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Spirit ISSUE 31 WINTER 2016 SIOUX FALLS CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Value Our Children, Value Our Teachers. in South Dakota will not impact the teachers of Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. This will only widen the discrepancy of salaries for employees working within our neighboring school districts. Addressing this issue has always been a high priority in surveys and interviews from our parents and donors throughout the years. The time has come to offer alternative solutions. The Sioux Falls Catholic Schools system was created in 1991 to ensure that Catholic education would be available to all in this community, not just for parishes that could afford a school. The model was established with an incredible commitment by our pastors to contribute 50% of their ordinary income so that parishes that were able to contribute more could help others that might not have the same resources. The efforts to come together and offer support have established a strong educational system for generations of children. Through the years, the SFCS School Board has worked tirelessly to keep tuition affordable for all who desire a Catholic education, but significant challenges still exist in adequately addressing staff salaries. The recent attention to looming teacher shortages has highlighted the need to be proactive in recruiting and retaining quality staff to uphold high academic expectations. It is important to note that any action taken during the legislative session The Teachers and Staff Salary Initiative that is being presented to you comes with the same spirit as the parishes forming a system of schools back in 1991. Every family with students will contribute through tuition, but those who are able will be asked to consider doing more. It is an aggressive plan with a goal of raising staff salaries by 10% in 2016-2017 through tuition and fundraising revenue. This goal will need to be maintained for several years with continued fundraising efforts while we work to grow the endowments for teachers and staff salaries for a long term funding solution. With this issue of Spirit, you are invited to read and learn about this initiative and to prayerfully consider how to make an impact for the 350 dedicated personnel of the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. “The SFCS Community has been able to successfully attend to creating world class facilities. Now it is time to attend to our teachers.” - Fr. John Rutten


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Dear SFCS Families and Supporters, We are truly blessed in the city of Sioux Falls to have a vibrant, unified Catholic school system offering quality faith formation, academic excellence and personalized human formation for our young people. The financial viability of the system is due in part to the sacrificial contributions made by the faithful of the parishes of Sioux Falls and a pastoral commitment to maintain a healthy connection between parish and school. As with so many of the Church’s ministries in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, we inherit these good works from those who labored to institute them over the years. We especially remain mindful of the rich history of Catholic education in our diocese established by religious women. The essential role that they played is now continued largely by professional lay persons. They, like the consecrated from before, are dedicated to the mission of Catholic education and sacrifice to participate in it. However, the challenge to attract and retain quality teachers and Catholic role models who must provide for their families while employed by the school system is greater than ever. I am pleased that the Sioux Falls Catholic School Administration and Board are proactively exploring ways to justly compensate faculty and staff. While these efforts will seek to ensure quality faith-based education in our schools, the impact of teachers, staff and volunteers in our Catholic schools will also enrich parish life and act as leaven on moral values in the broader community. Achieving just compensation will require many of you to respond generously to this vital need. I invite you to prayerfully consider how you might support this effort. In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, support of our Catholic school system is a way to recognize the mercy of the Father that has been ours. May we respond gratefully by supporting SFCS in any way we can, especially in prayer. Yours in Christ, The Most Reverend Paul J. Swain Bishop of Sioux Falls “We have done an amazing job of building wonderful facilities for our students to come to each day. It’s now time to take care of the living stones…the teachers, who have an incredible impact on our children’s lives.” Dear Friends of the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools, As the Executive Director of the SFCS Foundation, I am privileged to be leading this endeavor on behalf of the teachers and staff of the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. This has been high on the priority list for our parents and donors through the years, which is why raising funds for salaries have been included in every major fund drive. And while those efforts have helped supplement funds, it has simply not been enough. The incredible education that is provided to the students at Sioux Falls Catholic Schools is second to none. Each and every year, our test scores are consistently higher than those in the state and nation. Not only do our students perform above average academically, but they excel in extra-curricular activities as well. The types of successes that culminate at the high school do not happen by accident. The academic foundation begins in our elementary and junior high classrooms. All eight of our schools share in the awards that our students receive. If we are looking for key performance indicators to justify the salaries of our staff, the accolades are definitely there to support it. Having been involved in the Building On Excellence campaign to rebuild O’Gorman High School and the subsequent Capital Improvement Master Plan to continue to address the needs of the facility, I am certain of one thing. If this community decides that something is important, we can accomplish anything. I pray that you will get involved and join us in this effort that will have a tremendous impact for Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. Thank you for your support. Michelle Katen Executive Director SFCS Foundation


