wonderful for her. One of the effects started noticing that she was delayed in normal for people with autism is their lack of social skills development such as crawling, walking, and talking. with other people. Modelling and other events have She would not engage with other people and would helped her so much to deal with other people, build not even look at them. She would stare straight at her self-confidence, and come out of her shell. She the ground and avoid any eye contact while sticking has learned to deal with touch/contact with other her arms out at the sides like wings. She was sent people. Before, she would freeze up if someone tried for testing and was diagnosed at the age 3 1/2 with to hug her but now she can freely do that with other autism, which runs in my family. I have a brother and people when she goes to modelling events. several of my cousin’s children are autistic. Another big event for Natalie was meeting Vaiva We put her in school right away and that was the best Tuckuviene. We meet her at a convention and were thing we could have ever done. She spent the first 3 able to set up modelling classes with Vaiva. With years with a teacher named Ms. Gina and she helped time, she learned about Natalie’s background and Natalie to progress in all areas to help her to get up has become very close to her. She is now Natalie’s to speed. Natalie continued in special education modelling mother agent. She has opened so many for the most part but also participated in “regular” doors for Nat. They even went to New York City classes as well so she could mainstream with all twice, which has helped Nat learn to be more students. She would go on to graduate with honours independent. 6


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While growing up, Natalie loved playing games and watching movies like other children. She did not have a role model growing up or follow a certain hero. She is very close to me but now we are in the process to teaching her how to be independent and on her own. I have no doubt she can do this. Natalie is a huge Star Wars fan and can anyone the whole history from beginning to end. The only TV she watches is American Horror Story. She loves to read and likes to stay up on current events. Her favorite actor is Harrison Ford. While modelling, she is always professional and never complains. Photographers always comment about how easy she is work with. She does the job until she is done. She does not follow a certain fashion designer or model. At home, she is happy in a t-shirt and blue jeans. Her favourite photographers that she has worked with are Guenter Knop, Jack Houser, and Ernie Tyler among others. She loves wearing the designs of Vaiva Tuckuviene, and Tatiana Shanelbik. She has enjoyed every shoot she has been in and is always looking forward to trying something new. She will participate in Comic Con again this year. Natalie has quite a following from all over the world. Many parents have written to us telling us that Natalie is bringing hope and inspiration to their children who have special needs. Sometimes, it brings tears to our eyes. Her journey is spiritual in a way because what she does is inspiring other people to live out their dreams. She is brave and without fear. For example, she has participated in clinical studies at UCLA. These studies were about introducing new medicines for people who have autism. She bravely accepted to do the study telling me that if this medicine could help people like her, why not? Natalie has many dreams and hopes just like the rest of us. Her goals include signing with a modelling agency and becoming a professional actor. In the amount of progress she made in a short time; I believe it. Her eyes are focused on her goals. I asked her once what she wants her legacy to be. She told me that she wants to be remembered for what she has accomplished, not the model who has autism. She wants to show the world there is more her than that and people with special needs can contribute to the world just like the rest of us. Natalie is the voice of autism and she wants the world to know she has something to say. We are very proud parents of our model daughter. CVH 1st Class wishes Natalie Oden every success in her modelling career and especially to Vaiva Tuckuviene. info@metropolitianmanagement, azine 1st C lcasvs © Alan Sponholz - Aspo Photography 7


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© Alan Sponholz - Aspo Photography lcasvs 8 azine 1st C


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Photo: Jack Houser Design: Vaiva Style MUA: Mana Afshar Hair: Christine Hiller Jewellery: Joyce Gutesha Directed: Sal Tassone azine © Jack Houser Photography 1st C lcasvs 9


