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Board Of Education Greg Smyth-President Kim Wadkins-Vice President Scott Baker-Secretary Brian Kroll-Treasurer Alan Green-Member Administration Staff Larry Witt - Superintendent Robert Alderson - Elementary Principal Troy Lurz - Secondary Principal Brandon Kee-Member High School Elementary School Information 1030 Court Street P.O. Box 790 Information 1030 Court Street P.O. Box 790 Phone: 308-468-5721 Phone: 308-468-6546 Superintendent School Closing Information ·KHAS-TV ·KOLN/KGIN-TV 1030 Court Street P.O. Box 790 Phone: 308-468-6555 ·NTV ·KRVN 880 AM ·POWER 99 FM ·KQ106 FM ·Y102 FM ·KSYZ 107.7 Gibbon Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship status, or economic status in its programs, activities and employment. Bus Barn Phone: 308-468-6550 School Fax: 308-468-5164 ·KRGI FM 96 GPS Website: Gibbon Public Schools P.O. Box 790 Gibbon, NE 68840 ECRWSS POSTAL PATRON US POSTAGE PAID GRAND ISLAND, NE PERMIT NO. 118 NON PROFIT ORG


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BUFFALO HERALD GIBBON PUBLIC SCHOOLS MAY 2017 SNotes From The uperintendent Spring is here and the flurry of activities that accompany this part of the school year is upon us. Keep those school calendars handy as we enjoy the last events of the school year. I hope to see many of you at one or more of the following events: track meets, golf matches, musical concerts, honors nights, graduation, and the art show. Calendar: The 2017-18 school calendar was approved at the March board meeting. A summary page is found in this newsletter. This summary includes important dates such as the start date, days on which there are no classes, and the projected final day of school. New Teaching Staff for 2017-18: Taylor Hubbard and Ben Fehringer have been approved by the Board of Education for 2017-18 teaching contracts. Ms. Hubbard will be the K-12 vocal music instructor and Mr. Fehringer will be the 7-12 physical education instructor. The district is currently in the hiring process for the 7-12 counselor position and an upper elementary classroom position. Summer Projects: This summer the district will be undertaking projects that are being required by the Office of Civil Rights. This will include the construction of a handicap parking area adjacent to the entrance of the outdoor athletic complex, replacement of raised domes in the sidewalk areas leading from the parking lots, some modifications to handicap signage and some other smaller projects that are being required by the Office of Civil Rights. Larry Witt Athletic Screenings The Gibbon office of Hansen Clinic has closed. In past years, the clinic has provided a July date at which time athletic screenings were provided for a minimal cost. Furthermore, in years prior to 2015-16, Kearney Clinic has provided free athletic screenings. This has been discontinued. Therefore, all student athletes in grades 8-12 must obtain an athletic screening prior to the start of the practices for the sport season in which they want to participate. Seventh graders, by law, must have a complete physical prior to entering the seventh grade. Last Day of School Wednesday, May 24, 2016 No Early Check-Outs The last day of school is a full day of classes. Be sure your student attends the entire day. Poster Contest Winner Mrs. Lucas In March Mrs. Lucas’s 4th grade class participated in the Wildlife Week Poster Contest. The theme for this year’s poster was ‘Rivers of Nebraska’. Entries were received from all over the state. Titus Tracy received an Honorable Mention (4th place) for his fantastic poster. He, along with the other winners, will be honored at Wild Adventure Day on Saturday, April 29, at Pioneers Park Nature Center in Lincoln. Congratulations Titus! Congratulations! Congratulations to upper elementary math teacher Brett Kluever for being selected as an inductee in the UNK Academy for Teacher Education Excellence at UNK. This honor is designed to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the preparation of new teachers. Congratulations to Ed Uden, Information Technologist for the district for being awarded the 2017 Freedom Award in the area of Arts and Entertainment by the Kearney Hub.  Ed has volunteered for over a decade with the Kearney High School band.  


