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June 2017

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RNI No. UTTENG/2010/37634 Vol 7 No 7 magazine THE INDIA EDUCATION LANDSCAPE UPDATE June 16 2017 NEWS in BRIEF Skills Ministry to Trim 'FAIL' Beti Bachao Beti Sector Skill Councils Padhao not a DBT IN EDUCATION Tscheme It has come to the notice of the Government of India that HE MINISTRY of will be strengthened further,” May 26, 2017 marked the third anniversary Skills Development he said. Krishnan conceded of BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and Entrepreneurship that there were many critical (NDA) government at the centre, And, certain unauthorizedsites/ (MSDE) is considering flaws in the existing skilling expectedly after winning several recent organizations/NGOs/individu reducing the number of als are distributing illegal Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) forms in the name of cash to have fewer, focused and incentive under Beti Bachao manageable skill councils, Beti Padhao Scheme. The according to K P Krishnan, scheme has no provision for individual cash transfer component by Government. It is not a DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) scheme. The Ministry of WCD had advised that no personal Secretary, MSDE. He was addressing the Management and Entrepreneurship Skills Summit organized by MEPSC. The Ministry will discuss the restructuring with details should be shared in the skill councils during June this regard and no one should 2017 before making up its subscribe to such fraudulent mind. Krishnan said that it ecosystem. He pointed to the fact that there was no or little wage premium available to the formally skilled workers and the skill certification system lacked credibility in absence of a regulator. However, he stressed that instead of the government throwing money at the problem, the private sector must create the skills needed by the economy. “The ministry's role is that of a state and municipal elections and high popularity of Prime Minister Narendera Modi, the government, celebrated satisfactorily its three years of 'development performance.' However, whatever the government might have to say or think, its performance in education for the last three years, has been chaotic and lacking a vision that is prompting educationists and activists across the education sub-sectors to come to a conclusion that PM Modi is not paying scheme was excessive to have more coordinator, not a provider,” any heed to education. IIT-Bombay ranks 179 in QS World University Rankings 2018 than 40 skill councils. The Sharda Prasad Committee Report has advised closing down most of he said. Regarding entrepreneurship development, the secretary said that the formalization drive of the CONTRARY to what the BJP manifesto of 2014 election said about the education architecture the country has built over all these decades may actually crumble that this government has taken several counterproductive steps to weaken Right to THE Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay has for the first time made it to the list of the world's top 200 universities, according to the just-released QS World University Rankings 2018. In the rankings announced on June 8, IIT-B has jumped from its position of 219 last year to 179, joining IIT Delhi and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in the league of the top 200 institutes of the world. Contd on P9 existing skill councils and creating a fresh set. However, the Secretary Mr KP Krishnan said that the skill councils will remain the key to the industry connect of the skilling ecosystem. “In fact, that role government, particularly demonetization, will make informal entrepreneurship difficult. The MSDE will play a role in transitioning the informal enterprises to the formal economy, he said. Special World Environment Day P7 International Child Labor Day P13 importance of education as the most powerful tool for the advancement of the nation and the most potent weapon to fight poverty, and promised to raise the public spending on education to 6% of the GDP and equal opportunities, the education story of three years is nowhere on these stated positions and lack for vision on national agenda for education is completely missing from the government. In fact, there is a wide spread apprehension that whatsoever little good because of the disinterest this government is showing in education. According to Kulbushan Sharma, National President of The National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), comprising of 36,400 budget schools nationally, this government is indifferent to them. RTE activist and National Convenor of RTE Forum (RTE Forum comprising 10,000 organizations, individual activists and educationists in over 20 states), Ambarish Rai feels Education, which is essentially a school education development program prescribing minimum standards. Almost echoing disappointment over state of school education in the rural India in particular, Prof D S Chauhan, President Association of Universities (AIU) and vice-chancellor of GLA University, Mathura feels the government must pull up the states with constitutional authority. contd P9 Expert Views P3 “Raising Happy Children and Providing Safe Childhoods” reader released The Ministry of Women and Children) Act 2015 which Child Development has provides a strong formal developed a reader titled framework for dealing with “Raising Happy Children and children in conflict with the law Providing Safe Childhoods” throughout the criminal justice t h a t p r o v i d e s a d v i s o r y process. guidelines to parents, teachers Young children experience and community to protect their world through their children from being involved relationships with parents, in delinquent behavior through teachers, peers and other early detection, counselling caregivers. Therefore, there is and positive engagement. It a need to create a warm, loving draws upon basic principles and nurturing environment laid down in the Juvenile where their physical, emotional Justice (Care and Protection of a n d s p i r i t u a l n e e d s a r e recognized and honored by their family, school and community so as to allow them to reach their full potential. Keeping the above in mind, the reader draws upon good practices across the world which have proved to be successful in keeping children safe and away from delinquent behavior. Every child is different and deserves support that is specifically tailored to their own needs and circumstances. The reader suggests a broad framework for imbibing positive skills such as conflict resolution and violence prevention to keep them protected and help them achieve their full potential. The reader is divided into three parts wherein part-I is for parents and what they can do to prevent violence and crimes by children, followed by part-II and III for teachers and community members respectively. Each part briefly No to Convocation gowns in Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Higher Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat has found a new way of asserting nationalism, He was quoted as saying that convocation gowns will not be allowed for university convocations in the state. “We will, for the first time, introduce a cultural attire in place of the gowns. A cap that reflects the tradition of Uttarakhand will also be worn during the ceremony,” Rawat said. He added that from 2018 the new “cultural attire” will replace the gowns. He said the issue will be addressed accordingly in case of objections from the UGC or the MHRD. He added that the state government has asked the NIFT to design a convocation dress that “reflects the culture of Uttarakhand and of the country” .Earlier Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat had refused to wear the traditional convocation robe at UPES convocation.


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2 Curriculum June 16, 2017 News Updates C a b i n e t a p p r o v e s I n d u s t r y - edge training by providing an opportunity to sharpen their with McGraw Hill Education India Managing Director, “hands-on skills” in specialized areas such as computerized Kaushik Bellani in Delhi recently. Academia Collaborative Mission pneumatic control (CNC) machining, automotive technology, The book includes a plethora of information on important The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has given its welding, mechatronics, industrial electronics and automation. dignitaries, state policy, public schemes and important data approval for Industry-Academia Collaborative Mission for This would also extend the skill pyramid beyond current related to demographics, trade, economy and many other accelerating discovery research to early development for biopharmaceuticals - "Innovate in India (13) empowering vocational training set up. Over and above this, one fourth of the training period is dedicated for on-the-job training in the areas. Additional articles were contributed by a leading group of intellectuals, academics and civil servants, including: biotech entrepreneurs & accelerating inclusive innovation" to form of an industrial attachment. Srimati Vasundhara Raje (Chief Minister, Rajasthan), Dr. UGC drafts new rules for gradedbe funded by the Government of India. The Mission will be implemented by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance autonomyCouncil (BIRAC) - a Public Sector Undertaking of Arvind Panagariya (Vice Chairperson, NITI Aayog), Sri Kamal Kishore (member, NDMA), Dr. Rajiv Kumar (Centre for Policy Research) and Dr. Ila Patnaik (Former Principal Department of Biotechnology (DBT). The Mission Program would be a Pan-India program. The key focus areas of the program would aid in preparing India's technological and product development capabilities in the biopharmaceutical sector to a level that it is globally competitive over the next 10-15 years and will transform the health standards of India's population through affordable product development. Total project cost to be funded by Government of India is Rs. 1500 crore for five years. 50% cost for the Mission Programme will be arranged through the World Bank loan. For the implementation, a Programme Management Unit will be set up at BIRAC which will work as an operational and TOP-RANKING INSTITUTIONS will be relatively free of UGC's regulatory control, if a new set of regulations drafted by the Commission comes into force. The higher education regulator uploaded the 'UGC (Categorization of Universities for Grant of Graded Autonomy ) Regulations 2017' on its website on Friday for public feedback. These regulations aim to divide all UGC-recognised public, private and deemed universities into three categories, each of which will bestow different degrees of autonomy on the educational institutions. Universities either accredited by NAAC with a score of at least 3.5 or ranked in the top 50 institutions of National Institutions Ranking Framework (NIRF) for two consecutive years will be parked in 'Category I'. Universities under this category will be Economic Adviser, Government of India), Ruchir Sharma (Chief Global Strategist, Morgan Stanley), Amitabh Kant (CEO, NITI Aayog), and Dr. Arvind Subramaniam (Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India). This resource has been developed to help students learn a wide range of perspectives on various subjects and includes updated information through March 2017. India 2017 YEARBOOK is published annually and provides information on current affairs of the Indian Union, including facts on Indian policy, political systems, the Indian Constitution and states, international relations and recent issues like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and demonetization. School Safety Mobile Application infunctional arm that oversees and monitors program imple- free to start a new course, department and school without mentation and progress. UGC's approval. They will also be exempt from UGC's regular IndiaThe Mission will focus on Development of specific products - inspections and can collaborate with foreign educational vaccines, biotherapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics; institutions without the regulator's permission. Their perfor- Thales Foundation and GeoHazards Society (GHS) on June establishment of shared infrastructure and facilities; building mance will be reviewed based on self-reporting. 7announced the nationwide launch of a first-of-its-kind and strengthening domain specific knowledge and manage- To be eligible for 'Category II', universities should either have School Safety Mobile Application that will allow school ment skills; creating and enhancing technology transfer been accredited by NAAC with a score between 3.01 and 3.49 administrators to 'write' a School Disaster Management Plan capabilities in public and private sector. or ranked between 51 and 100 in the NIRF ranking. Although, (SDMP). The Android-based app was launched by Kamal The Mission will provide a holistic and integrated approach to such universities will also be exempt from UGC's regular Kishore, Member, National Disaster Management Authority strengthen and support the entire product development value inspections, they will be subject to stricter control in compari- (NDMA), Prof Santosh Kumar, Executive Director, National chain for accelerating the research leads to product develop- son to 'Category I' institutions. So, 'Category II' universities Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), and Christophe ment. This will help not only in immediate product develop- will need the UGC's permission to sign MoUs with foreign Humphry, Chief Operating Officer, Thales in India, and Hari ment addressing public health needs, but will also help to universities. Their performance will be reviewed by a peer Kumar, President, GeoHazards Society, at NIDM headquar- create an ecosystem which will facilitate development of a group. ter in New Delhi. continuous pipeline of products. Lastly, institutions categorised as 'Category III' will be the The pilot testing of the application took place in schools in NAAC wins international award most regulated universities. They will not enjoy any of the Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, Patna in Bihar and Aizwal National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of exemptions granted to their counterparts in 'Category I & II'. in Mizoram before the formal launch. New assessment system for CISCEIndia has received prestigious International Award of Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) titled “APQN Quality students of Class V & VIII from 2018Award 2017 for International Co-operation in Quality This mobile application has been developed as part of the project undertaken by GHS with the support from the Thales Foundation – an initiative that aims to draw on Thales's Assurance.” In a special Award ceremony held in Moscow, Russia, on 26th May, 2017 Dr. Jagannath Patil, Adviser, NAAC received the award on behalf of Prof. D.P. Singh, Director, NAAC. The Award was presented by Prof. Dr. Jianxin Zhang, President, Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN), Dr. Judith S. Eaton, President, Council for Higher Education Accreditation THE COUNCIL for the Indian School Certificate Examinations will introduce a new assessment system for students of Class V and VIII from the next academic session to check IQ of the children. This was announced by the council's Chief Executive and Secretary Gerry Arathoon during a press meet in Kolkata. Arathoon said the assessments will be based on the new innovative flair and technological expertise to benefit society in the areas of education and humanitarian crises. The project led by GHS and Ms Charu Pandey – an employee volunteer from Thales in India – started in July 2016. It focused on various aspects of school safety in Himachal Pradesh's Kangra district – one of the high risk and hazard prone regions of the country. GHS conducted staff preparedness training (CHEA), USA and Dr. Galina Motova, National Centre for curriculum that has been introduced from this academic programmes, students training programmes, developed Public Accreditation (NCPA), Russia, on the sidelines of session. These assessments will not have any pass-fail tag. school disaster preparedness plans and tested these plans with APQN Annual Conference. APQN Quality Award are among “The council will prepare the questions papers and there will preparedness drills. A large number of school administrators, the most prestigious International Awards in quality assurance of higher education. DofGDTipalonmnoauCnocuersseIsntroductionThe Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has announced the launch of five high end diploma courses in the skill ecosystem for the academic year 2017. The five courses in be no pass or fail system. It will be conducted to check the IQ of the students and to find out a student's ability to understand the subjects. The tests will also help us assess a teacher's ability to teach. After conducting the tests, we will provide assessment reports to the students,”Arathoon said. The assessments will be held twice — once in Class V and then in Class VIII. The answer papers of students of one school will be assessed by teachers of another school. The tests will be held in four subjects — English, mathematics, science teachers and students were mobilised through this project. The app has various modules including school profile, hazard profile of the school, falling hazards identification, formation of disaster management teams among others, with the user having a brief guidance on how to use each module to enter the required data. Once the data capture is complete, the user can generate and share the disaster preparedness plan with multiple users as a PDF file via email, Bluetooth, Whatsapp etc. Welding Technology, Industrial Electronics and Automation, (including physics, chemistry and biology) and social studies Manufacturing Technology, Automotive Technology and IT, (history, civics and geography). Networking and Cloud Computing were cleared today at the India 2017 YEARBOOK released Sub-Committee meeting of NCVT .The need for advance level courses/ specialized courses has been long felt in the McGraw Hill Education India has releasedthe India 2017 YEARBOOK for UPSC, State Civils and other competitive vocational training landscape in the country. The courses are of two years duration and will be introduced from August/September 2017 at Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs). These courses would enable trainees to acquire cutting xxaminations preparation. Written by secretary, MHA, Rajiv Mehrishi, the book is a complete compilation of current affairs of the country. The book was unveiled by. Rajnath Singh along