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Marneen Lynne Fields Exclusive by John Harrison Marneen Lynne Fields “Kathryn Davis - Take 2” WINS Most Inspirational Song - The Best of Las Vegas 2017 from The Producers Choice Honors at the Hard Rock Café Live in Las Vegas to acclaimed congratulations from her worldwide fans as the world has watched the beautiful and multi-talented Marneen Lynne Fields work her way up a long, tough ladder with many varied rungs. After being a Class One advanced all-around champion college gymnast ranked third in the state of Utah (with moves on floor exercise compared to those of Olympic Gold medalist Olga Korbut), Marneen quickly moved on to establish herself as a top Hollywood stunt woman of the 1970s and 1980s (her work resulting in her ultimately being coined Hollywood’s Original Fall Girl and award a Fall Girl license plate by stunt coordinator, J.P. Bill Catching and the Stuntman’s Association). When tragic circumstances forced her to hang up her stunt career, Marneen who also had her focus on acting since college (minoring in Theater Arts at USU), was ready to accept the personal challenge of molding herself into the respected character actress she has become through the years. These transitions and accomplishments helped make her one of the first pioneering stunt woman to make the leap from stunt-actress to cameo character actress, to guest star actress, to co-star actress, to eventually become the lead actress and vocalist she is today. However, it wasn’t until 1991 that Marneen was able to realize her childhood dream of becoming a famous singer, and not until after her opening of her Heavenly Waterfall (ASCAP) and HWSP (BMI) Song Publishing and Productions Company in 2002 that she was able to become the award winning and chart topping pop-rock adult contemporary artist she is today, not only as a vocalist, but also as an ASCAP composer, arranger, ASCAP/BMI publisher, producer, director and editor as well. Marneen Lynne Fields continues to create a wide and varied body of exceptional work; always pursuing her artistic passions with remarkable energy in her strive for excellence and respect (for both herself and her fans). On March 23, 2017 she won her fifth music award since 2012 winning Most Inspirational Song The Best of Las Vegas 2017 for “Kathryn Davis - Take 2,“ the title track to a prime time sitcom she’s created from the Producers Choice Honors at the Hard Rock Café Live in Las Vegas, Nevada standing right next to legendary pop-country singer and actress Olivia Newton John who was also honored that evening. The song was composed by South African hit-maker, Rory Wolman with Marneen’s vocals recorded by record producer Steve Valenzuela at Grammy winner Tom Weir’s Studio City Sound in Studio City, California. A Heavenly Waterfall (ASCAP) Song Publishing and Productions Production. ENJOY Marneen’s “Kathryn Davis - Take 2” (music video with lyrics here). Marneen has just released a new CD titled, I’ve Never Ever Stopped Loving You featuring a selection of her own songs as well as her acclaimed cover of the REM classic “Everybody Hurts” the title track to the Indonesian charity film, We Can Take Some of the Hurt Away that won Marneen the 2013 G.O.D. Award in music. Each of the tracks on I’ve Never Ever Stopped Loving You have already been the recipient of awards won for Marneen like the 2014 Artists in Music Awards Best Blues Artist of the Year - Finalist, placed high in contests like Song of the Year twice, or hit the #1 or #2 position on the Soundclick music internet. Apart from Marneen’s vocals and lyrics, each song on the CD also benefits from having been produced by famous and respected Grammy and Gold Record winning producers such as Stuart Epps (of early Elton John and Led Zeppelin fame), Steve Valenzuela (Kelly Clarkson) and Tom Weir (Rod Stewart and Blondie). Marneen’s passionate alto voice being compared to Whitney Houston, Ann Wilson, Julie London and Janis Joplin. Marneen’s music is just as passionate as her acting, and as daring and thrilling as her greatest on-screen stunts! To listen and order songs please see her CDBaby Store here: While Marneen Lynne Fields has amassed a huge body of work appearing in over 175 films, TV shows, web series, music videos, CD recordings and theatrical productions, Marneen’s greatest work and most significant contributions promise to come, not from the past, but from the years that lay ahead. Readers and fans can visit her imdb page for a complete filmography listing at: CVH 1st Class wish Marneen Lynne Fields every continued success. She is far more than a Star she is a wonderful humble real lady. 10


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© Boden Photography LLC 1st C lcasvs 11 azine