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High School News Greetings Buffalo Faithful: Another school year is coming to a close. The 2016-17 school year has been memorable.  Seniors are in the final days as a Gibbon student and have been counting the days until graduation for several months. As always, the reality that graduation is on Saturday, May 13, at 1:00 PM, is a stark reminder of how quickly it all “Begins and Ends”. The last day for the seniors will be May 9. The last day for all other students will be May 24. The weather this spring and the subsequent snow days we were forced to use requires us to make up several days of school so May 24 is the last day of classes for all other Gibbon students.   As we look back on 2016-2017 our students have a lot to celebrate.  Bottom line: we have great students. It has been fun to watch them grow this year. Graduation continues to be one of my favorite events of the school year.  It is a culminating event and a celebration for all in attendance who are represented by one of the graduates.   For some of these graduates it is a stepping stone to other educational pursuits, for others it is the start of career and a transition to the workforce. For even others, graduation marks some other phase of life as they enter the  military, frequent trade schools, enter apprenticeships, and take on other life changing choices.   In every case, the collective efforts of all of our work together as the students took their educational journey is on display.  The graduates are the best and brightest that we proudly tout as our own.  They are the fruits of our labor and we should all relish in the fact that they have “made it.” Some eleventh grade students participate in graduation. They have been selected by their peers to serve as ushers.   I look forward to seeing you at our graduation/celebration for our 2017 graduates on Saturday, May 13. For the first time the ACT Exam was administered to all juniors as a mandated State exam this year. The results of the exam that was administered on April 19 will be available soon. Early in May we will complete the NeSA and MAP tests given annually. As always, we hope to use information gleaned from the tests to assess individual and group learning growth, set Gibbon Public School curriculum, and determine instructional practices that will best benefit the students. This information also provides guidance as we institute programs and processes that will address areas of strength and weakness in our students’ learning. An example of this process at work was our involvement in the reVISION process sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education this year. Out of this year long journey came several classes and plans for career education in Health Science. Please contact the school if you have questions.   Spring Concerts will continue into May with the Secondary concerts having been performed on May 8th. Just so you are aware, the Elementary Spring Concert is Thursday,  May 18. Upcoming events Include:  Academic Honors Night will begin at 7:00 PM  on May 1,  the Annual Art Show Fine Arts Awards Night will be Thursday, May 4, at 6:30 and 7:30 PM.  Tuesday, May 9, will be the evening for Athletic Awards starting at 7:00 PM. State Soccer is May 11, 12, 13, and 15, District Track is May 11, with State Track on May 19 and 20, District Golf is May 15, with State taking place in Lincoln on May 24 and 25. There is an Alumni Banquet at 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 27.   Check the calendar and the school website for other events   not summarized in this news brief. Nearly every evening and weekend is filled with some exhibition of the work and efforts our students put forth. Please join us as we recognize their accomplishments over the coming weeks. It is a mad dash to the finish...and then it is over on May 24, which is our last day with students. Speaking of the last day of school, be sure to consolidate payment and dues/fees/fines for your student prior to check out.  All of these must be paid before the last day of school.  This will include but is not limited to: assessments of fines due to damage of the iPads, iPad equipment damage or loss, or the state of the iPad covers themselves.  Report cards and MAP scores will not be mailed home to those families with outstanding bills. To set up a payment plan, please contact Superintendent Witt. I wish you all a very fine summer. If you travel, please do so safely.   I will be in the office through the summer as we plan for next year. On a personal note...Dr. Vernon Fisher takes over as Superintendent of Schools next fall. He succeeds Larry Witt who we all know is a great leader and who leaves behind an enviable legacy after 13 years. Thank you Larry Witt for all you have done for our school. We are all better as a direct result of your unfettering efforts to keep “Gibbon Pride Alive.” You set a high bar and we should all take stock in the work you have done. Your guidance and direction will be missed. You leave a very positive legacy behind you. See you at the events, in the community, and out and about. Go Buffaloes!  I know Larry Witt will be there :-) Educationally, Mr. Lurz


