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Traditional Food This is a common e-cookbook with the recipes of the traditional dishes from Greece, Poland, Turkey and Croatia


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Ingredients: Sarmas • 2 bunches of green onions • Half a bunch of parsley • Half a bunch of dill • Salt and black pepper • Mint • ½ kg rice • 2 eggs • 1 lamb’s stomach • Liver of lamb • Olive oil


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• Boil the liver and cut it in small pieces. • Sage the onions. • Add all the ingredients and sage a little bit. • Add the rice and a cup of hot water. • In the end add the eggs. • Put the mixture in the stomach and cut in small portions. • Cook in the oven for 45’ (approx.) in 18 degrees.


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Greek Salad Ingredients: • Tomatoes • Cucumber • Red and green peppers • Onion • Olives • Feta cheese ( or white cheese) • Olive oil • Salt and oregano


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• Cut the tomatoes, the cucumber, the onion and the peppers in slices. • Put them in to a bowl. • Cut the feta cheese in pieces. • Add the feta cheese and the olives in the bowl. • Add the olive oil salt and oregano.


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Halvas Ingredients: • 1 cup of olive oil • 2 cups of coarse semolina • 3 cups of sugar • 4 cups of water • 2 cinnamon sticks • 150 gr. nuts (walnuts, almonds) • Cinnamon powder for the decoration


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• Boil the water with the sugar and cinnamon sticks. Don’t make syrup, just boil. • Use another deep pot to heat the olive oil (medium heat). • Add the coarse semolina and mix all the time until it’s roasted. • When the semolina is roasted, remove it from the heat and add the water with the sugar and the nuts. Remove the cinnamon sticks, mix again and put the mixture on the heat for a while. • Mix again, until there is no water. • Remove the pot and put the mixture in a pan. After 20’ Halvas is ready! Decorate with cinnamon powder and nuts.


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Kotlet Ingredients: • 4 medium pork chops • salt and pepper • 1⁄4 teaspoon dried marjoram • 2 eggs ( beaten) • 5 spoons of bread crumbs • 2 spoons of butter • 3 spoons of oil


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• Pound out the pork chops until fairly thin. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and marjoram. Set aside. • On 2 separate plates, pour bread crumbs & eggs . Dip each chop into the bread crumbs, coating on both sides, and then dip it into the beaten egg, then back into bread crumbs, ensuring even coating. • Heat oil and butter in a large frying pan. When very hot, add the pork and fry over high heat for 3-5 minutes on each side. • Lower heat and cook for another few minutes until golden. • Serve the chops with poatoes and salad.


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Silesian dumplings Ingredients: • potato 1 kg • potato starch • two eggs


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• Peel the potatoes • Cook the potatoes in salted water, mash them , put the smashed potatoes in a bowl, divide in four equal parts – put one part of potatoes aside and fill the space with potato starch. • Add the potatoes you put aside. It's just a simple 4:1 ratio • Add the eggs • Mix it all together with your hand until the mixture becomes homogenous. The dough should be like 'modelling clay'. It can't be too dry or your dumplings will dissolve in the water. • Form round balls and squeeze a hole in them with a finger ,that's a traditional shape of the Silesian dumplings, little “sauce holder”. Put them into boiling salted water. • Cook them for about 3 minutes. • You can serve the dumplings with gravy, meat or butter.



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