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Just ‘A Lad on a Bike’ – Barry Barry Germain was born in 1939, just at the start of the Second World War, to a doting mother and a ‘biker’ father, in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England. Like any young kid, Barry looked up to his dad, and wanted to learn from this very talented man. Yes, his dad was blessed with a devoted wife and had skills that others could only dream of having, and he rode a motorbike, a 500cc Norton International (precursor to the Manx Norton)! Barry was always around bikes, which led to him later to being obsessed by them. Over a cup of coffee Barry reminisces about the times spent reading the adventures of his Superheroes ‘Captain Marvel’, ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Captain America’, and that one-day he wanted to be like them. Exclusive One morning Barry woke up with a feeling that this was THE day that was going to change the rest of his life – and his body! He gained a newfound interest in boxing and boxers and this set him on the road to developing his body into one that would grace many a body-builder. Always talented in Art, Barry started to take this further and went to Art School for two years. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of one of the commercial artists he admired as a child, Dudley D Watkins, who was responsible for a character seen regularly in ‘The Dandy’, Desperate Dan! Through his father, Barry also developed a keen interested in all things British that had two wheels and an engine, and when he was old enough he got his first motorbike – a BSA Bantam. After a few months this was too slow for Barry and he wanted something a bit more powerful, so he bought himself a Norton 500cc Dominator, which was just the ticket (for now!). Throughout his ‘biking’ days, Barry was well known around Greater Manchester for never being beaten in a ‘race’ and he owned an array of motorcycles on which he took on all-comers, and that, today, would be worth a fortune (hindsight is a great thing!) and here is just a selection of them; Norton Dominator, BSA Goldstar, Velocette KSS, Vincent 1000, Triumph Tiger 110. Having had a few jobs after leaving Art School, Barry secured a position at Langman’s in Manchester, where he thought he could finally use his artistic flair, but it turned out to be far from the type of work produced so brilliantly by the admired Mr Watkins! Barry hated every minute of this new job. He told me, “It was like being at school”. You had to account for every minute of the day, being watched constantly by ‘The Boss’, whilst churning out repetitive Showcards and Posters with not a scrap of artistic skill to be seen. “How am going to get out of here?” he said to himself. His final escape was to be quite a painful one though. During his time at Langman’s, Barry got ‘pally’ with a guy named Bill who was also a ‘biker’, and at that time Barry was getting quite a reputation as a fast rider and the ‘one-to-beat’ locally! Bill was a few years older than Barry and had done some motorbike racing, but that didn’t faze Barry when Bill suggested they had a ‘race’ over Belmont, a road favoured by local bikers, near Bolton, Lancashire. Not one to back down on a challenge, Barry duly accepted and a date was fixed for the duel, but unbeknown to Barry at that time, this was to be his means of escape from his much hated day job. Race day came and Barry was ‘well up for it’, he arrived at the agreed rendezvous in plenty of time on his favoured Triumph Tiger 110, but carrying a slipping clutch! Disaster, ‘How can I challenge this older upstart with a bike that struggled to accelerate quickly and a road that I have never been on before?’ Not being one to give excuses, Barry set off against Bill who was on his BSA (Goldie) Goldstar, which quickly left the limping Triumph. Eventually, building up enough speed to mount a real challenge, Barry caught and overtook the ‘Goldie’. Steadily pulling away, Barry felt good now and the Tiger 110 12


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Germain by Bob Alston was ticking like a well-oiled wristwatch. Suddenly, when negotiating a tight ‘left-hander’ on a road that he hadn’t been on before, keeping his speed at a constant 80mph trying not to change down a gear, because of the slipping clutch, Barry drifted onto the wrong side of the road and he was presented with a car coming towards him. He swerved as best as he could to avoid hitting the car, hit the curb, and the bike and him mounted the pavement. They travelled through a hedge, then both were bouncing through the air before parting company and both came crashing to the ground simultaneously with Barry coming off much worse. Barry was taken to the local hospital where it was found that he had sustained serious injury – two broken wrists, a broken right thumb, and a collarbone broken in three places. This surely put an end to his racing antics for some time to come. On a ‘positive note’, when Barry recovered he found that he could no longer grip and have full control of fine items! Barry explains – “I bet you wonder why this was a positive, well it meant I could no longer hold a fine paintbrush, so I couldn’t do my job fully at Langman’s. This was my escape route ‘outa’ there!” Some time later, Barry secured a job, which he thoroughly enjoyed, as Mobile Gardener covering all the local schools. It was the making of him. Not only was he working outside instead of being couped up in an office, but also he was doing manual work that helped build up his strength and physique. With this and the fact that Barry started weight training, he developed serious muscle to his arms and torso that would put many male athletes to shame, with the added spin-off that the girls were flocking around him and he was never short of a date to take to the local ‘Pally’ (dance hall). During the ‘70’s Barry took a break from motorcycles to pursue other interests, but then came along one of his oldest friends, and someone known to the readers of CVH 1st Class, (Bonneville) Bob Taylor. Some years before, Bob used to hang around Barry, looking up to him as one of his biking heroes, and the one that got Bob into bikes in the first place. Bob Taylor states, with fondness, that, in the day, had it not been for the encouragement of Barry, Bob would not have got involved in biking at all, which is some testimony from someone who lives and breaths motorbikes! Now it was role reversal for Bob Taylor, as it was his turn to encourage Barry to get into biking again, although he didn’t take much persuading and was soon the owner of another list of bikes – Vincent, Norton, Triumph. One bike that Barry fondly remembers was a Triumph Trident based ‘Chopper’ that he built from the ground up. It was spectacular and “a dream to ride”, Barry says. Barry astride his BSA Goldstar Does Barry still have any bikes? Well, yes. He has a 1956 Triumph Tiger 110 that he has restored to as original as you can get it, and to be honest, it is in better condition now than when it came out of the Coventry factory in ’56. He has also bought back the ‘Chopper’ that he built, from the guy he sold it to originally. When he heard it was up for sale he just had to have it back. However, Barry was very nearly brought to tears when he went to see it. It was a ‘basket case’ and in terrible condition. Barry took me to see it and, to be honest; he would have been better off not buying it back. There are parts missing, there is no engine (damaged, so he left it behind), the fork tubes full of rust, the frame and tank paintwork in a sorry state, and most of the running gear also rusty. It sits in the far corner of his garage and he doesn’t know if he will ever get it on the road again. 13


