5 Minute Intuition Connection


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Connect with your intuition in this short five minute meditation.

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5 Minute Intuition Connection Connect with your intuition in this short five minute meditation. Meditation Script When you are ready, just close your eyes. Feel your body starting to relax, and let go. Imagine for a moment that it’s a beautiful, clear Spring day. Just pretend. Move your focus into the space between the physical and spiritual bodies wherein the heart exists as the seat of the soul. Be aware of the quiet stillness in this sacred space. Be quiet for a moment. Just be the sacred space of your soul. In this sacred space, we first leave everything else behind. Then we become the sacredness of oneness. In this sacred space, there is no need for words or visualizations, or sensory stimulation. Then, within the oneness, we become aware that all knowledge exists, all wisdom, all that is. And, in this stillness, we are aware that there is no need for sensory stimuli to obtain information because we are the oneness of all that exists. If we desire a particular insight, all we have to do is call it forth, and it is part of us, effortlessly. When you are ready, petition for the particular insight that you desire. Be aware of anything that comes into your awareness, even if it seems completely unrelated to your petition. Be in this space, and be aware. Spend as much time as you desire with this heightened state of awareness, simply noting to yourself within of your own experience without expectation or preconceived ideas. When you are ready, bring your awareness back into your physical body. Now, if this is your time for restful sleep, you will disregard any suggestions for awakening at this time, and you will enjoy peaceful, restful healing sleep with blissful dreams until your desired time to awaken, or unless there is an urgent need for you to awaken. And, if it is not your desire to sleep at this time, in just a moment I’m going to count to five, and, at the count of five, you will awaken feeling comfortable, relaxed and free of unpleasantness. One. You are beginning to be more alert and aware. Two. Feeling wonderful in every way. Three. Aware of the room around you. Four. Your eyes are starting to open. And, five. Eyes open, feeling alert and at peace. Write down everything that you recall of your experience. As you reflect on your experience, ask your intuition for clear understanding of the insight you received. Be aware that you can continue to access your intuition in this matter long after the meditative experience and act on your insight, with gratitude for intuitive guidance. Royalty Free Music © 2006-2008 Breve Music http://www.MusicforHypnotherapy.com Breve Music PO BOX 367, Anniston, AL 36202 NurseHealer.com Page 2 of 3


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5 Minute Intuition Connection About NurseHealer NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller is the originator of the Divine Purpose GuideworkTM program, a personal and professional consciousness-expanding self-discovery system. DPG utilizes tools for intuitive attunement, clarity, mindfulness, spiritual guidance and personal growth through the sacred higher self. Mary Catherine Miller, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Master Hypnotist, Past Lives Regressionist, Life Coach, Life Between Lives Coach, Minister, NLP Practitioner and Paranormal Investigator and Instructor is the owner and designer of NurseHealer.com and affiliate sites, which include: NurseHealer.com (NurseHealer Home) NurseHealer.net (NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network) NurseHealer.org (NurseHealer Ministerial Organization) DPG.guide (Divine Purpose GuideworkTM) NurseHealer.Video (NurseHealer Video) NurseHealer.online (NurseHealer online classes, webinars, conference calls) MetaphysicalMetro.online (Metaphysical MetroTM spiritual/holistic events) ParaPSI.info (Phenomenal Spirit InvestigationsTM) For the latest information, follow NurseHealer on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, CreateSpace, LinkedIn and Wordpress. Many blessings. Mary Catherine Miller More Meditations NurseHealer.com Page 3 of 3



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