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How-to for Web 2.0 technology LiveBinders

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livebinders tutorial 6th grade hurricane assignment your virtual 3-ring binder accessing the website 1 open the internet browser 2 enter into the address bar of the internet browser 3 click log in in the upper right corner of the screen 4 a log in window see the figure to the right will appear 5 enter the user name and password provided by the teacher 6 click log in the screen will show your binders under the my shelves tab select the hurricanes binder located on the shelve adding information creating a subtab 1 select the tab of the binder from the top of the screen you want to add information to 2 click edit menu in the upper right of the screen the edit menu toolbar shown below will appear at the bottom of the screen 3 select the tabs tab in the upper left of the edit menu toolbar 4 click add subtab a blank subtab is created under your current tab edit menu toolbar


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entering text 1 within your newly created subtab select the text layout tab in the upper left of the edit menu toolbar 2 chose the desired template you can chose from different combinations of media and text 3 enter text by double clicking with in the text box 4 click save in the upper right of the edit menu toolbar to make sure you are saving your work uploading files pdf .jpg .gif .ppt .doc .txt and .mov 1 select upload file tab in the upper left of the edit menu toolbar 2 click browse a new window will pop up allowing you to search for the desired file on your computer see figure to the right 3 once you ve found the desired file select the file and click open in the lower right of the window the window will disappear 4 click open to new subtab from the edit menu toolbar your file will then load in a new subtab adding a website 1 create a new subtab as instructed above 2 in the yellow bar next to enter a url type the url of the website you want to include see below 3 click insert after loading a visual of the site will appear in the subtab 4 click go to site if you wish to open the site in a new browser window remember · make sure your name is visible on all your pages so you receive credit · make sure you are constantly saving your work · these are the basics feel free to explore and get more comfortable



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