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2ndQuarter 2017 ZAFCO holds Iftar get-together for Employees Togetherness Lunch – Sunday Potluck Valvoline Hosts a Private Screening of ‘Transformers’ for ZAFCO Customers Valvoline Technical Training ZEETEX launches its all new winter range in style SAFE TIRE, SAFE FAMILY - REDUCING CO2 FOOTPRINT Campaign


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ZAFCO holds Iftar get-together for Employees During the blessed month of Ramadan, Zafco held an Iftar dinner for its staff level employees including Local Sales, Technical, Marketing and ZDEGREE at Lal Qila - Jumeirah, on 11th June. The Iftar was a jam-packed event with a joyous atmosphere as the people met the new joiners and connected with their old colleagues. Hosted by our Directors and Senior Management, Mr.Amir, Mr.Asif, Mr. Gulam, Mr. Iqbal, Mr. Jafri, Mr. Ken and Mr. Raghu; this event was organized to promote social interaction and cooperation amongst the employees and had more than 60 employees in attendance.


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ZEETEX launches its all new winter range in style ZEETEX launched its all new, next generation winter range and introduced their first All Season Tire for the European market. The launch event was held onboard the luxury cruise introducing tire patterns: WP1000, WH1000, WH1000 SUV, WQ1000 and WV1000 covering full winter range from PCR, UHP, SUV & 4x4 to Van and in addition for the first time; ZEETEX All Season Tire ZT4000 4S was also presented. The new patterns were warmly welcomed and generated positive reviews immediately. The winter patterns are a perfect package; offering superior road grip, exceptional handling, and reduced stopping distance; no matter what covers the road- water, snow or ice! Overall, the patterns are designed to get a strong foothold in the severe winter conditions; keeping the driver safe and providing an uncompromised driving experience. Be it The scorching summer heat, heavy downpour, snow fall or dry autumn; ZT4000-4S the all seasons tire takes on every challenge gracefully. Product videos explaining the features and unique selling points are available on the official you tube and other social media channels of the brand. The launch had over 100 guests from all across Europe and Russia. The trip started with the guests arriving at Hamburg and being driven down to Kiel to board the luxury liner MS Color Magic Cruise which headed to Oslo. The Guests were greeted with a relaxed environment with great restaurants and bars, amazing sunset and sunrise and interesting magic show on board. The stopover at Oslo had a 1-day tour of Oslo before the return to Kiel. This indeed was a unique tire launch event which helped ZEETEX raise its own bar; like always.


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Valvoline Technical Training After Valvoline’s business partnership signing ceremony, the Valvoline team conducted a one -day technical training for all the UAE sales team, Zdegree service center-in -charges and the marketing team on 16th May 2017, at ZAFCO Headquarters. Conducted by Mr. Alexy, each participant was greeted with a Valvoline Welcome Kit containing Valvoline Motor Oil guide, T-shirt, Dairy, Pen and a Cap to equip them well when they start visiting their customers. The session equipped them with the right knowledge to pitch the product to the customers effectively. Besides getting acquainted with Valvoline’s product portfolio, the participants gained knowledge and understanding of the unique selling points of Valvoline Motor Oils. At the end of the training session, a small quiz was conducted with questions being asked from the training given. The top three winners received Majid Al Futtaim gift cards worth 500 AED,250 AED and 150 AED respectively. Valvoline Hosts a Private Screening of the movie ‘Transformers’ for ZAFCO Customers Joining a growing trend of paid product placements on silver screen, Valvoline entered a sponsorship agreement with Paramount and stepped into the red carpet alongside paramount Pictures’ favorite talking robots as the official synthetic motor oil of the “Transformers – The last Knight “movie. In an aim to facilitate customer interaction and to encourage a better and more productive performance, Valvoline UAE held a private screening of the movie for customers of Zafco at Vox cinemas, Deira City Center and Vox Cinemas, Yas Mall , Abu Dhabi, on 30th June’17. Over 500+ guests came out to enjoy the movie, who, prior to its screening, gathered at the reception where they enjoyed welcome drinks and refreshments, as well as had their pictures taken near the Transformer posters. Before the start of the movie, the guests were addressed with a welcome speech by Mr. Ziad Smaili Business Manager, UAE in both the locations and after the movie ended each guest was handed a ValvolineTransformers branded T-shirt as a token of thanks.


