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Life in the Inner West Est. 2005 Get ready to Rock’n’Roll at Leichhardt Long Lunch Plan the perfect day out in Dulwich Hill Your guide to swing dancing in the Inner West GIVEAWAYS Double passes to Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Neruda and more! Free Issue 304 Jun 2017 ’The Vintage Issue’


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SPECIAL EVENT LEICHHARDT LONG LUNCH LEICHHARDT TOWN HALL SUNDAY JUNE 4, 11AM — 4PM, FREE ENTRY There won’t be a quiet moment at this year’s Leichhardt Long Lunch, with a rotation of fun-filled, diverse performers taking the stage all day long to keep you dancing. LIMPIN’ JIMMY AND THE SWINGIN’ KITTEN This DJ team specialises in — you guessed it — music from the 1940s to the 1960s. They boast a music library covering lounge and cocktail, Rock‘n’Roll, Rockabilly, Jump Blues and Doo Wop, Soul, and Latin and Salsa, just to name a few. They’re sure to be offering some oldschool jams to groove to all day long. THE DREY ROLLAN BAND This Blues / R&B / Rockabilly / Rock’n’Roll band does it all, in the name of old-school music. Comprised of Drey Rollan on lead guitar and vocals, Bobbie Green on vocals and percussion, and Little B on rhythm guitar and vocal, these musicians add their own touch to a classic sound that will get your toes tapping. Hits to listen out for include ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Field of Dreams.’ ACTIVITIES ALL ABOUT SWING This Sydney-based dance troupe are experts in creating energetic and memorable performances. They usually offer fun live performances for weddings and corporate events, so will be sure to light up the Leichhardt Long Lunch stage in high-speed style. All About Swing will also be giving dance lessons to those hoping to get in on some of the Rock’n’Roll dance action. DANCING LESSONS As well as performing live throughout the day, All About Swing will be offering free dance lessons inside the town hall. If you’ve got two left feet, this could be your chance to learn the ins and outs of Lindy Hop, Rock’n’Roll and Swing dancing. The lessons will take place at 11am, 12pm and 1pm, and will be 20 minutes each. FREE KIDS RIDES AND GAMES Adults aren’t the only ones who’ll be having a ball at Long Lunch. Kids have a fun-filled day lined up for them, with a plentitude of kids’ rides and games on offer (which won’t cost you a cent). We’re talking bungee jumping, giant Lego, chess and more. POP UP BARBER: Leichhardt local, singer and Elvis fanatic Dom Vasta — who started an Elvis-themed barber in Marrickville, called Memphis & Co — will be helping attendees style the perfect quiff or Rock’n’Roll doo for the day. BEST DRESSED COMPETITION: This year’s Best Dressed Competition will be looking for those who hit the nail on the head with their Rock’n’Roll attire. The winners will be announced at 1.45pm on the entertainment stage, with anyone and everyone welcomed to enter at 1.30pm. Event team members will be scouting for anyone dressed up during the day, with the Twitter and Instagram hashtag #leichhardtlonglunch2017. If the fun of dressing up isn’t enough to convince you to don a poodle skirt or Elvis wig, the prizes on offer might: they include a six week class pass for the winner and a friend from All About Swing, a BYK 250 kids bike, and $100 vouchers to Bluebell Vintage Clothing. The same bus at the exact same spot in York Street when nearly new. The ladies’ summer frocks and the short midday shadows suggest it is summer 1937. -2- HIGHLIGHTS BOUTIQUE BEER AND WINES: The Royal Hotel Leichhardt will be showcasing ‘Beers of the Inner West’. Tempt your taste buds with Five Dock’s Akasha Brewing, Young Henry’s Newton, Marrickville’s Batch Brewing, and Camperdown’s Wayward Brewery. Also on tap will be the newly released Goose Island – Midway Session IPA from Chicago and a range from Matilda Bay Brewing. FANTASTIC FOOD STALLS: Like its name suggests, you won’t be leaving Leichhardt Long Lunch without indulging in a delicious range of food. For meat lovers, Black Iron Smokers and BBQ will be cooking up pulled pork burgers, beef brisket, ribs and BBQ share plates, while The Fancy Burger will provide homemade sausages in artisan bread rolls. Monster Rolls will deliver slow cooked meat and baguettes, and The Molong Farm offers meat that is sustainably and locally sourced. It wouldn’t be an Inner West food festival without the enticing scent of Spanish paella permeating the air — Tapas Market will be creating some delicious Spanish dishes. For dessert to wash down all that meat and tapas, The Cream Machine will serve up coffee, milkshakes and ice cream. VINTAGE SHOPPING: There’s no need to forfeit your chances of winning the best dressed competition if you don’t own a piece of vintage clothing; Leichhardt Long Lunch will boast some wonderful pop up vintage stores for your shopping needs. Bluebell Vintage Clothing will offer reproduction vintage garments and accessories for girls, and Da Vintage Code will provide a range that epitomises 50s and 60s fashion for boys and girls alike. Bread and Butter Vintage offers retro, collectable vintage and other unique-style pieces, while Leo’s has the guys sorted with old-school menswear, cowboy boots, vintage denim shirts and jackets available to shoppers. Beyond dress, check out Val + Wazza’s music store for records, cassettes and DVDs.