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Curriculum June16, 2017 3 Lead Story Modi Govt has no vision on education going to transform and needs everything. And you failure. become quality education. must be willing to provide This government instead is This is one of the major that everything included promoting privatization of i m p e d i m e n t s t o w a r d s t r a i n e d a n d m o t i v a t e d private schools and bent upon realising universal good teachers. Quality of h a n d i n g o v e r s c h o o l quality education. And BJP education starts much before education to private provid- which promised to raise the in fact in pre-primary stage. ers. A failure to address spend on education to 6% of Then , secondary education is government schooling has led GDP in its manifesto, after all that important for your to mushrooming of budget three years has completely economic development and schools everywhere, which failed to show seriousness of youth aspirations. And there was bad for education. purpose. In fact, Modi has been a national consensus Infrastructure and teachers T Ambarish Rai government has no vision on on extending RTE to pre- are backbone of schooling education. primary as well as secondary and these schools compro- HIS government has RTEAct is essentially a school stages. But, there is no talk on mise on both. For digitaliza- taken several counter- e d u c a t i o n d e v e l o p m e n t that. SDG No 4 can't be tion and digital initiatives to productive steps to weaken p r o g r a m p r e s c r i b i n g achieved without universal- be success you need science, Right to Education Act, which m i n i m u m s t a n d a r d s . i z a t i o n o f s e c o n d a r y maths and language teachers we got after so many Whatever weaknesses are education and the way we are and not para teachers or less struggles. What is worse, it is there ought to be removed. In going, we will be left behind qualified teachers from the completely silent on it. All it did was to extend the deadline for trained teachers until fact every clause must be prescribed a timeline to make it successful. However, what this government has done is, it in the world. The myopic vision of this government has resulted in shutting down of two lakh word go. But teachers are not a focus area of this government unfortunately. The provision of 25% for 2019. As per our (RTE Forum instead of attributing failure to government schools in last EWS was essential brought in comprising 10,000 organiza- schools for poor learning few years. This is alarming. to break the hegemony of tions, individual activists and outcomes punished children This will badly impact private schools. But they have educationists in over 20 by doing away with no e d u c a t i o n o f g i r l s , a strong lobby and it pressur- states) survey on the status of detention policy and CCE. marginalized sections, tribes izes this government to no end the RTE Act, only 9.6% of CCE was brought as a and poor. They will dropout. I resulting in protests by schools are fully compliant replacement of stressful see a scenario when there will parents against high fees. In with the provisions of the Act. The government does show interest or talk about its exams and rote learning. It was a scientific way of exploration by the children of his interests, talent and teacher be no schools for poor of this country to go. There is no data on out of school children and is still a challenge. What fact, we had proposed a national fee regulation committee to address the issue and stop loot by private implementation, monitoring was there to mentor and help prevents the governments schools and profiteering in or making available the kind him or her. It was a way new from putting their house in education but again as there is of resources it needs to be a India would have been order and improve its schools. no vision, merit of such success. brought up on inquisitiveness, It has all the experts, recommendation is not seen Today education cess which comprehension and collabora- resources and models to do it by the government. Patchy was meant to be an additional tion. But instead of working if it sincerely believes work won't do, you need to resource of money for on teacher training, quality of everyone should get good see the big picture. education has become the teaching and equipping education. In closure of f u n d a m e n t a l f i n a n c i a l schools, they went back to old schools, the governments cite resource accounting for about ways unprecedented in the things like become uneco- (As told toAutar Nehru) 65% spending on school world. nomical, lack of students etc (Ambarish Rai is Nationally education by the government. The government's focus on and see consolidation and well-known RTE activist and Unless you make money q u a l i t y e d u c a t i o n i s a mergers as solutions, which is National Convenor of RTE available, how is education misnomer. A good school nothing but an admission of Forum) This government doesn't believe in dialogue Kulbushan Sharma National President NISA having 36,400 school members We made many representtions and requests for audience with the ministry of HRD officials in the last two years, but never got a chance to discuss our problems. They don't believe in dialogue with us. How come DBT (Director Benefit Transfer) didn't happen to RTE reimbursements, after all DBT is a hallmark of this government? If schools/parents get RTE disbursement, it would have helped more than two crore teacher employees in our sector to get higher wages. When you talk about child centric education, why don't you empower parents. When this government came to power, it said it will do away with archaic laws and ease doing business. But they did nothing in education. Opening up a new school has to undergo a frustratingly tedious process. Today if a private school bus meets an accident, the principal is sent to jail and majority of our principals and teachers are women. This government talks about rich education heritage, the gurukul system and becoming a vishwa guru (world leader). But then, those gurus were autonomous and gurkuls had no boards. Today the whole lot of schools are vexed. Slogans like Betae Bacho, Bete Padhao have no meaning if you ignore ground reality. What is happening these days is that people put sons in private schools and daughters in government schools. If this attitude has to be changed then you need to talk to stakeholders regularly. PM Modi not enthused about education, pays no attention I GO on education tour of villages away from cities and towns in between my work when time permits. And I can recount eyewitness accounts to say that schools in the other India are crying for attention. Most of the over 12 lakh primary school buildings, a valuable Prof D S Chauhan national asset, are not maintained. In fact, on a recent visit to a village when I pointed to a structure almost engulfed by tall and dense shrubs, the villagers told me it is a school. And it is used for open defecation resulting in gigantic growth of vegetation. The community concept in villages is breaking, The irrigation canals, other infrastructure, family structure, traditional skills—all are breaking down. And education is a big reason for this rising mess. Agriculture is mainstay of our economy but there is hardly any input in curriculum that would render children useful on their farms in their adult age. All our education is doing is producing 'Pant-shirt' wearing youth who loathe traditional skills. People have become loners as the very edifice of village self-reliance is crumbling. Average villager spent 100 days in hospital with his family; he has no community support left. In fact, I sometimes wonder why there isn't something like UGC for to take care of primary education in the country. What prevents the central government from acting on dilapidated rural education. We need to revitalize schooling only then can village institutions like panchayats and others contribute meaningfully in future and pave way for village community centres to instil community sense once again. As far as higher education is concerned, the scenario is chaotic There is this rush to spread the names of IIT, IIM, NIT, AIIMS and central university virtually to every state without having the people or money. You need Rs 10 lakh cr to make it happen. But on face of it, the budget of UGC has been slashed. There is still discrimination against private universities in grants when research whosoever does is useful for the society and country. We may have 800 universities today but the fact is there are about 200-250 institutions of higher education which are keep aloft the citadel of education in this country which is not good for a large country like ours. There is a misnomer that creating a few world class institutions will pull up quality of our education. It is like a bullet train project thought. Tell me how many Muslims from India work in Middle East Arab countries, surely a few lakhs. Has it unburdened majority of poor Muslims in this country from poverty? Same is true for education. Unless you pay heed, listen to experienced educationists, make educationists with proven track record as heads of institutions, how can you address the deep systemic problems and challenges. Violence in campuses and the charged atmosphere where respect for other cultures is mussing is one of the reasons not allowing India to grow as a global education destination. The student politics must be done on lines of Lyndon Committee to make it purposeful. The arrogance in mind of politicians has given rise to parochialism in education establishment and often the nation loses. I think Prime Minister himself is not paying heed to education and that is why education has not become his mission till now. President AIU & Vice-chancellor GLA University, Mathura


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4 News Updates Curriculum June 16, 2017 Electoral Literacy Club' at Shiv NEET-like examination to recruit NEWS YOU CAN USE Nadar School judges Shiv Nadar School, a not-for-profit initiative of the Shiv The government has proposed to the Supreme Court a NEET- Anant National UniversityNadar Foundation in K12 education, announced the launch of like examination to recruit judges to the lower judiciary. The Announces Post-Graduatethe first ever Electoral Literacy Club in the country. The club proposal comes close on the heels of several states, including will cater to students (future voters) in the age group of 15 to some ruled by the BJP, opposing the formation of an all-India Fellowship Program17 years, and will educate them with the nuances of the judicial service, a 60-year-old idea. There were vacancies of electoral system in order to help them become responsible citizens. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Dr. Nasim Zaidi who is also a founding member of this landmark 4,452 judges in subordinate courts in the country as per the figures released on December 31, 2015. While the sanctioned strength is 20,502, the actual number of judges/judicial Ahmadabad-based Anant National University (ANU) has unveiled a unique, one-year, post-graduate Fellowship program with the mission to prepare and empower initiative was present at the occasion to inaugurate the club. He also unveiled the “sculpture of democracy” which was created by the school as the symbol of the club. The club is a result of CEC's unique programme called officers in subordinate courts is 16,050. Besides the NEET model, the Law Ministry has also proposed that a “centralised examination” could be held by a “recruitment body” for selection of candidates and it can work under the supervision 'solutionaries' who design, build, and preserve more equitable and sustainable Built Environments in India. Deadline for the Application: 15 July, 2017 Website: 'Interactive School Engagement' under which the poll panel of the Supreme Court. It also proposed that the Union Public Macquarie Universityofficials visited more than 4000 urban and rural schools, to Service Commission (UPSC) can also be asked to hold an create awareness on the institution of Democracy. The exam to recruit judicial officers. The UPSC, it said, can Undergraduate scholarshipstructure of the club includes junior and senior level students modify its procedures and practices in consultation with the comprising 10 to 12 members. It will aim to educate and high courts to hold the specialised test. The Secretary (Justice) Australia's Macquarie University has announced the second increase awareness amongst youngsters on constitutional has also suggested that some of the features followed by the edition of the Big History International Student responsibilities, governmental structures and electoral Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection could also be Undergraduate Scholarship which is available to all policies of the country. followed to recruit judges to lower courts. international students who apply for any undergraduate On the occasion of inaugurating the Electoral Literacy Club at IIM Bangalore partners with TCSthe School, Dr Nazim Zaidi expressed, “Shiv Nadar School is course at Macquarie and have verified completion of the Big History: Connecting Knowledge MOOC available through the first ever school with an Electoral Literacy Club. With this the COURSERA® platform. iON to facilitate proctoredinitiative, we want to create a complete framework and generate interest among young children of both junior and senior school who are the future voters of our country. It's extremely important for the students to be informed about the facets of participation and make them understand how each vote counts.” TCS iON, a strategic unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), on May 22 announced that Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) will partner with TCS iON to facilitate proctored exams for IIMBx MOOC courses. IIMB will leverage TCS iON's extensive proctored assessment capability to conduct exams across the country. Initially, the The scholarships will cover all tuition fees up to $50,000 AUD per year for an undergraduate degree of 3-4 years duration, depending on the program of study. This represents a value of 2.5 million or INR 25 lakhs per yearfor a total value of 10 million rupees, or INR 1 crore. Indian students who enrol in the MOOC and finish the six week course will be eligible for selection; with the deadline National Science Talents of 2016-17 exams will be conducted at TCS iON's state-of-the art digital to apply is 30 June 2017. After June 30, all applications felicitated .zones in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata with three examination cycles planned during the year. would be considered for the 2018 scholarship Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash TCS iON and IIMB also announced the 'Management Sheffield Hallam University invitesJavadekar felicitated National Science Talents of the Year Educators Hub', a unique initiative that will host specialized 2016-17 in New Delhi recently. The winners were awarded collaboration communities in the discipline of management applications for September 2017with mementoes and certificates by the Minister. for educators who have a shared passion for continuous Intake.4 lakh students from 1472 schools from all the 29 states and 5 innovation in learning and teaching. The 'Management union territories from class VI-XI participated in the exam. Out of this 2400 students were declared as state level winners. Through 20 camps 264 students were selected as National level winners from 2400 students. These 264 students have undergone a two-day national camp at IIT Delhi, under an academic committee of eminent scientists and selected 18 Educators Hub' will be hosted on TCS iON Digital HUB (, an online Content Market Place that aims to connect professional institutions and publishers offering rich content with other institutions and individuals who want to learn and upgrade their skills to grow. To start with, IIMB will launch and moderate seven communities on the Sheffield Hallam University UK invites applications for admission to more than 750 undergraduate and postgraduate courses for its September 2017 intake. The university is offering a £3,000 automatic discount for all the Indian students across selected 14 postgraduate courses. Deadline: We recommend applyingstudents as national science talents of the year named as 'Management Educators Hub' focusing on Marketing, Human HIMALAYANS. The Minister told the students to follow their Resources (HR), Managerial Economics and other key before 31 July 2017.passion because unless we don't follow our passion we don't disciplines of management. The 'Management Educators Hub' reach the destination we want in life. He added that talent, will help foster conversations on innovative teaching methods dedication, determination to work hard and discipline is the and collaborate on ideas addressing its challenges and L'Oréal India announceskey to the success. He also congratulated the proud parents of solutions. With an aim to seek participation from all the students and asked them to motivate their children for their management educations, the Hub will invite educators from bright future. business schools across India to be part of this unique applications for 'For Young Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA) jointly with Vigyan Prasar – an community. autonomous institution under Department of Science & Women in Science Scholarship Technology and National Council of Education and Research Training (NCERT) – Ministry of Human Resource Development has organized the National Science Talent Advertise with us Programme 2017' L'Oréal India invites women students who have completed Search for Future India Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM) across the country. For Booking write at class XII in India to apply for the 14th edition of its 'For Young Women in Science Scholarship (FYWIS) Programme'. As a part of the programme, L'Oréal India will award scholarships worth Rs. 250,000 each to 50 promising Admission Alert but economically disadvantaged young women to help them complete their graduation in any scientific field from a Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC) Delhi invites recognised college/university in India. Eligibility criteria: Young women who have passed class XII Students for its Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations Eligibility: Bachelor's degree (Graduates in any discipline). Last Date: June 24, 2017 exams from across India in the current academic year (ended March 2017), with a minimum of 85% in PCM/PCB and not over 19 years of age as on 31/05/2017, are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Deadline for submitting forms along with the relevant documents 10th July 2017.


