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UzBuild Tashkent The 18th Uzbekistan International Exhibition 1-3 March 2017 Uzexpocentre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan www.uzbuild.uz Special section: CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Connecting your business to the world ITE Uzbekistan T: +998 71 205 18 18 E: uzbuild@ite-uzbekistan.uz


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UzBuild Tashkent The 18th Uzbekistan International Exhibition Construction – UzBuild Tashkent 2017 March 1-3, 2017 at Uzexpocentre NEC, Pavilion No.2, Atrium Hall and outdoor exhibition area. EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT Exhibition Information: The 18th Uzbekistan International Exhibition Construction – UzBuild Tashkent 2017 was held March 1-3 in Tashkent at Uzexpocentre. The exhibition is a part of the series of construction and interior exhibitions organized by ITE that are held in CIS countries and Russia. UzBuild 2017 – Essential Facts and Figures: Total exhibition area: 7,053 sq. m. Number of participants: 185 companies Number of participating countries: 21. They are Austria, Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the UAE, the USA, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. Number of visits: 9,705 Venue: Uzexpocentre NEC, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. National Groups: Germany and the UAE Organizer: ITE Uzbekistan Official Support by: • Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan • State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Architecture and Construction • Uzstroymaterialy JSC • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan The Exhibition was held with the organizational assistance of Uzexpocentre NEC OJSC under the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Partner: Technical Partner: UzBuild Tashkent EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT


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Exhibition’s Core Sections: • Construction Materials • Interior & Design; • Windows, Doors, Facades; • Ceramics and Facing Stone; • House Construction; • Real Property • Landscaping and Gardening. Specialized Section: BuildTech – Construction Machinery and Equipment PRESS CONFERENCE AND OFFICIAL EXHIBITION OPENING CEREMONY The press conference devoted to the opening of UzBuild Tashkent 2017 Exhibition was held on February 24. The Exhibition was attended by representatives of the government institutions in the field of construction industry of Uzbekistan, of the companies participating in the exhibition, as well as of leading local and foreign mass media accredited to cover the event. The representatives of the following country’s executing agencies took part in the official ceremony: Head of Uzqurilishmateriallari JSC Department Chairman of the Board of the Qurilishmashlizing for Investments, Export, and Industry Republican Specialized Leasing Company – Development F. Abdurakhimov Representative of the German Exhibition Industry Association - Natalya Vinges Regional Director of ITE Group International Exhibition Company - Edward Strachan Director of Uzexpocentre NEC - M. Gapparov Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan Nazira Dadakhanova EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT Deputy Director of the State Geological Information Centre - D. Ismailov UzBuild Tashkent


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EVENING GALA RECEPTION: The evening reception on the occasion of the exposition opening took place on March 1 at the Uzbekistan Hotel where the winners were announced in the following nominated categories: Longstanding Participation Oikos Ц-5 Best Stand Presentation Golden House Development Best Product Presentation Decolor Longstanding Participation Binokor-Temir Beton Comprehensive Exposition German National Group Best Campaign to Attract Visitors Golden House Development Best Debut Imzo Best Corporate Participation Dubai National Group Active Participance Неолит Best Stand Presentation Murad Buildings In the specialized section BuildTech, the following participants were rewarded: Best Debut Best Product Presentation Liebherr KCP Industries UzBuild Tashkent EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT


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STATISTICS - PARTICIPANTS The participating companies occupied the sectors as follows: 4% 1% 5% 7% 17% 41% 10% Construc on Materials and Equipment 5% Tools and Fasteners Construc on Technologies Ceramics and Facing Stone Architectural and Decora ve Light Design. Electrics 10% Windows, Doors, Facades Interior and Design House Construc on Landscaping and Gardening Purpose of Participation in the Exhibition: 9% 10% 6% 13% 6% 11% 16% 14% 15% Sustaining the company’s image Raising awareness of the company Presenta on of new products/services First entry into market Contract conclusion/Establishing new business contacts Finding distributors/Prospects for further development of distribu on networks at the regional level Finding end consumer of the products Determina on of current market demand To monitor compe on Have you established new business contacts at the Exhibition? 10% EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT Yes No 90% UzBuild Tashkent


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Statistics - Visitors Visitors’ Interest Breakdown by Sections: Construc on materials & equipment House construc on Windows and doors, facades Ceramics and facing stone Tools and fasteners Landscaping and gardening Interior and design Architectural and decora ve light. Electrics Construc on machinery and technologies Real property 29,6% 16,6% 13,0% 9,1% 8,7% 9,6% 11,7% 10,2% 12,6% 6,6% Breakdown of Visitors by Position Category: Ministry/Public Authority Officials Directors Managers Entrepreneurs Dealers/Distributors Purchasing Coordinators/ Supply Agents Engineering Technicians Planners Designers Builders Architects Representa ves End Consumers Students Others 2,3% 20,1% 14,8% 16,4% 2,2% 4,8% 6,7% 4,2% 5,8% 2,0% 6,8% 0,8% 3,0% 5,4% 4,6% UzBuild Tashkent EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT