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+ Exhibitions & Events R OYAL HOT EL


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Inner West Whispers Rent a tent — Merger 2.0 — Bye buses • Love camping? We hear that at just $130 a week, a tent in Sydenham has been advertised for rent on Facebook’s Inner West Sydney Housemates group. Now you can camp every day and pay exorbitant Sydney rent prices for your cut of freshly polluted city air. We’re not sure if this is satire aimed at Sydney’s rent prices, or evidence of the extremities renters are going to in dire circumstances. • Despite the controversy surrounding the proposed amalgamation of Burwood, Strathfield and City of Canada Bay councils, it’s looking likely that Canada Bay residents will be back at the ballot box to elect councillors on September 9 — that is, unless a merger occurs between now and then. Even if councillors are freshly elected in September, a merger that wipes them all out can still occur at any time. Three cheers for democracy. • Could your Opal fares be under threat? The government’s plans to privatise the Inner West’s bus services has caused quite a stir amongst riders and drivers. There’s always the possibility that privatisation will provide us with smoothly running timetables, buses decked out with air-con, leather seats and cupholders. But who knows what kind of soaring fares bus users might face? Newtown MP Jenny Leong has called for the government to “stop flogging things off and instead, fix them”. Your Say: Inner Westies report back on the 2017 Federal Budget I think that the lack of focus on the environment and on measures to protect it is disappointing. We will fall even more behind on the world stage in terms of CO2 emissions than we already are unless more funds are put towards things like renewable energy. Annabel, Leichhardt. I’m glad to find out that the price hikes for the Medicare levy is going to the NDIS scheme. If we’re going to pay more taxes, at least it’s going somewhere good. Angela, Stanmore. Affordable education should be one of the top priorities of the country. I get the sense that University students are a precious breed. We have to take some of the load. It’s not ideal, but it’s life. But I do understand that today very few jobs are available without a degree, so we’re put in debt before we even start, which is why people who don’t want to be at university but have to be are mad about the increases. Gabrielle, Haberfield. One of the benefits of this year’s budget is that $115 million will go to mental health. A disadvantage is the lower threshold for uni students to repay HECS. I also think that the billions they’re pumping into defence doesn’t represent how the average taxpayer wants their money spent. Zoe, Darlington. I’m annoyed that all this money is given to private schools, and being taken away from Catholic and public schools. Schools like Knox and Kings are being given a huge amount of money, while some of the families at local public and Catholics schools are struggling. Robyn, Stanmore Things we love Ciao is a big fan of community spirit, and there are few greater examples than Run2Cure, held in the Domain on Sunday, June 4, when people come together to support the bravery of children who have fought cancer. The event is particularly special for Leichhardt mum Rosalie, who has had her share of tough times. When her son Jullian was almost three, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, the leading cause of death from cancer for children under five. According to Rosalie, her son’s courage and smile has been a constant inspiration for the family during difficult times. We love the enthusiasm and dedication of 15 members of Rosalie’s family, friends and staff, who are all taking part in Run2Cure this year to support families who have been affected by the disease. Rosalie is keen to see her community unite under a good cause. “Kids are amazing, they just push through, they’re always smiling no matter how sick,” she says. With a stunning harbour view, and events ranging from a 10km run to a fun walk for little heroes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Julian at Run2Cure last year zy Kidz Sumo H ire Sumo Suits Jumping Castles All Functions And More 0415 611 929 Kra -4- Righteous Rightie Righteous Rightie weeps bitter, salty tears for the party once led by rightwing heroes such as John Howard and Tony Abbott Dear RR – I’m a battling bank executive on a modest 250K salary. Needless to say, it barely covers the mortgages on my Inner West home and three Outer West investment properties, not to mention the fees involved in sending my children to Newington. So, you can imagine how rectally impinged upon I felt watching the Treasurer’s Budget speech. Aside from a free university education, affordable property prices and abundant opportunities to get a well-paying full-time job, I wasn’t handed anything in life. Somehow, in a frenzy of elbow grease and bootstrap pulling, I made something of myself. Not so long ago, a go-getter like me could have relied on the Liberal Party to have my back by reducing my taxes, slashing the pay of those non-aspirational arseclowns in the service sector, wrenching the public teat out of the insatiable mouths of welfare scroungers and insisting on rigorous ‘efficiency dividends’ to the health and education budgets. What does the Liberal Party stand for now? Little Johnny wants a degree in transgender ecofeminist theology? No problem, let Muggins the hard-working taxpayer cover half the cost! Some bogan who spends her days smoking durries and stuffing her face with ‘Maccas’ wants to visit a bulk-billing doctor to whine about feeling unhealthy? No problem, show up to the medical clinic as often as you like! Terry, Annandale RR replies: I can’t believe I’m typing these words but I miss Sloppy Joe. Our only hope now is that the Latham-led Liberal Democrats can form a governing majority after the next election. We are Ciao Advertising:, Editorial: Creative: Accounts: General: No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. The opinions expressed in Ciao are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. © All rights reserved. Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Jada Bennett-Cross, Russell Edwards, Lucia Moon, Winsor Dobbin, Lucie Jamison, Alison Xiao, Jane Lifen Chen, Sophia Chrysanthos and Maria Zarro. 460A PARRAMATTA ROAD, PETERSHAM 2049 WWW.CIAOMAGAZINE.COM.AU (02) 9518 3696, M:0405 509 805 Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle. Cover: Vanessa Berry and Chris Mikul shot by Ben Cregan Thankyou to the Sydney Bus Museum Lilyfield


