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H&H CVC 1991 2017 Club Mag May 2017 - Edition N° 304


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H & H CVC Ltd http://www.hhcvc.moonfruit.com/ The Club meets at the Conservative Club, High Lane On the THIRD Wednesday of each month at 8.15pm The Annual club Subscription is £20.00 Chairman, Treasurer and Director - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 stephen_divall@hotmail.co.uk Vice Chairman and Director - Mike Coffey 01298 27424 mickcoffey@btopenworld.com Assistant Chairman and Director - John Walker - 01663 766861 Account administrators - Graham & Jean Knowles 19, Bath Crescent Cheadle Hulme Cheadle Cheshire SK8 7QU judojean@btinternet.com 0161 439 2106 Director & Committee member - Richard Burnham - 0161 456 9385 (Photography & Runs) ric.burnham@sky.com 07770 533677 Company Secretary, Director & Magazine Editor Chris Parr 4, Bramham Road Marple Stockport SK6 7LJ Tel: 0161 427 1363 hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk chris.parr67@ntlworld.com Webmaster/Mag Distribution Martyn Faulkner hhcvc@marchele.plus.com 07970 254172 Commercial Vehicle Section - David Bowden 0161 427 3584 Motorcycle Section - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 Modern Classics Section - John Walker2 - 01663 766861 Show Co-ordinator - Chris Howarth - 01298 26958 chris@c-plus.co.uk Club Stands - Mike Coffey - 01298 27424


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Bernard Bramhall In memory of Bernard, valued member of our club Our sincere condolences to Lynda, and the family. Below - Bernard, Lynda, and their classic 3


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Club Mag. For May 2017 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT You cannot have failed to observe the two obituary notices form Chris Parr in respect of both Bernard Bramhall and George McManus. They both passed away having been ill for some time and were great friends of H&H CVC attending many a club night and coming to shows. Both were great enthusiasts of the Classic car movement and will be sorely missed. Both had a variety of vehicles during their club membership and we raised a glass to them both at the club night of April 19th. Our thoughts go out to the families of both especially to Lynda Bramhall and Bernie McManus. Bernard was often seen at shows in his P4 and P2 Rovers and latterly with his Morse type Jaguar and Lynda for a time had a BMW E30 convertible. George had a variety of vehicles including an Alvis, a very pretty MG coupe, a car which I think was a Armstrong Sidley and latterly a Vauxhall DX drop head coupe. I am not sure if many members are aware but it is possible to get an original trace on your vehicle through the BMIHT website at www.heritage-motor-centre.co.uk/ archive/certificate_index.html. I can never understand why these addresses have to be so complicated and long! There is a dow5nloadable form on the site or alternatively you can contact the Archive Department, Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwick, CV35 0BJ.You will need your vehicles commission/chassis num-


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ber and registration number. The cost is £50 and you will receive a typed certificate if authenticity of the original build specification, build date and usually the delivery destination. The search takes between four and six weeks. This service would appear to be only for UK built cars. I have seen around the area a Gordon Keeble car, most recently at the Woodford Garden Centre. This example is owned and driven by a young chap of similar age to most of us and I have spoken to him on one occasion trying to get an interest in H&H but to no avail. The Gordon Keeble came about when John Gordon who was deeply involved with the Peerless company who built a coupe based on a TR3 chassis and Jim Keeble who got together in 1959 to build the Gordon GT car but failed to go into production due to a number of difficulties. The Gordon Keeble finally went into production between 1964 and 1967 and just 100 were built. It is said that more than 90 still remain. The car had a 5.4 litre Chevrolet engine to the front, rear wheel drive through a fourspeed manual gearbox. In 1968 an attempt was made by an American, John de Bruyne to get the car back into production and two were built and badged ‘De Bruynes’ but nothing came of this enterprise. We had a great turn out for Drive it Day with 18 vehicles turning up at the start, at the Dog and Partridge and I am sure there will be a report later in this edition. Also our first evening run was a great success with 15 vehicles taking part on Wednesday 26th April, again starting at the Dog and Partridge enjoying a splendid run through the country side of about 25 mile, ending up at the Shady Oak PH near Furness Vale for a drink, some food if you fancied, and of course a natter. Our thanks must go to Mike Coffey and his merry band of helpers for both runs. The next evening run takes place on May 24th. I have noticed that some UK hotels of various qualities now appear to omit an electric shaver point in the bathroom, one presuming that this is an economy measure during construction and so I have started to take a two-pin adaptor with me. You won’t need this of course if you are a wet shaver but might need it for your electric tooth brush. Last year on one trip abroad we got talking to another couple who always take with them on an overseas trip, a four pin extension lead and one adaptor which means you only need one of those 13amp to two pin continental adaptors. What a good idea and I found that the lead weighs less than the half dozen or so adaptors usually needed. I now turn to two items of caution with regard to modern vehicles. The first relates to vehicle security in that car thieves are able to get a cloning device and can access the keyless unit to your car even when it is inside your house. At present, they appear to be stealing high end vehicles but it won’t be long me thinks before they start looking at your everyday Insignia or whatever. The answer I understand, is to keep your ‘keys’ in a metal box at home. The second item relat6es to a friend of a friend who had a replacement windscreen fitted to her Nissan Note by one of the major windscreen companies.