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Elementary News Dear Parents, Kids Eat Free/Summer Lunch Program The district will be having our free Summer Lunch Program again this summer. The program will begin serving lunches on June 5th and go to July 28th. The program allows children from the age 18 years old and younger to receive a free lunch every day during the summer lunch program. Adults can get a lunch for just $3.00. The lunch program will serve lunch from 11:30-12:30 Monday-Friday. No lunch will be served on July 3rd or 4th due to the holiday. Kindergarten Registration Parents, I want to remind you once again about the Kindergarten registration for next school year. Remember your child has to have a physical to enter school. The immunization shots, birth certificate, and vision exam are also needed. Please get your child registered as soon as possible. Thank you. Summer School Gibbon Elementary will again have Summer School beginning June 19th through June 30th, Monday through Friday from 8:30 – 11:30. Also students can then join us for a free lunch at the Summer Lunch Program in the cafeteria. Professionally, Mr. Rob Alderson Preschool Registration 2017-2018 Preschool registration remains open for the 2017-2018 school year. Forms will be available in the elementary office. Please provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate when you return the application. Thank You, Early Childhood Staff Booster News Booster’s Elect Officers…. Officers for the Booster Board’s upcoming school year will be Steph Kee, President; Jennifer Samuelson, Vice President; Ann Kolbet, Secretary; and Amy Holcomb, Treasurer. Thank you, ladies! An addition to the volleyball program was made this spring with the Booster’s recent purchase of the AirCat Volleyball Drill machine. Go Lady Buffs! Have a great summer and be sure to join us on the 4th of July for our traditional Road Rally. One charge per vehicle enters you in to participate in finding clues across the countryside and competing to travel just the right number of miles! Great prizes! The Bison Yearbook is Here! Get your 2016-2017 Elementary Yearbook in the office now for $10.00 a copy. Enjoy the students’ individual pictures with many more candid shots and memories. Your student will treasure this glimpse into their childhood for a lifetime.


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American Cancer Society Donation The Gibbon FBLA & FCCLA joined forces to fight cancer by selling t-shirts and socks for a PINK OUT at a home football and basketball game. We also had a cake raffle at the basketball game. In October the FCCLA held a “Scrappin’ with Friends” scrapbook retreat. Together we were able to raise $1,850. We had a special check presentation on March 28th, before school. The American Cancer Society sent a representative to accept the check. She encouraged us to become a part of the Buffalo County Relay for Life walk scheduled for June 9th from 6:00-11:30 PM. We have signed up as the “Gibbon Buffaloes” team. We would love to have you join us for this walk and continue to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Math Rocks; The Law of Sines The Algebra III students are learning how to solve for angles a of an oblique triangle. An oblique triangle is a triangle that do have a right angle. When two angles and one side or two side one angle are known, students use The Law of Sines to solve f unknown sides and angles. The Law of Sines is defined as the following: a law stating the ratio of a side of a plane triangle sine of the opposite angle is the same for all three sides. The Sines allows students to solve the following triangle: Math Rocks: The Law of Sines The Algebra III students are learning how to solve for angles and sides of an oblique triangle. An oblique triangle is a triangle that does not have a right angle. When two angles and one side or two sides and one angle are known, students use The Law of Sines to solve for the unknown sides and angles. The Law of Sines is defined as the following: a law stating the ratio of a side of a plane triangle to the sine of the opposite angle is the same for all three sides. The Law of Sines allows students to solve the following triangle: Law of Sines: = = Using the fact that the interior angles of a triangle add up to 1 Using the fact that thkeninotewrior∠angleൌs oͶf aͲtιriǤangl•e ‹add‰up ƒto™18‘0°ˆ,we‹kn‡o•wǡ∠™A‡=ˆ4‹0°†. ƒൌ͹Ǥͺƒ†…ൌͳ Using Law of Sines, we find a = 7.8 and c = 11.8.


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Food and Nutrition Mrs. Ronnfeldt The Foods and Nutrition FACS (Family and Consumer Science) class has been learning about foreign food the past month. It helped us become more aware of where countries are located, their size, special celebrations, eating habits, and typical foods of the country. The groups chose Mexico, Italy, Greece, and China. There were foods none of us had ever tried, but found out they were pretty good. Each group decorated the buffet table and had music from their country playing on the day of their lab. The students did an outstanding job investigating their countries and coming up with delicious meals. It will be a special memory for us of our time at Gibbon Public Schools. Counselor Captions GEA Continuing Education Association The Gibbon Education Association Continuing Education Scholarship Application is now available on the school web page. If you are a junior or senior in college pursuing a major in education, please apply for this $500 scholarship. Applications are due to the High School Guidance Office by June, 2017. A Reminder from the Counselor’s Office: It is that time of year when everyone is busy looking forward to the end of the school year, graduations, planning family vacations, and many other fun warm weather activities. During all this I would like to ask you to remind your senior son or daughter to take the time to send a thank-you note to the people and organizations from which they received scholarship awards. It is very generous for people to offer financial help, and time serving on scholarship selection committees to support our students. We need to let them know it is appreciated. Have a great summer!