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How do we compare? SFCS Teacher Salaries 2014 - 2015 Starting Salary Average Salary $31,000 $34,522 $33,468 $46,608 $36,628 $44,000 $35,400 $36,340 SFCS SF Public Brandon Valley Harrisburg * Teacher shortage The number of qualified applicants to fill teaching positions has decreased dramatically because there is a smaller number of students graduating with teaching degrees. The pool of available candidates for SFCS is even smaller since our elementary classroom and theology teachers must be Catholic. * From 2008 - 2015, the average salary increase has been 3% annually. A look back... SFCS BUDGET Staff salaries and benefits comprise 85% of the annual operating budget. 5% 46% 49% * Total Budget $4.1M 1991-1992 * 1st year as SFCS Tuition Parish Subsidies Development/Foundation 9% 2014-2015 25% Tuition Parish Subsidies 66% Development/Foundation * While parish subsidies have steadily increased, its growth is slower than * Total Budget $15.4M the increasing cost of educating students. If we are going to address the gap in salaries for the staff of the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools, the revenue will need to come from tuition and fundraising.


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Tuition SFCS Enrollment Room for Growth * Average class size in 2015 - 2016 is 172 students in grades K-12 * For the greatest efficiency, optimum class size is 200 students per class * 100 more students in SFCS is a gain of $300,000 on average to the operating budget We need EVERYONE....our parents, staff, SFCS School Board and Pastors actively involved to help increase enrollment. Sharing experiences about the SFCS community and the feeling of being a part of a family is the most effective way to encourage new families to consider joining us. Have you reached out and asked others to consider SFCS? Past Success In Fundraising Financial Aid information for sfcs families 2015 - 2016 1513 SFCS Families * 398 Families Applied for Financial Assistance 14 Families - 5 Children 42 Families - 4 Children 116 Families - 3 Children 95 Families - 2 Children 111 Families - 1 Child * 105 Families (388 Students) - Only requested the Multi-Child Discount * 293 Families (472 Students) - Completed the TADS application for additional financial aid * 36% of total number of students (K-12) received financial aid from SFCS Building On Excellence (BOE) $35 million (2006-Present) * Rebuilt O’Gorman High School * O’Gorman Junior High Debt Paid in Full * McEneaney Field Updates * Performing Arts Center Capital Improvement Master Plan (CIMP) * O’Gorman Gym Renovation * Music Areas Renovation * HVAC in Gym, Music Areas and Rec Center * Track Updates * Weight Room Equipment While still completing the Building On Excellence campaign, we surveyed our parents and donors about the need to continue with necessary improvements at O’Gorman. During each of these years, SFCS paid for renovations in the following amounts: FY12 $249,489 FY13 $459,560 FY14 $674,640 FY15 $187,005 FY16 $10,074 If we can do this for air conditioning, gym floors and classrooms... we can do this for our teachers!


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Plan to increase sfcs Teachers And Staff Salaries Three-Tiered Goal Approach Goal one: 10% Salary Increase for 2016 - 2017 1. 2. 3. Goal Two: 1. 2. Tuition and Fees * 3.5% increase in salaries will come from tuition revenue Fundraising * 5% increase in salaries will come from fundraising $500,000 Options: * 1,000 - $500 gifts * Pay $250 in June, July, or extra tuition payment * Full Tuition Rate - 9 families participated in 2015-2016 Enrollment Incentive * 1.5% increase in salaries will come from adding 50 more students to our schools Short Term Sustainability 2017 - 2022 Sustain the increase for staff salaries with annual fundraising goal of $500,000 for next 5 years Retain enrollment numbers Goal Three: Future Long Term Sustainability 1. Endowments * For example, $20 million in endowments at SFCS Foundation would provide $800,000 annually to the SFCS budget


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SFCS Corporation 3100 W. 41st St. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 This newsletter shares with you some of the accomplishments, events, and opportunities at SFCS. Please contact Maren Jensen, editor, with comments, questions, or address changes : Email Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit #841 Sioux Falls, SD Change Service Requested Please CONSIDER: • Giving to the annual fundraising goals which will have an impact in the 2016-2017 school year as well as the following 2-5 years • Inviting families to consider enrolling their children at Sioux Falls Catholic Schools • Pledging to the SFCS Foundation for the long term sustainability of increasing the salaries of our teachers and staff • Volunteering for the efforts to address staff salaries • Praying for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools community Please contact Michelle Katen at 605-575-3362 or if you’d like to help. “The most important piece in the education of a child is the heart and mind of a teacher.”



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