Mrs. Douville's 2017 story


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Third graders edition of a classroom magazine

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      The  Magazine  of  Everything   By  Mrs.  Douville’s  2017  3rd  Graders        


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  The Laugh Factory by Mckenna Why did the girl bring a ladder to school? Because she wanted to have a higher education! What did one banana say to another? Let’s split up! What did the cake say to the knife? Do you want a piece of me? Why did the boy eat his homework? Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake! What did the banana say to the potato? Keep your eyes peeled! Where did the boat go when he was sick? To the dock!


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An Interview with Mrs. Douville by Emma Rose 1. How old are you? 31 2. What’s your favorite color? Red 3. What are your son’s names and how old are they? Prestin is 16 years old and Tanner is 14. 4. What’s your favorite class to teach? All of them! 5. What do you do in the summer? Go camping and to baseball games and I like to read. 6. What do you like about teaching? My students.


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DO  YOU  LIKE  FLOWERS?      By  Lexis          Do  you  like  flowers?    Because  I  do!    Flowers  are  so  pretty.    I  like  when  they  grow.    I   love  all  the  flowers  in  the  whole  world.        First,  you  need  a  shovel,  seeds,  and  a  hose,  too.        Next,  you  need  to  grab  your  shovel  and  dig  a  hole  in  the  ground  where  you  are   going  to  grow  your  garden.        Last,  you  need  to  put  the  seeds  in  the  holes  where  you  are  going  to  grow  the   flowers  and  then  you  have  to  put  the  dirt  around  them.      Then  wait  for  a  while,  then   you  have  to  spray  the  hose  on  the  ground.          


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      A     Maze   Designed     By     Sean                      


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  Would  You  Rather?    By  Alexie     Would  you  rather  be  green  or  blue?   Would  you  rather  eat  snakes  or  a  frog?   Would  you  rather  read  a  book  all  day  or  watch  TV?   Would  you  rather  see  the  Eiffel  Tower  or  the  Statue  of  Liberty?   Would  you  rather  be  a  kid  or  an  adult?   Would  you  rather  be  a  troll  or  a  dragon?   Would  you  rather  eat  vegetables  for  a  week  or  meat  for  a  week?         A     Vulture     drawn  by  Ciara    


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There  are  8  planets.    Did  you  know  that  1000  Pluto’s  would  fit  in  the  moon   and  it  would  take  Pluto  248  years  to  get  to  the  sun?    Pluto  is  now   considered  a  dwarf  planet.    Jupiter  is  the  biggest  planet  and  Pluto  is  the   smallest  planet.    Earth  is  the  only  planet  with  living  life  on  it.         PLANETS  by  Alexie       GYMNASTICS  by  Morgan       Gymnastics  is  a  sport.    It  is  fun  to  do,  but  it  takes  a  lot  of  practice  to  do  it.     But  you  will  get  it  one  day.    I  do  it  outside  and  my  friends  do  it,  too.    I  can  do   a  cartwheel  and  a  one-­‐hand  cartwheel.    


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  World  of  Minecraft,  drawn  by  Fhyer             This  is  a  world  of  Minecraft.    Hi!    My  name  is  Fhyer.    I’m  in  the  blue  shirt  and   the  red  pants  in  this  picture.  


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            SHOPKINS By Rainy


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KLAY THOMPSON! By Masio Klay Thompson is a shooting guard. He is GOOD! His height is 6’7. He weighs 215 pounds. In 2000, he played for Washington State Basketball. He now plays for the Warriors! His home town is Rancho Santa Margarita, California.


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PUZZLE by Alyssa Print this puzzle out and cut it into pieces. Then try to put it back together.



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