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numerous bends, and an undulating surface.” What’s the best advice you can offer to someone just starting out in biking? “Think all others road users are idiots who are unpredictable. Watch all side roads for vehicles pulling out on you. Constantly check your speed. Ride within your limits.” What are your interests and hobbies outside of biking? Barry on his favoured T110 Over another coffee I got to ask Barry a few questions, which he freely answered and I could see that it brought back so many good memories for him. Here is what was discussed: Q&A Do you have a favourite bike? “1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Boxing and Art.” If you could choose any bike to own now, what would it be? “The first Triumph Pre-Unit Bonneville, now commonly known as the ‘Tangerine Dream’ and coming a very close second would be and Vincent Black Lightening.” Is there anything left on your ‘Bucket List’? “Yes. The Triumph Tiger 110, which I owned in the ‘60’s. It was a great bike. Easy to ride, quick in its day, light and handles like a dream.” When was the first time you fell off a motorbike? “In 1958 I was on a Norton Dominator tramping along the ‘Isle of Sky’ road towards Ashton and hit some gravel – there’s no coming back from that.” Do you have a preference to British or Foreign bikes? “Definitely British, just for their nostalgia, but if you’re talking about reliability then it has to be Foreign (but I wouldn’t dare let my dad hear me say that).” Overall, which is the best road that you have biked on? “Without doubt the ‘Isle of Sky’ road between Greenfield and Holmfirth. It has it all, long straights, “Yes. To re-build my old ‘Chopper’ and ride it over the ‘Isle of Sky’ road.” What would you like people to remember you for? “Being just ‘A Lad on a Bike’ – ‘A Ton-Up Kid’ with a reputation for speed’..” Granted a wish to have a pint with someone who is no longer with us, who would it be? “My good mate Rick Dawson, who left this earth on his Triumph aged just 21.” I wish to thank Barry Germain for giving his time meeting up with me, for the cups of coffee, and for his honesty and friendship. It is certainly a time that I will never forget. All at CVH 1st Class would like to give Barry their best wishes for the future. 14


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Barbara Everett Heinz by Christina V Howard ‘Pinkhoneysuckle’ by author Barbara Everett Heinz was reviewed by myself and at first I had never ever heard of as she described the hidden Americans the Appalachian people. The characters are a work of fiction yet their personalities jump out the page at you. The writer adds personal reflections among it and her brother Robert Van Everett brings alive the harsh background memories and you feel you are actually invisibly there watching the scenes play out. In all books we do engrossed in the characters but his vivid description through his vivid boyhood eyes adds adventure and says it as it was. It is certainly compelling and it is good we catch a glimpse of the sheer poverty and desperation of that period, as a man he says it as is was tough and heart wrenching. When gentle Barbara tells her story we can understand how protective and strong Robert was and helpless to fully save his younger sister from extreme evil. Yet our heroine is strong and courageous while at the same time innocent and Barbara Everett Heinz © Frank Heinz naive as she lives through these times. Her life growing up into adult hood was so intriguing and filled with humour too, that the reader instantly likes the main characters. Certainly very surprising drama unfolding and unlike most books, where you know instantly what’s coming next. This was definitely gripping that each page became a welcome and exciting surprise. Not knowing and totally amazed the reader will not know what comes next as you share the laughter and the tears and you begin to feel you know these delightful characters. I strongly felt I could have continued reading other sequels to it as it was a rare book that I could not leave down. I believe it will have an inspirational effect on some readers such is the depth of motivation in it and its magnificent. From the youthful wild teenager to the sophisticated office young lady. Her warm personality is endearing. Revelling a true humanitarian Barbara is and far ahead of her time embracing all races and cultures with great respect. Available from Amazon. CVH 1st Class Magazine wish Barbara Everett Heinz every success on her book and we can for see it would make a great television drama. 15



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