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FREEW&orEkvsehnotpss JULY - DECEMBER 2017 TREADING LIGHTLY ECO-LIVING IN THE INNER WEST JULY Wednesday 5 July 10.30am - 11.30am Australian Animals Display: Taronga Zoomobile Hosted by City of Canada Bay Wednesday 12 July 2pm - 4pm Make Your Own Bunting (for kids) Hosted by City of Canada Bay Saturday 15 July 9.30am - 11.30am Yaralla Estate Bushcare & Biodiversity Tour Hosted by City of Canada Bay Saturday 22 July 9.30am - 11am and 11.15am - 12.45pm Repair Cafe for Electrical Items Hosted by Inner West Council Sunday 30 July 10am - 12pm Bicycle Repair Cafe & Maintenance Hosted by Strathfield Council Sunday 30 July Various sites and times National Tree Day Hosted by Inner West Council Really enjoyed the class and cannot wait to get my own materials, so I can start to practise at home. My favourite part of the workshop was taking home knowledge and skills that I did not have before. AUGUST Tuesday 1 August 6pm - 8pm Crochet with Recycled T-Shirt Yarn Hosted by Inner West Council Saturday 12 August 9.30am - 12.30pm Bike Maintenance Hosted by Burwood Council Sunday 20 August 10am - 12pm Control Backyard Weeds Hosted by Strathfield Council Saturday 26 August 10am - 12pm New Plants from Old: Plant Propagation Hosted by City of Canada Bay Sunday 27 August 11am - 12.30pm Footprints Clothing Swap Hosted by Inner West Council More, more, more please, the workshop had us wanting to learn more. (Corroboree for Kids) Found it very interesting and excited about the possibilities. Absolutely lovely venue, friendly organisers SEPTEMBER Saturday 2 September 10am - 12pm Composting & Worm Farming Hosted by Inner West Council Saturday 16 September 9.30am - 12pm Vertical Gardens Hosted by Burwood Council Sunday 17 September 10am - 12pm Mason Park Wetland Walk & Talk Hosted by Strathfield Council Sunday 17 September 10am - 2pm Big Bike Day Hosted by Inner West Council OCTOBER Thursday 5 October 10.30am - 11.30am Australian Animals Display: Taronga Zoomobile Hosted by Burwood Council Saturday 7 October 10am - 12pm Indoor Plant Parenting Hosted by City of Canada Bay Thursday 12 October 6pm - 8pm Shrubs & Syrups Hosted by Inner West Council Saturday 14 October 10am - 12pm Cooking Outdoors with Fresh Vegetables Hosted by Strathfield Council Limited capacity - bookings are essential for all events Venue details will be provided at time of booking All of it was brilliant. Thank you. Loved taking home some of what we made. Our group was great as well. Book Online NOVEMBER Thursday 2 November 10am - 12pm Kids’ Toy & Clothing Swap Hosted by Inner West Council Saturday 18 November 9.30am - 11.30am Balcony Gardening: Growing Veggies in Containers Hosted by Burwood Council Sunday 19 November 10am - 12pm Indoor Plants: Healthy Indoor Homes Hosted by Strathfield Council Saturday 25 November 10am - 12pm Make Your Own Upcycled Christmas Wreath Hosted by City of Canada Bay DECEMBER Sunday 3 December 10am - 12pm Healthy Cooking from Your Garden Hosted by Strathfield Council To book into a workshop go to: http://treading-lightly. Bookings for workshops will open on Eventbrite approximately 4 weeks prior to the event date. Due to the high demand, workshop participants must be from within the Burwood, City of Canada Bay, Inner West and Strathfield Local Government Areas. Please provide your address at time of booking. For further information (or assistance with booking) please contact the hosting council: Burwood Council 9911 9911 City of Canada Bay 9911 6555 Inner West Council Ashfield Service Centre Leichhardt Service Centre 9716 1816 9367 9381 Strathfield Council 9748 9999 Visit partner Councils’ websites for further information


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What’s On TALKING TO TERRORISTS King Street Theatre, Newtown What makes ordinary people turn to terrorism? Ponder the questions of our time at this piece of verbatim theatre 23 M AY — 3 J U N E VIVID: ART WALK The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes Walk through the newly developed Rhodes Peninsula to discover local artists’ mural and cultural work. T U E S 30 MAY, 2PM HSC DE-STRESS WORKSHOP Ashfield Library, Ashfield Join the free workshops for Year 11 and 12 students in the lead up to the HSC exams. THURS 1 JUNE, 6PM WHY DOES ART MATTER? Leichhardt Library, 23 Norton St, Leichhardt Associate Professor David Macarthur discusses the philosophical questions of art: What is art? Why does it matter to us in the way it does? THURS 1 JUNE, 6.30PM YOUR SOLAR ASSESSMENT Green Living Centre, Newtown Thinking about installing a solar panel to your property? Book a free one-on-one session with a solar export to get important advice on how to go solar. SAT 3 JUNE, 1.30PM SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL Dendy Newtown Check out the Sydney Film Festival Guide and take your pick! WINTER WARMERS Green Living Centre, 218 King Street, Newtown Learn how to crochet a granny square rug at this free event. 