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Curriculum June16, 2017 5 Spotlight India to be the fastest growing market for Sarvesh Mehtani is All India Topper in IIT-JEE (Advanced) 2017 project managers: Global PMI Study Sarvesh Mehtani, a student from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula (Haryana), emerged as the All India topper in the highly competitive IIT-JEE (Advanced) 2017 engineering A new Anderson Economic I n f o r m a t i o n countries assessed —and 11 G r o u p ( A E G ) a n a l y s i s S er v ices /Tech n o lo g y & percent (US$23.4 billion) of commissioned by the Project Publishing and Finance/ that amount is at risk from Management Institute (PMI) Insurance. India. “As the project strategy and bottom line.” In the 11 countries including India analyzed, from 2017- 2027, 70 percent of the 22 test, the results of which were announced on Sunday, 11th June 2017. He scored 339 marks out of 366: 120 in Maths, 104 in Physics and 115 in Chemistry. He wishes to pursue computer science in IIT Bombay. finds the project management Within India alone, more than management profession million new project manage- profession will outperform 70 lakh new project manage- continues to show consider- ment jobs will come from the total global job growth over ment jobs will be open over able growth, the global manufacturing and construc- the next decade, creating the next decade in project- shortage of project talent will tion industries and the millions of new positions in oriented industries – the present exceptional opportu- information services and India that pay highly- largest growth rate (48 nities for qualified profes- publishing sector, according competitive wages. Findings percent) of the 11 nations sionals to begin and advance to the analysis. Commenting released today in PMI's studied. Additionally, by their careers,” said PMI on the report Raj Kalady, report, Project Management 2027, India will have the President and CEO Mark A. Country Director, Project Job Growth and Talent Gap second-largest number of Langley. “Executives will Management Institute, India 2 0 1 7 - 2 0 2 7 , f o u n d t h a t project management-oriented face increased financial and said “The key to enable timely through 2027, India will jobs in the world (218 lakh), human resource risks due to completion of projects is to emerge as the fastest growing behind only China (460 lakh). this talent gap. Organizations h a v e q u a l i f i e d p r o j e c t country in the world for The project management jobs w i l l f i n d t h e m s e l v e s managers to execute the plans project management-oriented outlook continues to outshine competing for this critical and investment as they are employment. The growth in the overall labor market due to talent, so it's essential that important contributors to our project management oriented both growth and attrition. t h e y i m p l e m e n t b e s t nation's wealth, economic occupations will be on However, the potential talent practices, as finding and growth and a better standard account of expansion in key shortage puts at risk a total of retaining qualified project of living for citizens”. sectors like Manufacturing nearly US$208 billion in GDP personnel can positively a n d C o n s t r u c t i o n , from 2017–2027 for the 11 impact an organization's TISS prepares cadre of 39 master trainers on ICT in education in Assam The Tata Institute of Social Sciences issued certificates to 39 teachers. He added, this course can be added to the Diploma in government school teachers and DIET faculty in Assam for elementary education course. completing the one-of-a-kind ICT and Education course. He also said,” Prof. S Parasuraman said, “We will give full Completion rate of teachers was 93 percent. As a part of the support and will join hands with the Education Department in Integrated Approach to Technology in Education (ITE) scaling up the program.” initiative by Tata Trusts, the course provides hands on The course draws on contemporary concepts, models and experience of designing lessons integrating Information and standards in the area of teaching and learning with technology, Communication Technology (ICT) in curriculum and with the objective of making the learning authentic for pedagogy. The certificate recipients, now called 'master students by weaving it into their curriculum. It also trainers', have shown great commitment and already trained encourages teachers to continue using technology in their other 740 teachers in ITE, as part of the course assignment. practices by using virtual and blended platforms, thereby The course was of four months duration during which the enabling their continued professional development. teachers participated in F2F workshop, trained other teachers Cambridge English Young Learners Exam at district, classroom, practiced exemplary took two online tests, ITE and lesson plans in their continuously reflected packages on on chat forums, moodle and made an electronic portfolio To support the development of English language skills of the consolidating their learning. children, Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of The convocation ceremony on June 1 in Guwahati celebrated the University of Cambridge) have now launched their the certificate recipients' program completion, with six awards Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) exam packages given for outstanding performance, best trainer and mentor, and most active online participant. NGO, volunteers, who The very popular Young Learners Examinations were completed the course, were also felicitated. The courses seeks available only for schools to offer to their students and through to develop a deeper understanding of the role of technology in teaching and learning while critically evaluating value of ICT applications and programs in schools. Designed for in-service this initiative, the exam packages are now accessible for parents to avail for their children. The exam package includes official Cambridge English preparation material for YLE – Kids Box books and CDs along with the examination fee for teachers in upper primary, and secondary government school the selected YLE test. The exam packages are available teachers. through Amazon and are currently offered only in Chennai, R C Jain, Commissioner & Secretary, Government of Assam, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Secondary Education Department, said, “TISS will provide in- TKArunachalam, Regional Director – SouthAsia, Cambridge service training to teachers in Assam especially on ITE and English Language Assessment, said, “Earlier the YL exams education and extend the service on the new campus in order to were only available to select schools in India and now through become a teacher training hub for Assam Government school, this is now accessible to all the children in India.’ Schools Shine in Board results Continuing the legacy of excellence and commitment as envisioned by school management, Class XII students of the JP International School, located at omega 1, scored brilliantly in the CBSE Examination 2017. Several laurels were brought to the school by the stellar performances of many students. Akshat Kumar topped the Science stream by scoring a whopping aggregate of 94% and Mridual Sharma from the Commerce stream topped by scoring an impressive 89% aggregate. 09 students, who secured 100 marks in Fine arts needs a special mention. Heema Sharma, Principal, JP International School, commented on the outcome of the result that " Our endeavour is always to focus on strong academics and career planning of our students and the whole school is extremely happy with the performance of these kids and wish them all the very best". Likewise, VIBGYOR Group of Schools scored 100% results in ICSE exams. 105 students scored 100/100 in individual subjects which is really notable and overwhelming. Dr Bruce Robinson, Director Academics VIBGYOR Group of Schools said, “Our students have indeed put up an impressive performance with their outstanding results this year. It is sheer testimony to the fact that VIBGYOR Group of Schools continues to invest in the development of young minds, the future of our nation. We are proud of our faculty who have been instrumental in establishing a high standard of academic excellence and upholding the success rate constantly over the years.” Out of the total 110 students who appeared for CBSE X 2017 board exams from the Nath Valley School, Aurangabad 51 students have scored more than 90% in aggregate. The school saw all its 110 students passing the CBSE X 2017 board exams. Earlier in class XII CBSE declared on May 28, Murtan Tyagiof Jodhamal Public School, Jammu top scored in science stream min whole of Jammu region. Likewise commerce stream was topped byAyush Kohli of the same school.


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6 Interview Curriculum June16, 2017 Col (R) Stephen H Robinette Associate Vice President – International Programs at Missouri State University, USA MSU’s special focus on students from India with exclusive course Missouri State University has recently launched a course which is tailor-made for Indian students. Master of Science in Computer Science course is designed in a manner which will benefit Indian students to groom them in International job market. The university has also lately announced $5000“International Excellence Scholarship” for Indian students. In an email interview to Curriculum Magazine editor, Autar Nehru, Col (R) Stephen H Robinette, Associate Vice President – International Programs at Missouri State University, who retuned back from a visit to India talks about MSU at length universities, the US has been o n l i n e b y c o m p l e t i n g passion and clarity. Students job market. The university the preferred choice of “ I n t e r n a t i o n a l S t u d e n t need to connect with their has also lately announced d e s t i n a t i o n f o r I n d i a n Application”. Also, the Sub interviewer and share their $ 5 0 0 0 “ I n t e r n a t i o n a l students who have wished to Continent office, based out of passion with them with Excellence Scholarship” for study abroad for more than the National Capital Region honesty. Students should Indian students. The scholar- two centuries now. A degree gives proper and thorough express themselves in polite ship has not been restricted to from a reputed American counseling. The office respectful manner to receive a any number. All undergradu- institute, therefore, continues provides guidance support in similar behavior from the ate students who deserve it to value high all across the terms of the interview interviewers. will get it. Can you provide us a brief degree programmes, Missouri world. The presence of a preparation. What are some of the initial U n i v e r s i t y h a s a l s o summary of MSU in terms State University provides off strong Asian community, Applications are available in difficulties cultural or announced its support to of its nature, rankings, beat degree courses in huge variety of research- two break ups. First set of otherwise that students from Indian students besides the accreditation and popular subjects like Agriculture, centric science and technol- applications are available in India have to face. Is there a setting of New Immigration courses? Music, Fine Arts, Viticulture, ogy courses, large number of the beginning of the month of way they can prepare Rules proposed by the US. A n s - M i s s o u r i S t a t e Equestrian, Child and Family scholarships, fellowships, August and second set of somewhat differently while H1B visa is an issue that has University (MSU) is a public, Development Programmes part time job opportunities applications are available in still in school. made people perplexed to comprehensive university and Oenology as per industry and career guidance even after the beginning of the month of Ans-Students in their initial some extent. Can you system with a mission to needs. The three popular the completion of the course, January. days face cultural alterations, explain how does it impact develop fully educated global courses amongst Indian has given Indian and other Coming to international budget problems, home- s a y o u r s t u d e n t s a n d citizens with a focus on ethical students are: Business (BBA i n t e r n a t i o n a l s t u d e n t s , students and in particular sickness and repulsion from professionals? leadership, cultural compe- & MBA), Master of Health studying in these American India, how should an Indian entirely new education Ans- The number of H1B t e n c e , a n d c o m m u n i t y Administration and Master of engagement. MSU is the Natural andApplied Science. universities, an edge. You are a state university, so student prepare to get into MSU? culture. Students in schools should be visas issues is limited to 65,000 per year with an second largest university in MSU provides facilities to its what are its advantages. Is it Ans- Students should go taught to step out of their additional 20,000 made Missouri and is named in students like a world-class a public funded university? through the website of the comfort zone and interact with available for foreigners with America's Top Colleges list by library, a brand new recre- A n s - A s s t a t e - f u n d e d u n i v e r s i t y a n d s h o u l d people from all the age groups advanced degrees from US F o r b e s m a g a z i n e . T h e ational centre and dedicated university, Missouri State carefully read the eligibility and diversities because for the universities. Indian students Princeton University has also academic facilities. Students U n i v e r s i t y h a s a v e r y criteria to plan their study- ease to adapt into a new s t u d y i n g i n A m e r i c a n reviewed MSU as 'The Best in can choose from more than affordable tuition fee. This chart. Students must go culture, with even newer Universities will benefit from the Midwest distinction'. 300 student organizations and university offers many social t h r o u g h t h e u n i v e r s i t y curriculum, requires a good proposed bill. Majority of the Missouri State University groups based on culture, and extra-curricular opportu- prospectus and learn more community circle. American companies that offers wide-ranging courses religion, politics, socializing, nities to students. Students about the course (they are You made some India employ highly educated and has six academic colleges, sports, academic interests and can take advantage of on- planning to study), structure specific announcements students who have completed one School of Agriculture and more. c a m p u s e m p l o y m e n t of the course and modules. recently, can you briefly their Masters studies in the one Graduate college. These Studying in USA is on top of units manage the overall the wish list of every student structure of the University's everywhere, can you tell us academic programs. Students what is special about can explore more than 180 American higher education opportunities as well. Being a state university, we have distinguished scholars as professors which is an added advantage to the students. They should also have a grip on what is happening around the world viz current affairs. Making way to an interview of MSU itself is an achieve- repeat these for our readers? Ans- Missouri State University has recently launched a course which is tailor-made for Indian USA- offer a high starting salary. Indian students graduating in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and academic programmes— in general that makes it so I l l u s t r a t e f o r u s t h e ment. Essentially, through the students. Master of Science in Mathematics) category have a including doctorates, master's attractive? application process with interview the students can to Computer Science course is period of up to 3 years on OPT d e g r e e s , c e r t i f i c a t e s , A n s - W i t h A m e r i c a n timeline please. showcase who they are, how designed in a manner which where they can work on accelerated tracks and online institutions consistently Ans- Students who fit in the they have been doing, what will benefit Indian students to student visa before getting options. Besides regular topping the list of world's best eligibility criteria can apply are their future plans with groom them in International H1B work visa.


