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Welcome to Elevate 2017 Elevate raises the standard in promotional apparel by combining the looks you’d expect in retail, high quality which delivers great wearability and innovative design that’s optimised for custom decoration. The result is an exclusive range of desirable textiles which perform superbly, both on the body and within your promotional strategy. The 2017 collection is once again comprised of three distinct line-ups – Essential, Life and Select – that make it easy to find what you need, with nine new styles added to the mix. Servingaces since1881 YOUR BRAND LIVES HERE Welcome to Slazenger 2017 Established for 135 years, Slazenger is one of the oldest surviving sporting brand names. Internationally recognised for its presence at some of the world’s most famous competitions, this enduring name upholds a unique and distinguished heritage. Slazenger successfully balances past with present by delivering on-trend retro styling with contemporary quality. And with four new styles available in our 2017 collection, the momentum keeps on going. If you’re looking for a platform which reflects your own ability to keep your eye on the ball over the long term, Slazenger’s got what it takes. 3


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WHAT’S NEW IN THIS CATALOGUE? We are always looking for ways to improve. That’s why we have made some additions to this catalogue that we think you’re going to like. Elevate and Slazenger styles are combined and organized by product group. They are presented with a similar layout showing detailed product information such as decoration techniques per individual colour, care instructions, sizing and packaging information and a product-showing colour-index. Next to this we have created handy overviews on decoration, new styles, fits, icons and a detailed jacket guideline. Last but not least we finish up with the full range of caps and two WorldSource programs. .............. / .............. / ..............: Date PM .............. / .............. / ..............: CREATIVE Date Paraph Paraph Paraph Paraph PM ..............Date : / .............. / .............. Paraph Paraph Paraph Paraph Paraph Paraph Paraph Paraph ESSENTIAL LIFE LABEL17_BASE LIFE 01 white 123 03 white-navy 123 05 khaki 123 10 yellow 123 21 pink 123 23 light pink 123 SELECT Elevate and Slazenger styles combined Essential, Life and Select joined by Slazenger 24 burgundy 123 25 red 123 33 orange 123 38 plum 1236 40 light blue 123 49 navy 123 51 aqua 123 60 forest 1236 68 apple green 123 69 fern green 123 86 chocolate brown Decoration techniques1 2 3 90 light grey 123 95 anthracite 123 per individual colour 96 grey melange** 123 99 black 123 NEW colour LABEL17_BASE headwear & accessories headwear & accessories watson 38653 P.250 garnet 134035 P.252 momentum 111052 P.254 spire 111057 P.256 brunswick 38655 P.250 apex 111049 P.252 caliber 111055 P.254 redwood 111056 P.256 bryson 38654 P.251 verve 111050 P.253 level 111053 P.255 mark 111054 P.257 carve 134037 P.258 draw 111003/195482 P.260 grip 134038 P.256 qualifier 111011 P.260 challenge 111002/195488 P.259 alley 111021 P.260 basic non-woven 111068 P.261 trucker 111069 P.262 columbus 111060 P.263 basic cotton 111066 P.261 NEW baseball 38658 P.262 memphis kids 111036 P.261 san diego 111012 P.263 brent 38656 P.251 rockwall 134036 P.253 NEW tempo 38657 P.255 broach 111058 P.257 break 111048 P.259 memphis 111016 P.262 irwin 111043 P.263 07_LABEL17_Headwear_Accessories_P248-P263.indd All Pages 44 blue 1236 70 army green 123 REGULAR FIT PRE-SHRUNK LABEL17_BASE PM Date .............. / .............. / ..............: STUDIO MAN. ..............Date : / .............. / .............. CREATIVE ..............Date : / .............. / .............. LABEL17_BASE tPhreoteelcetmioennftrsom Use as a gouuridweaterproof and breathability ratings Level 3 Jackets are critical seam sealed or fully seam sealed caledon P3.9231209/39310 labrador P3.9230081/39302 ozark P3.9232263/39324 BreWatahtaebriplirtoyorfartaintginfgrofrmom502000g/0mm²mtoto50800000gm/mm².. howson P3.9232125/39316 langley P3.9231011 /39312 Level 2 kaputar 39325 P.220 /39326 Level 1 smithers P3.9193813/39314 norquay P3.9193621/39322 maxson P3.8193219/38320 nelson P3.9230149/39320 mercer P3.9194422/39423 Waterproof rating from Breathability 2000mm rating up to to 8000mm. 500 g/m². NEW vesper P3.9230267/39328 NEW lexington P3.9232249/39330 Water Resistant rating from 0mm to 1000mm. egmont P3.8193015/38316 flint P3.8230127/38318 06_LABEL17_Jackets_P186-P247.indd 188-189 Keeping you warm and comfortable rOiguhrtwjaacrmketth ratings will help you pick the LABEL17_BASE Level 3 Very cold Winter day caledon P3.9231209/39310 ozark P3.9232263/39324 Level 2 Cold Autumn / Mid winter mercer P3.9194422/39423 norquay P3.9193621/39322 scotia P3.9231065/39306 kanata P3.9231817/39318 NEW lexington P3.9232249/39330 smithers P3.9193813/39314 -10ºC TO LEVEL -22ºC 3 0ºC TO -15ºC LEVEL 2 langley 39311 P.210 /39312 Level 1 Cool Spring / Autumn night maxson P3.8193219/38320 tincup P3.9230007/39308 NEW vesper 39327 P.206 /39328 labrador P3.9230081/39302 howson P3.9232125/39316 flint P3.8230127/38318 fairview P3.9241240/39421 10ºC TO -5ºC LEVEL 1 nelson P3.9230149/39320 kaputar 39325 P.220 /39326 *rpOeesururslottesnmapleprreeforaarctmtuioerendsraattnoagtehresessaterinecgoaslgdtauftiadece.tEloinvrseeraoylnloelnyfefteoecxatpsinesdirsiietvniindcuecashlotceoomsmipnfgeorrtathteruarwnegaderimfsf.etAhrecyntoitvluyitwyanwadniltlthaanelssdoetihrnaeftluipnergnoscdeaurcpeteiyrnsotoeunnnadelecedodmf.oWfrorereatftelherveeernlccsoeanosdntietlyimo. npsesrautcuhreasgsuuidne, lwiniensd,ahreumdeidteitrym, pinreedcipfriotamtiotensat nd JACKETS 189 17/11/16 16:12 Jacket guideline with waterproof / breathability rating and temperature reference CREATIVE ..............Date : / .............. / .............. DTP ..............Date : / .............. / .............. STUDIO MAN. ..............Date : / .............. / .............. DTP ..............Date : / .............. / .............. 17/11/16 16:27HEADWEAR & ACCESSORIES 249 17/11/16 16:30 Full range of branded and non-branded caps .............. / .............. / ..............: STUDIO MAN. Date .............. / .............. / ..............: Date DTP