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SAFE TIRE, SAFE FAMILY FOOTPRINT Campaign - REDUCING CO2 ZAFCO cherishes its employees and their safety is our priority. Keeping the tradition alive, Technical Services team conducted a campaign to check tires, batteries and safety equipment of employee's cars and shared a detailed report with them for taking corrective measures. Leaving your car parked outdoors all day can be a real health hazard as temperatures can skyrocket quite high. The heat, the fatigue, and the bright light; everything is just a huge minus making the ride quite distracting and at times uncomfortable. Few simple tips and tricks are listed below for your consideration: • Always park your car in a shaded area: While this is not quite possible at all times, it will ensure that your car remains cool and does not retain as much heat as opposed to parking in direct sunlight. It also protects your windscreen from extended exposure which could cause damage to your car. Better yet, keep your windows down by around six centimeters so that air can circulate in the car while it is parked. This will allow hot air to escape and prevent the damage of plastic components. • Never leave children or pets in the car: It does not matter if you are going for a minute or more; you must NEVER leave a child or a pet inside your car. Several cases of heat stroke deaths have been reported due to this careless oversight. Anything can go wrong if you don’t get back to your car as fast as planned. • Use car sunshades: Good quality sunshades assist in deflecting sunlight from your car if you park outside ensuring that the heat is not directed inside. While the car will still be hot inside, it will be much more bearable that leaving it without the shades. • Check tire condition and pressures: High temperatures aggravate any existing damage to the rubber. Under-inflation adds to the problem causing friction and more heat which can prove too much for weak spots, causing punctures and blow-outs. • Check the coolant reservoir level regularly: High temperatures can aggravate cooling system problems. Low coolant level, leaking hoses and broken electric cooling fans can all result in overheating and expensive damage. Your health and safety is important to us. Therefore, be vigilant and be careful. Wish you all safe driving.


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ZAFCO Themed Thursdays To relish the sense of solidarity we initiated Themed Thursday where employees are wearing same color clothing on specific days to show their participation in making the workplace more vibrant and fun. Ramadan & Eid Celebration The Holy month of Ramadan was enjoyed with tranquility and Eid was celebrated wholeheartedly. Therefore, keeping this tradition all, we at ZAFCO celebrated Eid with our employees and gave special gifts as EIDI.


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Togetherness Lunch – Sunday Potluck All Zafconians share togetherness and friendship in the 1st week - Sunday of each month, as all teams including their HODs are taking part in Potluck Treats for our colleagues, it includes meals or light snacks depending on the ease and budgets of the participants. It provides everyone an opportunity to participate and to know colleagues and peers. It serves as a learning experience by fostering teamwork. EMPLOYEE CORNER: It is a holistic celebration by including all people, irrespective of religion and culture is a great thing to learn about love and respect for humans. I cherish this moment forever. God Bless All.! – VIPIN KALADHARAN I felt nice as this was my first received Eidi gift in my lifetime and that too from the place where we work so the feeling was quiet amazing . Thank you ZAFCO for making us fell so important. – SHINA KATARIA This was my first Ramadan in Dubai and of course, ZAFCO. It was an enlightening experience. The iftar parties and the gifts added to the fun quotient (Thanks Team HR for organizing the gift exchange!). Я хочу поблагодарить вас за вкусную едую. Это было интересным опытом для меня, попробовать блюда других национальностей. Вы лучшие сотрудники!’ This is probably the only month during a calendar year when we take out the time to reflect on our past. I English Translation: assume that the fasting and the shared experience with our colleagues at the workplace is what “I would like to thank you for contributes towards this introspection. It makes us yesterday nice food. It was empathize with those who have no choice but to interesting for me to try dishes of go to bed on an empty stomach. We learn to different nationalities. You are the count our blessings and appreciate life best co-colleagues.” better. – AKSHITA RAJESH -Nadeja Vetshnova


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