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The Bridge offers practical and leisure courses and workshops. Some of our courses are subsidised to benefit the local community and those on benefits. We also offer free 1-to-1 information, advice & guidance (IAG) sessions.

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Autumn 2017 Call: 01273 687053 Visit: Learning to make life better Free Support and Advice with Money, Jobs and Personal Development NEW COURSES Adult Social Care Make the Change with NLP and Creative Wellbeing


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The Bridge Community Education Centre Autumn 2017 01273 687053 • | Half-Term: 16 October – 27 October Autumn CLASSES AT A GLANCE (Half-Term May 28 –June 1) MONDAYS 9.30am – 4pm EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK - Level 2 Award 10am – 1pm MAKE THE CHANGE WITH NLP 10.30am – 12 noon MINDFUL MOVEMENT & RELAXATION 10.30am – 12 noon TANGO, RUMBA & FLAMENCO - Beginners and Improvers 12.15pm – 2.15pm 50+ LUNCH & ACTIVITY CLUB 12.30pm – 2.30pm POTTERY & CERAMICS FOR ALL 2pm – 5pm BUSINESS START-UP 3pm – 5pm POTS OF TALENT 6.30pm – 7.30pm MOVE N’ GROOVE TUESDAYS 10am – 1pm CONFIDENCE BUILDING 10am – 12 noon JOB CLUB 1.30pm – 2.30pm EASY MATH GAMES FOR ALL 10am – 12 noon ART FOR ALL 12.30pm – 2.30pm PRINTING WEDNESDAYS No courses running this term THURSDAYS 10am – 12noon 10am – 1pm 1pm – 3pm 3.30pm – 5.30pm 3.30pm – 5.30pm 6pm – 7.15pm 6.30pm – 8.30pm 7pm – 8pm IT FOR BEGINNERS FESTIVE FLOWER ARRANGING WORKSHOP IT FOR IMPROVERS FACEBOOK WORKSHOP FACEBOOK & TWITTER WORKSHOP YOGA FOR ALL POTTERY & CERAMICS FOR ALL HATTON BOX FITNESS FRIDAYS 9.30am – 2pm 9.30am – 4pm 9.30am – 4pm 9.45am – 1.15pm 9.30am – 1.15pm 10am – 12noon 10am – 1pm 10am – 12noon 1pm – 3pm 1pm – 4pm 1.30pm – 6pm 1.30pm – 4pm GUITAR EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK - Level 2 Award FOOD HYGIENE - Level 2 Award WILD MIND IN AUTUMN PREPARING TO WORK IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE NCFE/CACHE Level 1 Award CREATIVE WELLBEING MONEY MATTERS WORKSHOPS JOB CLUB EXTRA DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY – Improvers BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE – Beginners and Improvers PIANO 50+ HIGH TEA ARTS, CRAFT & MUSIC n ART FOR ALL Sep 26 – Dec 12 • 10 sessions Tuesdays 10am – 12noon Tutor: Kitty Cava • Cost: A: £80 B: £40 C: £20 This course is for people of all levels wishing to learn about art and develop their drawing and painting skills. We will work with a new theme each term, which people can adapt to meet their own needs. Students are encouraged to look at the work of other artists and experiment with a range of materials. n DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY – Improvers Sep 29 – Dec 1 • 8 sessions Fridays 1pm – 3pm • Tutor: Denise Falcon Cost: A: £75 B: £30 C: £15 This project based digital photography course will enhance your photography skills. You will work on different subject types such as landscape, portrait, street, still life and documentary photography to produce a portfolio by the end of the course. There will also be sessions in lighting, composition and image selection. n FESTIVE FLOWER ARRANGING WORKSHOP Dec 14 • 1 session • Thursday 10am – 1pm Tutor: Nina Tucknott Cost: A: £25 C: £8 + £10 materials to all Come along and make a festive table centre or a door wreath to get you in the festive mood. All flowers and other materials will be provided for a £10 cost, payable to the tutor on the day. Please bring scissors or secateurs if you have them and a notebook. n GUITAR Sep 22 – Dec 15 Fridays 9.30am – 2pm Tutor: Robin Jones • Cost: £12 for 30 min lesson Have a first go at strumming the guitar, learn to play your favourite tune or perfect your singing and song writing skills. All levels and abilities welcome. n PIANO Sep 8 – Dec 15 • Fridays 1.30pm – 6pm Tutor: Lubov Simon Cost: £7.50 for 20 min, £10.50 for 30 min lesson Lubov is a classically trained pianist. All ages and abilities are welcome. 100% pass rate in the piano exam. n POTTERY & CERAMICS FOR ALL DAYTIME: Sep 25 – Dec 4 • 9 sessions Mondays 12.30pm – 2.30pm EVENINGS: Sep 28 – Dec 7 • 9 sessions Thursdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm • Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £80 B: £40 C: £20 + £5 materials to all Beginners will gain confidence in basic ceramic techniques: pinching, coiling and slabbing. Scope for experienced pottery enthusiast to develop their own ideas. Material and firings included within limits. n POTS OF TALENT Sep 18 – Nov 13 • 8 sessions Mondays 3pm – 5pm • Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: £20 membership fee + materials according to use Community Group Pots of Talent invites new members to get their hands on clay and be creative in a supportive group setting. n POT THROWING OPPORTUNITIES Dates by arrangement with the tutor • 3 