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FINDING THE RIGHT LOOK HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER Corporate, sporty or casual – we make it easy to find the right combination of style and performance, with seven distinct apparel categories to pick from. 24 POLOS 74 T-SHIRTS & ACTIVE TOPS 108 SHIRTS 122 FLEECE & ACTIVE KNITS 148 SWEATERS & PULLOVERS 186 JACKETS 248 HEADWEAR & ACCESSORIES 5


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YOUR BRAND LIVES HERE ESSENTIAL Look for this tab throughout the catalogue. Sometimes you need apparel that works a little harder. That gives you a little more for your money. Our Essential collection does both, with durable fabrics that can be washed and worn again and again. At budget-friendly prices, the Essential collection is a smart choice for your bottom line. LIFE Look for this tab throughout the catalogue. Our versatile Life collection is stylish – but not too stylish, if you know what we mean. These are great-looking pieces that anyone can be comfortable wearing regardless of their fashion sensibilities, giving them a broad appeal that’s perfect for a range of promotional possibilities. SELECT Look for this tab throughout the catalogue. You know them as soon as you see them: The forward-thinkers. The risk-takers. These are brands that are defined by their bold new ideas, and they demand apparel that’s every bit as dynamic. Our Select collection features fashion-forward styles, cutting-edge technical details and high-performance materials that – like the brands they represent – are always a step ahead.