7 — 18 JUNE SAT 10 JUNE, 10.30AM SABOR LATINO Wests Ashfield Leagues, 115 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield Dance the night away with hot Brazilian dancers, drummers and a salsa show to kick off the June long weekend. SAT 10 JUNE, 9.30PM BUSHCARE WORKING BEE Cadigal Reserve, 1-4 Grosvenor Crescent, Summer Hill Enjoy the great outdoors and volunteer to care for and learn about local plants and the environment. SAT 10 JUNE, 9.30PM MAHJONG Marrickville Library, Marrickville Exercise your intellectual fitness with this fourplayer game of Western Mahjong each week. Eastern Mahjong is held weekly at St Peters/ Sydenham library. TUES 13 JUNE, 9.30AM COOKS RIVER CULTURE AND COUNTRY Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville Hear Aboriginal stories about the Cooks River, explore a virtual simulation and dig into some bush tucker. FR IDAY 16 JUNE, 9AM — 4PM SOUND + VISION: A DAVID BOWIE CABARET Leadbelly, Newtown Part of this year’s VIVID Festival, enjoy Cabaret Sasquatch’s diamond dog dancers and circus artists. SAT 17 JUNE, 6PM MEET YOSHIKO TEKEUCHI Concord Library, Concord Sample some Japanese superfoods, and discover their beauty and health benefits. TUES 20 JUNE, 7PM FABBA Wests Ashfield Leagues, 115 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield Share in the love of ABBA — the group are dedicated to replicating the ABBA sound with a modern theatrical element. SAT 24 JUNE, 7. 30 PM CITY CYCLE COURSE Richard Murden Reserve, Haberfield Covering cyclist rights and responsibilities, off-road practice, group riding and on-street drills, this course will get you up to speed. SUN 25 JUNE, 9AM Start winter on the right foot and explore the best of local events. -6-


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WHAT’S ON CIAO’S PICKS VIVID IN CANADA BAY 26 MAY - 17 JUNE The world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas is coming to the Inner West. Rhodes: Creative will feature robots, 3D printing and wearable technology. Highlights of the program include a Human Robot Friendship Ball, to celebrate the relationship between people and machines. Participants will also be able to design jewellery using 3D modelling and 3D printing, while learning how to create wearable electronics. For a creative and fun-filled festival of masterclasses and activities, check out the range of seminars on offer. The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes BITCH 31 MAY - 17 JUNE Sydney playwright Wayne Tunks exposes a raw and sinister underbelly of suburban Australian family life with a darkly funny characters. The Post family suffer through addiction, gender politics and more, with heart-warming humour throughout. Tunks says his gritty drama and black comedy focuses on real issues people are facing today. Ciao Giveaway: Lucky readers can win two free tickets. Email with your name, address and where you found your copy of Ciao. Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NEWTOWN VOICES SUNDAY 4 JUNE Leichhardt writer Sue Cartledge’s first novel, Newtown Voices, will be launched at Better Read Than Dead by Montreal Poetry Prize winning poet, Mark Tredinnick. The novel transports us to 1978 and follows the lives of four locals: a newspaper editor, a queer anarchist activist, and two newcomers to the scene. “You’ll meet cops and crooks, journos and painters, emigres fleeing violence in Europe, you’ll walk King St as it comes out of its closet and opens its eyes, as a new Australia dawned,” according to Tredinnick. Better Read Than Dead, 265 King St, Newtown TINEL DRAGOI SATURDAY 10 JUNE, 5PM Celebrate the Balmain Sinfonia’s 100th performance with a glass of bubbly and showcase from Australian violinist Tinel Dragoi, performing works by Borodin, Mozart and Dvorak. With previous performances in Romania, Switzerland, Cyprus and Adelaide, Dragoi will explore the vivid melodies of these timeless composers under the direction of Balmain Sinforia’s founder, Gary Stavrou. This year, Stavrou was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to music, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Sinfonia. Italian Forum, Leichhardt MRS CAREY’S BENEFIT CONCERT SUNDAY 18 JUNE, 3PM A community of musicians, passionate about classical music and social change, are donating their time for the inaugural Symphony For Life Benefit Concert. Featuring Sydney Brass and Consort 8, the event will raise funds for music programs for underprivileged young people. Organised by celebrated classical music teacher Karen Carey, the woman behind the acclaimed documentary ‘Mrs Carey’s Concert’, the event seeks to ensure refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids and other marginalised young people have access to empowerment through music. If you’re a fan of classical music and good causes, this is the event for you. St Paul’s Anglican Church, 205-207 Burwood Rd, Burwood MY HERITAGE FRIDAY 23 JUNE, 6.30PM Books and stories open up whole words to people. Minh Hiền’s touching memoir, My Heritage: Việt Nam fatherland motherland, shares the story of her migration to Australia. In 1981, seventeen-year-old Minh Hiền fled Vietnam in a tining fishing boat to pursue peace, freedom and education, leaving behind her parents and customs. At this book reading, she will share stories of her rich culture and experiences. This event for UNHCR fundraising invites locals to enjoy Vietnamese refreshments and join Patti Miller, Margaret Eldridge AM, Trí Tuệ and Farshid for a conversation about life-writing, autobiography and heritage. Drummoyne Oval Pavillion (Greg Davis Stand), Bayswater St, Drummoyne NOW OPEN THE LOBBY is a haven for whiskey and cocktail enthusiasts. 5HOD[DQGHQMR\WKHÀQHVWORFDODQGLQWHUQDWLRQDOZKLVNH\V sourced from around the globe or sip on signature cocktails. The Lobby Bar (at Le Montage) )UD]HU6WUHHW/LO\ÀHOG )RUHQTXLULHV %DUDQG.LWFKHQ2SHQ :HGQHVGD\7KXUVGD\SPXQWLOODWH )ULGD\²6XQGD\SPXQWLOODWH Follow us on


