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erin carey katherine taddeo ist611 web2.0 technology dr arnone glogster url http description glogster is a tool for creating online interactive posters called glogs glogs are customizable and can include images text sound and video the program has built in templates and you can customize further by uploading your own videos sound and pictures there are two glogsters one that aimed at all users and glogsteredu which is geared more towards teachers and students for use in schools creating a glog involves choosing a background and adding text images sound and video to share information about anything from personal likes and dislikes to specific school assignments finished glogs can be kept private be shared to the public or embedded into websites using glogsteredu teachers can create classes which house their students work classmates can see each other s work but the posters are not open to the public creating a secure environment that still fosters creativity and sharing additionally students can create portfolios that house all their completed glogs regardless of the class it was originally created for there are several different levels of glogsteredu with basic teacher access being free to use the basic account will get you 50 student accounts to use with your students and you can update at any time to access the additional features that are available through premium teacher or premium school.


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one nice feature of glogster is that it is easy to share completed glogs with others using various social networking sites such as facebook and twitter or by embedding finished glogs to websites strengths easy to learn and teach easy to add students to virtual classrooms allowing teachers to track students work by class students can create portfolios large selection of templates basic account is free students can pull images video and sound from their computer students can also pull video from schooltube directly through glogster provides multiple ways for students to see and share knowledge weaknesses glogster does not include a multimedia library you must have a flash player installed on all computers in order to use glogster there are only 50 students allowed on the basic account and the upgrade can be pricey prices range from $99.00 a year for 200 students for premium teacher to $2.00 per student/per year for premium school special features easy to link and share to social media sites such as facebook and twitter easy to embed glogs to classroom or library websites similar web 2.0 tools animoto http animoto allows you to take photos video clips and music and combine them into a video that can be shared with everyone prezi http prezi is a prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides the zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them the result visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery scrapblog http


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with a scrapblog slideshow you can showcase all your photos within a customized backdrop of fun stickers gorgeous designs and personalized captions toondo http toondo is a cool comic-creating tool from jambav a fun site for kids jambav is devoted to creating a unique array of free and customizable online games of educational value for children of all abilities voicethread http voicethread is a collaborative multimedia slide show that holds images documents and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways using voice with a mic or telephone text audio file or video via a webcam



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