hour sessions for parties of 3 people. Cost: £45pp including materials and firing of up to 3 small pots Opportunity for three people to have expert tuition on throwing a pot on a wheel! Beginners and those with previous experience welcome! n PRINTING Oct 3 – Nov 28 • 7 sessions • Tuesdays 12.30pm – 2.30pm Tutor: Silke Savran • Cost: Free Drawing, painting & basic print-making techniques will be taught and explored with an emphasis on developing an individual collection of samples, ideas and finished artwork. These can be used for further studies and/or enrichment of existing arts practice. HEALTH & WELLBEING n CONFIDENCE BUILDING Oct 31 – Dec 5 • 6 sessions • Tuesdays 10am – 1pm Tutor: Dovi Requena • Cost: A: 30 C: £ 5 Increase your confidence and self-esteem in a supportive environment. Understand what confidence is and where it comes from and how to overcome hurdles and create more peace of mind. The course offers practical tips and techniques to help identify your strengths helping you to take the steps you might need to get back to work, volunteering or learning. n CREATIVE WELLBEING Nov 3 – Dec 8 • 6 sessions • Fridays 10am – 12 noon Tutor: Ali Rabjohns • Cost: A: £30 C: £5 Explore artistic techniques and exercises in a safe and supportive environment. Learn simple creative skills, whilst being inspired by the natural world.We will concentrate on the theme of the elements this term.You’re warmly welcomed to join this friendly therapeutic group. n MAKE THE CHANGE WITH NLP Sep 25 – Nov 6 + two follow up sessions on Nov 27 + Dec 18 • 8 sessions • Mondays 10am – 1pm Tutor: Alistair Duncan • Cost: A: £30 C: £5 Wish you could be happier, feel better about yourself and have better relationships with those around you? NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) helps us discover and make the best use of our natural abilities. Come along and start out an exciting new phase in your life. n HATTON BOX FITNESS Sep 21 – Nov 30 • Thursdays 7pm – 8pm • Tutor: Thev Cost: £5 per class with concessions available Fun and exciting total body group exercise class suitable for all levels of fitness and capabilities.The Hatton Boxing Fitness class uses real-boxing techniques to aid fat-loss and improve general well-being. No prior experience is necessary. n MINDFUL MOVEMENT & RELAXATION Sep 18 – Oct 16 • 5 sessions Mondays 10.30am - 12 noon • Cost:A: £35 B: £30 C: £20 And Oct 30 - Dec 4 • 6 sessions Mondays 10.30am - 12 noon Cost: A: £42 B: £36 C: £24 • Tutor: Sabine Dahn Simple movement & breathing practices to create ease & lightness in body and mind. A significant first step towards becoming pro-active in your health management. Participants with physical or mental health challenges most welcome (mixed ability class). n MOVE N’ GROOVE Sep 25 – Dec 4 • 9 sessions • Mondays 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm Tutor: Eleanor Bridge • Cost: A: £70 B: £40 C: £18 Love exercising to music? This is the class for you! With our 80’s, 90’s and 00’s music and super simple fun moves. Easy to follow steps and movements, Eleanor will guide you through an enjoyable, lively and fun hour of cardio exercise. n TANGO, RUMBA & FLAMENCO – Beginners and Improvers Sep 18 – Dec 4 • 10 sessions Mondays 10am – 12 noon • Tutor: Cecelia Donoso Cost: £3.50 per session or £30 in advance Learn the basic steps and movements for three dance styles in one class. Great exercise for co-ordination, flexibility and tone. Learn to work with and without a partner in a relaxed and fun class. Suitable for all levels. Sign up for our email newsletter for all the latest on courses, workshops and events


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Please note that although we will be following the two weeks half-term this year, some courses will be running during the first week – Please check with tutors at start of courses n YOGA FOR ALL Sep 28 – Dec 7 • 9 sessions • Thursdays 6pm - 7.15pm Tutor: Karen Bramley • Cost: A: £70 B: £40 C: £15 Strengthen and stretch your body, clear and calm your mind and increase your sense of wellbeing and vitality at this gentle and welcoming yoga class. n WILD MIND IN AUTUMN Sep 29 - Nov 24 • 8 SessionsFridays 9.45am – 1.15pm Tutor: Alistair Duncan • Cost: £10 Nature has amazing power to help you have a healthy mind and a relaxed body. In these sessions at Stanmer Park you will learn techniques to help you along the road to a happier you and to deepen your relationship with nature. Please wear clothing and footwear to keep you warm and dry. Free transport will be provided from The Bridge.. n 50+ YOUNG AT HEART Lunch & Activity Club • Every Monday 12.15pm – 2.15pm • Cost: £3 per session Home cooked lunch followed by different activities including Boccia, Quizzes, Games and talks. High Tea & Guests Every Friday 2 pm – 4 pm • Cost: £2 per person which will include tea and a fresh home-cooked scone. Subsidised transport, on Mondays