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The repair took place a couple of days before her holiday in the sun an upon return the Nissan was very full of rainwater. The electrics had been totally wrecked by the water and a long and complicated Insurance claim took place, the car eventually being written off. The answer is if you have to have a new screen fitted, before the fitter leaves, squirt a hosepipe or jet wash at your new screen to make sure it is sealed properly. The last club night saw the John Walker’s Table Top Treasure Hunt which went down very well and out of a possible 80 points, joint winners managed to score 59! Thanks John for a great evening, a lot of work goes into it. For the next club night, we have a visit from our charity, the Manchester Bloodbikers which I am sure will be very informative. See you then on May 17th. By the way, its still not too late to get passes for the Stockport show, and also Poynton, I will announce when applications for both are needed. 7


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Editorial May Magazine Cover Photograph A brace of Austin A35’s, belonging to club members, getting ready to take part in this year’s Federation of Historic Vehicle Club’s ‘Drive-it-Day’ Run News Manchester Airport has announced that the annual Air Fair, and Transport Show is not being held this year. We have an alternative event for you, which is for the same weekend - 15th/16th July. Hale Barns Carnival A large Carnival event in Hale Barns near Manchester airport and includes supercar and classic car show with prizes for each category. We don’t know where this is being held yet, but should have more details next month. Forms will be found on the website under Events/Runs Peaks & Dales News:Bit of a nuisance. As work still carries on at the Pavilion Gardens, entrants will be parking on Broadwalk, opposite the Gardens. With regard to the nearby refreshment kiosk and Toilets, staff at the gardens are extending the opening time, to ensure the facility remains open for the run participants., Please Note Date to be noted. Wed 24th May. - Another great Wednesday evening in store A Run from the Dog & Partridge, High Lane. 7.00 for 7.15 start.—Routes given out, and off you go! Finishing at the Rising Sun, Macclesfield? Advance plea from our Tombola Lady (Margaret). In preparation for the Club Show on September 3rd Items wanted for the Tombola . Please help. New Members Please welcome Jim Lavery, who has rejoi9ned the club with his lovely Mazda MX5.