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Curriculum June 16, 2017 7 Environment Day Spacial USA exits from Paris Accord on Climate Change President Donald Trump finally announced that the US would withdraw from the 2015 Paris Agreement on June, 2017. President Trump offered the following reasons, among others, for withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement. In his view, the Paris Agreement: 'inflicts severe energy restrictions' on the United States; 'punishes' the United States 'while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world's leading polluters,' and is thus 'unfair, at the highest level' to the United States; imposes 'draconian financial and economic burdens' on the United States; 'redistributes wealth' out of the United States through the Green Climate Fund, obliging the US to pay 'billions and billions and billions of dollars'.President Trump also argued that exiting the agreement 'protects the United States from future intrusions on the United States' sovereignty and massive future legal liability.' For unversed, the Paris Agreement allows every country to choose its own 'nationally determined' contribution (NDC), and it does not legally oblige Parties to achieve these contributions. There is a good faith expectation of achievement but no legal obligation to achieve. The Paris Agreement thus does not inflict or impose any commitments on Parties - neither the US nor India and China. Each Party chose, as did the US, a nationally determined contribution that it believed best reflected its national constraints, circumstances and priorities. It is precisely because these contributions are nationally determined rather than internationally negotiated that there is a yawning gap between the sum of Parties' NDCs and the collective emissions reductions needed to place us on a pathway to 'well below 2°C'. BML Munjal University sustainability initiatives In keeping with the overall focus on energy efficiency and Go Green concept a team of students from the Automobile club WoR 15 (Wheels on run) at the BML Munjal University have designed an 'EcoKart', a low budget passenger electrical cart that runs with electrical power and has the ability to reach up to a top speed of 60 kmph. The specialty of this vehicle is that using a motor with batteries, which works more efficiently than normal go-kart vehicles that run on fuel driven engine, can drive it. This vehicle is unique in the sense that it is eco-friendly and helps in saving fuel resources. The EcoKart is a vital part of the university's larger strategy to augment hands-on and practical learning to enhance students' learning experience through solving real-world challenges that impact our daily lives. These projects are a part of BML Munjal University's initiative to test innovative technologies and ideas to develop viable solutions that can be deployed at larger scales. The idea is a part of the initiative to design, build, and implement solutions that address sustainability issues, and are energy efficient and environment friendly. Global discord remains a big challenge to SUSTAINABILITY Dr. Nitesh Dhawan, Public Servant and Author The global disasters are able to catch summits held our attention towards the over the enormity of the problem. critical The uncertainty and issues of unpredictability are the two environment significant features in platforms environmental management have which need to be addressed reflected more global discord with more seriousness and than consensus when it in right perspective. comes to sharing of responsi- There have been buzz bilities in the whole environ- around sustainable develop- mental scenario. The recent ment since past two decades example is the announcement but policies and measures of the US President Donald show only the different side Trump to pull out of the Paris of the story. According to accord which intended to the World Bank Report, bring all the global nations to India loses about 80 billion combat climate change. In dollar annually which December 2015, nearly every constitutes about 5.7 percent country in the world — 195 share of the whole GDP due in all — agreed to the first to environmental pollution, global pact aimed at reducing domestic waste, erosion of emissions of planet-warming agricultural soil, poor greenhouse gases. It was a sanitation and hygiene, landmark diplomatic deforestation and loss of achievement and the pinnacle biodiversity. And interest- of President Barack Obama's ingly, all this is the outcome environmental agenda. of aggressive development Scientific studies show that if pursuits. The paradigm of the world's carbon emissions development in our country continue unchecked, is following a path that is atmospheric temperatures profoundly based on will continue to rise. The capitalistic structure of planet won't just be hotter, economy. From a clear but it will also suffer from policy shift towards rising sea levels, more economic globalization in powerful storms, droughts the 90s, the major focus has that lead to food shortages been around increasing the and other extreme conditions. GDP growth with environ- The idea of the Paris climate mental concerns falling in accord was that every the background. The country, rich and poor, would economic priorities have set goals to curb carbon taken over the environmen- emissions in an effort to avert tal challenges which are the worst effects of climate really serious in nature. So it change. is obvious that there is According to Trump, it hurts distortion of balance the American manufacturing between ecology and prospects. On this basis, economic interests. The Trump refused to endorse the alarming effects on the Paris agreement at G-7 ecosystem have raised grave summit in Italy very similar concerns pertaining to- to Kyoto Protocol which was China accounts for 28 never ratified by US. This percent, US 16 percent and puts Paris accord in danger European Union 10 percent which could be another for carbon emissions in the Kyoto protocol signed in global scenario. US pull out 1997 as the first global pact would again put onus on on climate change but only China and India with other proved to be a major under- developing nations to take achiever later on. By doing the Paris pact forward. This this, US would be the third also brings the issue of nation alongside Syria and climate justice and equity to Nicaragua. It is very much the fore. Industrialized and clear that development economically developed agenda of any nation is nations face the biggest guided by the vested responsibility and burden economic interests more than for action to address climate any other factors. Only one change. They must support time major environmental developing nations adapt through financing and certainly we also need to technology transfer. But that redefine the development is not the case as the perspective. The society has responsible nations are changed from being reluctant to indulge in any conservative and traditional kind of formal treaty that in towards liberal, utilitarian anyway harms their and materialistic in nature. In economic agenda. Paris this context, the man- accord is a true reflection of environment relationship has this approach. India at the evolved over a period of time national level has to set its in which man is dominating environmental priorities right over the environment thereby in consonance with her creating a serious ecological strengths and challenges. imbalance. This takes us to It is only in the interest of another dimension of socio- India to address the issues behavioral and cultural and take stringent measures elements that determine the well in time. India should status of ecosystem at any decrease its dependency on point of time. In this conventional means of scenario, it therefore energy consumption and becomes significant to bring move towards non- socio-behavioral changes conventional sources like towards building a healthy solar, wind and tidal ecosystem that adds much energies. India is doing that more than ŸLoss of Biodiversity and Extinctions ŸCarbon Emission, Climate Change ŸGlobal Warming ŸEnergy Security ŸWater Conservation tangible accomplishments. In this respect, measures of ŸManagement of Natural Disasters economic ŸClimate Justice and Equity development in terms of GDP should be though it requires a more supplemented by Green streamlined effort. It needs Gross Domestic Product innovation to explore green (GGDP) to measure technologies and its development on environmen- adaptation to diverse climatic tal parameters. The industries conditions. The application that are saving or protecting and expansion of green environment in anyway technology is the need of should be promoted by hour. The research and providing certain incentives. development requires much India having an edge of more impetus on the one demographic dividend hand while conservation of should harness the potential natural resources on the of vast human resource in other. For instance, Canadian such service based industries company General Fusion is that are eco-friendly. The planning to establish its first use of bio-toilets, recycling power plant based on fusion of waste products and energy which does not emit pooling of resources should greenhouse gases and it is be promoted at the commu- safer for earth. Similarly nity level. The minimalist another start-up company of approach which was adopted Canada is working on carbon in western countries few engineering which is years back should now be planning to prepare fuel from encouraged in our country as carbon dioxide emitted from well, where people should environment. follow a lifestyle based on The other major step is minimum requirements like taking a policy shift towards it is becoming popular in green tax progressive in Japan. Overall, the present nature. It would be applica- and future environmental ble to agencies public and challenges need community private involved in excessive sensitization and intervention exploitation of natural collaborated with adequate resources. The collected and effective policy money could then be utilized initiatives from the state and for conservation of our central governments. biodiversity. And more


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8 Curriculum June 16, 2017 VIEWS (Edit/Guest Column...) OPINION: Swachh Bharat remains a capacity challenge The World Environment Day on June 5 was marked and celebrated in India much like the rest of the world with school children/youth and other groups including local government bodies and environmentalists organizing various customary awareness generation activities, dedications, plantation drives etc. India on October 2, 2014 has embarked on a cleanliness campaign popular known as Swachh Bharat with the mission of achieving street-smart cleanliness everywhere by October 2, 2019 coinciding with the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. So, Environment Day had more significance for India. However, a mid tem review would reveal that this mission is lacking in impact and therefore optimism. While there is indeed a far greater awareness about the need of having a healthy environment and environmental issues like waste management, sanitation, pollution control and climate change have become part of daily news, the connect and intensity of it becoming a national/people mission is still a dream. According to Navin Bhatia, who anchors news capsules on whistleblower news India, the problem or failure of Swachh Bharat lies in not responding to technological and systemic capacity? Quoting a study done by IIT Kanpur for ministry of urban development in 2016, he says that of the 1,43,499 MT of waste generated daily by more than 9765 urban centres in the country, only 83% is collected leaving about 25000 MT on roads and elsewhere. And only 29% of collected waste is treated or recycled, which leaves a huge volume of waste untreated in landfills, It is not that models of 100% waste collection and treatment don't exist. In fact, Prof Krishan Khanna ounder of iWatch voluntary group in a letter to Prime Minister (a copy of the letter is with this publication) has provided a snap shot of how it is done in countries like Germany and how it can be done successfully here in India. The heavily technological models of processing/ treatment plants and a must good practice of segregation of waste at source are keys to pull the whole system to its holy objective. Unless those investments and corrections are made on a priority basis, awareness generated on the cause can turn to despair and disinterest. Eco-restoration and livelihoods have to be mutually inclusive. This implies that save whatever virgin lands/ecosystems and forests we have and provide impetus to eco-friendly trade and business. Protecting environments must become part of individual life skills so that we can automate protection and nurturing of trees and conservation of natural resources. So, it is important to work on a comprehensive strategy that will involve deployment and development of world class technology and processes in waste collection and disposal; improving air quality by curbing suspended particulate material, which has been of late linked with thinning of monsoon clouds; and of course mass participation. And schools and children have been doing their bit year on year. If provided with an enabling and visible action plan, our children would become green producers and consumers in their adult life. And that way a whole generation will carry forward the values of a healthy environment. Myths vs Facts while making a career choice Murlidhar S, Founder & CEO Lodestar Career Guidance options but they are not the only stable ones. The growth of the economy has given rise to many new age careers that are not only exciting but also stable. Not all students have to end up being an engineer or a doctor. Now that your child's board exam results are Myth 2: A job that earns out, they would soon venture you good money is the best into exploring different career job options. From Stream and Fact: As parents, we would Electives to Boards and love to see our child well Colleges, now begins the settled and happy in life. t i m e o f m a k i n g However, we forget, choices that is going to happiness is not all about d e t e r m i n e t h e i r c a r e e r money. Your child could be pathway. It is also that time of driven towards something the year where you get to hear else. Maybe he/she likes to a lot of career advice for your serve the country, maybe child from every direction. he/she wants to do something You need to make sure it does for the underprivileged, not get the best of you or your maybe he/she wants to travel child. To be cautious, we have the world. Figure out what listed out certain myths drives your child and find out regarding career choices and a career that matches their facts that bust these myths. ambition. The rest will fall in place. Here are five myths associ- ated with career choices in Myth 3: Your hobby can India and their real facts: Myth 1: Engineering and never be your profession Fact: The thought that you Medical are the only stable cannot pursue a hobby as a careers full time career is out-dated. Fact: According to the All People have successfully India Council for Technical carved out careers out of their Education, every year out of hobby, passion, interest and e i g h t l a k h e n g i n e e r s aptitude. Let us say your graduating from technical child loves to draw and i n s t i t u t i o n s a c r o s s t h e sketch. There are multiple country, more than 60% stay career options that he/she can u n e m p l o y e d . T h o u g h explore based on this interest. medical students do fairly Some of them are Fashion better given the nature of the D e s i g n i n g , I n t e r i o r job, the number of seats in D e s i g n i n g , U I / U X medical colleges is so limited D e s i g n i n g , I l l u s t r a t o r, that it is extremely difficult Architect and so on. for students to get admission. Therefore, your child can So yes, engineering and build a stable career with medical are good career his/her interest, passion and aptitude as a foundation. Myth 4: Humanities are only for students with low grades Fact: Earlier, the default stream choice for students who scored well in their Class 10th Board exams was Science. Students who had opted for Humanities were thought to be as not-so good academically. However, this is changing. Today, academically inclined students are also opting for Humanities because they are interested in it and they know they can build successful careers in Humanities as well. Myth 5: Hard work is the only way to be successful in your career Fact: Though this advice is mostly true, today you need a lot more smart work than hard work and by smart work we mean, proper planning at the right time. Let us say your child has figured out his/her interest, passion and aptitude by Class 10th and based on these he/she has zeroed in on a career. With this career as a goal, he/she needs to list down the suitable stream in Class 12, the Electives, the Colleges that he/she needs to apply, the entrance exams, etc. then it can be said that career blueprint is ready. That is smart work. Remainder is putting in some hard work to bring that blueprint into action. Smart work coupled with hard work is the recipe to a successful career. YOUR COMMENTS & FEEDBACK IS WELCOME! email us! 9th edition of JUMPSTART! German Book Office New Delhi will host s JUMPSTART on August 45. The Registrations are now open. 2nd edition of IC3 Annual Conference on Aug 30-31 International Career & College Counseling (IC3) Conference announced the second edition of the Annual Conference, that will be held in New Delhi on August 30 and 31 2017. This year will be marked as a great milestone as IC3 sets to actualise their mission of transforming lives through career counseling, global engagements and partnerships. The IC3 Annual Conference aims to impact over 50,000 students by 2018 with the help of 400+ high school leaders, counselors and educators. The two day event at the national capital will be held in association with KIC UnivAssist and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The collaborative event will have Education USA, The College Board and International Baccalaureate as content partners and leading schools such as The Heritage School, Pathways World Schools, The Shri Ram School and Vasant Valley School have joined forces as host schools for the event. REACH US Circulation Dimple Nehru, Ganesh Dehradun: A K Koul; Meerut: Uzma Rizvi Patna: Manoj Kumar; Jammu: Sandeep Dhar W: Editorial/Marketing : General inquiry call us at 011-28051642/22; 9868256512 Editor: Autar Nehru Consulting Editors: Sudha Passi, M K Bhat, Ramanathan Iyer Advisory Board Members: Ashok Pandey. Prof. Raj Kachroo, Navin Bhatia Director Outreach: Farindra Pande Associates : Gurbinder Kaur, Akshay Sahu Business Development: Ashok Bhat, Vijay K Rajesh Kaul Printed, Published and Owned by: Avtar Krishen Kaul, Saraswati Colony, Smith Nagar, PO- Prem Nagar, Dehradun (Uttrakhand)-248001 and Printed at Microsoft Technoprint India Private Limited, 37 Old Cannaught Place, Dehradun (UttraKhand) and Published at Saraswati Colony, Smith Nagar, PO- Prem Nagar, Dehradun (Uttrakhand)-248001, Editor: Avtar Nehru RNI No. UTTENG/2010/37634


