Waiau Pa School Calf Club -Sponsorship Prospectus 2017


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Prospectus for sponsorship of our school Calf Club for 2017

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INVITATION On behalf of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the organising committee we take great pleasure in inviting you to the 73rd Annual Waiau Pa School Calf Club 2017 (WPSCC2017) to be held at Waiau Pa School on the 29th of September 2017. This prospectus outlines the sponsorship, donation and exhibition opportunities available at the event. Please take some time to review the prospectus. If you have specific requirements for the promotion of your business or require any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the organising committee. We look forward to welcoming you to the event. Kind Regards, Waiau Pa PTA and the Organising Committee WPSCC2017 SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS Page | 2


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ABOUT Dairy cows came to New Zealand on sailing ships with early settlers during the 1800s. By the early 1900s, the industry was prospering and growing. The earliest recording of a Calf Club event was in 1911, when the Boys and Agricultural Group began in Otago. The natural partnership of children and young animals was encouraged as farmers recognised the benefits to be gained by children having the responsibility of training and caring for a young animal. Waiau Pa School Calf Club was started in 1944, and only included dairy cows. In the coming year’s lambs, chickens, goats and a pet section were introduced to the day. Indoor flower arranging was added in the 1980s and gardens in the 1990s. The event has grown and changed in parallel with our growing community. Past students look back with affection at the time they spent selecting, feeding and training animals for Calf Club. A fondly remembered highlight of the school year. To this day Calf Club is an integral part of the school curriculum. The scope of modern Calf Club is extended to include projects, art, crafts, flower arranging, gardening and baking. We hope that you will consider joining us on this day which is a celebrated part of our rural heritage at Waiau Pa School. For more information about sponsorship, donation and exhibition opportunities please contact: Jess Fogarin Ph: 021 589 009 Waiau Pa School - Ph: 09 2321 753. Email: waiaupaschoolcalfclub@waiaupa.school.nz 571 Waiau Pa Road RD4 Pukekohe 2679


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WHY Your sponsorship is valued by the school and the community, we would like to ensure you that your investment and generosity has been wisely placed. Here are some of the reasons why your sponsorship and/or presence at WPSCC2017 is essential:  Calf club is Waiau Pa School’s largest fundraiser. This year the funds will go towards building an all-weather bus shelter to allow the children to wait for their bus in all conditions  Calf club is a rural tradition, which teaches our children the fundamentals of animal husbandry and the responsibility of raising an animal  Waiau Pa Calf Club remains one of the largest community events for the year  Attendance is expected for over 350 children, caregivers, friends, relatives and community members  The 73 year history of Waiau Pa School Calf Club is testimony to the value the community place on their attendance  Waiau Pa and Clarks Beach is a growing community with several planned new sub divisions. Calf Club provides a significant opportunity to establish the brand of your business with existing, new and prospective residents  The event has been designed to provide platinum and gold sponsors ample opportunity to interact with the community to promote your products or services WPSCC2017 SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS Page | 4


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SPONSORSHIP OVERVIEW PLATINUM $1000.00 - 4 Available  Full page black and white (A5) advertisement in the Calf Club Programme  Naming rights to competition ring (Lamb, Chicken, Calf and Goat Ring available)  Signage* rights in the competition ring  Space available for branded marquee* as provided by the sponsor to be used for critical event functions  Exhibition space* for promotional materials or products  Colour advertisement in the 2018 weekly school newsletter for one year (valued at $300.00)  Megaphone promotion on the event day GOLD $500.00 – 5 Available  Naming rights for competition ribbons or indoor exhibit certificates (Lamb, Chicken, Calf and Goat Ribbons and indoor certificates available)  ½ page black and white (1/2 A5) advertisement in the Calf Club Programme  Exhibition space* for promotional materials or products  Megaphone promotion on the event day SILVER $350.00 – 2 Available  ¼ page advertisement in the Calf Club Programme  Naming rights on event raffle tickets or kitchen facilities (as available)  Megaphone promotion on the event day BRONZE $ 200.00 – 8 Available  Named sponsor in the Calf Club Programme  Naming rights to event stall or item as available - Cake stall, Sausage sizzle, Bacon and egg butties, Lucky dips, Book stall, Judges gifts, Judges lunches and Cake boxes with sponsor sticker are available. *For more details on exhibition space please see the exhibition section of the prospectus, sponsorship entitles you to one table space in the exhibition area. Exhibition is subject to the same conditions as detailed in the exhibition section. All signage to be used in the competition rings is to be supplied by the sponsor. WPSCC2017 SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS Page | 5


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DONATION OVERVIEW We are fortunate to have such a generous community. We greatly appreciate any support you may be able to give including:  Donations of any items, goods, services, gifts or discount vouchers that can be used for prizes and raffles  Donations of food items to be combined as grocery hampers and used for prizes and raffles  Cash donations. Cash donations can be gifted to the following bank account: Name: Waiau Pa PTA Number: 12-3023-0326824-00 As you will appreciate, there is a great deal of work that goes into the Calf Club programme and ensuring all sponsors are recognised on the day. To ensure your business is acknowledged, donations must be received prior to 1 September 2017. All donations and sponsors will be highlighted in the Calf Club programme. We actively encourage our school and community to support those who support us. If you would like to make a donation please complete the booking form and send to the organising committee on waiaupaschoolcalfclub@waiaupa.school.nz or call the organising committee. WPSCC2017 SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS Page | 6


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EXHIBITION OVERVIEW For the first time exhibition space will be available for platinum and gold sponsors in the hard court area of the school event centre. As Calf Club is one of the largest community events it is an excellent opportunity to interact with your customers. If you would like to apply to exhibit please contact the organising committee. Exhibition of immediately consumable food is restricted. The exhibition will open at 9.00 am – 12.00 pm on Friday the 29th of September at Waiau Pa School rain or shine. Exhibitors need to be ready to begin trading at 8.50 am, 10 minutes before the event opens and cannot pack down until after 12.00 pm. Exhibitors will need to supply their own tables (Maximum size allowed per space 2.4 m x 1 m) and chairs. As the exhibition area is hard gazebos will not be able to be fixed into the ground and will require alternative fixing. No electricity will be available. All rubbish is to be removed from site. WPSCC2017 SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS Page | 7


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BOOKING FORM To book your selected package please forward this completed form to Waiau Pa PTA at waiaupaschoolcalfclub@waiaupa.school.nz Sponsorship Item Requested  Platinum $1000.00  Gold $500.00  Silver $350.00  Bronze $200.00 Payable before 1 September 2017 Donation Please detail your donation ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Received before 1st September 2017 Details Organisation or name for marketing purposes: ____________________________________ Contact person: ____________________________________ Contact number: ____________________________________ Authorised by: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________ On receipt of a signed booking form, confirmation will be sent via email.


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Thank you for taking the time to review the possibilities that WPSCC2017 has to offer If we can assist you with further information, please contact the organising committee.



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