"The Y" Yachting Handbook - Mallorca Edition 01-2017


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Indispensable information for yachting people - by Estela Shipping

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En PerlArt podrá adquirir nuestras creaciones elaboradas con Perlas de Mallorca, conocidas por su alta calidad gracias a su minucioso proceso de fabricación, o nuestros exquisitos modelos de joyería en perla natural con oro y brillantes. También tenemos a su disposición una extensa selección de Perlas cultivadas de todos los mares del mundo. Siempre contando con la garantía de calidad PerlArt. In ours shops you can find creations made with pearls of Mallorca, known for its high quality thanks to its meticulous manufacturing process, or our exquisite models natural pearl jewelry in gold and diamonds. We also have available an large selection of Cultured Pearls all the world’s seas . Having the guarantee PerlArt. www.perlart.net SHOPS IN PALMA Palau Reial, 2 - 07001 Palma de Mallorca - Tel: 971 727 160 info@perlart.net Mallorca Pearl Museum Plaza de Cort, 5 C/San Miguel, 6 - 07002 Palma de Mallorca—- Tel: 971 59 43 78 SHOP IN PORT OF SÓLLER C/Marina, 28 - 07108 Port de Sóller - Tel. 971 630 152 info@perlart.net


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16MEanllgoercl &a‘sMVLöaulrkxkeuerrtsyALRonecaaalytlsiEoissntsate 2016 - Best year for Engel & Völkers Mallorca Read about the latest trends and figures in our Market Report 2016/2017 at www.engelvoelkers.com/mallorca


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With ESTELA SHIPPING you will always be a VIP on Mallorca. We introduced the VIP card for 2017, when handing over your VIP card it will ensure the best service and quality our partners have to offer. Go to our link with a list of all our partners 85x55 ESTEFLeAbS2H0I1P7P-INCGM-YvKip card 2017


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This handbook is just a smattering of what Mallorca can offer the yachting industry, with the support of your agency By Estela Shipping Palma SA Av. Gabriel Roca, 37 Local C, 07014 Palma | +34 971 722 532 | estela@superyachts.agency


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The Y | Yachting Handbook 6


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"When Estela Shipping showed us what they were planning on producing, I thought that is a great tool, providing us with information, legislation and ideas for us to put forward to our guests. The guide alongside the support of Estela is indespensable" –Captain Dale Parker– Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 7


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The Y | Yachting Handbook 8


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10 Back to the ‘60 14 Interview with Leonardo Viera 16 A Story in Time. by Gregory Piatowski 20 Captain’s Chapter 46 Balearic Marinas & Bays 66 Owners & Guests Chapter 82 On Land Experiences 108 Discovering Palma 132 Crew Chapter 147 Yacht Chapter 166 Around the World 178 Safety on Board 188 Estela Partners & Friends 216 Restaurants 233 In Like Flynn. by Gregory Piatowski 234 Estela Shipping 238 The “Y” 241 Taxi Numbers 243 Pharmacies & Hospitals 246 Important telephone numbers Need assistance? Contact us at estela@superyachts.agency | +34 971 722 532 | 9


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MALLORCA REVIVES THE 60’s WITH SUPERYACHT TOURISM If you are heading to the Mediterranean this summer, you will probably start and finish your season in Mallorca. The island has been a prominent tourist destination since the 60’s, and is still quite undiscovered by those in the luxury yachting industry it offers an amazing alternative to the standard yachting routes. YOUR YACHT TOUR OPERATOR


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In the past yachts would stop in Mallorca for repairs and fueling, things are starting to change for the better. Guests have begun to discover that the island offers a range of experiences for them to see and do. There is something for everyone; the island caters for those looking for relaxation, sport, gastronomy, nightlife the list goes on! Although mass tourism has done some damage to the islands reputation, Mallorca is being revived and everyone is welcoming this new era, it is now developing a reputation for being somewhere for the more discerning tourist to travel, as it now has a number of fine-dining restaurants among them nine with Michelin stars, designer shopping


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boutiques, beautiful villas and excellent beaches, yet still keeping its essence. The nautical industry in Mallorca is now focusing on high quality services; boosted by the superyachts presence the coast reveals many treasures that are only accessible by boat. You can enjoy your trip with all kinds of water sport activities. Amazing diving spots, good waves for surfing, perfect weather for sailing and preserved areas for snorkeling excursions, there is so much on offer! On land the possibilities are endless. Regardless of the age, taste or culture of your guests, you will find activities and experiences that will make their holiday unforgettable. If you are planning on bringing your guests to Mallorca, this guide will offer you the best information on what you can do during your stay and all the information you could need while cruising the Balearics.


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The Y | Yachting Handbook LEONaRdO ViiErA A parisian artist in Mallorca Born in Paris to a prestigious family of international artists, a German mother and Spanish father, made their way to Palma on Boat from the Canary Islands where Leonardo now lives and works. A lot of international artists reside on the island of Mallorca; they come here to work on their art as they have found they enjoy the lifestyle the island has to offer, as its very cosmopolitan, but still keeps its Mediterranean feel. What is the art for you? Art for me is a free way to express yourself; whether its surrealist, abstract, realist or expressionist, this great medium you have allows you the freedom to express yourself in different forms. This does not mean that you change your style, that is personal. It is very important that your work is personal you do not want it to be just a decorative piece that fills museums. Tell us about your art My art is very expressive, obviously I express myself visually. My work is a culmination of creativity, technique and emotion, which in todays society is very hard to find, this process is something that I have had since birth, being that my parents were well known prestigious international artists, and the knowledge I gained from great artists from the 20th Century and before. A great influence for me was the masters of course. My work is not only technical it is very emotional, it has passion and strength, some are more complex than others it depends on the theme and subject. How does an artist see art? It is an emotional experience, intellectual and complex one, it’s very personal. 14 | “Minotauro” 140 x 72 cm, 1-X-1990. Óleo sobre lienzo


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It can be happiness through colour, there are some that are more profound and have underlying meanings, it tends to give meaning to their life, using the mediums of paint, sculpture and design. Some artists look for things other than beauty every artist sees art differently. What do you mean look at things other than beauty? There are artists that create a piece of art that is more emotional, grotesque or could even be called a monstrosity, and yet some see the beauty in it. Life is savage and wild, like a lion or tiger, beautiful to look at, but in the end they will rip you to shreds. Is the Art world difficult nowadays? It depends, the art world for me has had all the difficulties and all the joys at the same time, but I feel the level is at its high point now and the market is really strong be it for living or deceased artists, it is much easier to sell art now. If you only had one day in Palma what museums would you recommend that people should visit? There are lots of art foundations on the island such as the Fundació de Joan Miró. The Contemporary Museum Baluard is one of my Favourites (see Museums). Is there a relationship with art and the Superyachts in Mallorca? Yes of course there are many owners that are interested in artwork from the island for their yachts as well as their homes. Most are discreet about their collections and the purchase tends to go under the radar. A lot of clients would be aware of a collection on the island and they would come specifically to see it as they have the means. Are there international Galleries in Palma? Yes Mallorca is very interesting place for certain galleries; the main galleries that have opened are German, for the national market and international market. Not anywhere near the level that we could say in New York or London or Paris, but for here in a provincial city it is still at an important level. leonardo.vieraneubauer “Europa y otros mundos” 97 x 195 cm, 4-IX-2001. Óleo sobre lienzo | 15



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