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Take your career to the next level. Certificates/CEUs/Degrees Professional Development Fall 2017


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2 Professional Development Professionals never stop learning. Your dynamic workplace calls for a fresh outlook and new skills to be the best you can be. We offer courses that add new skills and CEUs to your toolset, or keep your licensure up-todate. Taught by skilled professionals, our programs are scheduled at times that makes sense for working people. Degree Programs We provide degree programs that are relevant and in demand regionally. These programs are a collaboration between SEIE and the greater SSU campus, creating intramural partnerships and additional outlets for faculty to teach subjects that they're passionate about. From the Dean The School of Extended and International Education (SEIE) provides services for people that are non-traditional students pursuing lifelong learning. Our faculty themselves are lifelong learners and continue that pursuit in the classroom. We work to provide programs that are relevant for SSU students, North Bay residents and regional employers. Last year, we served over 10,000 students from our surrounding counties. 2,500 of those were students recieving credit from our Summer and Winter Intersession programs, assisting them in graduating faster. SEIE is a university within a university, and we're constantly growing. We hope to see you soon! Sincerely, Robert Eyler, Ph.D. Dean, School of Extended and International Education Senior International Officer, Sonoma State University


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Contents O Online Our Staff What's going on? Professional Development Human Resource Management Certificate Agile Project Management Certificate Project Management Certificate Career Development Workshops Craft Beer Appreciation Certificate Construction Management Certificate O Maker Certificate Audio & Recording Production Certificate Professional Social Media Certificate Intuition: The Light of Inner Guidance Wine Spectator Learning Center O Wine Industry Quickbooks Certificate O Wine Business Management Certificate Degrees Nursing Post-Master's FNP Certificate O Early Childhood Education Certificate M.A. Organization Development M.A. Psychology: Depth Emphasis M.A. Spanish M.S. Computer & Engineering Science M.A. Film Studies Sonoma Executive M.B.A. B.A. Liberal Studies Registration & Policies 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - 11 12 - 13 14 - 15 16 - 17 18 - 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 31 Info Meetings Meet the instructors and ask questions! Construction Management Certificate Wednesday, Aug 23 6 - 7pm Darwin 35, SSU Campus Craft Beer Appreciation Certificate Wednesday, Sept 27 6 - 8pm Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma Must be 21 or older to attend HR Management Certificate Tuesday, Aug 22 7 - 8pm GMC 1058, SSU Campus M.A. Organization Development Thursday, Aug 17 Tuesday, Sept 12 Wednesday, Oct 18 Wednesday, Nov 29 6 - 8pm Rachel Carson Hall 69, SSU Campus Project Management & Agile Project Management Certificate Tuesday, Aug 15 6 - 7:30pm Stev 3077, SSU Campus Professional Social Media Certificate Online: web.sonoma.edu/exed/psm/faq Saturday B.A. Degree Completion Saturday, July 29 @ 10:30am Saturday, Aug 12 @ 2pm Saturday, Sept 16 @ 10:30am Saturday, Oct 14 @ 10:30am Rachel Carson Hall 14, SSU Campus View meeting dates: sonoma.edu/exed/misc/informationmeetings 3


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4 Our Staff Executive Director of Business & Program Operations Dr. Jason Lau 707.664.2499 jason.lau@sonoma.edu Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach John Green 707.664.3232 john.green@sonoma.edu Finance & Business Coordinator Judy Vincenti 707.664.4168 judy.vincenti@sonoma.edu Director of Academic Programs Dr. Gregory Milton 707.664.2604 gregory.milton@sonoma.edu Academic Support Specialist Susie McFeeters 707.664.2601 susan.mcfeeters@sonoma.edu Enrollment & Registration Specialist Adrianne Price 707.664.2394 adrianne.price@sonoma.edu Director of Registration & Professional Development Leslie Brutocao 707.664.2600 brutocal@sonoma.edu Marketing Coordinator Jennifer Haynes 707.664.3545 jennifer.haynes@sonoma.edu Coordinator of Scheduling & Intersession Julie Shell 707.664.2396 julie.shell@sonoma.edu Senior Academic Programs Coordinator Beth Warner 707.664.3977 beth.warner@sonoma.edu Academic Programs Admission Coordinator James Peavler 707.664.2682 james.peavler@sonoma.edu


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Take SMART, get smart. Opening this year, the SMART train can bring you from Santa Rosa or San Rafael to SSU. View sonomamarintrain.org for scheduling information. 5 Work towards a degree. Explore a profession. Update your skills. Open U allows you to take university courses without formal university admission, when space is available and approved by instructors. Learn more at sonoma.edu/exed/misc/open-university