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Curriculum June 16, 2017 9 News Feature New Tax Regime from July 2017 from P1 3 Years of Modi Govt Deciphering GST maze will need more time Fail in Education On its part the ministry of HRD came out with a 36-page report From July this year to say the least. Which India moves towards a government works on 4 slab goods and increasing the cost of services taxation policy education? Which under a new tax regime government taxes students called 'GST (Goods & pursuing higher education?” Service Tax). Education as a he questions. priority sector is naturally in According to Pulkit Jain| government must also exempt School Transport and Meals from the burden of GST so as to encourage the Education Sector. Sports goods used in Educational Institutions must also be given this card, “sabko shiksha, acche shiksha (Good Education for all) shoatnodf athberiienfasutagteumraelnpt lweansairsysuaetdMbaytltahbe uEnxiopnoHinRDPumnien,ister, (InsPerta)kJasimh JTauvnagdekar in which he assured transparency and accountability of the system while acknowledging that quality of education at levels is a challenge.” We are addressing the quality of school education and after nine years of RTE Act, we have come out with definite bench marks of the lowest slab. However, if expert opinion is to be believed, at least higher education is out of favour in this and its various components will be taxed as per standard rates. While writing in a national daily, Mahesh Peri, founder & chairman, CAREERS 360 who is a qualified financial expert wrote that every student pursuing legal, 'education tax-cut. Education services' are outlined in the without sport is incomplete same Schedule IV which and we must give some implies services by means of exemption to all types of –(I) Pre-school education sports so as to improve our and education up to higher international performance.” school level or equivalent;(ii) says Ranjit K Dass, M.Sc Education as a neighborhood (Oxon.) Principal ,Nath of a program for getting a Valley School, Aurangabad. qualification recognized by In opinion of Beas Dev any law for the present in Ralhan,CEO & Co- force; or (iii) Education as a founder,Next Education neighborhood of Associate in India Pvt. Ltd, teaching aids, digital content, etc. would be helpful in introducing innovative educational products at an affordable cost in the future. To ensure that every student has access to quality education, we have to assure that products and supporting aids are available to them at reasonable prices, " he adds Almost all developed and developing countries realized competency to be acquired by the student as we notified learning outcomes, brought back board exams. We are also reforming the teacher education completely and making education child centric while treating teacher as a change agent,” the minister stated. He also stated that private sector has a role and government is brain storming with various people to see how PPP can be encouraged in education. On higher education, Javadekar said that the focus was on research and innovations and we are committed to equip our institutions to be part of global experiments and research work while making a mention about IMPRINT, Hackathon and 20 world class universities initiatives. The minister also made a UG/PG/research would be Nursing approved vocational implementation of GST and this – the more highly point of helping start up from hostel rooms and incubation paying a 18 per cent GST on training course. Hence, the the following services exemption is also restricted availed: Transportation to the to activities or transactions college, Hostel and mess done by Central charges, Food at the college Government, regime or any canteen, Application fees, government agency. Testing and assessment While the real impact on charges; Housekeeping education will be known in charges at the campus; coming months school Security at the hostel. “The segment has reacted reduction of rate of school educated their population is, centres. supplies like bags, notebooks the greater will be the speed Achievements like notifying Learning Outcomes to etc. by the council is of growth. However, India's benchmark competency to be achieved by students in each undoubtedly a welcome step investment in education, both standard, 66 lakh digital text books, setting up of National for the education industry. public and private, has been Testing Agency for competitive entrance exams, having more More so, the council has also lagging behind. This tax than 15,000 NCTE approved colleges providing 25,000 been quite lenient towards the sector and will push for maximum literacy by exempting traditional exemption therefore, will go a long way in setting right this anomaly courses for teachers, expansion of KVs (109 new) and JNVs (62 new) and a bill on doing away with no detention clause in RTE Act are some of the highlights in school education in the step-motherly treatment is well considered and positively. “I hope Private Schools do their part and courses from the tax. “However, institutes offering report. Model curriculum to be changed every year by AICTE, deliberate. It is not an pass on this benefit to non–conventional courses, workshops for innovation in pedagogy, teaching, learning and oversight. For a country with students by not increasing certificate and training improvement of quality in technical education , seven new Right to Education (RTE), fees at the rate at which it programs and, education IIMs, six new IITs, New IIM Bill granting graded autonomy, working on reaping its has been done in the past. In service providers will still roll out of phase III of TEQIP to improve quality of technical demographic dividend, making its youth skilled and employable, aspiring to be the global source of trained manpower, this is shocking line with this textbooks and notebooks manufacturers must also give relief to parents by cutting prices of these books. State have to face the heat by paying a tax of 18% or more under GST. An exemption or reduction of rates on things such as educational models, Ranjit K Dass education with Rs. 2,600 crore, six new research parks, 16 Tech business incubators and 15 Start-up centres, Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA) for raising Rs. 20,000 Crores to finance creation and upgradation of research and other infrastructure, MOOCs platform SWAYAM and all 36 MEASURES THAT MATTER Atal Pension Yojana WHAT IT OFFERS: Pension between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 a month. WHAT IT COSTS: For a monthly pension of Rs 1,000, a 40-year-old subscriber will have to invest Rs 291 per month for 20 years, while an 18-year-old will have to invest Rs 42/month for 40 years. WHO IS ELIGIBLE: All individuals between 18 and 40, who will have to contribute till they turn 60. WHO SHOULD OPT FOR IT: This is an investment you need to make on behalf of your domestic staff who may not have anyone to look after them once they stop working Special Coverage Package You can publish with us your profiles, events, reports, press releases and pictorial essays as Advertorials at a very nominal cost. And avail reprints in desired numbers for your private circulation. the Curriculum!! One of India’s Best Education News Magazines... a national publication Write us at central universities to be wi fi enabled by this July are some key highlights from higher education in the report. It also mentions that the process of reforming two regulators of higher education - UGC & AICTE- is in progress and there will be more autonomous colleges The government may be contended that it is doing a wonderful job but a stark reality is that it disconnected with the field. It has clearly failed so far to project education as a national mission and fundamental development plank for 125 billion India. QS World University Rankings 2018 While IIT Delhi has moved up from last year's 185th rank to 172nd this time, the IISc has climbed up 38 places from 190th last year to occupy the 152nd spot. It is the first time in over a decade that three of the country's universities have made it to the top 200. While IIT Bombay rose in ranks, the University of Mumbai and the University of Pune ranks seem to have dropped. Last year, both universities had been placed in the 700 and upwards rank bracket. This year, both have been listed in the 800-1,000 rank bracket.