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¿Hablas Español? By: Abby Jones April seems to be flying by in the blink of an eye! Students are anxiously anticipating summer break, but that hasn’t stopped us from moving forward with our Spanish language acquisition goals. Spanish I students finished learning how to talk about their likes and dislikes and have moved on to a grammar unit with the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ (which both mean ‘to be’) and how and when to use them. This is a flipped unit. This gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace and to work for mastery. In addition, I am more available to answer questions and work with struggling students. Spanish II students are on the final chapters of the novel La Vampirata (The Vam-Pirate). Instead of an exam halfway through the novel, students did a BreakoutEDU. They had to solve clues and answer questions about the story that helped them unlock various boxes and ultimately they solved the entire puzzle. Student engagement is extremely high on Breakout days! Spanish III students are winding down the year by finishing the El Salvadoran novel. In addition, we have been working to review the vocabulary and grammatical concepts from this year. It has been a great school year and I am looking forward to next year! As a parent, encourage your child to continue reviewing their Spanish throughout the summer. A few great ways to stay current are: install the Duolingo app on an electronic device. This app reviews vocabulary and grammar topics. Watch TV or movies in Spanish. The more exposure to Spanish a language learner can get, the better off they are! Finally, encourage your child to sign up for Spanish next year! I am looking forward to a fantastic new group of Spanish I students as well as lots of familiar faces in Spanish II, III, IV and V! Gibbon Spanish II students work together to solve a BreakoutEDU about the novel, La Vampirata. Media Production News By: Abby Jones and Deb Stroh It has been an exciting month in Media Production.  Students were able to Livestream the Ron Priebe track meet on April 20, 2017.   We used our new Wirecast software, so we were able to have 5 different cameras going.   In addition, Media Production students worked diligently to prepare transitional information beforehand.  This included promotional scripting, track facts, and interviews with the coaches.   Media Production students are also working hard to put the finishing touches on the May BTV.  Watch for it on the school website.   Finally, we are very excited that starting next year, students will be able to do a Media Production program of study.  This will include 6 semester long classes entitled Digital Media, Video Production and Media Production.   Students can start this program of study as a sophomore!   Make sure to have your child talk to Mrs. Stroh or Mrs. Jones before registering for classes if they’d like more information about this exciting change! Jacky, Maddi, Kiahra, Mrs. Stroh and Mr. Uden stream a practice interview as students familiarize themselves with Wirecast and prepare to stream the Ron Priebe track meet.


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NURSE NEWS From: Ashley Billeter Parents/guardians you must come to the school and pick up any prescription or over the counter medications your student has in the nurse’s office by the end of the school year. NO medications will be sent home with students for safety purposes. If you do not pick up the medications, by policy I will have to dispose of them. Reminder for parents/guardians of students entering Kindergarten or 7th grade in the 2016-2017 school year: the State of Nebraska requires Kindergarten and 7th grade students MUST have a physical examination completed by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner PRIOR to attending school as well as all immunizations/ shots MUST be up to date PRIOR to attending school. If not completed students will not be able to attend classes. Copies of both physical and immunization/shot records need to be given to the school. If you have any questions please contact Nurse Ashley at 468-6546. Have a fun and safe summer!! 