and Fridays, can be provided for Moulsecoomb and other local residents with mobility issues for a £2 return journey. Call Helen on 01273 645762 for a chat, more information or to book a place on the minibus. You can also email LITERACY, LANGUAGE & NUMERACY n LITERACY Ongoing • Free Literacy support for adults who need help with reading, writing, speaking and listening. Provided by trained volunteers on a one-to-one basis. For more information or to register your interest in becoming a volunteer tutor, please phone Alison on 01273 687053. n BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE – Beginners & Improvers Sep 29 – Dec 1 • 8 weeks • Fridays 1pm – 4pm Tutor: Natalia Cybaniak • Cost: A £90 B: £40 C: £20 Develop skills in BSL to sign a variety of topics including food and drink, holidays and travel, weather, hobbies, medical signs, colours, numbers and many more! At the end of the course you will be able to have basic conversations in BSL and develop skills in Deaf awareness. n EASY MATH GAMES FOR ALL Sep 19 – Dec 5 • 10 sessions Tuesdays 1.30pm – 2.30pm • Tutor: Mary Kelly • FREE A fun course using games to develop confidence and speed when adding and taking away using the numbers 1-100. WORK SKILLS AND IT n BUSINESS START-UP Oct 30 – Dec 18 • 8 sessions • Mondays 2 pm – 5 pm Tutor: Alan Vickery • Cost: A: £75 B: £30 C: £15 Like to be your own boss and run your own business? We can help you set up your own small business and developing business plan. This course will cover a number of key areas, such as getting started, the financial needs that go with your own business and how to go about marketing and selling your product or service. n EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK - Level 2 Award Sep 18 • 1 session • Monday 9.30 am – 4 pm And Nov 24 • 1 session • Friday 9.30 am – 4 pm Tutor: James Aldcroft • Cost: A: £40 C: £12 A widely recognised qualification lasting 3 years. Participants will be confident in an emergency and can act as first aiders in their workplace. The course covers a wide range of first aid situations and offers hands-on advice and practice. n FOOD HYGIENE - Level 2 Award Nov 10 • 1 session • Friday 9.30 am – 4 pm Tutor: James Aldcroft • Cost: A: £50 C: £12 Gain the standard qualification for anyone working in, or wanting to get into, the catering industry. Run in a fun and lively way, the course will give people greater confidence to prepare safe food. n IT FOR BEGINNERS Oct 5 - Dec 14 • 9 sessions • Thursdays 10 am – 12 noon Tutor: David Purkiss • Cost: £10 Learn computer basics such as using the mouse, keyboard, Word files and folders, Internet and email. Suitable for IT beginners and those who are worried about using the computer. n IT FOR IMPROVERS Oct 5 - Dec 14 • 9 sessions Thursdays 1 pm – 3 pm • Tutor: David Purkiss • Cost: £10 Perfect your skills using Word, the Internet and email. This course is for IT improvers who would like to learn more and expand their existing knowledge of the computer. n FACEBOOK WORKSHOP Oct 12 • 1 session • Thursday 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm Tutor: David Purkiss • Cost: A: £12 B: £4.50 C: £2.50 A workshop that looks at using Facebook, including considerations, adding friends, posting, messages and searching for information. This course is for those who have a Facebook account (you need to have registered in advance). Covered in a friendly, well-paced fashion using handouts with individual and pair work, which puts all the course content into practice, in an easy to follow way. n FACEBOOK & TWITTER WORKSHOP Nov 23 • 1 session • Thursday 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm Tutor: David Purkiss • Cost: A: £12 B: £4.50 C: £2.50 Following-on from the previous workshop, this session will look at creating a Facebook group, joining a group and using Twitter to add to your profile. This course is for those who have a Facebook and Twitter account and would like to get more from using both sites. Covered in a friendly, well-paced fashion using handouts with individual and pair work, in an easy to follow way. n JOB CLUB Ongoing Free • Tuesdays 10 am - 12 noon Facilitator: Tony Marshall Get help with CV writing, covering letters, application forms and interview techniques. Computers and an adviser at hand to help you with your individual job searches. Good job success rate for previous attendees! n JOB CLUB EXTRA Free • Wednesdays 10am -12 noon Facilitator: Tony Marshall Join these FREE high impact workshops for specific input on: Effective CVs and applications Sep 29 Discover your skills and talents Nov 10 Successful interviewing Oct 27 Career change Dec 1 n PREPARING TO WORK IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE – NCFE/CACHE Level 1 Award Sep 22 – Dec 15 • 12 sessions Fridays 9.30 am - 1.15 pm • Tutor: Anne Andrew Cost: A: £173 C: FREE if unemployed and on MTB financial assistance may be available for