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MOVIES Red poet on the run NERUDA IS A CLEVER MIX OF HISTORY AND FEVERED IMAGINATION The hunter... are mere trifles to the acclaimed Chilean auteur, who is more interested in playfully mixing up genres and shifting our allegiances all the time, always telling the story from oblique and tricky angles. Neruda is a flawed hero – the sort of brilliant and idealistically driven politician we never get in this country. But the ridiculous cop is a sympathetic character too – a tragically conflicted soul haunted by his own limitations, but equally admiring of his prey’s mystique and power. The always-charismatic Bernal plays him wonderfully. He should team up with freewheeling directors like Larraín more often. MA15+ from May 25 ★★★★ Much of Pablo Larraín’s dizzingly inventive new movie is a shaggy dog cat-and-mouse game. Like his award-winning Jackie, it’s nothing if not unconventional. In 1948 communism was outlawed in Chile forcing the poet Pablo Neruda (Luis Gnecco), who was also then a popular left wing politician, into hiding. With his wife (Mercedes Moran) in tow, they slip from view into a succession of safe houses, closely pursued by a preening police inspector, Oscar Peluchonneau (Gael Garcia Bernal). Peluchonneau, a dour, straight-laced and ambitious cop, has staked his professional honour on being able to track down the nation’s most famous communist fugitive. Meanwhile Neruda, a cultured and hedonistic “swinger” takes ridiculous risks, and even appears to enjoy baiting his dogged pursuer. As with Jackie, this is no ordinary bio-pic – and Pablo Larraín plays pretty loose with the historical record. The police inspector himself is a totally invented figure. But facts ...and his prey ■ WIN DOUBLE PASSES To be in the running for one of ten double in season passes to Neruda, or one of five for The Sense of an Ending, email with your name and address telling us where you found your copy of Ciao. You can enter both in a single email, but give us a preference. Wake in fright – the real version Top movies in June HOTEL COOLGARDIE ★★★★ This startling doco from Pete Gleeson screened at Sydney Film Festival last year, where it didn’t get the attention it deserved. It tells the story of two Finnish girls who are sent to work in a pub in remote WA – totally unprepared for what they find: obnoxious drunks, relentless sexual advances, a bullying boss and mind-numbing boredom. They try to make the best of it, playing along with some of the vaguely threatening men, even (don’t do it, girls!) going with some on a “camping” trip. With the camera always present, there’s lots of queasy moments where you do wonder about the ethics of this sort of “fly-on-the-wall’ filmmaking. At a SFF Q&A Gleeson insisted he would “never have let the girls get hurt.” But admitted wondering, “Now what sort of film what that have made?” As it is, the ending is quite shocking enough. CTC from June 22. Looking forward to... Una (June 22) ★★★★ A Quiet Passion (June 22) ★★★★ Monsieur Chocolat (June 29) ★★★★ We’ll have tickets to give away for them all – keep up to date all month at ■ Russell Edwards Win preview tickets The truth is ellusive CHARLOTTE RAMPLING AND JIM BROADBENT – TOGETHER AGAIN The fallibility of our memories lie at the heart of this highly satisfying British drama There’s a certain type of inner west movie-goer… They’ve probably been around long enough to have developed a taste for fine wines and books by Helen Garner; the last concert they went to was Patti Smith’s and they like nothing more on a Saturday night than a Netflix binge with The Crown. And they love movies starring Charlotte Rambling… It’s a huge bonus if Jim Broadbent is in them too. Ok, you’ve got the picture… Last time these two were together was the emotionally potent relationship drama 45 Years, they’re just as well-paired in the new film from The Lunchbox director, Rita Batra. Based on Julian Barnes’ Man Booker Prize winning novel, The Sense of an Ending is a powerful story of a reclusive middle-aged man, Tony, who after an unexpected legacy in a will, has to face the uncomfortable truth about his first love and the devastating consequences of decisions made a lifetime ago. In early flashbacks we have to rely on Tony’s very much unreliable memories from his student days of his girlfriend (Freya Mavor). In the present she’s played by Rambling – as hauntingly enigmatic as ever, and seemingly quite chilly toward Tony. The more we find out about what Arthouse superstars, Charlotte Rambling and Jim Broadbent happened when they were both young and in love – the worse Tony’s actions appear. Here Broadbent’s performance is just fascinating to watch and he manages to be both sympathetic and something of a creep at the same time. As in 45 Years, which also searched for elusive truths from a long ago love affair and a death, the story becomes more compelling as it gets darker. As we head towards the ending, we do sense it won’t be a happy one. M from May 25. ★★★★ ■ We have 5 double inseason passes to giveaway. See above. -8- Daniel Radcliffe is stark raving sane NT LIVE: ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Joshua McGuire (The Hour) and David Haig (Four Weddings and a Funeral) star in Tom Stoppard’s brilliantly funny situation comedy, recorded live from The Old Vic theatre in London. David Leveaux’s new production marks the 50th anniversary of the play that made a young Tom Stoppard’s name overnight. Against the backdrop of Hamlet, two hapless minor characters, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, take centre stage. As the young double act stumble their way in and out of the action of Shakespeare’s iconic drama, they become increasingly out of their depth as their version of the story unfolds. In a literary hall of mirrors, Stoppard’s brilliantly funny, existential labyrinth sees us witness the ultimate identity crisis. CTC – in cinemas from June 24. ■ We have 5 double passes to the Sydney preview at Dendy Newtown on Tue 6 June 6pm to giveaway. Simply email with your name and address telling us where you found your copy of Ciao.