p. 10

10 Curriculum June 16, 2017 India Skills/Entrepreunership Drivers Training Institute at village Dhaula (Haryana) under More than 1.17 crore people skilled claims MSDE ministry SMARTGRAM Initiative The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee laid the foundation stone of a Drivers Training Institute under the SMARTGRAM Initiative at village Dhaula, Gurugram (Haryana) on June 2. Three new Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras (PMKKs) at Mahendragarh, Ambala and Palwal were also inaugurated. The President said that he believes that our country will develop only when our villages develop. Even today, 68 percent of our population lives in villages. If we want that our villages should prosper, we would have to improve the structure of our economy. The President said that when the SMARTGRAM Initiative was started on 2nd July 2016, he was sure that the work which has been done to make President's Estate a Smart Township can be replicated in villages as well. With the help of Haryana Government, Rashtrapati Bhavan selected five villages and many initiatives were taken for their development. Keeping in view the success achieved in the five villages, the program has now been extended to 100 villages. Success in SMARTGRAM initiative is possible only when the Government, private sector, academic institutions, NGOs and people in the villages come together for the development of villages. 'Skill for Life, Save a Life' initiative Union ministry of health & family welfare has recently launched the 'Skill for Life, Save a Life' initiative with the aim to upscale the quantity and quality of trained professionals in the healthcare system. Under this initiative various courses are planned to be initiated targeting specific competencies for healthcare professionals as well as for general public. Union health minister J P Nadda has said that the curriculum has been designed by National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW) and AIIMS, Delhi. The Health Minister highlighted that in India 1,324 accidents occur on roads every day and a life is lost every 4 minutes and measures taken in the first 10 minutes can save a life. It was thus announced that the Ministry is initiating its' 'Skill a Life, Save a Life' program by launching First Responder course for professionals as well as general public, to be conducted in Central and State government training institutes from the next month across the country in each district, to empower every single citizen of the country to be the first person to provide first aid and initial care in case of an emergency. Highlighting the importance of the initiative, C K Mishra, Secretary (HFW) stated that India is working towards the attainment of the global mandate of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for providing affordable, accountable and appropriate health care of assured quality to the fellow citizens, which is possible through substantive and strategic investment in the health workforce. “This is part of a larger plan and program for ensuring Universal Health Coverage. This program will provide trained and skilled people by broadening the base to include the community. Through such programs, we create a mass of 'first responder' who complements the specialists/experts to fill vacuum of adequate trained professionals,” Shri Mishra added. On marking the completion s t a n d a r d s o f s k i l l of three years of the current qualification.” government, union skills K P Krishnan, Secretary, minister, Rajiv Pratap Rudy MSDE said, “Vocational on June 6 claimed that MSDE Education is one of the point has trained more than 1.17 a m o n g s t t h e 5 2 i t e m s crore aspirants in various mentioned in the Concurrent s k i l l s t h r o u g h M S D E list under 7th schedule of the schemes and programs since Constitution of India which the inception of Skill India. means that the States have to This is apart from the primarily drive this mandate numbers contributed through within the State, along with skill development schemes Centre's support. The Centre's and initiatives under other support comes in the form of Central Ministries. funding, alignment with The minister said, “Skill India is a silent revolution that is underway and is a joint investment that the government along with the private partners, is making for the future growth of the national standards etc. We KEY ACHIEVEMENTS have aligned short term trainings with the State Skill LISTED BY MSDE Development Missions; and Ÿ26.5 lakhs candidates trained World Bank schemes like under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal SANKALP are also being Vikas Yojana implemented at the State ŸPrior learning of more than country. It is a path that needs level. Our efforts will cover 4.82 lakh people (13000 to be tread very carefully the last mile very soon.” Rubber Tappers, More than since it involves the future of The officials also stated that 250 Railway Porters and 1500 our youth. What we sow it is trying to move away from Employees of Rashtrapati today is what we will reap tomorrow. We have hence taken the first two years, to set our base right and align the skill ecosystem to national the supply driven skill Bhawan) development scenario to Ÿ480 Pradhan Mantri Kaushal demand driven one, so that we Kendras announced, would be do not have skilled youth who model centres for skilling in are unemployed in India each district,162 are already been established. “A handful of organizations claiming to be PMKVY Ÿ1381 new ITIs have been agencies promising jobs to unemployed youth were opened with more than 5 lakh taking money and duping the public in the name of MSDE. Such advertisements were found more in vernacular dailies. We condemn such practices and have filed FIRs against them. Please check for the right affiliated centres before joining.” Minister Rudy. seats and the entire ecosystem of ITIs have been reinvigorated and reenergised ŸMore than 1 crore people have been trained under NSDC's short term skilling ecosystem since its inception ŸTo cater to the increasing demand for drivers, MSDE also and wellness launched Driver Training The proposed centers have been selected keeping in view the institutes across the nation. regional conduciveness of the skills, ease of imparting training in the particular area and availability of particular infrastructure with the CISF and most importantly the demand for such skills and subsequently the products. Around 500 personnel will be imparted training in first phase There is a target to open 50 of them by end of 2017. ŸSpecial schemes like Udaan in J&K and others in North East of the training programme. Thereafter, key trained personnel have brought avenues of will be detailed to impart such training to others from time to growth and opportunities to time. In this line, CISF will contribute to achieve the goal of youth in these focused regions 'Skilled India'. Ÿ4 new ATIs have been upgraded into India institute of skills modelled after ITE TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy Singapore ŸMSDE focuses on bringing heavy quality focus in skills through adhaar alignment, strengthened monitoring and better curriculum. It is also supported by world bank schemes like strive and SANKALP Ÿ MSDE has established convergence through common norms, National skills qualification framework and ISO certification of ITIs ŸSkill India also promotes Inclusion and diversity across all programs specially for disability ŸIndia has partnered with 11 countries in the skills agenda promoting global mobility ŸSkill support all national missions and partners with 18 out of 20 ministries today MSDE also has support from states on infrastructure and skill education in schools/universities MSDE has successfully created Industry linkages through apprenticeship, CSR, partnerships in infrastructure and hiring. More than 6 lakh apprentices have been engaged under NAPS MSDE with MHRD has partnered to create bridge courses For academic equivalence of ITI students NSDC to skill CISF retired personnel, wards Under a MoU signed between CISF and National Skill Development Cooperation (NSDC), the later will help develop skills amongst the retiring/retired personnel of CISF, their families, students and Low Medical Category personnel. Initially, skill development centers will be set up focusing on Food preservation, Handicrafts and apparels, Industry related skills like mobile repairing etc. Jewellery making and Beauty in New DelhI The Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy is set to provide budding hairdressers and aestheticians a unique experience Toni&Guy opened its first ever academy in India with opening that includes exclusive and professional education. The of Toni&Guy Hairdressing New Delhi on May 25. Toni&Guy Academy will set a new benchmark for the industry and is a multi-award winning hairdressing brand with over 50 further re-enforce Toni&Guy salons market and leadership in years of experience in superior client service, hair-care India as it is on the global map. The Hairdressing Academy expertise and education. Combining British precision with will also serve as a means to educate and train the internal team Italian flair, the brand has catered to the selective clients, who in the first year before opening to the public. TheAcademy will have a penchant for value ridden, and world-renowned benefit not only by curriculum, which will provide them education and service. Toni&Guy has opened 36 salons across knowledge on the latest global trends and practices, but also North India in a short span of 4 years. from expert instructors and access to the best facilities.


p. 11

Curriculum June 16, 2017 11 India Skills/Entrepreunership India's online education (RSDC) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) Azure services, as well as the power of LinkedIn, to provide an with National Backward Classes Finance & Development integrated mobile-first platform for skilling, and employment. industry will be $1.96 billion Corporation (NBCFDC). Under the terms of MoA, RSDC will The pilot is intended to skill candidates in the areas of ICTEC implement Skill Development Training Programme (project) (Information, Communication Technology, Electronics & by 2021 Capturing the growing influence of the Internet on the education industry in India, Google and KPMG on May 30 released a joint report titled; 'Online Education in India: 2021. The report based on a primary qualitative and quantitative research that covered over 3,600 respondents across 27 geographies including metro and non-metros to understand the growth of consumer paid online education market in India by 2021 reveals that the online education industry will grow at a healthy rate of 8x, to become a $1.96 billion industry by 2021. The report is based on a comprehensive market research conducted by KPMG, along with a primary research and combined with insights from Google search. The report finds that the paid user base will grow 6X from 1.6 million users in 2016 to 9.6 million users in rubber & tyre sector as sponsored by NBCFDC, from time to time. “The MoA has been entered into considering the immense potential for training youth, belonging to the backward sections with employable skills, for the rubber sector. Rubber and tyre represent a rising sector in India with healthy growth rates both in domestic market and exports”, said Meghna Mishra, CEO, RSDC. starts operations in Delhi/NCR – a unique app & web based start-up in the unorganized sector of blue collar job has initiated its operations in Delhi/NCR region. Lead by Arpit Prakash Mathur, this startup aims to solve the industry-based problems with skilled labor in India. The startup is going to provide location specified jobs to people who are not logged into Cyber as related to Telecom) and connect them with jobs. With this pilot, Microsoft India will provide TSCC a platform to onboard identified skilling partners, content creators, training candidates and potential employers. Using the platform, the sector council can create courses compliant with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). These courses can then be further extended by their partners and trainers with their own training material. The platform will also provide Advanced Analytics and Insights for monitoring and iteratively improving program success. The Indian telecom sector is among the largest employment generating sectors in the country, which emphasizes the need for skilled manpower. Project Sangam enables blended online and offline, teaching and learning. It can strengthen the skilling eco-system in India and has the potential to benefit millions in the country. EDII ties up with YES BANK to lend in 2021. The report revealed that over the last two years, there has to start-upsfamous work portals, mostly accessible to educated masses of the country. Job seekers like factory workforce, ITI, guards, been a 2x growth in online searches for education and a 3X electricians, plumbers, house maids etc will be the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) has growth in searches from a mobile device. Also, 44% of education searches are now coming from beyond the top 6 metros and there has been a 4X growth in education content consumption on YouTube in the last one year. Highlighting the segment wise growth in the online education space, the report highlights that reskilling and online certification is currently the largest. In 2016, it was valued at USD 93 million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38% to reach 463 million by 2021. As per the report, the primary and secondary education category has the largest addressable audience with a student base of around 260 million when compared to the other categories. Owing to this, the primary and secondary supplementary education segment was the second largest category in 2016, and will grow at a CAGR of 60% to reach $773 million, making it the largest category in 2021. The test preparation which is a small segment as of today is likely to grow at an impressive CAGR of 64 per cent to become a USD 515 million category in 2021. Speaking about the key findings of the report, Nitin beneficiaries of their services. tied up with YES BANK, India's 4th largest Private sector The exclusive venture, works on the GPS based systems, bank, to lend to start-ups supported by EDII. In the first such which displays both employee and employer requirements on initiative, YES BANK is going to provide a loan of Rs 50 lakh their mobile apps. A job seeker looking for jobs within certain to EDII supported start-up, Green Ideology under the boundaries can see the number of jobs within that area, along CGTMSE program (Credit Guaratee Fund Trust for Micro with specific requirement and remuneration. Similarly, an and Small Enterprises). Founded by Abhishek Lodha and employer can see the type of workforce around him and can Neerja Lakhani in 2013, Green Ideology has introduced hire people according to his need. This works very well for India's first premium organic antimicrobial lingerie brand small industries, which require daily labour, on the basis of 'Inner Sense'. Speaking about this initiative, Dr. Sunil Shukla, work load. Director, EDII said, “Since many years, EDII has been Microsoft India & TSSC move on mentoring and supporting start-ups, especially those founded Project Sangam by alumni of our Institute. But, our ability to lend to these start-ups was miniscule as we are an educational institute. Microsoft India on May 22 signed a Memorandum of Now, in association with YES BANK, EDII is in a position to Understanding (MoU) with the Telecom Sector Skill Council provide debt to many of the start-ups whom we support in (TSSC) to jointly explore how Project Sangam will help various ways. Additionally, EDII's recently set up technology enhance skills of executives in the telecom sector and create a business incubator, Centre for Advancing & Launching more viable skilling ecosystem. Announced by Microsoft Enterprises (CrAdLE), will also nurture start-ups in the fields CEO Satya Nadella earlier this year at Future Decoded, of manufacturing, food/agri business, renewable energy and Project Sangam is a cloud hosted platform that leverages healthcare.” Bawankule, Industry Director, Google India said, “The online education segment is set to become a multi-billion dollar opportunity in India. There are many factors driving this growth including the perceived convenience, increased reach and personalisation offered by online channels. It is also interesting to note, that high growth in education search queries is now coming in from Tier 2 and 3 cities such as Patna, Guwahati, Aligarh and Kota - which points to the opportunities that growing penetration of smartphones and improving quality of internet have opened up.” Talking about the future of the online education industry in India, Sreedhar Prasad, Partner, KPMG India said, “There MOST AUTHENTIC MEMORABLE CELEBRATED are several evolving trends in the Indian online education segment that are contributing to the growth opportunities ahead. These include emergence of hybrid learning channels, continuous need for working professionals to learn new skills as well as emergence of technologies such as big EDUCATION & SKILL AWARDS data and artificial intelligence that is enabling online education vendors to design customized content. At the same time, it will be critical for players to deliver differentiated offerings for consumers to see continued value in online education channels... the inaugural edition of curriculum magazine EXCELLENCE AWARDS Backward classes to be equipped with skilling in rubber With a view to bolster the drive to bring backward classes in the skilling ecosystem, Rubber Skill Development Council We are looking for channel partners & sponsors Contact: Ashok Bhat at