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707.664.2394 sonoma.edu/exed/certificates 6 Human Resource Management Certificate The Human Resource Management Certificate Program teaches the skills and knowledge required to successfully manage the human resources in today’s complex business environment. The program combines technical knowledge with skillbuilding in the following areas: -- Management Practices -- The Legal Context -- Selection and Placement -- Training and Development -- Compensation -- Benefits Administration -- Conflict and Dispute Resolution -- Employee and Labor Relations -- Employee Development -- Health, Safety, and Security In order to be awarded the Certificate of Completion, students must successfully complete the Human Resource Management Course. Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator, Susan Adams at adamss@sonoma.edu Info Meeting: Tue, Aug 22, 2017 @ 7 - 8pm: Sonoma State University, Green Music Center 1058 Human Resource Management Schedule Time Location Tue, Sep 5 - Dec 5 6:45 - 9:45pm Green Music Center 1058 Units 3.6 CEUs ID Cost BUS 800 #4092 $790 No class during Thanksgiving break. Textbook Lussier & Hendon (2016) Human Resource Management: Functions, Applications, and Skill Development, ISBN# 978-1-4522-9063-8 Instructor Susan Adams adamss@sonoma.edu Business & Management There are around 750,000 HR employees in the US, making an average of $63,000 annually.


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7 707.664.2394 Agile Project Management Certificate sonoma.edu/exed/certificates The Agile Project Management certificate will combine lecture and discussions with weekly practice quizzes. The intent of the course is to enable an inexperienced student to become an outstanding contributor on an agile project team, while earning his/her required number of work experience hours to take the PMI-ACP exam. For experienced agile team members, the objective of the course is to provide the required number of class hours and a structured learning environment that will enable them to pass the PMI-ACP exam. The course will include both experienced and inexperienced individuals, so that lesser-experienced students may benefit from classroom discussions with their more experienced colleagues. Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator, Jim Robison at robisonj@sonoma.edu Info Meeting: Tue, Aug 15, 2017 @ 6 - 7:30pm: Sonoma State University, Stevenson 3077 Agile Project Management Schedule Thu, Aug 24 - Dec 14 Time 6 - 9pm Location Units Stevenson 2083 4.5 CEUs ID BUS 800 #4339 Cost $1850 -- Agile frameworks, methods, accounting, & contracting -- Burn-down/burn-up charts, caves & common co- -- Regulatory compliance, customer-valued-prioritization locations -- Brainstorming, collaboration, and communications -- Affinity estimation, discovery, sizing & estimating -- Adaptive leadership, team roles, building agile teams techniques The course does not include the cost or scheduling of the PMI-ACP examination as it is not required to obtain the SSU Certificate in Agile Project Management Textbook PMI-ACP Exam Prep, Second Edition, by Mike Griffiths, ISBN# 978-1-932735-98-7 Instructor Dr. Jim Robison, CFPIM, PMP, PMI-ACP robisonj@sonoma.edu Business & Management


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8 707.664.2394 Project Management Certificate sonoma.edu/exed/certificates The Project Management Certificate & Exam Preparation Course will meet the 23 hour educational requirement to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam and will offer experienced project managers the 35 hour educational requirement necessary to qualify for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. The course does not include the cost or scheduling of the PMI examinations. The course will include lectures, assigned readings, weekly practice exam quizzes, and hands-on experience with Microsoft Project. Upon successfully completing the course, and regardless of your status with the PMI examinations, you will receive a Certificate in Project Management issued by Sonoma State University. Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator, Jim Robison at robisonj@sonoma.edu Info Meeting: Tue, Aug 15, 2017 @ 6 - 7:30pm: Sonoma State University, Stevenson 3077 Project Management Schedule Tue, Aug 22 - Dec 12 Time 6 - 9pm Course topics will include: Location Stevenson 2083 Units 4.8 CEUs ID BUS 800 #4096 Cost $2050 -- Project life-cycle phases, from initiating to closing -- Project integration, scope time and cost -- Project procurement and stakeholder management -- Hands-on training in Microsoft Project Textbooks Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide, 5th edition), ISBN# 978-1-935589-67-9 Microsoft Project 2016 Step by Step, ISBN# 978-0-7356-9874-1 Plus one of the following: PMP Exam Prep, 8th edition, by Rita Mulcahy, PMP, et al., ISBN# 978-1-932735-65-9 or CAPM Exam Prep, 3rd edition, by Rita Mulcahy, PMP, et al., ISBN# 978-1-932735-72-7 Instructor Dr. Jim Robison, CFPIM, PMP, PMI-ACP robisonj@sonoma.edu Business & Management