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SPECIAL EVENT Open Inner West MUSICA LIRICA Enjoy a showcase of young opera singers performing popular Italian arias and songs at the Leichhardt Town Hall on Saturday June 17 at 5.30pm. Featuring arias from famous Italian operas such as La Traviata, La Boheme, Aida, The Barber of Seville, Rigoletto, Tosca, The Marriage of Figaro, and Madama Butterfly, guests will also enjoy nibbles and beverages to an Italian theme. All the performers are previous winners or entrants in the Australian Singing Competition. The free event will be music to your ears! Leichhardt Town Hall, Leichhardt IMMERSE YOURSELF IN 57 CULTURES OVER 10 DAYS, FROM FRIDAY JUNE 16 — SUNDAY JUNE 25 MONGOLIA TO MARRICKVILLE Be sure to check out the new, stunning artworks of Gandbold Lundaa from June 21 — 25 at the StirrUp Gallery in Marrickville (with an opening on the June 20). As well as feasting your eyes on gorgeous art, and enjoying delicious food and drinks, you can also experience the incredible Mongolian throat singer and horse head fiddle player, Bukhchuluun Ganburged, and participate in interactive art by Ganbold (Gawaa) Lundaa and Donald Brierly. StirrUp Gallery, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville KLUB KOORI For a night of musical magic, Klub Koori will you have dancing. The event is presented by Gadigal Information Service, home of Koori Radio 93.7FM with the Inner West Council. Held on Sunday, June 10 at The Factory Theatre, tickets are just $15 each. The show will feature a lineup of incredible Aboriginal artists. Revered names like Kuren, Bow and Arrow and Lucky Luke will take to the stage to bless your eardrums during the festival. The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD SERIES Forget TV and video games, your kids will love indulging in some highly entertaining storytelling. When Camels Could Fly, a performative celebration of Australia’s cultural multiplicity, Floating on a Sea of Stories, the telling of traditional Japanese children’s stories, and My Fine Feathered Friends, an energetic performance about Chinese, African and Australian birds, are all featured events this year. Children of all ages can immerse themselves in these extraordinary tales from around the globe at Sydenham Library on June 17, Leichhardt Library on June 20, and Ashfield Library on June 24. CHINESE MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL Experience authentic Chinese culture at Open Inner West. For fashion fanatics, The Chinese Multicultural Festival will showcase traditional clothes and culture from both traditional Peking Opera and Shanghai Opera. For those who want action, come along to see the Weapon performance, Kung Fu martial arts, Tai Chi, Chinese Square and Country Dance. And for anyone musically inclined, the festival will also feature traditional Chinese instruments and music. Free, June 25, Alex Trevallion Plaza, Marrickville Road, Marrickville For more info on other events download the program at Book your next FUNCTION with us Call us on (02) 9569 2638 today! Open Inner West 16 - 25 June 2017 10 Days 57 Cultures ART • FOOD • MUSIC • FILM • STORYTELLING For full program details go to: Or pick up a program from one of Council’s Customer Service Centres Ashfield Service Centre: 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield NSW 2131 Leichhardt Service Centre: 7-15 Wetherill Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040 Petersham Service Centre: 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham NSW 2049


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PROMOTION Taking Shape Taking Shape, a brand that celebrates women’s curves, has women all over the Inner West talking. They’ve recently opened up their 150th store in MarketPlace Leichhardt. We chatted with General Manager of Retail Operations Jo Newman to find out why… How did Taking Shape come about? Taking Shape has proudly been celebrating curves for over 30 years. We’re an Australianborn brand that aims to provide wardrobe solutions for curvy women in sizes 12 to 24. Over the last three decades we’ve not only grown our range to include more fashion options from work to weekend, evening to active, as well as shoes and accessories but also grown our stores – with currently over 150 across Australia and New Zealand. What inspires your business to cater for plus-size women? The customer is at the heart of our business and we take pride in providing a fun and supportive environment where plus size women can take the time to discover the styles and looks that suit them. We believe size shouldn’t be a barrier to having fun with fashion and looking great so we spend each moment of the day dedicated to helping women celebrate their curves. What sets your business apart? At Taking Shape we pride ourselves on helping our customers celebrate their curves, to us – it’s not about selling clothes it’s as simple as making our customers look and feel great through fashion. How does Taking Shape inspire women to be more confident with their body image? We specialize in plus size fashion, so we know how to create fashion for ample thighs, curvy hips and tummies. By designing fashion that flatters a curvy body, we help customers look and feel great about themselves. Our fashion stylists provide advice, guidance and tips for dressing so customers can feel confident to create these looks every-day. Tell us about your Personalised Styling Experiences. What do customers love about it? Our Personalised Styling Experiences have been known to change lives. A customer books a complimentary session with one of our trained fashion stylists and they then receive tailored, personalised fashion advice. These experiences can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours where customers build a travel wardrobe for a holiday, discover what styles suit their shape or reinvent some styles that they already own. The dedicated one-onone attention that our customer receives and the fun that they have playing dress ups in the fitting room is a wonderful experience. What’s the best response you’ve received from a client? That moment when a customer steps out of the fitting room with a smile on their face is the moment we live for. To see the joy that finding an outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous is amazing and we get to see that every day! What are some memorable moments or achievements of your business? Every time we open a store is a moment to savor. We’ve doubled our number of stores over the past 7 years and to think about where we started to what we’ve grown to is phenomenal. It excites us to think about all the customers we’ve met, the moments we’ve had and the sky is the limit for where we can grow! What does the future hold for Taking Shape? We never stand still at Taking Shape, so we’re always looking for ways to improve and help our customers – whether it’s looking for more store locations, so you’re never far away from a Taking Shape or expanding our product range to include more options, styles and fabrications. We don’t know what the future holds, but were excited for it and looking forward to going on the journey with our customers! To find out more go to: Or visit Shop 58, Leichhardt Marketplace: 122 - 138 Flood St, Leichhardt Ph: 9560 4397