travel, fees and childcare to those on low incomes. Students may be able to access a learning support fund. This course will suit you if you are thinking about a career in adult health and social care or if you are already working in the sector and wish to gain a qualification. You will develop a basic knowledge of the adult social care sector and learn about the range of job roles and services within it as well as the role of communication and the importance of valuing the individuals being cared for. MONEY SKILLS n MONEY MATTERS WORKSHOP Sep 22, Nov 3, Dec 8 • Fridays 10 am – 1 pm Tutor: Jenny Draycott • Free Managing your finances sounds like a straight forward concept yet it can be a challenge. Stay on top of your finances by setting up a budget plan, managing debt, using an online calculator, accessing charitable grants and making the most of what you have got. FREE SPECIALIST ADVICE Talk to our advisers who will support you to get the support you need: Moneyworks Advice Line Call 0800 9887037 to receive free independent advice on a range of money issues including dealing with debt, benefits and paying for your fuel bills. Mental Health & Wellbeing Call Mind on 01273 809288 or visit if you are looking for information and advice on how to look after your mental health or want to know about local services and groups. such as craft fairs:


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Routes Internship Programme Taking part in Routes is all about building your confidence, getting up-to-date skills and making real progress towards better work opportunities. With this programme you can also get: • Recent relevant work experience • A reference letter • Training • Travel expenses We also provide interview practice and support with submitting job applications, to give you the best possible chance of finding paid work. Careers, Employment and Financial Education Our professionally qualified advisers offer 1-2-1 appointments and small group sessions; Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) can help you plan and achieve your goals. • Career planning and coaching • CV writing, interview practice and help getting a job • Find out about learning, training, volunteering • Help to stay on top of your finances, by setting up a budget plan, benefit checker and referral to specialist agencies Contact Mirco, your dedicated Routes Internship Coordinator on 01273 687053 / 074 65637 002 Literacy Free Literacy Lessons One-to-one weekly lessons with trained volunteers, supported by literacy specialists Free, impartial, personal and confidential. To book an appointment please phone 01273 687053 or email 50+ Young at Heart Not quite ready to retire? Come and join us for quizzes, games and activities, from Boccia to Flamenco, to keep your brain and body active. • Day trips & talks • Activities & courses • Lunches & social events • Project volunteer opportunities • Get involved with other friendly, fun and fabulous 50+ groups • FREE transport for people who need it For details phone Alison 01273 687053 or email For more information call Helen on 01273 687053 or email


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How to join and how to find us HOW TO JOIN Pick up the phone 01273 687053 and talk to us. Or pop in to Lucraft Road BN2 4PN during the day Monday-Friday. We'll show you how easy it is. PAYING You must pay for your course (and any exam fees) up front.We can accept payment by card over the phone or when you pop in. Refunds will only be issued if a course is cancelled by us. COURSES - ABC Some courses have 3 price codes - A, B, C. A is the cost of the course before any discount. B if you live locally you may pay less. C if you're on benefits you may pay even less. If you think you qualify for B or C let us know and we'll book you a chat with one of our advisers, who'll tell you what paperwork we need and help you enrol. If you can’t afford the course fees please talk to one of our advisors about further support we might be able to provide. LOCATION Situated near the AMEX football stadium only six miles from Lewes and four miles from Hove, an easy journey by car (we offer free parking), bus and train. A27 Stony Mere Way Coldean Lane Falmer Hill A27 A27 Falmer Station American Express Community Stadium 24/25/25a 25b/25c Coldean Lane Bus Stop A27 Brighton Academy Bus Stop Lewes Road A270 25 The Keep Bus Stop Brighton Aldridge A270 Lucraft Road BridgeNewick Road CEodCmuecmnauttrineointyChailey RoadRingmer Drive Halland Road 49 Bus BolnSetyonReocardoss Road Egginton Road Stop Ashurst Road Community Academy University of Brighton The Bridge Community Education Centre Lucraft Road, Moulsecoomb, Brighton BN2 4PN bridgebrighton Call: 01273 687053 Email: Visit: thebridgebrighton A company Limited by Guarantee No 4179358 Registered Charity No 1100405 Thank you to all our partners.



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