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Career Development Workshops Get expert advice to conduct your most succesful job search. Learn a proactive approach to designing your career, identify the skills you most want to offer, learn how to research organizations, target employers, network with professionals, and describe your strengths with confidence. The two 4-hour workshops will help you asses your skills and talents along with developing a winning resume and job search strategy. The second part of the program consists of two one-hour coaching sessions with the instructor, Dr. Beth Milwid. You will gain skills that are practical, valuable, and prove useful throughout your career. Visit Dr. Milwid’s website: doctorbeth.com. For workshop information go to sonoma.edu/exed/careerskills. Schedule Sat, Sept 30 + Oct 14 Time 9 – 1 pm Location Salazar 1052 ID EXED NC – 4385 #101 Cost $225 Sat, Oct 7 + Nov 4 Instructor Dr. Beth Milwid bethmilwid123@gmail.com 1 – 5 pm Salazar 1052 EXED NC – 4386 #102 $225 Career Development sonoma.edu/exed/certificates 9


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10 herlindaheras@gmail.com. Craft Beer Appreciation Certificate sonoma.edu/exed/certificates The Craft Beer Appreciation Certificate program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding and overview of the brewing industry, increase your sensory knowledge of beer and business all while learning from and making contact with industry professionals. You will make valuable connections with many of the most influential and experienced people in the brewing industry and its related fields, hearing personal stories and their professional trials and tribulations. We will be tasting beer from different breweries, different styles in each class. A designated driver is recommended. Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator, Herlinda Heras at herlindaheras@gmail.com. Must be 21 years or older to enroll. Info Meeting: Wed, Sept 27, 2017 @ 6 - 8pm: Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma To receive your Craft Beer Appreciation certificate, you must complete the following two courses. Craft Beer Appreciation I: What is Beer? Schedule Time Units ID Cost Mon + Wed, Oct 30 - Nov 13 6 - 9pm 1.5 CEUs SCI 800 #4427 $550 This course will discuss the brewing process and primary ingredients; the pleasures and history of beer. Discover “what is malt?" with the new Admiral Malting Co; the first Malthouse in California since Prohibition! Speakers include noted luminaries such as Pete Slosberg of Wicked Ales, Mark Carpenter of Anchor Brewing, and Don Barkley the first head brewer at the first micro-brewery in America after Prohibition. We’ll cover cooking and pairing with beer with the HomeBrew Chef Sean Paxton, sensory appreciation with Master Cicerone Nicole Erny, and History of beer including British and International styles with speakers such as Bob Brewer; retired historian for Anchor Brewing. Textbooks Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink by Randy Mosher, ISBN# 978-1612127774 (Required) The World Atlas of Beer, Revised & Expanded: The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World by Stephen Beaumont & Tim Webb, ISBN# 978-1454922179 (Recommended) The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution by Tom Acitelli, ISBN# 978-1613743881 (Recommended) Brewing Quality Beers: The Home Brewer’s Essential Guidebook by Byron Burch, ISBN# 978-0960428427 (Recommended) Instructors Herlinda Heras herlindaheras@gmail.com Michael Visser visser@sonoma.edu Craft Beer Appreciation


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herlindaheras@gmail.com. Classes will meet in two locations: Monday: TBD. Check website for location updates Wednesday: Lagunitas Brewing Company 11 sonoma.edu/exed/certificates Craft Beer Appreciation Craft Beer Appreciation II: The Business of Beer Schedule Time Units ID Cost Mon + Wed, Nov 15 - Dec 4 6 - 9pm 1.5 CEUs SCI 800 #4428 $550 This course will cover the business of beer from ground to glass and the many types of businesses necessary for that journey to occur. In addition, the legal and regulatory structure one must navigate, the ABC's (Alcoholic Beverage Control) of Beer Law, and how beer judging works with Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge Bob Peak. Ron Lindenbusch will speak about beer distribution and how Lagunitas got started. We may make a field trip to a smaller brewery and a hop farm dependent upon harvest time. Textbooks (recommended) Brewing Quality Beers by Byron Burch, ISBN# 978-0960428427 So, You Want to Start a Brewery by Tony McGee, ISBN# 978-1556525629 Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries by Mary Pellettieri, ISBN# 978-1-938469-15-2 Instructors Herlinda Heras herlindaheras@gmail.com Michael Visser visser@sonoma.edu California has more craft breweries than any other state in the US.