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‘Drive-it-Day’ Run report. Sunday 23rd April dawned bright and sunny for our trip to the Peak Shopping Village at Rowsley, meeting at the Dog and Partridge in High Lane for breakfast or a cup of coffee before the start. The day was so warm and sunny that all the soft top cars had the hoods down. Approximately 15 cars left around 11am and proceeded through an indirect route to Marple. Passing through Marple Bridge we turned toward Glossop. A left turn at Dinting took us through some of the back roads of Glossop, to eventually take us up the Snake Pass to Ladybower reservoir. A right turn took us toward Castleton over the bridge, before a left turn took us over the moors to Stannage Edge. Finally we turned toward Sheffield and eventually arrived at Chatsworth. Driving along the estate road we eventually arrived at our destination. Everybody had a wander round the shops, which I’ve no doubt pleased the ladies in the group, before having light refreshments etc, either in the cafes, or retiring to the Grouse and Claret Pub nearby, for a well deserved drink! A vote of thanks must go to Mike Coffey, Dave Swann and Steve Bagnall for producing a great route, (the instruction sheets were clear with all the road signs shown) ,through some fine country. I am sure all who took part would agree with me. A brilliant day out! Ray Etchells Two drivers driving along a road looking for a place to stop and have a picnic. The first driver says, “Let’s stop here, and have our picnic under that tree.” The other one says, “No! Let’s have it right here in the middle of the road.”They fought for a bit, but finally agreed to have it in the middle of the road. All of a sudden, a car comes speeding towards them and has to swerve into the tree to keep from hitting them. 10 The second driver says, “See? If we were under that tree, we’d be dead now!”


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Evening Run 26th of April 2017 Chris Howarth Our first evening run of the year, on what was not forecasted to be too promising an evening weatherwise, was completed by about 20 members. We met at the Dog & Partridge for coffee & “facilities” before leaving at around 7 o’clock for a run of only about 18 miles, aimed to take around a hour to reach our destination. Our dedicated run team (Mike C, Steve Bagnall & Dave Swann) had managed to create a route that didn’t go too far of a fairly direct route but that went on quiet, picturesque & little used roads, some of which I hadn’t used for many years. The timing was wonderful, more like a day for the Spring Run. The cherry blossom was out as we went through Marple near the start, &, together with late daffodils, blackthorn & gorse & much more cherry blossom, made for a beautiful evening. The weather was fine & the lovely sunset added to the colourfulness of the run. Going up through Mellor we dropped down into Thornsett, then over Stich Lane into the centre of Hayfield, & left onto Valley Road which you could easily miss. At the top of the hill on the A624 we turned right onto the little used, & unsigned, Maynestone Road, descending to the centre of Chinley. Going right onto Charley Lane & over the ridge of the hill on Eccles Road we dropped into Horwich End & wended our way up Elnor Lane , single track with passing places, to arrive at the Shady Oak at Fernilee. We received a warm welcome on a quiet night, & quickly studied the menu with interest. We almost took over the pub & some of us had our meal there, & I have to say that the quality of the food was very high & most enjoyable. The coffee was one of the nicest that I have had for quite some time. All round a very pleasant evening. The team have set themselves a high stan- dard for the rest of the summer evening runs, which no doubt they will achieve! I’m looking forward to the next one, on Wednesday the 24th of May. 11


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas Having been on drive it day you would expect it to be warm but I think winter has not finished yet, let's hope we get this cold weather out of the way and we can enjoy some warm sunshine. We had our monthly meeting this week, and a quiz by John Walker as usual was quite a challenge but the MG members put in quite a big effort, winning the quiz, and a prize of some bottles of wine. Well done to all. Drive it day was well attended with a number of MG’s on the run, starting at The Dog and Partridge pub in High Lane, a nice steady route around Derbyshire taking in the Snake Pass, some of you will know how good a Road this is for driving, with beautiful scenery. The final destination was Rowsley Shopping Centre after having passed through The Chatsworth estate of the Duke of Devonshire, with an easy route back home on the A6 via Buxton. Our Next monthly meeting will be a visit from our chosen charity, Manchester Blood Bikers, so can I ask as many people as possible to attend, so we can hear about how they provide a service for the NHS to transport Blood, and Baby Milk around our district free of charge. They do this with no cost to the NHS and supply their own Bikes and petrol, so rely on donations to make it possible. I'm sure that we will be doing our best at the PEAKS AND DALES RUN in June. Did I mention that before? well still not too late to enter, please see Chris Parr for entry forms, or look in the runs guide or go to the web site it's only £17 including bacon barms for a small fee, and tea coffee and biscuits at the start. 13


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Factfile DELORIAN having consumed millions of pounds of UK taxpayers money, the Belfast factory went into receivership in 1982. 14


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