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A Day in Dulwich Hill Enjoy a day out in Dulwich Hill, with new foodie destinations, street art attractions, a brand new library, pop up escape rooms and more, now is the time to plan the perfect staycation. Whether you’re a foodie, a family or out with a friend, come and spend some time in Dulwich Hill and find out for yourself why it is one of the Inner West’s hotspots. Families Johnson Park Enjoy a day out with the family by spending an afternoon picnicking in the sun. If you’re there on a Friday, look out for the Magic Yellow Bus that visits every week to unleash delight and joy on children and their families. The mobile play group brings librarians, toys, books and play equipment to help local families to connect with each other. Gallery 448 Spend an afternoon appreciating contemporary fine art with an urban background — while you’re there, you may even be tempted to buy some of the pieces to decorate your own home. Sideways Cafe Let the little ones dip their noses into a babycino while you enjoy brekky with all the fixings. Known for being child friendly, Sideways Cafe boasts 15 high chairs and an overflowing toy box for the kids to enjoy. Emanuel Tsardoulias Community Library Opened last year, this new library houses thousands of books and DVDs, perfect for all members of the community to enjoy. The library is hosting an event for kids to design and sew their own bears in July, so keep an eye out for more activities announced. IGA Dulwich Hill Go for your weekly shop at this local IGA, supporting independent retailers stocking local suppliers and brands. A family that shops together stays together. Strawberry Fields Patisserie A feast for the eyes and the taste buds, this boutique dessert shop has something for everyone. Enjoy the dainty and delicate treats on a day out with the kids. Summer Lane A kids clothing shop that blossomed into a global online store, Summer Lane began as a family owned business based in Dulwich Hill. If you’re looking to buy a gift for your nearest and dearest little one, this is the stop for you. Foodies The General Eatery and Supplies For an instagram-ready meal, The General Eatery and Supplies ticks all your boxes. Set inside a former butcher’s shop, you can kickstart your day with a healthy bircher or binge on a triple cheeseburger over lunch. Fresh donuts and seasonal flowers are for sale on weekends. -12-


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DULWICH HILL PROMOTION How to get There: Portugese Tarts Ciao has raved about Fernandes Patisserie’s famous Portuguese Tarts before, and with good reason. They’re an excuse to visit the village on their own, but a warning: they’re so scrumptious that they can sell out fast, so make it your first stop. Campos Coffee Is there anywhere in the world that does coffee like the Inner West? Conventional wisdom says “no”, and Dulwich Hill is certainly no exception. If you’re a Campos connoisseur hit their flagship cafe on Marrickville Road. The Hub The Hub House Diner serves a mouthwatering fusion of Australian cafe favourites and American diner cuisine. Start your meal with Southern Fried Chicken and top it off with a deconstructed snickers dessert. Cafe Trreat Still not satisfied with your flat lay? Cafe Trreat mixes rustic breakfasts and burgers with trreat shakes that will explode the senses — try the shake served in a coconut and piled to the nines with sweets. These trreats will have you coming back for more. JB’s on Canterbury Don’t think coffee and breakfast omelettes go with Indian tapas? JB’s on Canterbury will prove you wrong. Serving up delicious open sandwiches and smashed avo on toast, they’ve now introduced a new authentic fusion Indian Tapas plate. The Stable A charming neighbourhood cafe and diner, The Stable’s decor aligns with its name. If you’re a pun-ny person, order the Hungry Horse (Big Brekky). Otherwise, fill your appetite with warm and delicious diner food. Friends Tella Balls The best way to bond with friends is over Sydney’s most decadent desserts. Balls of doughy goodness with a gooey nutella centre, waffles decked out in kinder surprise, milkshakes that satisfy all your sweet-tooth cravings... is there any need to go on? Zeus Greek While you’re imagining sun-soaked Greek Islands and divine lamb pita wraps, Zeus Street Greek gets you halfway there. Have a pita each, or share a Spartan Box, and bask in the glory of endless loukoumades. Yoga Nook Stressed or anxious? Embrace mindfulness by taking some time to stretch, breathe and relax with your local yoga instructors. With classes for all levels, it’s a perfect morning activity to do with friends before brunch. Urban Cachet Ready for a fashion revamp? Urban Cachet offers in-store advice with experienced stylists that can help you pick out the best new addition for your wardrobe. Bring a friend and shop till you drop. Art Heist Escape rooms have been taking Sydney by storm, and now there’s one in Dulwich Hill! Enjoy a night out with a difference as you and your friends become characters of a bespoke performance in a purpose built gallery. Avoid cameras, dodge lasers and steal art to break in and pull off a successful art heist. Jet Pack Theatre has temporarily been transformed into this amazing immersive theatre experience so be quick, this escape room finishes end of July. Bus Catch the 426 and 428 from Newtown or the city. Catch the 444 and 445 from Leichhardt and Balmain. Light Rail The Dulwich Hill Line (L1) goes