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Band News Mr. Rogers The end of the year finds the Band room a very busy place! The JH and SH combined Concert Band, the JazzRock Ensemble and the SH Wind Ensemble all played at District Contest, doing very well. Now all the groups are preparing for the final concert of the year on May 8th at 7:00 pm. The JH Concert Band will combine with the SH Band for several pieces, as well as a couple of their own. The SH Band will be performing an arrangement written by director, Mr. Rogers, of a Voodoo Daddy piece, as well as their contest pieces. The Jazz-Rock Ensemble will also perform their contest charts, as well as an arrangement written by Director Rogers. The 5th and 6th grade bands have shown a lot of progress this year. The 5th grade band students have grown substantially in their skill and we do stress that this is just the beginning phase for them and to continue in their Band experience throughout their school career! The 6th graders, particularly the woodwinds, have shown very strong growth and will be a vital part of the Buffalo Band next fall! The Band is already beginning to work on our fall marching selections and polish our marching skills. Our goal is to sound great, look great and let’s fill up those 50 new uniforms and get into a situation where we have to buy another 50! We are seeing continued growth in our quality of playing. Let’s keep striving for quantity as well - encourage your student to be a continuing part of the Gibbon Band as we continue to build our way back to dominance! Go Buff Band! The guitar class has been learning about open chords, barre chords and minor pentatonic scales as they explore the various facets of playing guitar. They have been playing music ranging from John Denver to Jimi Hendrix. The first year of the History of Rock class has been very interesting. Students not only learned about the music and artists, but also about how the studios and cultural elements helped to shape the diverse genre of “rock”. “MUSIC NOTES” Peg Sinnard First of all, on behalf of Mark Rogers and myself, we would like to thank everyone who helped with District Music Contest hosted by Gibbon on Friday, April 21st. A special thanks to Kim Wadkins for coordinating the concessions, administration, custodial staff, Fine Arts Boosters and all of the Music parents and students! Thursday, May 4th, at 7:30 p.m. will be the Fine Arts Awards Night in the Auditorium. This will honor all students in the areas of Art, Band, Choir, Drama and Speech. Please plan to attend! Monday, May 8th, at 8:00 p.m. will be the Secondary Spring Vocal Music Program. It will feature the Middle School Choir, High School Choir, 7th Grade Show Choir, Mixed Show Choir, Men’s and Women’s Ensembles. We will also be recognizing this year’s SENIORS: Christopher Anderson, Vicky Gaona, Gaby Montanez, Lisa Moore and Alaysa Shaw. The FINAL Vocal Music Event of the year will be the Elementary Spring Music Program on Thursday, May 18th! SCHEDULE: 1:30 p.m. - K-6th Grades 6:30 p.m. - K-3rd Grades 7:30 p.m. - 4-6th Grades Finally, this will be my last “Music Note” to all of you. I will be retiring from teaching at the end of this school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 16 years at Gibbon! I have so many fond, special memories. Teaching has been a part of my life since college (and that was a long time ago...) I taught private music lessons, numerous church choirs, directed and participated in many Community Theatre Productions, taught at 7 area country schools, substituted and taught K-12 at Amherst and Gibbon for my final 21 years. I have LOVED being a teacher! I will miss the young people in Gibbon with all my heart! Thank you for everything! KEEP MUSIC ALIVE AND STRONG AT GIBBON PUBLIC SCHOOLS!


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FCCLA State Leadership Conference Mrs. Ronnfeldt The FCCLA State Leadership Conference was on medal for their presentation on the “Scrappin’With Friends” April 3rd-4th in Lincoln. Gibbon had 16 students attend. scrapbook retreat we had to raise money to fight cancer. The speakers and breakout sessions contained valuable Karley helped plan and implement 8 lessons for our school information to help students excel in life. Competing in preschool students, as part of her Child Development class. STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) events She also did observations of teachers and put together a were, Kiarha Yepez-Meza & Yulisa Vargas, Morgan portfolio of her experiences. Karley received a silver medal. Wadkins-Meyer & Brie Bailey, Kelly Tovar & Zach Thomas, Congratulations to all of our National STAR qualifiers!!! Aly Lehn & Dale Gearhart, and Karley Luther. Yulisa & They will be competing in Nashville, Tennessee this Kiarha received a silver medal in their event, Chapter in summer. Alaysa Shaw & Addie Plautz were timers for the Review Portfolio. This event recognizes the chapters for STAR competition. Receiving state & national recognition all of the things they have done throughout the school year for their Power of One units were: Brayden Behrendt, to make their community a better place. Morgan & Brie Destiny Nunez, Jennifer Diaz Hererra, Addie Plautz, received the “top” gold medal for their project “Focus and Karley Luther. Our chapter received recognition for on Children”. They will be attending Nationals. They iRecruit, Feed Nebraska, and all of the National Programs. recruited donations to help children in our local hospitals. We also received a plaque for being a “gold” chapter. It was With the donations they purchased items for children to great that Gibbon was so well represented at this conference use to occupy their time during their hospital stay. They by our students. They gained many leadership skills and are continuing to reach out for more donations, so they can developed their knowledge of what it takes to be the best. help more children who are hospitalized. Kelly & Zach Our members have worked very hard becoming leaders and presented a PowerPoint explaining about the many activities making a difference in our community this past year. Thank our chapter has done this past year to bring awareness to you to our school, faculty, administration, and community relationship abuse. They received a gold medal and will for your tremendous support. also be attending Nationals. Aly & Dale received a silver