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12 Curriculum June 16, 2017 Campus Buzz IIIT-Hyderabad launches AAAI India its 15th annual convocation ceremony graced by Prakash class of 2017-18 of its Post Graduate Programme in Chapter Javadekar, Union HRD Minister, Dr. K.K Paul, Governor, Management (PGPM) with 120 students in a commencement Uttarakhand; Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister, ceremony held at USI Auditorium, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. IIIT-HYDERABAD on June 3 launched AAAI (Association Uttarakhand and Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, Minister of State, The ceremony was addressed by Chief Guest Sharat Dhall, for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) India Chapter, Higher Education, Uttarakhand. President, Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd in the presence of Mr. Mohan which will be a nonprofit scientific society devoted to Congratulating the graduating students Javadekar said, Lakhamraju, Founder, Great Lakes Institute of Management, advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms “Government of India is reforming higher education in a big Gurgaon and Vice Chairman, Great lakes Institute of underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their way. We are creating a Higher Education Finance Agency that Management, Dr. Himadri Das, Director, Great Lakes embodiment in machines. AAAI aims to promote research in, will provide INR 20,000 crore to educational institutes in Institute of Management, Gurgaon, Dr. Umashankar and responsible use of, artificial intelligence, increasing public India for research infrastructure in next three years. Our online Venkatesh, Program Director, PGPM and Professor understanding of artificial intelligence, improve the teaching education initiative 'Swayam' will offer 2000 courses for any (Marketing), Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon and training of AI practitioners, and provide guidance for time anywhere learning.” Adding that Prime Minister along with board of directors, staff and students from the new research planners and funders concerning the importance and Narendra Modi's vision is to create India as 3rd largest super batch. potential of currentAI developments and future directions. power in Science & Technology by 2030, he told graduating Congratulating the new batch, Dhall said “As you are about to The Indian Chapterof AAAI will be organising various meets, students,”You are the young force who can make it possible.” start a new journey in life, here, I would like to share with you workshops, symposia and seminars on AI for industry, Utpal Ghosh, CEO & President, UPES congratulated award all that the ability to communicate is one of the most important academia and startups through the year. This is in keeping with winners and new graduates and urged them to be life-long skills in life, as when you will go out looking for a job you will AAAI's objective of increasing knowledge and interest in AI learners. He informed that two UPES Aerospace Engineering be gauged on the basis of your ability to communicate ideas. across India. The IndiaChapter office bearers include Prof. students have been selected for The Poland Mars Analogue Secondly, self-belief and confidence are a must have traits of a Kamalakar Karlapalem of IIIT-Hyderabad; C Anantaram, Simulation 2017 as part of a collaboration between European successful manager.” Principal Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services and Prof Space Agency, Mars Society (USA), United Nations Space KIIT and CV Raman College ofVineeth Balasubramanian from IIT-Hyderabad. Generation Advisory Council and European Space EngineeringTo mark the occasion at IIIT Hyderabad, Subbarao Foundation. For 2 weeks, they will live and work in a Odisha to set up Kambhampati, professor of Computer Science at Arizona simulated Mars environment and they will collect valuable industryState University, and current President of the Association for data related to Mars habitat which will be shared with space incubation centre in the Advancement of AI (AAAI) delivered a special lecture. He agencies across the world. spoke on The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Challenges IMSof Human-Aware AI Systems, and delved on the recent Noida celebrated its 20th partnership with Schneider Electric Schneider Electric India has signed an MoU with Kalinga progress and heightened expectations of AI in a broader Institute of Technology (KIIT) and CV Raman college of foundation day with “IMS UTSAV”perspective. He identified important open problems, including the need for human-awareAI systems. P.J. Narayanan, Director, IIIT-Hyderabad said, “An Indian Chapter of AAAI is very timely, considering how computers influence almost every aspect of our lives, right from banking, to healthcare to entertainment. The underlying technology will Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida, one of the leading management institutes of India commemorated its completion of 20 years by holding “IMS Utsav”, a festival of excellence and themed on versatility of skill, creativity and innovation. The main aim of the event was to galvanize engineering in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, to develop skilled manpower for the highly-technical electricity, automation and energy management market. Influx of digital technologies due to growth in cloud-based services has brought about a radical shift in the skill requirements for electricity, automation and energy management market. Going by this trend, nearly half have a very high positive impact, and we're proud to be a part of the workforce in the IT sector is expected to be redundant of it.” over the next 3-4 years and would need to be retrained and re- 1st UG batch convocation skilled, according to a report from Mckinsey & Company. One ceremony held at Ashoka Univ of the solutions highlighted by Mckinsey to turn this around is to invest in building new capabilities and re-skilling Sonipat-based liberal arts education providing Ashoka employees with emerging technologies. University hosted the convocation ceremony for its founding Both KIIT and C V Raman college of Engineering have undergraduate batch on May 22. The first cohort of 118 already set up an Industry Incubation Centre under guidance students received certificates from Nobel Laureate from Schneider Electric to impart industrial training to Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, in the presence of the engineering students that will help create a large reservoir of University's top officials. Dr. Rudrangshu Mukherjee VC highly qualified manpower in all fields related to electricity, said, “This convocation of the first undergraduate batch is a automation and energy management. Extending this significant milestone in the fulfilment of a dream built on collaboration further, Schneider has now signed an MoU with philanthropy and dedicated to a wide ranging liberal these institutes to understand and prepare joint operations so education. From 924 students in residence currently, which as to meet milestones in establishing industry academic includes undergraduate and YIF scholars, we are looking to increase the number to 1400 in the coming academic year. This is a commendable achievement for a university that started its journey three years ago.” Emphasizing on the importance of a broad-based liberal arts education that integrates science and technology with humanities, Nobel Prize Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan said, “In the future, a narrow focus on technical subjects is not necessarily going to be useful. Entire industries can disappear as a result of technological change. Left to itself, science and technology may worsen inequalities both within societies and between countries. Hence, the benefit of a broad liberal arts education is to help create a society that ensures progress is equitably distributed. I hope that Ashoka University provides this sort of scope for a broad-based education to the individuals student and teacher communities and make them aware of emerging opportunities and start-up ecosystem. Dr. KJS Anand, Executive Director, IMS Noida said, “In the last 20 years, the institution has put constant effort to achieve excellence in the field of education. Along with making the students of this institution progressive and talented, we attempt to equip them with versatile skill.” The activity packed program supported by institute's in-house radio station, dazzling performances and the annual awards ceremony made the day very special. was graced by chief guest of the evening, Dr. K.J.S Anand, Commodore Vijay Chaturvedi, Dipti Pant (Executive Director, IMS DIA), Zafar Iqbal (Ex- Captain Indian Hockey Team, Padmashree, Arjuna Awardee), Farhaan Sabeer (Winner of The Voice Season II) and Gustavo Makanaky (First Secretary Of Colombian Embassy In India) were present. relations. As part of the MoU, both the Institutes and Schneider Electric will encourage interactions between the Engineers, Research fellows, faculty members and students of both the organizations. SCCN launched at MIT Pune SmartSense Enterprise Analytics Package was recently launched at MIT Pune, by Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar. SmartSense will provide MIT with intelligence to optimize energy costs and asset uptime, saving up to 15% of energy and asset maintenance spends. This first of its kind comprehensive package uses predictive insights and Internet of Things (IOT) infrastructure, with Big Data Analytics, for real time monitoring of energy consumption patterns. ` The SCCN Project will serve as a model for Smart Cities and is a part of the Digital India Campaign of the Government of India. It will also offer the students an opportunity to learn Javadekar at UPES 15th Great Lakes Gurgaon Commences Its 6th about Energy Analytics by using their own campus data and help them develop their knowledge and skills in the field of Convocation Batch of PGPM IOT and emerging technology applications for Smart Cities. Dehradun-based University of Petroleum and Energy Studies New Delhi, 18th May, 2017: Great Lakes Institute of Harit Soni, Founder and Director, Ecolibrium Energy at the (UPES) on June 12 conferred degrees to 2645 students during Management, Gurgaon commenced the academic year for the launch commented, "Today buildings and college campuses consume huge amounts of energy, and there is an urgent need


p. 13

Curriculum June 16, 2017 13 Child Labor Day Special A statistical analysis of Child Marriages in India WORLD AGAINST CHILD LABOR based on Census 2011 by Young Lives unveiled India has to miles to go Stuti Kacker, Chairperson, NCPCR, said “We have pledged in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that “there will be no child left behind”. The report based on Census 2011 data has highlighted that both boys and girls are still getting married in large numbers with a total of 12 million child marriages below the legal age. Out of these, about 7 million were boys and 5 million were girls below their respective legal ages. The ON June 1, Supreme in Telangana), Arunachal Dinajpur in West Bengal are statistical analysis will help the Court judge JusticeA. Pradesh 3 districts, Assam 2 d i s t r i c t s w h e r e d e s p i t e States in adopting suitable K. Sikri ,released a districts and Haryana 1 d e c r e a s e i n p o p u l a t i o n strategies for preventing child report titled “A Statistical district). between Census 2001 to 2011, marriages at the district level.” Analysis of Child Marriage in These 70 districts together incidence of child marriage Rakesh Srivastava, Secretary, India – based on Census 2011 have 14% of India's population among boys increased. On the Ministry of Women & Child b y Y o u n g L i v e s , i n below the legal age but other hand, Jamui in Bihar, Development, Government of collaboration with National contribute to 21% of incidence D e o g h a r i n J h a r k h a n d , India said,” Our ministry is Commission for Protection of of child marriage in the Bagalkot in Karnataka, very serious in taking concrete Child Rights (NCPCR). country. Comparing incidence Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh, steps to prevent and reduce Taking state averages into of child marriage based on Bundi in Rajasthan and child marriage and National consideration, Rajasthan, Census 2001 and 2011, the Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh Plan of Action for Children undivided Andhra Pradesh, report also highlights that there registered an increase in (NPAC), 2016 has a goal to Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West are both increasing and population but a decrease in reduce prevalence of child Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttar d e c r e a s i n g t r e n d s i n child marriage for boys marriage to 15% by 2021.” Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, population as well as in the between 2001 and 2011. Dr. Renu Singh, Country Dadra and Nagar Haveli, have incidence of child marriage Justice Sikri stated “child Director for Young Lives India, the highest incidence of child across these 70 identified marriage is a socio legal issue said “this report is important marriage both amongst boys districts. a n d l e g i s l a t i o n a n d because we have calculated the a n d g i r l s . B y f u r t h e r 16 urban and rural districts of implementation of the law is “incidence” rather than desegregating the data for age Maharashtra feature in the list very critical in reducing child “prevalence” of child marriage group 10-14 and 15 <18 for of districts that have shown an marriage. It is very useful that since the former reflects the girls and 10-14 and 15 < 21 for increase in the incidence of the report has identified 70 current scenario related to boys by location, 70 high child marriage for both boys districts with the highest child marriage in the country as incidence districts across 13 and girls between 2001 and incidence of child marriage. I reported by the latest Census. States have emerged with the 2 0 1 1 . B h a n d a r a i n hope that the 13 identified Despite the decline in child h i g h e s t c h i l d m a r r i a g e Maharashtra registered a five- States will take concrete steps marriage particularly in the age incidence viz; (Rajasthan 13 fold increase in child marriage t o s t r e n g t h e n t h e group 10-14, there are 1.1 districts, Maharashtra 16 amongst girls and more than i m p l e m e n t a t i o n o f t h e million boys and 1.8 million districts, Gujarat 6 districts, 20-fold increase amongst boys Prohibition of the Child girls who were reported Bihar 6 districts, Madhya between 2001 and 2011. The Marriage Act (PCMA) 2006. married in this age group. The Pradesh 9 districts, Uttar increase in incidence of The role of Child Marriage economic impact and cost of Pradesh 9 districts, West marriage for boys needs urgent Prohibition Officers (CMPO's) child marriage are likely to be Bengal 3 districts, Jharkhand 3 attention. is extremely important and we very high for children who districts, Karnataka 2 districts, Anand in Gujarat, Davangere should appoint CMPOs in marry early, their families and undividedAP 2 districts (now in Karnataka and Dakshin every district.” community at large.” Let YOU be the spotlight... FOR VIDEO/AUDIO RECORDING REQUIREMENTS We can undertake, compiling, editing, designing of school brochures, Annual Reports, souvenirs etc at Kindly email your interest/query to us at: 8.7 lakh children aged 5 and 6 years are engaged in labour in India, around 60% of whom do not attend school At an age when it is critical to provide a solid foundation for any child , over 8 lakh children of 5 and 6 years are engaged in child labour in India. A large percentage, over 5 lakh of these children do not attend school. Majority of these young children are engaged in family based employments. When they should ideally be preparing themselves for their educational journey at pre-school or starting their schooling enrolled in primary education, they take up economic responsibilities stripping them of their right to develop, learn and play. The state data reflects the national figures, with Uttar Pradesh having the highest number of children in 5-6 age group engaged in labour (2,50,672). It is followed by Bihar with 1,28,087 children working in the said age group and Maharashtra where the number stands at 82,847. Komal Ganotra, Director, Policy, Research and Advocacy, CRY, elaborating on these startling numbers says, “Early childhood is a critical period for children's development as it lays the foundation of cognitive, physical, socio-emotional development, as well as lifelong approaches to learning. When children as young as five take up economic roles, it deprives them of a continuum of learning and development, their potential curbed at the initial step of their journey. It is essential to focus on this age group to ensure they have access to learning opportunities through Anganwadi Centres or pre-schools so not to hinder this continuum and integrate them seamlessly into schooling.” The Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), introduced with the intent of providing a strong base to these children is marred by limited reach as it covers only about 50 per cent of this population of children. At present, out of sanctioned 13,74,935 Anganwadi Centres 32,789 are yet to be operational. With lack of access to these provisions, many children in this age group accompany their parents to their workplace or end up living with minimal care. Huge numbers of cases prevail where these children are forced to migrate with their parents and help in occupations such as working in brick kilns. High level of poverty and unemployment coupled with a lack of adequate social security net compel parents to allow their children to work, compromising their learning. It is ironic that the recent amendment in the child labour act with intent to ban engagement in any kind of labour for children under 14, allows children to work in family occupations; thus defeats the purpose of preventing these children to be exploited as labour. “Even if they are enrolled in school, the burden of school along with work forces them to drop out”, adds Komal Ganotra. While the decade 2001-2011 saw an overall 30% reduction (about 3.2 million) in working children in the agegroup of 10-14 years, number of working children within 59 years increased by 0.68 million, an increase of 37% from 2001. Foundational years for children should be invested in so children are provided with safe, conducive environment where their abilities and capacities flourish lest they end up in labour. It becomes imperative that the Child Labour legislation bans engagement in labour for children under 14 in entirety, without the exception of children working in family based employments. We have witnessed how the implementation of RTE has significantly improved enrolment in the 6-14 age group. Bringing children in the age group of 3-6 years under the purview of the Right to Education Act will ensure continuum of learning and establish strong linkage to primary education. Apart from this, the ICDS, in its present set up needs to be strengthened to ensure universal access to care and preschool education for all children under the age of 6 years.


