5 Minute Meditation for Health


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5 Minute Meditation for Health by Mary Catherine "Cathy" Miller of NurseHealer.com

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5 Minute Meditation for Health Please enjoy the 5 Minute Meditation for Health by NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller with beautiful music by Ambient Light. The musical selection for this meditation is called, "Green," by Jonas Thomén of Ambient Light, from the 16-track album “Shiver”. Meditation Script Imagine gazing into the clear blue water of a pure clean body of water. As the sunlight flickers from the ripples on the surface, you become aware of the reflection of pure healing light vibrational energy into your body and soul, and it warms you through and through. You accept this kind gift of beauty, joy, and well-being without reservation because you have an absolute knowing that it is the divine gift of God, a kind gift bestowed by a loving, generous creator. You realize and come to a deeper understanding of the marvelous healing properties that are abundant all around us in the fresh breath of air within the breeze that lifts your soul as you accept it into your lungs and within the subtle rays of light that filter through the clouds and trees and reflect off pools of water and glossy or transparent objects. You feel the vital life force energy that permeates every living thing, and you become more keenly aware that this flow of life is so vastly expansive that it fills the spaces between the tiniest particles (molecules, atoms) of all that exists. There is life force within the table, the walls, the rocks, and the sidewalk, and it is good. The life of the planet is a positive, peaceful, loving energy that flows with fluidity and calm gentle movement through all of creation. It is unending, eternal, and unlimited. You are now aware that as you accept the magnificent healing properties of the life force within the air, water, plants, and the spaciousness of all that is, that you neither take it from another nor store it within yourself. You have pure knowledge that welcoming this frequency of vibrational healing is allowing life to flow as it is meant to. All that is required for you receive absolute healing is that you choose to set aside your resistance. Life force is always flowing all around you. It is always available to flow through you with a wave of well-being. You simply have to allow yourself to be a channel for the river of life instead of a dam that stops the flow. As peaceful healing life force energy flows into your body and soul, you are comforted as you feel wellness spring forth from within. The abundant harmonious vibration of well-being purifies, heals, and restores your body and soul as it flows through you. With gratitude and graciousness you accept this gift and you delight in allowing the gift to pass through you to others. Health and wellness are restored. NurseHealer.com Page 2 of 3


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5 Minute Meditation for Health About NurseHealer NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller is the originator of the Divine Purpose GuideworkTM program, a personal and professional consciousness-expanding self-discovery system. DPG utilizes tools for intuitive attunement, clarity, mindfulness, spiritual guidance and personal growth through the sacred higher self. Mary Catherine Miller, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Master Hypnotist, Past Lives Regressionist, Life Coach, Life Between Lives Coach, Minister, NLP Practitioner and Paranormal Investigator and Instructor is the owner and designer of NurseHealer.com and affiliate sites, which include: NurseHealer.com (NurseHealer Home) NurseHealer.net (NurseHealer Soulistic Resource Network) NurseHealer.org (NurseHealer Ministerial Organization) DPG.guide (Divine Purpose GuideworkTM) NurseHealer.Video (NurseHealer Video) NurseHealer.online (NurseHealer online classes, webinars, conference calls) MetaphysicalMetro.online (Metaphysical MetroTM spiritual/holistic events) ParaPSI.info (Phenomenal Spirit InvestigationsTM) For the latest information, follow NurseHealer on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, CreateSpace, LinkedIn and Wordpress. Many blessings. Mary Catherine Miller NurseHealer.com Page 3 of 3



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