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Gibbon Alumni BanquetGibbon Alumni BanquetTickets may be purchased by sending a self- Tickets may be purchasaedddrbesysestdehenendGviiebnlbogopnaeAsweluitlmhf-napiadAydmsrseeonsctisametidaodneetnopv:aeylaobpleeto Saturday, May 27, with payment made pRaaynadbyl&e JtooletnheeHoll 2017 Gibbon Alumni Associ2a2t8io5n4,1toR:oad Randy & JorlaenndeKy.Hehnooellls@lawgi, Gibbon High School 2285 41 Road Social – 5:00 pm KePnleeaseawlis,tNthEe 6cl8as9s5y6ear you wish to be seated with. raTnidckye.htsowll@ill bgeibsbolodnupnugtiiblvMleinac.y.o1r5gth, with no refunds Banquet – 6:30 pm Please list the clasTshyee1a8rthyAonunuwaliGshEFtogoblfetosuerantaemdenwtiwthil.l be held $20.00 per person Tickets will be sold uinnftooirnlmMSaaattiuyornd1ac5oytnmhta,ocwrtnCiitnuhgrtnoMnoaMryeaoyfau2tn7(3dth0s. 8Fg)oi2vr3em3no-2.r9e57 The 18th Annual GEF ogroBlfobtoGuordnbaermsoennattw(3i0ll8b) e46h8e-6ld006. on Saturday morning, May 27th. For more information, contact Curt Mayo at (308) 233-2957 or Bob Godberson at (308) 468-6006. Banquete de Exalumnos de


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Gibbon Elementary Parent Organization Our third year has been an adventure. This year we continued our successful programs which included a back to school event, hosting the Buffalo County Sheriff’s department for the first semester assembly, Grandparents/ VIP day, the Accelerated Reading program, and Box Tops. Also Alissa Baxter ran the Hoop Shoot during some home basketball games which was a big hit. The GEPO assisted with the fall walk/bike to school. We provided snacks to the teachers for parent teacher conferences and Jamie Olson organized the room parents. The new venture the group took on was having the concession stand for the 5th & 6th grade football games. Jamie has also added Teacher Tuesday and Faculty Friday updates on Facebook, check it out! The 3rd Annual Grandparents/VIP day was held in April with 150 in attendance. The event was moved to the afternoon this year. Thank you Alissa Baxter for organizing this event! We will be working on Teacher Appreciation week May 1st-5th. Finally, in conjunction with field day, the GEPO and Kristi Puttergill will be providing bounce houses for the kids to play in. The GEPO will meet again on Monday, July 17th, at 6:45 p.m. in the elementary school library. We will be planning the 2017-18 school year. Please mark your calendar to attend and have your voice heard. All are welcome. To keep up to date with the group please join us on Facebook. In conclusion, thank you to all the parents who joined us for the meetings, donated their time, brought food and shared ideas. It was definitely a team effort. Also thanks to all the room parents who helped in classrooms this year. I know the teachers appreciated your help. We appreciate everyone’s help and hope that our group continues to grow. Just a reminder to keep saving Box Tops over the summer. This is a year round fundraising opportunity. Have a great summer and keep a look out for the back to school event in August!


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All Stars Program Mrs. Ronnfeldt NOTE: This article appeared in the April edition, but the photo was not included. The 6th grade students at Gibbon Public Schools who various activities they participated in class that encouraged completed the All Stars Program had a celebration on them to be positive friends and community members. March 16th. The students shared with their family members The students put on a short skit about drug and alcohol and other students their commitments they made as a result of being a part of All Stars. In this program the students were given the opportunity to think about their futures and discuss them with their parents. abuse. Each student wore the All Stars t-shirt they had designed and decorated. The students were given a certificate for completing the program and making 9 commitments. We ended the program by eating sheet cakes the high school By playing the “Opinion Poll” game they learned about the Foods & Nutrition class had decorated using an “All Stars” high standards their class has regarding violent behaviors, theme. Congratulations All Stars! future goals, and the use of alcohol or drugs. There were IMPORTANT! Newsletter Considerations for 2017-18 The Board of Education and administration is considering whether the present practice of all patrons in the district receiving a copy of the district newsletter is the best “cost effective” practice. The district would like to know if you appreciate receiving your monthly newsletter. One alternative being considered is to send the newsletter to only those requesting to be included in the mailing, beginning with the 2017-18 school year. The district wants to hear from you if you are interested in continuing to receive the newsletter in 2017-18. If you are interested in continuing to receive the newsletter, please contact the elementary, high school, or superintendent’s office or email any of the following individuals. Please include your name and address. Cindy Nickel – Carlia Brundage – Larry Witt – 308-468-5721 308-468-5721 308-468-6555