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Slazenger Originals offers recognised quality at an entry-level price point. Clean lines, subtle Slazenger detailing and ample space for your brand message come together in a wide range of made-for-decoration styles. A uniquely accessible opportunity to benefit from trusted branding, this simple solution for promotional basics ups the game when it comes to affordable corporate wear. Slazenger Heritage translates 135 years of tradition into up-to-date quality casual wear. Retail-inspired looks bring nostalgic retro styling to the promotional arena, providing ‘real-feel’ clothing where your brand message sits perfectly alongside Slazenger’s world-renowned image. Subtle yet distinctive styling capitalises on Slazenger’s longevity to give you a respected canvas for your decoration. 7


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Introducing 9 new styles ESSENTIAL ESSENTIAL SELECT 38096 primus P.26 ESSENTIAL 38098 crandall P.32 ESSENTIAL 39023 quadra P.92 LIFE 39494 bowlen P.126 LIFE 39496 rixford P.128 LIFE 39490 perren P.132 SELECT 39492 tremblant P.142 39327 vesper P.206 39329 lexington P.224 Inspired by retail looks but developed especially for branding, Elevate brings your brand message to life. Garments with optimal fit, designed with innovative technology that meets all your promotional needs. Elevate puts the optimal focus on your brand. YOUR BRAND LIVES HERE


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Introducing 4 new styles 33244 Reflex P.182 33342 Stance P.246 33242 Touch P.171 33162 Lucky P.120 Authenticity is a powerful image-maker. With almost 150 years of quality and tradition, Slazenger is one of the great names when it comes to respected legacy. Its subtle and tasteful style provides a perfect backdrop for your own brand message. Servingacessince1881 9


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DECORATION? YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS. Take a great style and make it your own with one of our six unique decoration methods. Whether you want to keep it simple or are looking for something bolder, we’ll help you create the right look with a method and imprint location that work for your brand. D Deboss Deboss creates a subtle tone-ontone look with a dye that’s heatpressed into the material. • Ideal for waterproof fabrics • Striking 3D appearance • Apply to almost any location • Unlimited washability T True edge™ Transfer This cutting-edge heat-transfer process produces remarkable clarity and precision. • A llows for extreme detail like small text • Four-colour process or spot colour • Perfect for logos with many colours • A lternative to embroidery for thin garments • M aintains integrity of waterproof fabrics


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E Embroidery With thread colours to match any logo, embroidery is always a popular choice. • Classic look • Up to 12 colours per embroidery • P erfect for left/right chest and left/ right bicep L Laser engraving Laser can be applied at virtually any location. • Smooth, glossy finish • Unlimited washability • Best on mid-range colours S Screenprint Time-tested decoration method that enables vibrant and durable graphics on virtually any material. • E conomic choice for large mul- ti-coloured decoration • G reat choice for a distressed look and feel • Ideal technique for T-shirts I Infusion™ Infuses your logo into the fabric creating an untouchable decoration with razor sharp detail. • Razor sharp with higher resolution • Offers a comfortable, breathable decoration • Untouchable • Offers unlimited colours for one set up 11


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17 STANDARD DECORATION LOCATIONS (SDL) Classic best sellers Use standard locations for a classic or subtile look. Locations indicated are generic locations to all product categories. Restrictions apply. Maximum logo size, logo placement and decoration technique will vary depending on size, gender-fit and specific garment style. SDL2 Right chest SDL1 Left chest SDL4 Right bicep SDL3 Left bicep SDL6 Right forearm SDL5 Left forearm SDL8 Right hip SDL7 Left hip SDL10 Right shoulder SDL13 Back collar SDL14 High back SDL9 Left shoulder SDL12 Left front collar SDL15 Left back SDL17 Lower back SDL11 Right front collar SDL16 Right back


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9 IMPACT DECORATION LOCATIONS (IDL) Supersize your look Use impact locations for an eye-catching statement. Locations indicated are generic locations to all product categories. Restrictions apply. Maximum logo size, logo placement and decoration technique will vary depending on size, gender-fit and specific garment style. IDL2 Right panel IDL1 Left panel IDL3 Left wrap IDL4 Right wrap IDL7 Left arm IDL5 Upper back IDL6 Lower back IDL8 Right arm IDL9 Full front 13


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CHOOSE MORE THAN ONE TECHNIQUE Be inspired by these examples of decoration combinations. Restrictions apply depending on logo and technique. Combine your logos in various decoration methods. 1 HIT LOOKS SDL1 SDL3 SDL7 SDL9 SDL14 SDL17


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