through Glebe, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Lewisham and Summer Hill. $5.20 adult return (Family day pass $22). Disembark at Dulwich Grove. Train Dulwich Hill railway station is located on Wardell Road, around 1km walk from the Dulwich Hill Village. T3 Bankstown Line trains serve the station. There are frequent services from the Sydney CBD and the south-western suburbs. ($2.50 per adult on Sundays) Car There are two major carparks in Dulwich Hill. Enter from Seaview Street for New Canterbury Road shops and from Beach Road for the Marrickville Road cafés and eateries. Cycle There are some lovely rides through to Dulwich Hill from Leichhardt and Newtown. The GreenWay corridor that runs between Iron Cove and the Cooks River passes through Dulwich Hill and is a particularly scenic route. Walk Nothing like a morning stroll to get the blood pumping, with a tasty treat to reward your efforts from one of Dulwich Hill’s patisseries and bakeries. Lots of dog friendly outdoor areas too. Need more? To discover more about Dulwich Hill Village visit -13-


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LEICHHARDT BOWLING & RECREATION CLUB A Modern Australian Bistro Now Open BOWLING AND RECREATION CLUB Wed – Fri Lunch 12:00pm – 2:30pm Dinner 5:30pm – 9:00pm Sat & Sunday 12:00pm – 8:30pm W W W. L E I C H H A R D T B O W L I N G C L U B . C O M . AU 88-92 Piper St Leichhardt Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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Road Test WHERE TO GET YOUR GROOVE ON Inspired by Leichhardt Long Lunch and keen to try out dancing from a vintage era? Grab a partner and head to the following Inner West locations to dance the night away. Swingtime Australia Miss Peaches, Newtown and 26-28 Cook Rd, Marrickville Get a holistic swing education at this local dance school, which offers classes in Balboa, Rock’n’Roll and Swing (Lindy Hop) to groups and individuals. The Lindy Hop is the most well-known kind of swing dance, evolving in Harlem, NYC along with jazz music in the 1930s. It’s characterised by an 8-count basic and allows for easy improvisation. In Balboa, which is another type of swing dance, there are no spins or turns — it’s nice and intimate, with dancers standing chest to chest at all times in a close embrace. Swing Patrol St Stephens Church Hall, Newtown and Different Drummer Bar, Glebe Sydney Swing Patrol hosts a range of special swing nights at Inner West locations throughout the month. ‘Swing Pit’ is their Lindy Hop night in Newtown, held on the second and fourth Friday each month, which welcomes both beginners and intermediate dancers for lessons in the evening. After 9pm it’s time to let loose, with social dancing ‘til late and a focus on fun. ‘Glebe’s Juke Joint’ is the first Thursday of every month at Different Drummer, and gives you the chance to try your hand dancing to slower and smoother Blues tunes. Finish up with a few drinks and a social dance after 8.30pm. Swing to it Sydney Leichhardt Bowling and Recreation Club, Ashfield Civic Centre, Marrickville Bowling Club, and St Lukes Hall, Enmore COMMUNITY Aside from Lindy Hop, this Sydney dance school also specialises in 50s Rock’n’Roll. Derived from the Lindy Hop, Rock’n’Roll dance amps it up on the speed and athleticism, so it’s sure to give you a work out. Classes in both swing and Rock’n’Roll are held all around the Inner West, with Inner West Council residents getting free classes on Tuesdays. For the super keen, you can also sign up to one of the six week courses that are scheduled for throughout the year. Swing out Sydney Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, Newtown Welcoming those who prefer to dance as same sex couples, Swing Out Sydney makes all members of the LGBTI community feel comfortable in their classes. Specialising in teaching Swing Dance styles from the 1930s and 40s, they encourage stepping away from traditional gender roles, advertising that “guys and girls can choose if they want to dance like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, the choice is yours.” Teaching to lead and follow, rather than as male and female, you can choose to adopt either role when you head to their class to meet new friends and relax in a social atmosphere. Ageing Gracefully Staying fit and healthy for senior Australians can be easier than you think. Sanjay Gupta, Physiotherapist, Cranbrook Care shares his expert advice: Exercise • Undertake resistance training exercises at least two to three times a week to maintain muscle mass, strength and joint motion. Also include activities that target the heart and lungs such as a brisk walk, a gentle cycle or a gentle jog. • Consider taking up activities such as dancing, gardening, bush walking, yoga, tai chi, swimming or aqua aerobics. Nutrition • Maintain a healthy weight by eating a balanced diet and maintaining an active lifestyle. • Include vegetables, legumes, nuts and low sugar fruits. • Minimise processed foods, salt and sugar. • Aim to eat the equivalent of your body weight in grams of protein. If you weigh 60kg, you should consume 60g of protein daily. Try to consume lean beef, poultry, tofu, eggs or dairy. • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol (a sherry with a celebratory lunch is fine!). Mental Health • Keep mentally active by maintaining a social life and staying connected with others. • Challenge the brain through things like reading, playing chess, Sudoku, bridge or enrol in courses. • Learn and maintain hobbies and skills. • Don’t get too anxious about small things. All Cranbrook Care aged care residences offer residents a carefully considered approach to health and wellness, featuring hydrotherapy pools, consultations suites and gyms with the latest age-specific exercise equipment. Each residence has a hair and beauty salon on site and a choice of daily activities, including history seminars, art and crafts, games and in-house concerts – to maintain emotional wellbeing and keep the mind active. For more information, visit: Italian Bilingual School Excellence through Bilingualism Pre-School and Primary School • Join Our Preps Program • Enrol Now in Kindergarten • After School Care & Vacation Care Programs Available Bus service at your door step: Leichhardt, Annandale & Drummoyne 30-32 See Street, Medowbank NSW 2114 Phone: (02)98072272 Email:



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