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Appreciation Banquet Held Mr. Witt Gibbon Public Schools held the annual Staff and Volunteer Appreciation Banquet on Thursday, April 6th. The event, held at the Geo. Spencer Tasting Room, was attended by approximately 125. This number included staff members, volunteers, as well as spouses and significant others of these employees and volunteer. The district extends a big “thank you” to those businesses that supported this event through the donation of door prizes or money. Pictured left to right are Deborah Larson (five years), Bob Godberson (five years), Mary Anderson (ten years), Alisha Cudaback (ten years), Jim Anderson (ten years), and Amy Danielson (fifteen years). Not available for the photo were Tricia Jacobsen (five years), Laura Lucas (five years), Kelsi Trampe (five years), Mark McLaughlin (10 years), Joy Livingston (15 years), and Leon Stall (15 years). Pictured left to right are those who have served the district 30 or more years: Myra Rahmann (33 years), Paul Reinertson (31 years), and Carolyn Reinertson (30 years). Pictured left to right are retirees: Paul Reinertson and Larry Witt Not available for the photo was Joy Livingston.


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iPad Check-In for Grades 7-12 As you may recall, all the iPads with cases and chargers/cables will be collected at the end of the school year. iPad check-in dates will be determined and announced at a later time.   What does the check-in include? • iPad assigned to your student issued by the school • iPad case in good condition • School issued charging brick and cable in working order; substitutes will NOT be accepted We will charge for cables and charging bricks if students do not have them or if they are not working ($15 per charging brick or $15 per cable).  Why are we expecting school issued products? The iPads were purchased by the school (not leased). We want to extend the life of these iPads as long as we can, including their battery life.  Using Apple approved products helps us do that.  Cases will be $35 for those that are in poor condition and/or no longer protect the iPad.  iPads without full covers will be charged $35.   If you have questions or concerns, please call or email Ed Uden or Deanna Stall. • School - (308) 468-5721 • Email - or Gibbon Girls Basketball Information by: Jim Martenson – Head Girls Coach Gibbon High School When we hit the month of May for the school year, we are vastly approaching the end of another school year. We may hit the end of the school term for the 2016-17 year, but that means we move forward to our Summer planning and schedule for our Athletic Teams. To be a successful team next year during our scheduled season we will need to put in some work this summer to support our skills and look for improvement in our sport area. The Girls Basketball Team will be busy this Summer with Camps, Open Gyms, Weight Room options. Coach Jacobitz will be joining the Girls Basketball Team Staff for next season and will be around to help work with the Girls this summer and get acquainted with the girls and the program. Coach Hartman has also mentioned that she will try to be of help this summer also as a volunteer to the Sport and Team. Mr. Kroll is also helping in gym supervision for the Girls Basketball Program on Thursday evenings in June. Where the girls are busy with Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, family, and just being a young individual in life, this summer we are making available the following options to help them improve their skills to support us in a positive way for next season. The options are there, now the girls need to work in the time and effort to improve skills – be accountable as we say. The Girls Basketball Team will be looking at the following options during months of June and early July for the Summer of 2017: In the following options for the Girls Basketball Team they will keep an account (Packet) of what they do with the following options, and work to make the 10,000 Shot/Points Club for the Summer. 1.Gibbon Local Camp for Week of Monday June 5th through Friday June 9th 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. 2. Summer League @ Kearney High School on the following Mondays of June: Monday June 5th, Monday June 12th, Monday June 19th, Monday June 26th (We will have 2-Teams involved and each Team will play 2-Games each night. Times: TBD). 3. Open Gyms: From June 7th through July 12th Wednesday 9 to 11:00, Thursday 9 to 11:00 and/or 5:30-7:30 (Wednesday only in July with a VB Camp on Thursday). 4. Weight Room: Monday through Friday 8 to 10:00. As the Head Coach I feel we had a team that worked hard on the court as athletes and great role models representing our School and Community. We are looking forward to the future with the continued support of everyone in the school and community and appreciated all support received. As a coaching staff we hope the girls will use summer work opportunities to help improve the program for the future. Thank You! Coaches Jim Martenson, Chelsey Jacobitz, and Hallie Hartman



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