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707.664.2394 sonoma.edu/exed/certificates 12 Construction Management Certificate The Construction Management Certificate provides education and training for contractors, subcontractors, project managers, superintendents, owner representatives, design professionals, and anyone interested in advancing or transitioning to a career in the construction industry. To qualify for the Construction Management Certificate, students must complete and pass any 8 courses. Courses may be taken alone to fulfill an individual’s specific need for specialized knowledge, or to complete the requirements for the Construction Management Certificate. Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator, Bryan Varner at bjvarner@sonic.net Info Meeting: Wed, Aug 23, 2017 @ 6 - 7pm: Sonoma State University, Darwin 35 California Labor and Employment Law Schedule Tue, Sep 12 - Nov 14 Time 7 - 10pm Location Darwin 35 Units 3 CEUs ID ES 800 #4254 Cost $300 This course will completely familiarize students with all phases of both federal and state employment law. Fundamental enough for novice employers, the course will be of immense value to seasoned employers as well. We will cover: -- Wage and Hour Law -- Discrimination and Harassment Issues -- Hiring Techniques and the Law -- Safety Issues and the Injury & Illness Prevention Plan -- Avoiding Wrongful Termination Law Suits -- Prevailing Wage -- Immigration and the Law -- Documentation, Evaluations, Employee Handbooks -- Workers, Compensation Abuse and Fraud -- Violence in the Workplace These interactive and dynamic seminars include role-plays, scenarios, and problem solving exercises. Students will also receive comprehensive handouts summarizing the important points of each topic. Instructor Larry Levy Construction & Sustainability California is one of the highest paying states in the US for Construction managers.


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13 707.664.2394 sonoma.edu/exed/certificates Building Construction Technology Schedule Wed, Sept 13 - Nov 15 Time 7 - 10pm Location Darwin 35 Units 3 CEUs ID ES 800 #4094 Cost $300 Buildings are complex constructs containing materials, components, and assemblies. Construction managers must have a basic understanding of these building construction technologies to be effective in constructing a building. This class explores the various kinds of building systems and assemblies that are typically used in building projects from residential to high-rise. Students will be able to recognize basic building structural systems, building operating systems, and related building assemblies. Textbook (required) Building Construction Illustrated 5th Edition, Francis D.K. Ching, ISBN# 978-1118458341 Instructor Matthew Cardle Construction & Sustainability


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14 dblake@scoe.org sonoma.edu/exed/maker-certificate Maker Certificate The Maker Certificate program offers a series of mini-courses designed for people seeking to lead maker activities in schools, clubs, community centers, libraries, and other organizations. The pathway to certification is based on a 5 CEU requirement. In order to earn the Maker Certificate, educators must meet the 5 CEU requirement and complete two assessments: Maker Portfolio and Maker Design Project Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator, Dan Blake at dblake@scoe.org Introduction to Making Online Schedule Mon, Oct 16 - Dec 2 Time N/A Location Online Units 2 CEUs ID EDCT 802 #4300 Cost $600 Introduction to Making is a three-session online course that introduces participants to the philosophy and world of making through interactive activities and making experiences. Participants will examine their own learning environments, be it a classroom environment, library hang out space, community center, or after school fab lab, to determine how to best create a space that promotes and holds a culture of making and sharing. Participants will engage in reflective conversations with one another and the instructors as to how making culture fits in with other educational initiatives such as Common Core standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Instructors Frances (Kaki) McLachlan Julia Marrero Introduction to Making: Face-to-Face Schedule Thur - Fri, Sept 21 - 22 Thur - Fri, Nov 30 - Dec 1 Time 9 - 5pm 9 - 5pm Location Lighthouse Charter School, Oakland Lighthouse Charter School, Oakland Units 2 CEUs 2 CEUs ID EDCT 802 #4382 EDCT 802 #4383 Cost $600 $600 The course introduces participants to the philosophy and world of making through interactive activities and making experiences. Participants plan a making project or comprehensive activity based on a local learning space, and have an opportunity to make, develop, test and troubleshoot the making project or activity. Instructors Angi Chau Aaron Vanderwerff Education


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15 dblake@scoe.org sonoma.edu/exed/maker-certificate Maker Professional Development Online Schedule Mon, Aug 7 - Sep 18 Time N/A Location Online Units 1 CEU ID EDCT 803 #4299 Cost $300 The Maker Professional Development hybrid course supports educators with networking with local makers in their community and finalizing their Maker Design Project. Students are required for 10 or more hours to attend and/ or volunteer at local or online maker events and activities while they work with an advisor to complete their Maker Design Project. Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Making for Educators and Introduction to Making Instructors Patricia Amend-Ehn Carinne Paddock Making for Educators Schedule Sat (Bi-weekly), Sept 23 - Nov 4 Time 9 - 2pm Location Units (See below) 2 CEUs ID EDCT 801 #4384 Cost $600 Making for Educators is a hybrid course that combines hands-on making activities with tools and resources for building a culture of making in a local learning environment. Participants will engage in sustainable maker activities as they build a personal learning network (PLN) of makers and analyze how to support and fund a fully equitable and connected maker space and/or activity. Class will meet in a different location each session — SCOE Design Lab (Sept 23), Meadow School (Oct 7), PinerOlivet Charter School (10/21), Analy High School (11/4) Instructors Gary Jordan Casey Shea Maker workshops are in partnership with the Sonoma County Office of Education. Education



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