4A Illustrated Poems


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Poems illustrated using Google Draw

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4A Illustrated Poems by Mr. Gorneau’s Students Illustrated by Nancy Gorneau


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Trees comes from nature. Trees gives us oxygen too. Trees are fun and good. ` ` `


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A man named Mr. Myrtles Had a lot of turtles. He feeds them everyday I wonder how much they weigh. Poor Mr. Myrtles He has to carry all those fat turtles. He doesn’t have a single friend He is not a big trend. He is always a loner. He lived lonely ever after. Ali


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Jack´s favorite color is blue and he got on a ship with his crew the acid rain came and the crew turned into goo. Huseyin


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By: Young Chan Basilisk Green colored reptiles Most feared by any sized spiders Best not see it’s eyes.


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D TS T, E. T, T.


p. 7

Ten Pound Cat My dad bought fat cat, Which cost ten pounds. But chased a rat And chilled at the lounge.


p. 8

Why I love to rhyme, and play with slime, and eat limes. Apparently that's a crime, so I’m doing my time. I should not be here Robbie Hi


p. 9

I D Hadfina , , . ?


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Clown went to town. And the clown is so brown. And the clown always wants a golden crown. Laiba


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Hiku poem Lewis Big huge komodo Most feared south east creature wright? Best to stay away a man who was a poet and he just didn't know it Lewis Once upon a time someone made a good rhyme. His name was lewis and he lived near a buddhist shrine.From time to time he played with his friends around the shrine,as long as his parents allowed the time. Early one morning lewis woke to a storm and he knew this was not the norm.He didn't go to school and it was uncool. When he checked the class dojo he lost all his mojo,and done all his work at home. Come on yawn ● Nooooo oooooo oooooo oooooo


p. 12

The Moon The moon is glowing. Lightening the sky on dark nights. The moon shimmers silver.


p. 13

My Brother: Haiku poem Krael is always nice. Cause he gives me chocolates. And he is my bro.


p. 14

The pizza is crunchy, It is also munchy. The cheese is melted super easily but it happened very quickly


p. 15

A scout was bye me i saw someone spying. By Abdulaziz



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