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Breakdown of Visitors by Kind of Activity Associa on/Union Ministry/Department Manufacturer Repair/Service Construc on Construc on and Investment Company Chemical Industry Road-Building Landscaping and Design Metallurgical industry Fuel and Energy Sector Hea ng Ven la on, Air Condi oning Water Supply Pumps/Plumbing/Pipes/Fi ngs/Valves Engineering/Installa on Equipment And Design Architecture and Building Design Public u li es Refrigera ng Equipment Wholesale and Retail Trade Service Industry Realtor Services Others 1,8% 1,6% 17,0% 6,3% 17,7% 3,0% 2,2% 1,6% 1,3% 2,2% 1,8% 7,9% 4,9% 4,3% 4,4% 4,0% 6,3% 1,6% 2,5% 3,8% 3,1% 0,5% 3,1% EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT UzBuild Tashkent


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Geographical Breakdown of Visitors: Azerbaijan Germany Iran Italy Kazakhstan China Korea Kyrgyzstan Lithuania Russia USA Tajikistan Turkey UAE 2,2% 4,3% 0,7% 0,7% 38,8% 9,4% 2,9% 2,2% 0,7% 17,3% 1,4% 16,5% 1,4% 1,4% UzBuild Tashkent EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT


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Breakdown of Visitors by Position Category: «Weiler» ‘Our company is engaged in the production of construction materials of various types and volumes made from concrete and steel,’ says Roman Ivanov, the employee of Weiler German Company. ‘Two years ago we opened our branch in Jizzakh region. After Zenatkor Temir-Beton Buyumlari located in the regional center had been fitted with our equipment, the volume and quality of our products increased. 14 kinds of reinforced concrete products are produced there based on new technologies. The international exhibitions like this contribute to finding foreign partners, attraction of investments, and market development.’ Best metal construction/Klinker Hauz ‘We have previously participated in the business matchmaking session and now want to say that this exhibition is notable for high level of its organization. Exhibition visitors have become active, competent and informed. They are very interested in the products that are produced in Uzbekistan. We are now getting to a higher level of quality. We use modernized equipment and quality raw materials; we hire professionals from China. We wanted to make ourselves known to the consumers who were not aware of the availability of quality tiles produced by a Tashkent company. We hope this exhibition will yield us favourable results.’ Farida Islamova Foreign Economic Activity Manager Architecture Place Plus, OOO/ Arlace, TM ‘This is our second participation in the exhibition. We would like to notice that the number of professional visitors has increased. We carry out projects of any complexity; therefore, we are interested in any types of visitors. Our brand awareness had considerably increased after the first year of our participation in the exhibition.’ Valeriy Nigay Director Yuri Gebel, the Eastern Europe and Central Asia regional manager of TEKA Maschinenbau GmbH Company: ‘We have been operating in Uzbekistan for several years. Our enterprise has been specializing exclusively in the field of concrete mixing technology for more than 50 years. We keep taking part in the exhibitions held in Tashkent, and this year's exhibition is our jubilee, the tenth one. Our objective is finding new customers, and we believe that the Central Asian market is now one of the most developing. I am convinced that your country has a high potential, and we are going to further develop our mutually beneficial cooperation. This exhibition is very well organized, as well as all the other ITE Uzbekistan’s projects. Year by year, we observe a growing interest in our products from visitors and competitors. During the exhibition, we held talks with interested parties - large factories. There is a construction boom in Uzbekistan, and I am confident that our products will be in demand in the regional markets. Actually, our Uzbek customers will not have to go to Germany in order to make arrangements, as we can discuss all the matters here on the spot.’ ‘This is our first participation in the exhibition in Uzbekistan. BuildTech 2017 is a professional exhibition. So many visitors have seen our stand. We have met here our prospective customers from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan. Thank you, ITE!’ DE ZHOU NCM MACHINERY CO., LTD EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT UzBuild Tashkent


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Exhibition Business Programme: As part of UzBuild Tashkent 2017, a round table discussion was held on the subject of current trends in architecture and construction in Uzbekistan. The key stakeholders in the construction market, experts, contractors, architects, and designers took part in the round table. UzBuild Tashkent EXHIBITION SUMMARY REPORT


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We are looking forward to seeing you at the 19th Uzbekistan International Exhibition Construction WorldBuild Tashkent 28 February-2 March, 2018 Uzexpocentre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan www.uzbuild.uz Special section: CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Connecting your business to the world ITE Uzbekistan T: +998 71 205 18 18 E: uzbuild@ite-uzbekistan.uz



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