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14 Curriculum June 16, 2017 Awards/Notices Eight educators form India go to Education Exchange (E2) Microsoft honors 238 Educators from India Microsoft recently announced its 2016-2017 class of Education Innovators featuring 238 Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Experts across India. The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) program recognizes global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. Chosen through a rigorous process of selection, Microsoft Expert Educator Program continues to witness growing participation from India, as well as world over. Currently there are more than 7600 educators from 83 countries who are part of Microsoft's global community of MIE Experts. Eight Indian educators were further selected to attend Microsoft's annual event Education Exchange (E2) in Toronto, Canada. The event recognizes and celebrates the achievements of educators who combine content, pedagogy, and technology to advance learning, achieve student outcomes, and transform education. This year 240 of the most innovative educators from 83 countries came together for the E2 Education Exchange to spark new ideas and celebrate outstanding teaching practices. Attendees were also shown some of Microsoft's latest technologies and provided a platform to exchange best practices as they worked together to promote innovation in teaching and learning. “This is the biggest group of MIEs from India since we initiated the program in the country. We believe in the power of the educator, and the impact educators can have on students and thereby society. Our mission at Microsoft is to equip and empower educators to shape and assure the success of every student. By leveraging the power of technology, these passionate teachers are adopting new approaches to teaching and learning, and reinforcing critical 21st century skills in today's youth.” said Pratik Mehta, Director - Education at Microsoft India. Leveraging technology, the selected educators created unique, impactful projects to provide a learning environment which is interactive, interesting and beneficial for students. Ranjitsinh Disale from Z.P. School, Paritewadi in Maharashtra, attempted to bridge the digital divide through Mystery Skype a global guessing game that gets students learning about geography, culture, and the similarities and differences of how children live all over the world. Seema Duggal from Ramjas School in New Delhi, applied Microsoft tools and technology in teaching of Mathematics alongside training more than 500 educators from the teaching community in use of various tools such as Sway, OneNote and Office 365. Duhita Parmar from DLF Public School in Gurgaon, worked on a project where students were imparted a science lesson using technology with the larger aim of create a thinking school thereby creating a learning society. Shefali Bose from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhandup in Maharashtra helped students establish a relationship between heat, wind, moisture and air pressure and the rotation of the earth using technology Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon from Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara in Punjab helped train teachers at E2 to help drive the future of STEM Professional development and curriculum support. Premalatha Veeraraghavan from Chinmaya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu helped students develop an availability to apply Math anytime anywhere and make math learning fun using technology. M Chandrachoodeshwaran from The Ashok Leyland School in Hosur, Tamil Nadu through her project, My Microsoft Patasala, catered to the need of special children and children with learning disabilities. Microsoft Assistive Technology, like learning tools in OneNote, Accessibility Tools in Windows 10 and Accessibility Options in MS Office and Online Office tools helped the students to learn easily. Deepa Gandhi from Suncity School in Gurgaon, showcased how by integrating Office 365 tools with subjects and in varied school related areas one can explore new teaching methodology, building curiosity, adopt application based teaching while making leaders and encouraging team work. NOTICES ' K e l l o g g G l o b a l positioning, innovation competencies and career about the engineering Marketing Leadership strategy, linking customer pathways.You will learn branch that is best suited for Program' CMOs for aspiring value, growth and marketing strategy, finding growth through customer and market about the role of the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) as you study the them. The test is designed in such a way that it tries to gauge the analytical Eruditus Executive insights etc. policies, procedures, capability as well as logic Education, in collaboration The program will practices and technologies and reasoning of the student with the Kellogg School of commence on October 30, put in place to mitigate before advising a branch to Management (Kellogg), the 2017. Candidates with over organizational and systems them. This test evaluates the business school of ten years of work experience vulnerabilities to results of students after Northwestern University, as on January 1, 2017 can cyberattack. testing the basic educational launches 'Kellogg Global apply for the course. The Aptitude test for skills and inclination Marketing Leadership Program' to meet the professional development needs of the seasoned marketing leader. This intensive 6-month program combines marketing thought leadership from Kellogg's top faculty, select readings, cohort interaction as well as Kellogg cases, problem sets, assignments and project work. Some of the key topics covered include marketing strategy, brand deadlines for submitting the applications are June 26, July 24 and August 28, 2017. edX launches University of Washington “Essentials of Cybersecurity” course This professional certificate program will introduce you to the field of cybersecurity, as you learn about its landscape, numerous sectors and various roles, Aspiring Engineers Students aspiring to take up engineering as a career can now clearly select their stream of engineering, based on their aptitude., an elearning portal developed by Khateeb Engineering Classes has designed a comprehensive online test called 'Suggest My Branch', which is directed at helping students take a decision towards engineering branches like Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. It is an online multiple choice based test where students need to answer 60 questions in 120 minutes. The outcome of the test is then customized for every student which helps them in making the right choice for studies and career. J.P.Bhargava Award for Best Planning Thesis conferred India's premier real estate & integrated infrastructure consultants, Rudrabhishek Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (REPL) organized the 3rd annual J.P. Bhargava award for the Best urban planning thesis recently in Delhi. Pratibha Singh of CEPT- Ahmedabad (Assessment of TOD Policies and Implementation Process Cases of Delhi and Ahmedabad)was declared the winner and awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. The other two finalists Priyadarshika Das, School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi(impact of Metro on Development of Twin City Kolkata & Howrah); and Dhruvita D Zala, SardarVallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat(Resurging the Urban Spine of Vadodara City: Pan Project Proposal( received Rs 50 thousand each. REPL confers this award to encourage the Urban Planning students by recognizing their Post Graduate thesis. Entries were invited from all the AICTE approved institutes and ITPI offering Master's degree or P.G.Diploma in Urban and/or Regional Planning. A jury, consisting of prominent planners evaluated all the thesis on parameters like innovation, practicability, depth of analysis and conclusions. Winners from three shortlisted students were then chosen by participants' voting, based on their presentation in the event.


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Curriculum June 16, 2017 156 Potpourri /News Extra New Exhibition on Shakespeare's Influence in South Asia The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (UK) is launching a new exhibition celebrating the vibrant cultural responses to Shakespeare across SouthAsia. From 26 May – 8 September, Shakespeare in South Asia offers a glimpse of South Asia's fascination with Shakespeare, and his enduring influence on the cultures and lives of its people. Created in collaboration with students from Birmingham City University's School of English, the exhibition takes visitors on a visual tour of each of the eight countries that make up South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) offering an intriguing snapshot into each country's relationship with Shakespeare and how they have made him part of their own evolving history. In celebration of South Asian music, the Trust has commissioned seven new musical compositions inspired by Shakespeare to complement the exhibition. The works cover a wide range of genres, some influenced by South Asia, and others with their roots in contemporary UK culture. For more information and to plan your visit, see 'StudyinIndia Pavilion'at NAFSA, 2017 FICCI) with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and Service Export Promotion Council and in partnership with Education Promotion Society for India put up a 'StudyinIndia Pavilion at the 69th Annual NAFSA conference from 28 May to 2 June 2017 in Los Angeles, USA. The NAFSA 2017 Annual Conference & Expo is one of the largest international education events with a footfall of about 10,000 international learners, educators and change makers from over 100 countries. GMAC launches Official Guide for Delhi police and CRY join hands to fight NMAT by GMAC™ Review 2017 Child Labour Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), owner and administrator of NMAT by GMAC™ test, today launched the third edition of Official Guide for NMAT by GMAC™ On the occasion of United Review 2017. The Official Guide for NMAT by GMAC™ Nation's 'World Day Against Review 2017 has been developed to provide aspirants with Child Labour' (12th June) and correct insight into the test structure as well as to ensure that in continuation of its efforts to candidates are well equipped to prepare for the test. Starting protect the rights of children, this year, the Official Guide will have a coupon code to access Delhi Police and leading child a full-length practice test comprising of 120 questions online. rights organization CRY This bundling is done to ensure that candidates can prepare (Child Rights and You) joined through the Official guide and practice the test online and hands for a campaign to raise build their confidence to take the actual test. awareness on this issue. As India's first Open Access Academic part of the collaboration Delhi Police and volunteers from Publishing Platform NGO CRY will be reaching out to the general public to Notion Press launched, India's first open access academic publishing platform for academic authors to create awareness about child labour. It will involve publish their work and make it available in over 100 countries. holding awareness drives in It is a launch pad for scholars, universities, researchers and housing societies and other research groups to publish their work, thereby providing them establishments in the weeks with an opportunity to reach wider audiences. “Being pioneers in the academic publishing field for over 40 years, we have been instrumental in presenting over 3000 authors to international markets. We realised the importance of publishing for people from the academic and scientific community. Apart from disseminating their findings and learning, publishing their work too plays a significant role in their careers,” says Jana Pillay, Co-Founder and Director of Scholarink. beginning June 12. The idea is to educate and encourage people to take proactive steps to ensure that rights of the children are protected and honored. They can take a pledge to never employ children, speak up against it and not consume brands or eliminating this social f r e q u e n t p l a c e s w h e r e problem will also require a children are employed collective effort from all This was followed by a stakeholders. Small sincere symbolic event at India Gate efforts on our part can go a where close to thousand long way in bringing about a people formed a human chain sustainable change like not to stand up against child employing children as labour. The human chain domestic help or hired involved personnel from the laborers, not patronizing Delhi Police, Border Security dhabas or stalls that employ Force, CRY communities and child labour and most the general public. Vatsala importantly by speaking M a m g a i n , D i r e c t o r - about it and dissuading Resource Mobilization, people from employing Child Rights and You said, c h i l d r e n . E v e r y c h i l d "While the government deserves a childhood – and s h o u l d e n s u r e p r o p e r child labour robs them of implementation of the law, that." Scholarink serves as a one-stop solution for all publishing needs. From running plagiarism checks and copy-editing and the overall creation of the book to worldwide distribution, Scholarink's 150-member team ensures that authors receive Indian sports coaches went to Birmingham to boost performance the best academic publishing services under one roof. “Our goal is to disseminate valuable scholarly works to academicians and laymen alike and at the same time, act as the linchpin that will propel the author's career. We know what kind of career growth publishing offers to academicians. To address both our goals, we enable Open Access Publishing wherein research findings attain a wider reach, guaranteeing better citations, as well as indexing the content on platforms of repute such as CiteSeerX, Google Scholar and OpenAIRE.” says Gautham Gopakumar, Business Manager, Scholarink. GREENOVATION- the future of Sports coaches from India have teamed up again with experts at the University of Birmingham to learn how latest research and training techniques can help to boost athletes' performance. The 22-strong party spent two weeks following a strength and conditioning programme put together by experts from mobility lecture Shell Lubricants in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industries on June 7 organized the delivery of 5th Shell Lubricants Global Lecture Series aimed to partner with companies and academic groups to overcome the most exciting technological challenges at IIT Delhi on the theme of “Greenovation- The Future of Mobility”. Key experts from the government, industry and companies shared ideas on commercially viable, environmentally sustainable and affordable fuel choice. The discussion aimed at analysing the prospects of the future mobility and how green innovation can help to achieve energy security. Mansi Madan Tripathy, Country Head -Shell Lubricants India Cluster, said, “We hope this exchange of ideas will eventually lead to tangible solutions and eventually contribute towards a cleaner and greener future.” Professor V Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT Delhi said, “Innovation and creativity are the key drivers of development. We focus on exposing our students to the future challenges concerning the society and motivate them to be inventors of the technological future of the world. The Shell Global Lecture series is one such unique platform where the academia and industry enter in close interaction and mutual learning. We are happy to be a part of the fifth edition of this series.” the School of Sport, Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences and University Birmingham Handball coach Varinder Sport. Verma said: “We've been T h e i r v i s i t f o l l o w s a n amazed by the management, a g r e e m e n t s i g n e d i n execution and training we November by the University received from University of of Birmingham and the Sports Birmingham experts during Authority of India (SAI) to this programme. We lack this work together and help knowledge in India and have i m p r o v e t h e s p o r t i n g learnt so much that we will be performance of India's able to use with our athletes.” athletes. Canoeing/kayaking coach Coaches specialising in sports Bilquish Mir said: “This has including handball, canoeing been the best experience of our and athletics studied a range life and we're very grateful to of areas such as injury the experts at Birmingham for prevention, upper- and lower- welcoming us and teaching us body strength, agility and so much. We've been really plyometrics - exercises in inspired and will be able to w h i c h m u s c l e s e x e r t replicate these methods back maximum force in short home. ” intervals of time, with the goal The group spent much of their of increasing power. time based in University Birmingham Sport's Sport Performance Centre, led by Head of Performance & Coaching Alex Taylor and supported by Head of Strength & Conditioning Darran Fowler. The team is based in the University's new £55 million Sport & Fitness Centre, which opened only last week. Put together by SAI, the group's studies in Birmingham are the first to follow last year's formal agreement. The Indian Government has highlighted the importance of sport to the nation and is looking to invest in boosting India's sporting performance through SAI.



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